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and White Water Bay
Oklahoma City
Owned by EPR Properties
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Park News - (1/1/19) Looks like Frontier City and White Water Bay are getting new logos in 2019 that include the Six Flags branding (see above). Both were leaked out on the park’s social media channels over the weekend.


2019 - Timber Town - (5/25/19) A reader posted a fun tweet from Frontier City showing off the first riders taking a spin on the park’s new Frankie’s Mine Train coaster in Timbertown.

    (3/2/19) I’m told that Frontier City will be installed an all new Zamperla Balloon Ferris Wheel at the park this season as part of the Timbertown project. A few photos taken outside the park were also sent in where you can see the pieces of the new ride are already on site and some construction progress taking place inside the park.
    (9/10/18) Frontier City has quietly set up tombstones in front of some of the attractions inside Timber Town that list a death date of 2018, indicating that they are leaving and being replaced for the new revised version of Timber Town coming in 2019. According to the pictures posted on twitter, the list of rides with tombstones currently include the Indian Canoes, Flying Dragons and Wild Kitty.

    (8/30/18) A new version of Timer Town is coming to Frontier City in 2019 that will feature four all new kid-sized attractions. Based on the photos it looks like they are adding a Zamperla Rockin' Tug, a frog themed Jump Around, airplane themed Mini Jet and a mini mine train themed kids coaster. The park also confirmed that they will be adding a Holiday in the Park winter event that will begin on November 23.


icon_STOP2020 - New Attraction - (8/30/19) I forgot to mention Frontier City in yesterday’s huge Six Flags 2020 announcement coverage. While I didn’t see anything announced for Frontier City itself, there was a new announcement for the White Water Bay waterpark… or rather two. For starters White Water Bay will be renamed Six Flags Hurricane Harbor starting in 2020 and will add a major new slide to the park called Wahoo Racer, a new six-lane mat racer slide.

    (8/27/19) Six Flags may be slipped up and accidentally leaked out a graphic that seems to indicate that the White Water Bay waterpark at Frontier City will be rebranded as Six Flags Hurricane Harbor in 2020.

    (7/3/19) I’m told that some survey markings may have already been set up at Frontier City for the park’s 2020 attraction, with a label saying ‘SF 2020’ seen on them. I’m told the area being marked is in the park’s concert area along the Winged Warrior up to the backside of QuickDraw, then over to the closed former Nightmare coaster area.
    Anyone know more about what’s going on? With a site this large, could this be for anything other than a new coaster perhaps?



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