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icon_STOPPark News - (4/3/19) Europa Park Confirms Piraten in Batavia Return in 2020 (MORE...)
    (2/28/19) Europa Park announced that their newly rebuilt Scandinavian themed area will be ready to open to the public at the end of May 2019.

    (2/10/19) Europa Park and Coastiality report that you can now enjoy some of the Valerian VR ride experience from the comfort of home through the official Coastiality App. Check it out.

    (2/4/19) Europa Park posted a small collection of photos this past week to Twitter showing the  first walls for the new Scandinavida themed area are now up at the park.

    (1/24/19) Europa Park tweeted out a small piece of concept artwork this week showing off what the buildings in the newly rebuilt Scandinavian themed area will look like. Check it out below.

    (12/20/18) Michael Mack posted some great images to Twitter on Wednesday, showing off the rebuilding process taking place to the Fjord Rafting attraction currently. A new steel structure is being put up to serve as the framework for a new “cave” or tunnel section on the rapids ride, as the previous one would have taken some damaged in the fire over the summer and appears to have been entirely removed.
    You can see how this area appeared before the fire at the start of the video footage below that for about the first minute, and then from a POV experience (not shot very well I’m afraid) further ahead in the video from 2:20 (just before entering the tunnel) to about 3:00. Forgive some of the on-ride footage where I end up turning the camera back towards myself every so often, as the ride really does spin the rafts around quite a bit, making it difficult to decide how best to shoot it.

    (12/13/18) Coaster Kings has posted a new update from Europa Park this week where they sneak a peek at not only the construction progress on the Rulantica indoor waterpark project, the awesome winter holiday decor on display inside Europa Park itself. During a ride on the seasonal ferris wheel they set up in the park every winter they also managed to get pictures of the repair and rebuilding taking place after the summer fire to rebuild and replace Piraten in Batvia and the Norway/Scandinavian area of the park.
    From the look of things the former Piraten site has been cleared and is undergoing site-prep and ground utility work, while the rest of the focus right now appears on getting the Scandinavian area rebuilt first, which makes sense as it serves as a primary access path over to the Blue Fire Megacoaster section of the park. If this can be reopened in 2019, then hopefully a new version of the Piraten dark flume ride can be ready for 2020, though the park has yet to announce any kind of formal timeline, so we’ll just have to wait and see.
    (9/19/18) Europa Park has announced the details of their Horror Nights - Traumatica haunt event that will take place from September 22 to November 4, 2018. According to the rundown posted at BlooLoop the park will feature a Spooky Kids Village in France, special shows added for the season such as Celtic Shadows and The Ghost Fair, a Halloween parade and at the horror event itself there will be five haunts: The Fallen, The Pack, Ghouls, Resistance and Shadows, as well as “The Traumatica Show: Rebellion”.
    (8/21/18) Another bit of bad news for Europa Park this week as it was reported that two of the park's E.P. Express monorails bumped into each other, causing damage to both trains. Thanksfully the collision did not take place inside the theme park, but instead outside the parks, just above the entrance to the Hotel Santa Isabel.

    (6/12/18) Great news from Europa Park, as Michael Mack tweets that the Fjord Rafting attraction had once again reopened over the weekend.

    (5/30/18) The latest update from Europa Park claims that while Fjord Rafting and Koffiekopjes are still closed, crews are working hard to get them reopen as soon as possible. They estimate that this will happen in the "next few weeks".
    (5/28/18) A quick update from Europa Park this morning (Monday), as they report that all major park attractions are open now except for Pirates, Fjord Rafting and the Koffiekopjes. Pirates is closed, obviously, after it was destroyed in the fire. Fjord Rafting survived, but the layout runs under bridges and right along building damaged by the fire where debris is dropping into the dry river trough (see photos below). Until the debris is cleared away the Fjord river rapids will be unsafe to operation. Koffiekopjes (a Tea Cups style ride) is closed due to the location of it placed in the plaza where the Pirates ride was, which is currently closed off. It is thought that the Koffiekopjes did survive fairly intact however, and will be able to reopen in the future.
    A video taken from the monorail as it passes by the Scandinavia and Batvia area on Sunday morning can be seen below, even as fire crews were still hosing off the site of the old ride structure. Below that, the same Twitter user also caught park guests in an awesome spontaneous moment as a fire truck and crew were moving through an open section of the park (likely going home after the long night) and getting a round of applause from some guests as they passed. Well done!
    For those wondering about the damage to Piraten in Batvia... make sure to scroll down to the very end of today's update below the videos to see a single photos taken inside what's left of the attraction. You can make out the remains of an animatronic skeleton in the foreground, but see that virtually everything else inside has been totally gutted by the fire.

