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icon_STOPPark News - (2/28/15) Following the shooting at Fun Spot Amusement Park last week that left two guests in the hospital, security has been increased at the park, with all guests now being screened by security wands and bad checks before they go inside. 2014_1221_FunSpotK_StrikeUUP
    (12/22/14) Skyline Attraction opened their first Strike-U-Up game/attraction at Fun Spot America’s Kissimmee location late last week.
    (12/18/14) Awhile back we had heard a rumor that one of the Fun Spot parks in the Orlando area may have purchased a new Chance Hyper GTX coaster, but after giving our spies some time to track down this rumor, this lead seems to be turning up false. While Fun Spot could very well have been looking into one, our sources report that Chance has not sold another one of these coasters that will open for the 2015 season anywhere.


icon_STOP2015 - Space Invader / Gator Spot - (3/2/15) New pictures of the Gator Spot attraction under construction at Fun Spot were sent in this week. Check them out!






    (1/23/15) A quick correctly, I mis-read what Fun Spot posted on their Facebook page and the Space Invader ride is a NEW ride for the park, and is not The Hot Seat ride from the Kissimmee park. The Hot Seat is staying in place in Kissimmee.
    (1/22/15) Fun Spot reported on Facebook a few hours ago that they are taking their new Air Race ride down from the Orlando park. “It has given us many maintenance problems and for the safety of our guests we are taking it out. We're keeping an eye out for a more in-ground permanent model instead of a portable one. In the mean time, stay tuned for Space Invader!”
   So what is Space Invader? It is an 8-passenger / 2 arm S&S Screamin’ Swing ride that may look familiar… because it was actually set up and running the same ride is already up and running at the Fun Spot Kissimmee park where it is known as The Hot Seat. In addition to Space Invader, the park will also add Gator Spot as part of a new partnership with Gatorland to build a 15,000 sqft gator exhibit. Admission into the Gator Spot will be $6.
    (8/17/14) Fun Spot America has announced some new attractions on the way. The big one will be The Hot Seat, an S&S Screamin Swing said to be identical to the one they have running down at the Fun Spot USA location next to Old Town. Also coming will be a new Laser Tag game and something called the “Gatorland Experience” which I’m guessing is some kind of promotional gator display for Gatorland. Perhaps some kind of strategic partnership I guess.


???? - Fun Spot Waterpark - (1/21/13) According to a quick news update from the Orlando Sentinel, Fun Spot America has purchased an additional 8 acres of property on Grand National Drive next to its currently property, to be used for a future expansion. I know the Phase 2 expansion plans for Fun Spot America was to add a small waterpark area, so I can only imagine these additional 8 acres might be added on to that project area.
    (11/28/11) Orlando Parks News has dug up an article reporting that Fun Spot has decided to use their new land next to the original Orlando location (Fun Spot America) to create the new Fun Spot Waterpark with their partners at SplashTacular. They claim at the park will be loaded with next-generation waterpark attractions that you wont find anywhere else in Orlando when it opens in 2013.
    One such new slide concept is Splash Rally, a new take on the “racer” slide concept. 360 Rush is a new take on the bowl slide concept, where they drop two sliders into the bowl from opposite ends at the same time so they can chase each other around. They also have a Double BowlsEye… a double-rider raft take on the 360 Rush concept.



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