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Park News - (11/28/18) Yukendoit is back, this time with a video report from a trip to one of Japan’s most talked about parks… Fuji Q Highland. They take a look at the park’s hour-long haunted house experience (ok, they say it took 27 minutes, but that's still pretty long) plus the coasters and other unique attractions.


2019 - Endless Mine - (3/27/19) Fuji-Q will open a new haunt experience where guests will take a trip down into an ancient closed mine inside an old minecart. The weird thing is that the rider’s hands will be “lightly bound” for the journey through pitch-black darkness while wearing 3D surround-sound headsets. The new attraction is called Endless Mine… and if you are able to take a ride on it, I’d love to hear more about the experience and why your hands are tied.



Newest Attractions:
2018 - Attack on Titan 4D

2017 - Do-Dodonpa

2011 - Takabisha


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