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and White Water Bay
Oklahoma City
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icon_STOPPark News - (10/26/18) Just to reconfirm, Six Flags will be putting on Holiday In The Park at Frontier City this winter. Of course, this was already planned last year before the Six Flags take-over under the previous management when it was going to be called “A Frontier Christmas”. During the Six Flags conference call they did confirm that the long-term plan for the park was to do what they have been doing at the other parks and work on extending the season (new spring events coming) and selling memberships to grow the profit margins.
    (7/7/18) Hearing from a reader that the Tumbleweed ride at Frontier City has strangely vanished from the park's website, which could indicate that it may be retired in the near future.
    Tumbleweed appears to be an old Chance Rotor ride, very similar to the old Spin Out ride that was removed from Six Flags Magic Mountain years ago. Riders enter a "barrel" style structure, where the queue allows those waiting to look down into the barrel, which then spins, sticking the riders to the wall.
    Back when I was younger and rode the version at Magic Mountain, the metal floor would drop once you were stuck to the wall, leaving you hanging quite a bit higher in the air than when you started. Based on a video I watched of Tumbleweed in action in 2014, it does not appear that Tumbleweed's floor moves any longer. Either way, sad to see a classic ride go if this is the case, as there are very few classic Rotor rides left anymore.
    (4/10/18) Frontier City gave some love to their DiamondBack coaster this season, repainting and skinning the coaster train in some fantastic new decorative wraps, along with replacing the restraints. Check out some photos posted to Twitter below.

    (1/21/18) In an interesting bit of news, I'm told that a bit of Six Flags history will return to life at Frontier City in 2018. According to our source the old Schwarzkopf shuttle looper train once used on Greezed Lightnin' at Six Flags Astroworld is being restored and will be put into active service on Frontier City's Silver Bullet coaster.
    To give you a bit of history on this, Greezed Lightnin' was retired along with the rest of Astroworld at the end of the 2005 season, however the coaster was soon sold to Joyland in Lubbock, TX who had hoped to rebuild it, but it was not to be. In 2012 Joyland made a deal to trade Greezed Lightnin' to Cliff's in New Mexico in exchange for a water attraction, but Cliff's was never able to do anything with Greezed Lightnin' either. Interesting to see the train return to active service once again after all these years, allowing a little bit of the spirit of Greezed Lightnin' to live on.
    (10/25/17) Frontier City announced last week that the park would be open to celebrate the Christmas holiday season starting in Winter 2018 with the introduction of “A Frontier Christmas”. Be sure to read up on the latest details on the official website.


2018 - Nothing is known at this time...


2019 - Timber Town - (9/10/18) Frontier City has quietly set up tombstones in front of some of the attractions inside Timber Town that list a death date of 2018, indicating that they are leaving and being replaced for the new revised version of Timber Town coming in 2019. According to the pictures posted on twitter, the list of rides with tombstones currently include the Indian Canoes, Flying Dragons and Wild Kitty.

    (8/30/18) A new version of Timer Town is coming to Frontier City in 2019 that will feature four all new kid-sized attractions. Based on the photos it looks like they are adding a Zamperla Rockin' Tug, a frog themed Jump Around, airplane themed Mini Jet and a mini mine train themed kids coaster. The park also confirmed that they will be adding a Holiday in the Park winter event that will begin on November 23.



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