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(Note: The park is owned by Mack GmbH
and used as a Showcase for their products.)



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----    THE LATEST BUZZ    ----
    (3/12/21) Europa Park - Michael Mack Talks About 2020 and What's In Store For 2021 (MORE...)
    (2/6/21) Europa Park Shows Off New Rulantica Construction Updates (MORE...)
    (12/1/20) Europa-Park Resort Closed, VR Snorri Snorkling Coming To Rulantica
    (11/3/20) Europa Park Confirms Closure Dates For Itself and Rulantica (MORE...)
    (10/14/20) Europa Park Has Huge Expansion Plans In Mind, Including A New Coaster (MORE...)


icon_STOPPark News - (3/12/21) In a great article where Michael Mack goes over what they learned at Europa Park over operating in 2020 and what we can expect in 2021, they mention that a new 260-degree film themed around Rulantica’s Snorri character will open this year in the Dome of Dreams theater.
    Other new attractions for Rulantica itself we’ve mentioned previously on Screamscape such as the new outdoor waterpark expansion and the new Snorri Snorkling VR experience. Back in Europa Park they confirm they are working on plans for a new “gastronomic concept” that will blend technology with food to create “an experience for the senses like never before” that should be ready for guests in Fall 2021.
    (12/1/20) Europa-Park has confirmed that the theme park. Rulantica and all their h otels will now be closed until further notice as part of the new rules in place by the German government.

    (11/3/20) Europa Park has confirmed that the main theme park and Rulantica indoor waterpark are now closed through to at least Nov. 30th as part of the new government shutdown.

    (7/20/20) Europa Park has confirmed that they have canceled their plans to host Traumatica, their annual Halloween themed event at the park this fall.
    (6/5/20) More good news for Europa-Park, they have announced that Rulantica, their indoor waterpark, will open to guests once again starting on June 10, 2020.

    (5/28/20) Europa-Park has released some new information and videos showcasing the new safety procedures that guests will encounter when they reopen later this week. You can see a new video below, and while it is in Germany you can also pull-up English subtitles.
    You will have to buy day-specific tickets to visit the park to help limit the number of guests in the park on any one day. Virtual queues will be in use for select park attractions which you can access through the Europa-Park app on your mobile device. While it does not look as if you will need to wear a mask at all times while inside the park, wearing them will be mandatory as soon as you enter the queue for any attraction and while on the rides. Capacity on rides will be reduced as well as they will leave empty rows between riders. They even mention you should bring extra masks to wear throughout the day in case your mask gets wet on one of the water rides.

    (5/9/20) Good news from Europa-Park this week, as it was announced that they plan on reopening the theme park on May 29th, along with their on-site resort hotels. The park will limit attendance in the park by pre-selling tickets online good only for a specific day. Tickets will begin to be sold on the park website starting on May 13th.
    Distancing measures will be used in the park and restaurants to keep groups separated, and new digital queue management systems will be used to also enforce social distancing through the park’s official app. They will also release an additional “Distance Radar” app that will introduce a “gamified way” to keep correct social distance while in the park.
    The park will also be increasing cleaning standards, adding disinfection stations, and using contactless payment methods. However, show and cinema theater attractions will not be open at first, and Rulantica will also remain closed for the time being. While visiting Europa-Park it will be mandatory for guests to wear a mask that covers your mouth and nose in all covered areas, waiting areas, as well as while riding any of the park rides and attractions.
    It is worth mentioning that Hotel restaurants will actually reopen before the park on May 18, starting with outdoor seating areas only.
    (3/28/20) Europa Park would have normally opened for the 2020 season, but since that is not possible right now, the park has posted an incredible fly-though video showing off all areas of the park, as shot by a drone. Think of this as sort of a, “Soarin’ over Europa Park” virtual ride experience and enjoy, knowing that the park sits ready and waiting for everyone once this is over.

    (3/15/20) The Mack family have announced that Rulantica will close down temporarily starting on March 16. For the time being Europa Park is not changing their plans to open the park on March 28, but they are currently in contact with authorities in regard to this matter and promise to make an update about the status of Europa park sometime next week.

    (3/11/20) The Making of The New Piraten in Batavia Video Is Up
    (3/3/20) Even more Pirates adventures coming in 2020.


Late 2019 - Snorri Touren / New Scandinavian Area - (10/24/19) Europa Park has soft opened the new Snorri Touren dark ride experience in the rebuilt Scandinavian section of the park. As previously mentioned, the new dark ride serves as an introduction of the themed worlds to be found at the new Rulantica indoor waterpark later this year. Watch the video below to get a look at the queue as well as a POV of the dark ride in action, though there are a few glitches and areas where it looks like the ride comes to a stop briefly, but keep in mind this is a soft opening preview.



Late 2019 - Rulantica - (11/21/19) The new video ad for Rulantica was posted online by Michael Mack this week. Check it out below, ahead of the grand opening on Nov. 28th.