    (5/27/18) If you follow along with Screamscape on our social media (Twitter and Facebook... and if not, why not do so now?) you already read the news late yesterday afternoon that a huge fire broke out at Europa Park. According to the news clips I've been able to find, the fire started inside a warehouse building at the park next to the huge building that contains the park's Piraten in Batavia dark ride. The fire quickly spread through to completely destroy the famous Pirate themed attraction and moved on to burn down the Scandinavian themed area of the park next to it as well before it was contained.
    The good news is that while the park was said to be packed full with nearly 25,000 guests at the time, there was not a single injury reported from the fire. I've read reports saying that the park was evacuated, but I've also heard elsewhere that they may have only evacuated the half of the park closest to the fire and not the entire site, but what did take place was said to be orderly and without panic.
    While the fire broke out around 6pm, Firefighters were said to be on site for most of the night to control the blaze and put out any additional problem spots as they popped up in the aftermath. The initial cause of the fire has not yet been determined, but it was already confirmed that Europa Park reopened this morning all areas but those affected by the fire.
    As confirmed in a tweet from Michael Mack, they lost the Norway/Scandinavia and Batavia themed areas completely. Rides near the entry to the Batavia area may have also been damaged or destroyed, as the park reported this morning that the Koffiekopjes (Tea Cups) and Fjord Rafting (River Rapids) were also reported as being closed. Later additional attractions were also said to be closed, but possibly just due to being too close to the affected areas to reach... this list included the Panorama Bahn (Train), Monorail, Dschungel-Floßfahrt (Jungle Rafting). Vindjammer (Swing Ship) was initially reported as being closed, but later revised to say it was running.
    You can see some footage of the fire (video and stills) in this news link and some very dramatic before/after photos detailing the destruction of the Scandinavia area can be seen in the tweet embedded below. But if you want to relive what was lost, check out the video below that, where I had shot a video of the entire Piraten in Batavia dark ride (queue and ride) when I visited the park last June. So glad I did, because it is now lost forever, but we can only hope that the Mack family will rebuild it again with new modern technology. I have a feeling they will restore the park to be even better than before.

    (1/12/18) A huge congratulations goes out to Europa-Park who reports that they have closed out their 2017 season with an all new attendance record, bringing over 5.6 million visitors through the park’s gates in 2017! They found that the opening of the new Voletarium flying theater attraction in June helped boost attendance to the park in the colder winter months as well. Not only is it a new high capacity attraction, but with an extensive indoor queue, it would be a natural draw for the crowds when it is cold outside.
    (8/14/17) A bit of self promotion here, but I threw together a long overdue POV video of my ride on Euro-Mir at Europa Park back in June that I hope everyone will enjoy. Over the course of my brief stay at Europa Park I came to become quite fond of this most unusual and unique coaster, quite unlike anything else I've ever experienced anywhere else in the world.



icon_STOP2018 - Madame Freudenreich Curiosities - (8/18/18) While the Eurosat CanCan Coaster is finishing up testing, the park soft opened another new attraction yesterday... a revamp of the park's old Universe of Energy dinosaur themed dark ride, now called Madame Freudenreich Curiosites. The details are a little odd, as it looks like a little old lady with a love for Dinosaurs has opened a Dinosaur gift shop, and she has a garden full of dinosaurs (wearing clothes?!) you get to go on a tour to see, blending new scenes with some old existing dark ride scenes from the dinosaur themed Universe of Energy ride that it has replaced.


