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icon_STOPPark News - (11/29/20) Frontier City is open for the Six Flags Holiday in the Park event on select dates now through Jan. 3, 2021. Guests can enjoy holiday decor, lights, food and music, as well as select rides! Click here for the official details.
    (8/19/20) It appears that most of the Six Flags parks who opened for the 2020 season will be having a HALLOWFEST event this October. The list of park’s confirmed so far to have it include Six Flags Great Adventure who announced it on Monday, along with Six Flags over Texas, SF over Georgia, SF St. Louis, SF Fiesta Texas, SF America, and Frontier City.
    In short this will be a social-distancing friendly Halloween event with no indoor haunts or shows, with a focus on outdoor scares, entertainment and atmosphere, but with strict social distancing rules. Face masks will be required for everyone, staff and guests. You can visit the official site for more details about what will be involved at each location and the dates at .

    Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Oklahoma City To Open This Week
    (5/28/20) Six Flags has announced that Frontier City will reopen to guests (with limited capacity) starting on June 5th. The first few days (June 5-7) will actually be a preview of the park for Members and Season Passholders before they reopen to the public.
    (5/17/20) According to a Six Flags internal memo sent to Screamscape by anonymous sources, it confirms that right now they feel that Frontier City will be the first of the Six Flags parks to open, along with the new drive-through Safari experience coming in “the next few weeks” at the Six Flags Great Adventure property.
    After those two attractions open, the message states that they feel the Six Flags parks in Texas, Georgia, Arizona, Maryland and Missouri should be the next to open.
    (5/10/20) Is Frontier City going to be the first theme park under Six Flags to reopen? One of our readers logged into the Six Flags passholder portal site and was able to make a parking reservation for Frontier City’s first available date, May 16th. As in one week from now.
    Now I’m going on the record here, I seriously doubt the park will be open on May 16th. I think they could be a test of how Six Flags is going to handle their new mandatory reservation system, as the park’s public website does not list any intention to reopen in 6 days. I have heard that they have begun to reach out to furloughed employees though about returning to work, so it does sound like it could only be a matter of time before they get staff back on-site, trained and ready to reopen in the near future.

    (3/23/20) While this is too early to put any money on it yet, especially in light of how things are changing so quickly these days, I’m told that Frontier City sent a message out to their members that they hoped to reopen on April 12th.  Since April 12th is actually a Sunday, this itself is kind of an odd date to reopen, but I was told the date is actually the ending date for a ban on gatherings by the local mayor.
    So will the park reopen then? That remains to be seen, as they would actually have to bring in their staff for final preparation and training before they could even think of reopening, so if the park site seems to become more active over the week beforehand, then it is possible. Lots can happen between now and then however, including local, state or even national shutdowns of non-essential businesses.
    One other thing to remember is that Six Flags is also running the park once again, so we may see sparks of activity at other parks that were already open before the shutdown as a possible indicator that the company is preparing to wake-up again. Thus far Six Flags has been very quiet on the subject of reopening.
    (3/13/20) Add Frontier City to the list of closed parks. The park will remain closed until the end of March.

    (3/10/20) According to some interesting notes sent my way, a lot of the refurbished items being added to Diamond Back at Frontier City, including the new roof structure, actually came from the former Afterburner coaster that ran at the former Fun Spot Park in Indiana and before being retired in 2008. Other items listed as being sent to Frontier City from Afterburner include the trains, launch sleds and the control system.
    (3/9/20) It was reported on Facebook that the Diamond Back coaster station is getting a new roof added that will keep everyone in the shade this summer. In other news, I’ve been told that the park confirmed on social media that they retired the Thunder Road Raceway go-karts for good “to make room for future expansion!”. So keep your eyes peeled in this location throughout the season.

    (1/1/19) Looks like Frontier City and White Water Bay are getting new logos in 2019 that include the Six Flags branding (see above). Both were leaked out on the park’s social media channels over the weekend.


icon_STOP2020 - Wahoo Racer @ Six Flags Hurricane Harbor - (6/16/20) Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Oklahoma City has confirmed they will reopen the park on June 19. For some reason they’ve only posted this on their FB page, and have ignored their Twitter since 2019 and haven’t even bothered to post anything about opening on their official website either as of this writing, so it’s kind of weird.
    Either way, a reader sent in a couple of photos of the park’s new Wahoo Racer slides, which appear to have the slide part set up, and just need to finish the stairs up the tower and whatever landscaping needs to be done under it. Elsewhere in the park I’m told that the Bermuda Triangle slide complex is currently being repainted and having some new stairs added.
    Out front they have taken down the old White Water Bay sign and should be putting  up the new Six Flags Hurricane Harbor sign any day now.



    (1/1/20) I’m told that land clearing is taking place for the Six Flags Hurricane Harbor transformation of the White Water Bay waterpark. This is taking place in the south-west corner of the property where Cannon Ball Falls has been removed, but has actually undercovered sections of an old mini-golf course that was one operated at the park when it was under control of Herschednd Family Entertainment, including a cave structure.



    (8/30/19) I forgot to mention Frontier City in yesterday's huge Six Flags 2020 announcement coverage. While I didn’t see anything announced for Frontier City itself, there was a new announcement for the White Water Bay waterpark… or rather two. For starters White Water Bay will be renamed Six Flags Hurricane Harbor starting in 2020 and will add a major new slide to the park called Wahoo Racer, a new six-lane mat racer slide.



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