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News & Rumors


in Orlando and Kissimmee, FL


Park News - (7/3/17) According to a post at CoasterAddict, Fun Spot America has purhcased a new park, buying up Fun Junction USA, the largest FEC park in Georgia, located in Fayetteville, on the south side of Atlanta. For now the park will retain the Fun Junction USA name, but it will likely be transformed with a future expansion within the next year or so to become Fun Spot Atlanta.
    I've never been to Fun Junction USA myself, but based on what I see on their website, they do remind me a bit of how the original Fun Spot location in Orlando started off with go-karts, some bumper boats and a few rides... plus they have Mini-Golf too. Congrats to both teams as they move forward, and we get to watch the Fun Spot team expand yet again, this time into a whole new state.


2018 - Nothing is known at this time...


???? - Future Expansion - (1/12/16)



Fun Spot America is developing a new vision for the park and how they should grow it and have enlisted the help of Falcon's Creative Group to help work on their new long term plans. This includes the addition of new themed areas, an expansion across the street and more. They've posted a couple of pieces of artwork showing off one possible vision for what they are looking to build, but the final plans are still in development at this time and nothing has been set in stone.
    (7/23/15) According to NewsPlusNotes, Fun Spot America is preparing to begin an expansion on the attached available property near the Gator Spot to create an "Old Florida District" themed area that would feature a dark ride, log flume, a new family spinning ride as well as a new coaster that will be taller than the others, but also shorter.




Track Record

Newest Developments
2017 - Mine Blower

2016 - Crazy Couch, Head Rush 360

2015 - Space Invader & GatorSpot

2013 - Freedom Flyer, White
Lightning, 250 ft Skycoaster




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