icon_STOP2018 - EUROSAT CanCan Coaster - (9/24/18) In case you were wondering what the Valerien VR experience is like on the Eurosat CanCan Coaster, I'm told that they are still in a technical rehersal mode for the add-on and offering the experience for a reduced price of €4 Euro. Wait times are said to average anywhere between 60 to 240 minutes for the experience, which includes audio tracks in Germany, French and English.
    A fun video showing off a female rider experience the VR version of the experience can be seen below, including the pre-show and a real-world POV the ride itself. Sorry, no video of the actual VR visuals here, but it gives you a good idea of what's going on and how they load the coaster, as well as how it switches onto the main track and back off again into the separate station. If you want to get directly to the ride station itself, jump ahead to about the 3:30 mark., which is interesting to watch as the riders are blind to the real world and wearing the full VR headgear, and yet they can walk through the station and load themselves right into the proper seats.

    (9/15/18) Congratuations to Europa Park for opening the all new Eurosat CanCan Coaster the other day. Based on the video's I've seen they have now created a huge and highly themed new queue experience and now even the coaster experience, which formerly was more all in near total darkness like Space Mountain, really has much more in common with Disney's Rock 'n Roller Coaster, but now with a French Moulin Rouge theme and music.
    Check out the video included below to see clips from the opening ceremony, the new themed queue, a slightly edited POV ride experience (removing the more dark segments) and then it also includes a POV ride through the new Madame Freudenreich Curiosites dark ride that just opened and is part of the same overall building structure. I'm also happy to report that the classic lift-hill music is still there as well.
    Based on the highly detailed themeing I see they have put to use here on these two new attractions, mixed with the amazing looking queue they build for Voletarium last year, I can only say that I can't wait to see how Piraten in Batvia looks when they rebuild it for the modern era.

    (8/15/18) BlooLoop has posted some incredible details about the new VR experience that will be used for the Eurosat CanCan Coaster. We previously knew it was going to be themed to the film Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, but what we didn’t know is that the system would be the first ever “Roam & Ride VR” attraction combo. Using the Holodeck VR platform, guests will actually be outfitted with untethered mobile VR headgear while in the queue and enjoy a free-roaming VR experience while they wait to board the train. Other guests as well as the ride employees will be represented as live avatars within the VR environment inside the coaster station, where guests will be able to board the coaster while already wearing all the VR gear, speeding up the load and unload times dramatically, especially since the new Eurosat will feature a dedicated station just for VR use and use a system of track switches to pull the VR train on and off the ride as needed.
    This custom setup should be the one to watch going forward as one that seems to have solved many of the rough-spots in adding VR to a coaster experience with unique solutions.
    (8/11/18) Screamscape sources tell us that Europa Park is planning on having an official opening of the new Eurosat Can Can Coaster on September 14th, however if you are in the park in the week or so before that, keep an eye on the area for quiet periods of soft opening.

    (8/2/18) Mack Rides reports that the first tests of the new Eurosat Can Can Coaster system were completed so they'll be working to finish everything up so it can open in the "upcoming weeks". Meanwhile click on the link to see the Mack family take it for a spin!







    (7/2/18) Europa Park and Mack Rides were the subject of a French documentary piece that shows off tons of footage about the park, including backstage areas you may have never seen. In one segment they are touring the facility where Mack Rides are made and they show off the new trains for Eurosat CanCan Coaster as well that are very nice looking. Michael Mack tweeted a short video from the park as the first train was being installed onto the track and fit perfectly. He also confirmed that the VR Coastiality experience that will be shown on Eurosat will be themed to the film Valerian and the City of the Thousand Planets.

    (6/22/18) Good news from Europa Park earlier this week as they report that the final pieces of track for the new Eurosat CanCan Coaster have been installed inside the giant sphere. No word yet on when the attraction might be ready to reopen.

    (4/27/18) A great twitter photo was posted by Michael Mack showing off the inside of the new Eurosat CanCan Coaster as the work to rebuild the ride continues.

    (4/14/18) A great picture of the new Eurosat CanCan Coaster track being installed inside the sphere was posted to Twitter the other day. What makes me curious however is that the new train is painted a bright red color, which seems a bit odd as the old ride track was kept a dark color, as it was contained and hidden from view in the darkness of the enclosed Eurosat sphere structure. Now I'm a bit curious about what will be taking place inside the new Eurosat CanCan Coaster experience where riders will be able to see the color of the new track.

