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GENTING SKYWORLDS at Genting Highlands Resort
Replacing Genting Theme Park at Resorts World Genting
Formerly to be named 20th Century Fox World


icon_STOPResort News - (6/21/20) According to this article Resorts World Genting Highlands resort and certain casinos have reopened to select guests once again along with the Skytroplis indoor theme park. Currently entry is limited to those Genting Rewards members, but will also open to the general public “as soon as possible”.
    (5/25/20) How does that saying go? “Ask and you shall receive.”
    One thing I’ve been asking about for months is to determine exactly what the new name for Genting’s theme park in the Malaysia clouds will be after the legal spat between them at FOX/Disney resolved that they can no longer use the planned name, “20th Century Fox World”. According to a new tweet from ThemeparX, the new name for the park will now be “Genting Skyworlds”, which I must admit is appropriate. It also ties in nicely with the name of the indoor amusement attraction at the resort, Skytropolis.

    (5/24/20) According to news sources the official opening of the theme park at Genting’s Resorts World in Malaysia has now been delayed by over a year. The new timeline to finally open the long delayed theme park is now not set until sometime in Q4 2021. According to statements, the project has been delayed again due to the slow construction pace during the COVID-19 pandemic, delays because by travel restrictions, and other workplace restrictions being enforced by the government of Malaysia that will make it impossible to have it ready by the previous Q3 2020 anticipated timeframe.
    Now… if only they could be bothered to at least give the theme park a new official name while we wait.
    (2/23/20) Some new amazing photos of the new theme park at Genting Malaysia (formerly 20th Century Fox World) have been posted to ThemeparX this weekend, giving us some very close up looks at a few of the attractions that we have only seen from father away before. This includes a good look at the outside of the Aliens vs Predator attraction and the Rio themed flying coaster, as well as a look at the areas and pathways surrounding the park.
    (1/10/20) A nice collection of new photos of the 20th Century Fox World theme park under construction (soon to be renamed) have been posted to ThemeparX. There seems to be less and less visible construction taking place, and the park does look like they could be ready to open it in the near future, as long as all the attractions have been tested.
    (10/22/19) According to this article about the mostly 20th Century Fox themed park under construction at Genting Highlands, they say that they need to invest extra unexpected capital to finish the park and now plan to soft open it by Q3 2020 with 20 of 25 rides, four of which will be coasters themed to Fox properties.
    A couple of interesting things were also mentioned, like when all 25 rides are up and running, two of them will ‘run underground’, and for the five additional rides that need to be built, they may choose to use IPs from other studios, so the park’s new name will most definitely not be 20th Centry Fox World any longer. The plan on the existing rides to be complete sometime in Q1 2020 to allow time for testing, and apparently Fox/ Disney will still need to give a final approval on these attractions before they are allowed to open.
    (10/9/19) While we’re still waiting to find out what this park’s new name will be, a great collection of new photos of the “20th Century Fox World” theme park in Malaysia taken this month have been posted to Themeparx. From the look of things, the park appears as if it could open very soon, though I don’t know of their actual timetable. Anyone know more?
    (7/29/19) According to a report at BlooLoop, now that there has been a settlement between Fox/Disney and Genting, the outdoor theme park could possibly be finished and ready to open as early as the first quarter of 2020. Based on photos we’ve seen within the last month or so, the park does look about 90-95% complete, with the exception of a few attractions that are behind the curve. Now that they will not have to remove all of the Fox branded themeing, I do have to wonder if they could possibly even soft-open part of the park even sooner.
    (7/26/19) The former Fox World theme park in Malaysia has reached a settlement with Disney and Fox over the rights to use the Fox brands in the park. According to this report Genting will continue to get to license the Fox brands in the park, however the park can no longer use the name “Fox World” or any other similar reference to the Fox brand. As such the park’s final construction will include both Fox and non-Fox owned IPs.
    (6/30/19) While it has been months since we have heard anything at all about the status of the former 20th Century Fox World theme park at Genting Highlands it is clear that the staff are still working hard to get the park ready to open based on the look of two new videos I’ve discovered. The first was posted on June 1, 2019 and features some amazing HD drone-cam footage flying all around the resort complex, which offers some amazing looks at this unique location, as well as the park’s attractions. The second video below was posted by SoCal Attractions 360 back in late April, but it does offer a closer up view of some of the park as seen from the aerial gondola ride that passes over the park.
    Give them both a quick watch and you’ll see a park that looks as if it could be ready to open in just a couple of weeks, with the exception of the massive Aliens vs Predator themed SFX coaster project from Dynamic Attractions that you can see in the background of some shots (look for Orange coaster track) that is still very much under construction. Of course, given the fallout between Fox and Genting, it won’t have that theme when it finally opens, but I’m guessing this attraction will open later than the rest of the park who apparently still intends to open sometime in 2019. Meanwhile I really didn’t notice any blatant Fox theming in the park from these aerial images, other than the Weyland-Yutani Corporation logo that is painted on the buildings around the base of the drop tower ride in front of the afore-mentioned Aliens vs Predator SFX coaster attraction.
    Otherwise you can clearly make out a number of flat rides that appear to be fully installed, with the cars wrapped up for protection, as well as the park’s other three coasters. There is the desert roadway themed Dynamic Attractions Duel Power Coaster attraction that was originally intended to have a Sons of Anarchy theme. The green and blue suspended coaster that crosses the park skyline was supposed to be themed after the animated film Rio. Finally the massive snow covered mountain structure with ice blue coaster track that runs in and out through the mountain that was supposed to be themed to Fox’s Ice Age animated films.
    While there is no clue about when the park may open, some postings over at the ThemeparX page for the park indicate that theming and colors around the entrance area to the park and where the SkyAvenue gondola ride enter the structure are being revamped to both remove some FOX IP references, as well as use some new color schemes that are very similar to the colors used at Genting’s existing indoor park, Skytropolis.

