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icon_STOP2017 - Dodonpa Loop - (3/13/17) A couple of new pictures of the Dodonpa Loop construction site at Fuji-Q were posted to Twitter by VHCoasters.

    (3/6/17) Some fantastic images of the work going on to transform Dodonpa into Dodonpa Loop have been found on Twitter, where you can see how the giant top hat has been removed and new footers have been poured to support the new giant inversion that will soon rise.

    (2/24/17) S&S Worldwide released a list of 17 new rides they will be opening in 2017 the other day, included was a mention of Dodonpa at Fuji-Q Highland in Japan... but this time they called it Dodonpa Loop and listed it as a ride enhancement. We know Dodonpa closed last year for an unknown major renovation, and I had just seen a report claiming that the coaster's giant hill had all but been removed. So I asked S&S for some extra information about what was going on and was told that Dodonpa's crazy hill was being replaced by a giant vertical loop inversion for the 2017 season. Unfortunately they didn't have any concept art or photos, but at least we know what is going on.
    (9/20/16) In a surprising announcement it looks as if Dodonpa (S&S Thrust Air Coaster) will be closing for a major overhall starting October 2nd. From what I'm told the video teaser mentions that Japan's fastest coaster will be 'reborn' next summer as "New Dodonpa", which makes me wonder just what kind of changes or upgrades may be involved for when it reopens. Anyone know more?


icon_STOP2017 to 2018 - Attack on Titan 4D Ride - (3/21/17) According to this article a new Attack on Titan ride will soon open at Fuji-Q Highland. Based on the graphics shown in the article, it looks like the ride system is very similar to Disney's Soarin' style ride system, putting the riders up in front of a large 20m screen to fly around as the massive Titans attack in 4D. This is part of an Attack on Titan themed area that will also includea 360 VR theater experience.
    Sadly, this seems to be a temporary attraction for the next year, and is only set to run at the park from April 20, 2017 through to May 6, 2018.



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