    (3/23/18) Mack Rides posted a couple of new pieces of art this week showing off part of the new themed queue for Eurosat CanCan Coaster, and the other image showing off the themeing inside the new coaster’s loading station. Interestingly enough, through another comment on Twitter, they also confirmed that the themeing to be used for the separate Eurosat Coastiality station they are building will have an entirely separate theme from the CanCan Coaster side.
    (1/18/18) Some new details about the transformation and evolution of the Eurosat coaster have come from Europa-Park this week. Previously we mentioned that the facade of the famous Moulin Rouge building (complete with red windmill) would be added to the front entrance to the ride, and now we have a slight name change as well, as it will be called "Eurosat - CanCan Coaster" when it reopens in Summer 2018. The track layout, while completely replaced, will still be very similar to the original Eurosat layout.
    MackMedia announced that they will be providing a special new VR experience option for the ride as well under the Eurosat Coastiality brand. To allow for easy loading, the ride will have a second entirely separate entrance and station for the Coastiality VR experience with a separate dedicated train and shift-track to allow it to load on and off the main ride track. This will allow for two attraction experiences to use the same coaster system.
(12/20/17) Work on the Eurosat 2.0 project is well under way at Europa Park, with the top of the sphere already removed, along with all the building structure around the bottom front and side edge of the structure. This includes the former entry into the Universe of Energy dark ride attraction, and according to the park’s website, Universe of Energy will not return in the current form. Instead, “The world of Madame Freudenreich, with her Alsatian souvenir and curiosity shop inside a traditional timber-framed house, will replace the previous attraction 'Universe of Energy'”.
    This matches up with the latest concept art posted by the Mack family showing off the outside of the new attraction which will feature an assortment of themed buildings instead, including a replica of Paris’ famous red Moulin Rouge windmill. The artwork also gives you a peek at what one of the new Eurosat 2.0 trains will look like as well. Other new additions to the French landscape will include a new “floating boat” restaurant that will hold up to 70 people “across two floors” and a 12 meter high water fountain show that will perform several times each hour.
    You can also see a bit more concept artwork posted along the construction walls outside the attraction, as well as some photos looking into the construction site itself in a huge new photo update posted to the RollerCoasterPro Facebook page that is worth checking out. You can see how the entire left side of the structure has been cleared where the entrance into Universe of Energy used to be. Plus near the end of the update they also posted a couple of pictures of the new Kronosaur Hotel construction progress, which is now set to open in Summer 2019, with the Rulantica indoor waterpark now set to open by late 2019.

    (10/30/17) According to the latest update from Europa-Park, Eurosat will close down at the end of November 5th to begin the process of removing the old coaster for a newly redesigned and modern version set to open in 2018 to be called Eurosat 2.0. The rebuilding process will be interesting because the top of the sphere structure that houses it will have to be removed and then rebuilt again.
    The original Eurosat experience has been preserved however, as a posting from Mack Rides has shown, they have mounted 360º cameras to the existing ride and shot video footage of it in action that will be made available for everyone to experience soon on the Coastiality app on your mobile device, allowing you to watch the ride experience in 360º video or via a VR headset.