    (11/15/19) A fantastic preview video showing off the inside of the new Rulantica waterpark can be found below. Officially Rulantica does not open until Nov. 28th, but looks like this may have been a special preview event.

    (9/29/19) Europa Park has announced that you can now purchase advanced tickets to visit the new Rulantica water park for visits starting on November 28, 2019. Meanwhile you can also check out a nice preview video showing off the inside of the park as they finish up the final touches ahead of the grand opening below. Take note of the incredible theming being added all around, ensuring that this will be an indoor waterpark like no other.

    (6/25/19) InPark Magazine has posted an assortment of photos taken during a Hard Hat construction tour of Rulantica and a peek at the inside of the newly opened Kronasar hotel.
    (12/29/17) Our friends at BlooLoop had a nice long chat with Europa-Park's Roland Mack and Chip Cleary all about Rulantica, the park's heavily themed indoor waterpark project. The Nordic themed waterpark is being built off-site from the rest of the Europa Park Resort area, but it will be just a short shuttle-bus ride away unless you are staying at the new Kronasar Hotel which is also under construction as part of the new Rulantica complex.
    (9/5/17) According to an article from our friends at BlooLoop, Europa Park's new indoor waterpark project will feature a Nordic theme when it opens in 2019. This, some new artwork and a few new details about the waterpark and connected resort project can be found by following the link, including a confirmation that the newly introduced "Adventure Club of Europe" storyline introduced with the opening of Voletarium (see our review here) will also be included in the theme for the new waterpark experience.

    (5/5/16) Congratulations to Europa-Park, who issued the following statement as they set a course for the park's future expansion plans:
    "After having a successful 2015 that saw more than 5.5 million visitors, the largest theme park in Germany is paving the way for further expansion. In particular, the already approved ʻWasser-Erlebnis-Resortʼ – which includes a water park and a new hotel – and investments in new attractions and infrastructure projects are currently in the works. To meet these great challenges, Europa-Park has appointed Michael and Thomas Mack to join the Board of Directors. Their appointment will ensure continuity in the company’s corporate policy."
    (5/16/16) Follow this link and click through the photo gallery images to see the layout and details for the new indoor/outdoor waterpark project coming to the Europa Park resort area, along with some details about what kind of unique attractions it will have in the first phase, along with some details about the new 300-room hotel. Work is expected to start this fall I believe.
    (7/12/13) The local news reports that according to Michael Mack, Europa Park may be looking to build a year-round indoor waterpark that could open in 2016 and could pull in 500,000 to 800,000 guests per year.


icon_STOP2020 - Piraten in Batvia and Departure to Batavia 4D - (9/27/20) A fantastic article about the loss and recreation Europa Park’s Pirates in Batavia dark ride attraction can now be found over at BlooLoop. It does into detail about the creation of the first version of the ride and why the new one strove to be different in many areas, while keeping the same basic form and layout as the original.
    (7/31/20) A fun note about the new Piraten in Batvia ride. If you watch the videos, at one point in the second half of the ride your boat passes slowly by another boat, loaded up with eight pirate figures in various poses. According to Europa-Park they are calling this the “survivors boat” as all eight figures on-board were the only survivors of the fire that destroyed the original Piraten ride in 2018. The figures have been restored and placed in this special ‘survivors boat’.

    (7/28/20) Europa-Park reports that the new Piraten in Batavia dark ride is now open!  You can catch a video of the new attraction in action below!

    (7/22/20) Europa Park has posted the 4th episode in their video series about the making of the new Pirates in Batavia attraction.

    (6/27/20) A third episode about the making of the new Piraten in Batavia, this one focused on the “music & more”, has been posted by Europa-Park. In addition to the music, there is some great construction footage showing off the workers making the interior of the new ride. According to one engineer the new version of the ride will be able to run up to 17 boats at a time to allow for high capacity, but they’ve built in a switch track to pull several boats off the line if they don’t need them all at once on a slower day. The speed that the water flows through the attraction will also be controlled so that the boats will move a little quicker if they have all 17 running, but will slow down a bit if they are running less of them.
    There is only a month to go until the new ride opens to the public and the latest tweets from Michael Mack (see below) show the boats being loaded into the ride, as well as one taking a test drop down the flume.

    (5/28/20) A great piece of news for Europa-Park came out a few hours ago with the announcement that the new Piraten in Batavia dark ride will officially open at the park on July 30th.
    (5/18/20) The second episode of the Making of Piraten in Batavia has been posted by Europa-Park this week. Lots of little glimpses of how things are looking as the scenery for the new version of the ride was being put together, the rockwork being formed and some great footage of the new boats.

    (3/11/20) The first episode in a new video series from Europa-Park about the making of the new Piraten in Batavia attraction is now live on YouTube. Check it out below and see how it will all connect to the new fictional universe the park has been creating to tie many of their attractions together, the Adventure Club of Europe group.