    (1/25/19) According to the latest news updates, Fox is now counter-suing Genting after Genting filed a lawsuit against them when Fox yanked the theming deal away from the park a few months before it could open, According to Fox, Gentings failure to even be able to ‘soft open’ the park in a June 2018 deadline gave them the right to terminate the deal.
    Genting of course say that Fox hampered their every effort to move forward with the park, as well as just a few months before terminating the deal, they were trying to renegotiate the deal to get even more payments from Genting than what was originally agreed upon.
    (12/18/18) According to this news article, Genting Malaysia’s chairman Lim Kok Thay reported to the press that they still intend to open the theme park in early 2019. They were shoointg to have it ready as early as January but this latest snag between Disney/Fox and them caught them by surprise.
    (12/12/18) Unless the unlikely event that Genting and Fox/Disney can come to an agreement on new licensing terms, the nearly finished 20th Century Fox World theme park in Malaysia will need to update the various IP and themes in place before it can open. On the more simple front, they could just remove some of the themeing and open the attractions in a generic form until they can come up with a new plan, though that could provide for a rather odd experience. Based on the latest construction photos posted to ThemeparX, there is some pretty extensive looking theming in place on the outdoor attractions that could give them something to work with at least.
    That said, a post on the same site says that workers will begin to remove any themeing that is IP specific from the park over the next month or so. They also claim that some early talks with both Universal Studios and Six Flags may have begun as well. Universal may have the easy advantage here, as they are already partners with Genting for Universal Studios Singapore, though I’m not sure how likely they will be to Gentings desire to slam in some new IPs as quickly (and cheaply) as possible in order to get the park open. There is where Six Flags could be an easier option, as often Six Flags themeing is kept to a minimum where the ride hardware instead is the key draw.
    (12/7/18) The VOID will open their latest location at Resorts World Genting in Malaysia this Saturday, with advanced ticket sale already being offered through their website. According to this article the location will offer both Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire and the new Ralph Break VR experience.
    (12/5/18) While the future of the Fox World theme park is now in question, Genting is holding a sneak preview of their new indoor attraction area, Skytropolis Funland, on December 8th. The indoor park is located in “First World Plaza”, next to the SkyAvenue retail mall at Resorts World Genting.
    Skytropolis features a ferris wheel, merry-go-round, bumper cars, a mini coaster, a new others flat rides and is also  the location of the resort’s new “The VOID” location that will be showcasing Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire when it opens.
    Check out the video below that shows off the latest construction progress on the indoor Funland as seen in late November.

    (11/30/18) A great recap on the whole Genting/Fox World vs Disney/Fox lawsuit can be found at Theme Park Insider this week, who breaks down some extra details I had not seen elsewhere, including the names of some of the parks attraction and a mention that Fox had previously pulled the Sons of Anarchy IP away from the park, even though it was said to be the theme of one of the park’s most highly anticipated rides.
    Meanwhile the local news reports that Genting's stock price was sent tumbling as the news over the lawsuit and possible stalled theme park broke this week.
    (11/28/18) The 20th Century Fox World was all over the global news in the last 24 hours after the owners filed a huge $1.75 Billion lawsuit against Disney and Fox. While the park is busy putting the finishing touches on the rides and attractions in order to open in 2019, they say that Fox, now backed by Disney’s urgings, is trying to back out of the licensing deal signed in 2013 that allows Genting to use the various Fox propertys as the theme for the park.
    Admittedly, the park is now a couple of years behind schedule, as I believe it was first intended to open by Late 2016, but it seems that schedule was a little too ambitious and we've seen the opening date for the project slide several times since. According to Genting however claims that much of the delays were due to problems and issues caused by Fox and some attempts to renegotiate the contract to be more in their favor.
    Apparently Disney/Fox sent Genting a notice that they need to open the park within 30 days or else the contract would be terminated. Genting says this is an unrealistic timeline and the deal has been under increased pressure ever since Disney’s purchase of Fox began, as Disney did not want their new brands to be associated with a casino property.
    Meanwhile if you visit the ThemeparX page that follows along with the construction progress of the park you can see that the park does look like it is nearly complete, with much of the themeing in place to the various Fox IPs. With that in mind, pulling the plug at this point would obviously be quite upsetting to the theme park who has numerous already built themed to Fox properties such as: Aliens, Predator, Planet of the Apes, Ice Age, Sons of Anarchy and others. 
    (9/9/18) According to VRFocus, The Void has announced that they will be expanding into the Asian market for the first time with the Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire experience. Look for it to arrive at the Resorts World Genting resort in Malaysia sometime later this year, which will soon also be home to the 20th Century Fox World theme park currently under construction.