    (6/28/17) Screamscape has uncovered a couple of interesting items of note on the “EuroSat 2.0” project for Europa Park. Currently, the plan will be to take down the geosphere/dome outer shell of the ride structure, but while they are not sure just yet how much of it will have to come down, I’m told that it will be much more than just the top half. Of course, this will provide guests visiting the park with an unprecedented photo opportunity while all this work is going on throughout the fall and winter months.
   Also, clearing things up a bit, I’ve been able to confirm that EuroSat 2.0 will use 100% brand new track. The old track will be removed and retired, so this will be a completely new coaster when it reopens in 2018, rebuilt from the ground up, along with some “minor” changes being made to the layout as well.
    (6/26/17) Huge news has been released from Europa Park over the weekend, as they have confirmed that the indoor EuroSat coaster will close at the end of the summer season. The top half (or more) of the huge geosphere structure will be taken down, and the old ride completely removed for a complete rehab and rebuild, with new secret themeing to be added, in order to create what they are currently referring to as "Eurosat 2.0".
    The exact nature of the changes and new themeing have not been released yet, but Screamscape has been told that there will be some interesting small modifications made to the ride to make it an even better experience. The one fact we can confirm however is that they want to add in a VR Coaster experience to the attraction, but to help with capacity, the plan is to rebuild it to have a second station area just for the VR riders train, which will be added and removed from the main track via a switch as needed. Look for the all new version of EuroSat to open by Summer 2018 if all goes well.
    For those who have not had the pleasure of riding EuroSat, the current coaster experience is similar in nature of Disney's original Space Mountain style coasters in the US, but enclosed inside a giant geosphere ball structure that on the outside appears to look almost identical to the Spaceship Earth attraction at Epcot, in Walt Disney World. The inside of the structure however is a tangled spaghetti-bowl of twisted track spiraling around in darkness, but the park did have a fantastic scale model on display showing off what the inside looks like that I'm sure you'll enjoy.


icon_STOP2018 - Jim Button: Journey Through Morrowland - (3/8/18) Europa Park has confirmed another new attraction is on the way for the 2018 season, this one themed to a local popular IP. The small kiddie train ride (sorry, the name escapes me) just behind the Euro-Tower is being rethemed as Jim Button: Journey Through Morrowland. The story, inspired by Michael Ende's children's story characters will feature Jim and Luke the Engine Driver when it opens on March 24. The ride features eight small train themed vehicles, each holding four riders, that will be able to billow steam and feature bells than the riders can ring along the 3-minute journey. The timing works out well too, as a live-action 'Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver' film is being released in Germany at the same time.


2018 - Paddington Bear Comes To England - (12/29/17) Guests to Europa Park can now experience Paddington as part of a new VR experience on the Alpenexpress Coastiality ride. "Visitors can immerse themselves fully in the animation and even influence the ride through movements of their head. With this addition, Europa-Park expands its Coastiality offering on the popular ride to four experiences, all produced by MackMedia. Paddington, first made famous in the well-known children’s book, can also be found opposite the Globe Theatre in the English themed area from the beginning of the winter season. From the 2018 summer season, Europa-Park will also present a brand new ice show with Paddington once again taking centre stage to entertain the whole family."
    (10/14/17) Europa Park and Mack Media have announced the signing of a new deal to obtain the rights to use the Paddington Bear character in Europa Park. According to the article Paddington Bear will be a "central feature" of the park's England themed land and be seen in a new VR ride experience, in a new Paddington Bear shop and the launch of a new Paddington Bear themed ice-show that will take place in the park from Spring 2018 through the fall, then it will become a touring show hitting various cities in Germany.
    They will be striking while Paddington is a popular character once again with a second film launching in the UK on November 10th before rolling out to world-wide audiences afterwards. (Jan. 12th, 2018 in the USA).


icon_STOP2019 - New Attractions / Additions - (4/9/19) Europa Park opened for the 2019 season and talked about a couple of other new attractions coming to the park this season. The list includes “Mission Astronaut”, a new 360º film playing in the park’s Dome of Dreams theater. They also posted another image of the new Scandinavian themed area opening on May 24th, which will feature a new Fjord Restaurant and in the fall they will open a new attraction here called Snorri Touren. Snorri Touren is themed serve as a preview of the mystical world of Rulantica, along with the waterpark’s octopus character before it opens later this year.
    On July 12 the park will also open their new Junior Club Studios attraction, an interactive show with Euromaus and his friends where guests can become part of the action.


2019_SnorriTouren_LOGOicon_STOPLate 2019 - Snorri Touren - (5/22/19) Jora Vision is working with Europa Park to design and open a brand new dark ride in the ‘basement’ of the new Scandinavian themed area, rebuilt after the fire, that will be themed to the mythical world of Rulantica. The new dark ride will be called Snorri Touren when it opens later this year. Make the jump over to BlooLoop to see some new concept art for the new attraction.


