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icon_STOPPark News - (7/11/20) I’ve mentioned before how Japanese theme parks have been asking guests not to scream on the thrill rides and roller coasters since they reopened. How Fuji-Q Highland has taken this to the next somewhat amusing stage, by now asking coaster rides to simply ‘scream inside your heart”.
    Somehow, I think this could become a viral meme amongst the coaster enthusiast realm, as Fuji-Q added a video featuring two of their execs taking a spin on the famous Fujiyama coaster, wearing face masks and attempting to remain as stoic as possible. It’s fun to watch as the gentleman in the full business suit constantly has to fix his small mask as it slips off his nose time and again. Meanwhile the gentleman on the left with the snazzy bow-tie has a nice shapely and well secure mask that has an iron grip on his face that seems perfect for coaster riding. (Are they selling these online?) Check out the video below while you take a moment to meditate on the message of what “scream inside your heart” means to you.

    (3/22/20) More good news in Japan as another major theme park has reopened this weekend. According to the park’s official website Fuji-Q Highland has reopened at this time, but with limited attractions. The website says that operation of indoor attractions is still currently suspended, but many outdoor attractions as well as several restaurants and retail stores have reopened. All guests will undergo a temperature screening before being admitted to the park and face masks are recommended. The website only says that “4 coasters are open” but I’m not sure which ones.
    (10/29/19) I’m told that Fuji-Q Highland had closed their Mad Mouse coaster for good on Sept. 30th. No word yet on what might replace it, though the park is known to invest regulrally in new attractions so something new is likely on the way.  Anyone know more?


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