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icon_STOPPark News - (11/16/20) So what’s going on in Gardaland? According to a post by the Gardland Park Fan Page, it appears that several large track sections from the park’s Shaman coaster have been removed. The Vekoma looper first opened at the park in 1985 as Magic Mountain and saw the old trains replaced with modern Vekoma rolling stock over the 2008/2009 seasons, and an optional VR enhancement added in 2017. The park has not announced they were planning to retire Shaman, so it looks like they will be replacing the track in certain areas before they reopen in 2021.
    Anyone know more?

    (6/6/20) Gardaland (Italy) appears set to reopen the theme park and their two hotels to guests  on June 13. Face Masks must be worn at all times and all guests must pass a temperature scan before being allowed into the park. Advanced reservations are also required to visit the park to keep attendance levels low.

    (3/17/20) Gardaland has announced on their social media pages that the theme park, aquarium and hotel will not open for the season before April 30, 2020.

    (4/6/19) A report from Gardaland has been added to Themeparks-EU showing off the latest changes to the park for the 2019 season. This is all part of the ‘Year of Magic’ promotion at the park to go along with the new Gardaland Magic Hotel opening on May 31st. Other changes include the Foresta Incantata, the Magic Elements show and the new name and magical decor on the park’s former Sequoia Adventure coaster (a rare S&S Screamin’ Squirrel) which has now become Sequoia Magic Loop and features very bright new colors on the trains and the massive supports, which now look more like a collection of brightly colored giant magic wands.


icon_STOP2020 - Wonder Woman - The 4D Experience - (3/17/2020) Gardaland lists a new 4D attraction is slated to come to the park for the 2020 season themed to Wonder Woman. The graphics show off Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, so I don’t know if this is some  kind of special edit of movie footage mixed together to make this new 4D experience or if it contains any new or special footage. Other new shows are also coming to the park in 2020 including Aquafantasia, the Gardaland Awards musical show and “44 Rock Show Cats”.


2020 - Legoland Waterpark - (10/19/19) Gardaland has released a new video as a preview of the new LEGOLAND Water Park coming in 2020.

    (7/14/19) Gardaland has announced that they will be adding Europe’s first “Legoland Water Park” in 2020. Thus far the Legoland Water Parks have all been built attached to existing Legoland theme parks in California, Florida and Malaysia. So it is really interesting that the first Lego waterpark in Europe, which is home to more Legoland theme parks that anywhere else, would be built completely separate from the existing parks. Weather may play a key role in this choice however as the UK and Denmark locations aren’t exactly in the warmest of climates when compared to Italy.
    As the Gardaland is also owned by the parent company behind the Legoland theme parks, this does present an interesting new growth channel for the LEGO parks brand.
    (3/14/19) The latest rumors for Gardaland in 2020 suggest that the park may be looking at adding a separate gates waterpark to entertainment guests visiting the resort area and on-site hotels. One early rumor suggests they may be taking inspiration from Alton Towers waterpark, which could mean that this would be an indoor facility for guests to enjoy year-round.



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