Spring 2019 and Late 2019 - Kronasar - The Museum Hotel and Rulantica - (4/9/19) Europa Park will open their new Kronasar - The Museum Hotel on May 31st, 2019. Tthe hotel will be themed inside and out with artifacts recovered from the mystical island world of Rulantica.
    Meanwhile Europa Park has also announced that the new Rulantica themed indoor waterpark will open on November 28, 2019.  Follow the link to see some of the latest details and concept artwork revealed.

    (2/12/19) Some brand new construction pictures from the Rulantica and Kronasar construction site were posted on Twitter by Thomas Mack this week. Check them out below.

    (12/17/18) Go on a fantastic tour all around the Rulantica and Kronasar - The Museum Hotel construction site, just outside Europa Park. Lots of progress had been made so far, especially on the hotel, which I believe is also taking advanced reservations for May 2019. Meanwhile Europa Park tweeted out on Saturday that the massive Rulantica structure now has the roof installed.

    (11/2/18) Europa Park released the third image in the series of themed areas for the Rulantica waterpark. This one shows Skip Strand, “an adventure playground full of old sailing vessels.”

    (10/26/18) Europa Park has tweeted out new concept art showing off the Part 2 of the series for Rulantica. This one shows off “Lumåfals”, a cavern like environment that is said to be home to the mermaids and mermen who protect the island.

    (10/18/18) Europa Park released the first look at some concept showing off a look at one of the new lands inside the Rulantica waterpark. The tweet shows off Rangnakor, a Viking city built on stilts.



    (6/29/18) The latest update from Europa Park reports that the new Kronasar resort hotel, themed to look like a natural history museum, is on track to open to Europa Park guests in Spring 2019.  The resort will be apart from the rest of the Europa Park resorts, but built right next to the new Rulantica waterpark project that will open in the second half of 2019.
    According to this report guests arriving at Kronasar will be greeted by the giant skeleton of Svalgur, the sea serpent, a character developed as part of the story being told within the Rulantica waterpark. This will be just one of many special artifacts from the world of Rulantica to be found within the Kronasar resort grounds.
    (12/29/17) Our friends at BlooLoop had a nice long chat with Europa-Park's Roland Mack and Chip Cleary all about Rulantica, the park's heavily themed indoor waterpark project. The Nordic themed waterpark is being built off-site from the rest of the Europa Park Resort area, but it will be just a short shuttle-bus ride away unless you are staying at the new Kronasar Hotel which is also under construction as part of the new Rulantica complex.
    (11/12/17) A few pictures taken at a distance show off the current progress of the new indoor waterpark and resort expansion being added to the Europa Park Resort have been posted to ThemeparX.
    (9/15/17) Michael Mack tweeted out an interesting image showing off the themed areas of their new indoor waterpark under construction to open by late 2019. Atop of the image is apparently the name of this new waterpark... Rulantica. A few images of the new hotel being built next to the waterpark were also posted, naming the new hotel as Kronasar - The Museum Hotel.

    (9/5/17) According to an article from our friends at BlooLoop, Europa Park's new indoor waterpark project will feature a Nordic theme when it opens in 2019. This, some new artwork and a few new details about the waterpark and connected resort project can be found by following the link, including a confirmation that the newly introduced "Adventure Club of Europe" storyline introduced with the opening of Voletarium (see our review here) will also be included in the theme for the new waterpark experience.
    A press conference with more details about the Europa-Park Wasser Erlebnis Resort is expecting to take place in mid-September.
    (9/4/17) According to the latest info sent in to Screamscape the new indoor waterpark coming to the Europa Park Resort have signed up with ProSlide to design and built all their major slides and attractions. In a day and age where many parks buy off the shelf or clone designs, I'm hearing that it looks like Europa Park is going the custom route and will have unique slide layouts custom made for their facility which is always a great thing to see. I'm told a large enclosed raft slide and some kind of new dueling tube-slide creation are already being designed for the park.
    (6/17/17) During my visit to Europa Park a couple weeks ago I noticed that construction on the park's newest project was already well under construction. Several cranes are already on site as the new indoor waterpark and resort hotel project is already under way and viewable as you drive into the village of Rust. The location is worth mentioning, as this is being built in a new location compared to Europa Park's other resorts, going up on the edge of town, instead of right next to their other existing resort properties. As such, you wont have easy access to Europa Park via the EP Express monorail or the rear Resort Gate, as I'm sure some kind of bus or shuttle service will be involved.
    That said, expect this area to be a hub for future resort development at Europa Park going forward, as I was told that the park purchased enough property out there to build at least two more large resorts in the future.
    As for the immediate plans, I was told that they expect that the Water Adventure Resort hotel (with 304 rooms and suites) will be ready for the first guests as early as late Spring 2019 and feature an exclusive entrance into the waterpark just for the hotel guests when it opens in Fall 2019.
    According to the promotional artwork being sent out by Europa Park, the indoor waterpark (14,000 square meters) is being called Water Adventure World, and will feature 20 waterslides within a completely themed indoor environment with attractions that will appear to both large and small waterpark fans. Given the high level of themeing that I saw myself inside Europa Park, I'd say that the waterpark guests are going to be in for a very special experience.
    Given how popular Europa Park in across Europe, this is definitely a project to keep your eyes on going forward. They expect to begin taking bookings for the new resort sometime in 2018.