    (7/29/17) Resorts World Genting has announced they will rebrand the hotel attached to the upcoming Twentieth Century Fox World theme park as "Hotel on the Park". The former Highlands Hotel which had briefly been calling itself the "Theme Park Hotel" is going to revamp the hotel to be more of a "fun hotel" that will appeal to the families they want to come visit the new theme park with an assortment of new amenities as well as a new stripped down room design that will double the capacity of the rooms.
    For example, a new six-person capacity room features 3 queen size beds... two of which are assembled bunk-bed style. (I don't think I've seen a queen size bunk bed before myself...)


icon_STOP2019 - New Park - (11/20/18) A great video showing off the power of Dynamic Attraction’s new Dual Power Coaster concept ride system can be found below… and it’s simply amazing. At the end of the video they confirm that the first one will open in 2019, and at IAAPA it was mentioned that this first one would be in Malaysia. I can only assume this is going into the 20th Century Fox World theme park slated to open in 2019, and based on the look of the construction pics posted thus far at ThemeparX, you can see a similar ride system being built with a desert mountain façade, rumored to be a Sons of Anarchy themed attraction. If true… then the vehicles could very well be motorcycle themed as well I suppose.


    (8/17/18) More amazing new photos of the 20th Century Fox World theme park in Malaysia have been posted to ThemeparX this week. This includes lots of pictures from the skyway, showing off that highly themed Sons of Anarchy mountain road themed dueling/racing ride as well as what looks to be a shot of a Sci-Fi themed S&S style tower ride that is themed to Alien with a "Weyland-Yutani Corp" / "Building Better Worlds" theme. Follow the link to check it out!
    While a lot of progress has been made, there still looks to be a lot of work left to do, so I’m not sure if it will be ready to open by the end of 2018 or not.
    (8/2/18) ThemeparX has posted some very exciting new images this week... actual "boots on the ground" style photos taken inside the new 20th Century Fox World theme park under construction in Malaysia as well as some more taken just slightly above. The images give us some of the first good looks at some of the coasters under construction in the part as well as a unique mountain / desert road themed racing / dueling ride that I believe is supposed to be themed to the Sons of Anarchy show.
    There is also a ton of high in the sky blue single rail looking coaster track (with green supports) that appears to be the same style track that Setpoint used to use for their unique suspended coaster rides.
    (1/12/18) A few fun pictures of the construction taking place at 20th Century Fox World Malaysia  can be found on Twitter with a link to more on Instagram. The only odd thing is th at the Twitter post mentions that they think the coaster under construction is a "Sons of Anarchy" themed racing coaster, but I thought that concept was only for the proposed Fox World in Dubai. Last I heard the coaster in Malaysia was going to be Ice Age themed, but we'll see what more we can find out.
    Of course with the pending purchase of Fox by Disney... who knows how the rest of these things will turn out. Crazy times ahead...