    (3/3/20) According to a Tweet from Michael Mack, the Pirates won’t just be returning to Batavia this season. The universe of Pirate adventures will be expanded with a new short film to be shown in the park’s Magic Cinema 4D called “Departure to Batavia”. I had previously mentioned how the promotional materials and teasers for the new ride definitely had a very slick and cinematic look to them, so I guess this explains why. Well played Europa Park!

    (2/24/20) Another fun teaser video for the new Pirates in Batavia attraction was posted to Twitter by Michael Mack this week. Check it out!

    (4/9/19) Mack Rides has posted a couple of images of a model they’ve built showing off some scenes from the rebuild of the park’s Piraten in Batavia, opening at Europa Park in 2020.

    (4/3/19) Europa Park and Mack Rides have confirmed that Piraten in Batavia will return to the park for the 2020 season. According to the post on Facebook they will use the latest technology this time around, so that around 125 figures in the new attraction will now move.

    (10/11/18) Europa Park has sent out the first piece of artwork showing off the entrance plaza for the new Pirates in Batavia ride. It looks very much like the entrance plaza of the original attraction, but with some improvements made here and there throughout.
    For example, if you look close at the entrance of the ride above the logo you will also notice the Adventure Club of Europe (ACE) logo, a fictional secret-soceity group created by Europa Park during the year ahead of the launch of their Voletarium ride. At opening of Voletarium I was told that this 300-year old club storyline is something they were keen to use going forward that will tie storylines of various ACE members and their adventures in with some current as well as future park attractions. Looks like the new Pirates of Batavia will be the first tie-in.
    I haven’t heard anything official yet, but has Europa Park announced a timeline as to when the new Pirates in Batavia ride will be ready to open? Have they even started construction to rebuild on the site yet, or are they still in clean-up mode from the fire?


2020-2022 - New Large Coaster - Planning - (12/29/17) With Europa Park focused on the Rulantica waterpark resort area down the road outside the park, and busy with the renovation of Eurosat inside the park, some guests are wondering just when Europa Park will build their next big thrill ride. The good news is that they are working on something new and according to an interview with Roland Mack posted to BlooLoop, he mentions that their next big roller coaster is being planned for a site in the center of the park and will open sometime in the next 3 to 5 years... so sometime betwen 2020 - 2022.
    No hints were given about what exactly it will be, but if Mack's Time Traveler launched spinning coaster project opening in 2018 at Silver Dollar City is as popular as I think it will be, I've got to think that they may use that system as the inspiration for what comes next to thrill Europa Park's guests.


icon_STOP2021 - Rulantica Expansion / Svalgurrok / Snorri Snorkeling VR - (2/6/21) We’ve had a couple of interesting construction updates from Rulantica sent out over the past week. Our first shows off the install of the new Snorri Snorkeling VR experience the park is working on. They say that this will be a world’s first experience and it sure does look like it should be great fun wearing unique snorkel gear with a built in VR headset. Set in a dedicated indoor tank location, this looks like it could be a great and fun way to relax while you virtually explore Snorri’s world.
    In the second update from late last month the park also showed off an aerial photo of “Svalgurok”, the new outdoor water playland expansion that is under way amid the cold weather that is set to open this summer at the waterpark. Svalgurok is actually described as a “RideHOUSE” attraction from ProSlide that will integrate 10 new slides into the structure adorned with unique theming.

    (12/1/20) In a tweet from Michael Mack, he shows off an interesting new addition coming to Rulantica. Snorri Snorkling, the first permanent @SwimVR installation by @VRcoaster and @MackNeXT. After a moment to process the concept, the idea of wearing a VR enhanced mask with a snorkel while floating in a pool actually sounds like a wonderful concept for guests to enjoy!

    (5/30/20) New concept art for Rulantica’s new planned outdoor play area, Svalgurrok, can be found in the tweet below.

    (5/26/20) Rulantica is apparently planning to build an expansion onto the waterpark that could open by late 2021. You can see a model of it in the tweet below, which I’m hearing will be built outside.


icon_STOP2023 and Beyond - New Roller Coaster and More - Planning - (10/14/20) The future of Europa Park looks bright it seems. While speaking at the BlooLoop V-Expo this week Michael Mack, CEO of Europa Park, revealed that they plan to add at least two new themed areas and five new attractions to the park over the next few years. While he didn’t get more specific about the new rides in the works, he did confirm that a new roller coaster of some kind was planned to debut in 2023.
    This will be the first new coaster to be added to the park since the kiddie coaster, Ba-a-a-Express was added in 2016. The last high thrill coaster was added was Wodan way back in 2012, so I would think it is well past time for the park to add a new high thrill coaster. While Europa Park does not yet have a Mack built Hypercoaster, they do already have Silver Star from B&M, though something like the DC Rivals coaster they built for Warner Bros. MovieWorld would offer a different enough experience from Silver Star. Another thought may be to build one of the new extreme spinning launched coasters like Time Traveler that Mack built for Silver Dollar City. I’m sure either concept would end up being very popular.
    If you signed up for the free V-Expo, you can watch the interview with Michael Mack here.


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