    (5/5/16) Congratulations to Europa-Park, who issued the following statement as they set a course for the park's future expansion plans:
    "After having a successful 2015 that saw more than 5.5 million visitors, the largest theme park in Germany is paving the way for further expansion. In particular, the already approved ʻWasser-Erlebnis-Resortʼ – which includes a water park and a new hotel – and investments in new attractions and infrastructure projects are currently in the works. To meet these great challenges, Europa-Park has appointed Michael and Thomas Mack to join the Board of Directors. Their appointment will ensure continuity in the company’s corporate policy."
    (5/16/16) Follow this link and click through the photo gallery images to see the layout and details for the new indoor/outdoor waterpark project coming to the Europa Park resort area, along with some details about what kind of unique attractions it will have in the first phase, along with some details about the new 300-room hotel. Work is expected to start this fall I believe.
    (1/7/16) The new watepark project is now looking to open in Fall or Winter of 2018.
    (7/12/13) The local news reports that according to Michael Mack, Europa Park may be looking to build a year-round indoor waterpark that could open in 2016 and could pull in 500,000 to 800,000 guests per year.


icon_STOP2020 - Piraten in Batvia - Confirmed - (4/9/19) Mack Rides has posted a couple of images of a model they’ve built showing off some scenes from the rebuild of the park’s Piraten in Batavia, opening at Europa Park in 2020.

    (4/3/19) Europa Park and Mack Rides have confirmed that Piraten in Batavia will return to the park for the 2020 season. According to the post on Facebook they will use the latest technology this time around, so that around 125 figures in the new attraction will now move.

    (10/11/18) Europa Park has sent out the first piece of artwork showing off the entrance plaza for the new Pirates in Batavia ride. It looks very much like the entrance plaza of the original attraction, but with some improvements made here and there throughout.
    For example, if you look close at the entrance of the ride above the logo you will also notice the Adventure Club of Europe (ACE) logo, a fictional secret-soceity group created by Europa Park during the year ahead of the launch of their Voletarium ride. At opening of Voletarium I was told that this 300-year old club storyline is something they were keen to use going forward that will tie storylines of various ACE members and their adventures in with some current as well as future park attractions. Looks like the new Pirates of Batavia will be the first tie-in.
    I haven’t heard anything official yet, but has Europa Park announced a timeline as to when the new Pirates in Batavia ride will be ready to open? Have they even started construction to rebuild on the site yet, or are they still in clean-up mode from the fire?


2020-2022 - New Large Coaster - Planning - (12/29/17) With Europa Park focused on the Rulantica waterpark resort area down the road outside the park, and busy with the renovation of Eurosat inside the park, some guests are wondering just when Europa Park will build their next big thrill ride. The good news is that they are working on something new and according to an interview with Roland Mack posted to BlooLoop, he mentions that their next big roller coaster is being planned for a site in the center of the park and will open sometime in the next 3 to 5 years... so sometime betwen 2020 - 2022.
    No hints were given about what exactly it will be, but if Mack's Time Traveler launched spinning coaster project opening in 2018 at Silver Dollar City is as popular as I think it will be, I've got to think that they may use that system as the inspiration for what comes next to thrill Europa Park's guests.


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