    (11/11/17) New construction pictures of the 20th Century Fox World Malaysia theme park have been posted to ThemeParX as a lot of the larger structures within the park are now starting to show their shapes and themed designs, including themed mountain structures, odd buildings, ride track and more.
    (5/9/17) Some great new construction pictures of the Fox World park under construction as seen from the Awana Skyway gondolas that pass right over the site have been posted to ThemeparX this week.
    (4/10/17) We've got good news from Fox World Malaysia this week, as it looks like the park has finally begun vertical construction of the new theme park project at last.  A few new construction photos have been posted to ThemeparX. So far I can see what looks like a main entrance area building, lots of footer looking structures, and even the steel framework for a fake mountain.
    (2/4/17) A few new pictures from the 20th Century Fox World theme park in Malaysia have been posted to ThemeparX this week. One shows a large new curious looking steel structure going up that could be the start of one of the park's larger iconic attractions, possibly for Ice Age.
    (12/28/16) A ton of great new photos showing off the construction of the new 20th Century Fox World park in Malaysia have been posted to ThemeparX this week. There is still a long way to go, but it looks like they are starting making progress once again. At the slow rate they are going however, this looks like it may take awhile. In fact a news article from November mentioned that it was expected to open in phases instead of all at once, and wouldn't likely open until at least the later half of Q1 2018, with a more complete opening of additional phases sometime in 2019.
    (5/31/16) New photos from the construction of 20th Century Fox World Malaysia have been posted to ThemeparX this week, as vertical construction is now taking place one again as the project moves forward.
    (2/2/16) Based on the latest images of the 20th Century Fox World park (posted to ThemeparX) under construction in Malaysia it unfortunately looks like very little progress has been made in months since the previous photos were posted back in November.
    (11/30/15) A new progress report showing off the unfortunately slow progress taking place at the 20th Century Fox World Malaysia site, which is now looking at a 2017 opening date, has been posted to ThemeparX.
    (10/15/15) The opening of the 20th Century Fox World theme park at Resorts World Genting has been pushed back a year to late 2017. According to this report, the delay has been caused by the dramatic depreciation of the local currency, which has likely caused the projects budget to increase as they race to complete it.
    (1/21/15) An awesome photo update from 20th Century Fox World in Malaysia has been posted to ThemeparX this week, showing off not only the construction site itself, but also a look at the various bits of concept art they have posted around the resort.
    (12/18/14) Some incredible new photos of Twentieth Century Fox World have been posted this month to ThemeparX. Workers and heavy equipment are everywhere as it looks like the site is still in the process of cleaning out the old theme park section while tons of heavy steel have already been set into place for part of the newly expanded park and resort project.
    (8/29/14) New construction pictures of the 20th Century Fox World theme park can be found at ThemeparX. Not much to see as far as new rides, but the old theme park that used to sit here has been almost entirely wiped from the face of the earth while crews and machines are everywhere, hard at work. There is one very curious little patch of green they have opted to leave alone in the middle of the chaos that seems to contain a stairway or pathway of some kind.
20th_Century_Fox_World_Aerial_Final_600    (4/4/14) Be sure to read the interview from Funworld Magazine with 20th Century Fox’s Greg Lombardo all about the new 20th Century Fox World theme park coming to Malaysia. He answers all kinds of burning questions about the new theme park, including why they chose Malaysia as the site for the world’s first Fox branded theme park and how they will be digging down underground to increase the available space they have for many of the dark rides.
    (3/24/14) ThemeParx has posted some exclusive new construction pictures of the new 20th Century Fox World park project in Malaysia.
    (12/18/13) According to a press release the new $300 million Fox theme park project coming to Malaysia has broken ground this week and will be officially named, 20th_Century_Fox_World_-_Aliens1“Twentieth Century Fox World” when it opens in 2016 at Resorts World Genting. It will feature 25 rides and attractions based on popular Fox films like Ice Age, Alien vs. Predator, Night at the Museum, Rio, Planet of the Apes and others that will be announced in the future. The new concept aerial concept art for the park is interesting, showing off a recreation of the Titanic, a snow covered mountain with a coaster running through it (Ice Age?), a large pink steel coaster running around the crashed Space Jockey ship from the Alien series (where the eggs come from) along with what looks like a tower ride of some kind, though the lower half looks more like a rocket taking off surrounded by an aerial roadway for what I assume is a car ride of some kind.
    (7/29/13) Resorts World Genting has confirmed a partnership with 20th Century Fox that will see the world’s first 20th Centry Fox theme park open in 2016 with attractions themed to Alien, Predator, Rio, Ice Age, Life of PI and Night at the Museum. The park will feature over 25 attractions, “The Dream Parade” featuring Fox characters, and more. The Genting Theme Park will close on September 1st to begin the transformation. 20th_Century_Fox_World_-_Titanic1
    More FOX themed attractions will be announced as they figure out what works and what doesn’t, but some are off the table due to other agreements. For example don’t look for anything involving Star Wars or Avatar as Disney has the theme park rights for them, along with the basic rights to Marvel’s X-Men. While Fox is allowed to shop around the Simpsons characters if they want to, due to the existing partnership with Universal Studios they would discuss any and all options with them first. In fact, according to this article Fox is set to begin talks with Universal about “an expansion for “The Simpsons” at Universal.”  Since the Orlando expansion of The Simpsons universe is nearly complete, this can only mean The Simpsons may be expanding in Hollywood, coming to the Singapore or Japan parks or possibly be included with a proposed revival of the Dubai park. Either way, Fox who has long been strangely reluctant to enter into the theme park busienss world now seems ready at last and will be exploring other opportunities in the future for more parks.
    (7/26/13) A new deal involving 20th Century Fox will see the Genting theme park in Malaysia upgraded. The details are said to be released very soon, but it will see the park outdoor park close and reopen with a new look in 2016.




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