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Maggie Valley, NC
LULA, LLC DBA Ghost Town in the Sky


icon_STOPPark News - (6/6/15) Ghost Town in the Sky has updated their website to announce that the park will open for the 2015 season on July 2nd. They've also posted some interesting new park hours and pricing, and are very clear up front that "THERE ARE NO ADULT RIDES AT GHOST TOWN." any longer. Park admission is now being advertised as being FREE, however you do have to pay for the mode of transportation you take to get into the park: $24.95 if you want to take the Chair Lift and $19.95 if you want to take the Bus up the mountain. The 2015 Park Hours also now only have the park opened on Wednesdays through Saturdays only from 10am to 5pm, and closed on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays.  (I can understand the weekdays for a smaller park, but I don't think I've ever seen a park voluntarily close itself on a Sunday before.)

    (4/22/15) Whoh! Hold your horses partner... Ghost Town in the Sky actually has not set an opening date for 2015 after all. Despite the look of the restored official website front page that clearly says it will open on July 4th... it seems this is just a restored version of the website from 2014, because when you click on the links it takes you to the "What's Happening" page where they talk about the July 4th 2014 opening of the park... and not 2015. The park's Operating Schedule page is also all for 2014, with no 2015 dates shown. As of this moment, the park's official Facebook page has also been silent throughout the vanishing act of the official park site and it's return, with nothing new to say about anything.
    (4/20/15) Good news for those hoping for the chance to visit Ghost Town in the Sky. The park's website came back to life yesterday along with the setting of the official opening date for the 2015 season on July 4th at 10am.
    (4/16/15) Things are not looking too bright for Ghost Town in the Sky this year... while I haven't heard a peep about the park even opening for 2015, the official website has now gone offline and been replaced by a generic page holder with links to bid to buy the domain name. Any local readers pass by the park lately to know if they even plan on opening this year?
    (2/9/15) According to the local news, Ghost Town in the Sky's owner, Alaska Presley, says while parts of the theme park property was put up for sale earlier, she claims the land is no longer for sale.  Instead she is ready to move ahead with a vision to build the tallest cross in the western hemisphere on top of her "Resurrection Mountain" plans. According to the article, "Presley wants to take part of the old steel roller coaster" to do it as well.
    I dunno... is it right to re-use any part of a roller coaster that was originally named the "Red Devil" to form a giant Christian cross?  I'm not a religious expert, but the idea seems a little sketchy to me, despite the fact that the previous owner tried to rename and reopen the Red Devil as Cliff Hanger, but they never could get it fully running as the Cliff Hanger from what I recall.
    (1/20/15) It looks like we may never get to see just what the planned Holy Land / Resurrection Mountain plans would be at Ghost Town in the Sky. According to Screamscape sources the park has been quietly put up for sale now, with the asking price set at a cool $3 million.
    So the question is... is there a new potential owner out there with $3 million in their pocket with the vision and experience to turn Ghost Town in the Sky back into a serious attraction? 


???? - Holy Land / Resurrection Mountain - Status Unknown - (3/10/14) While most of this is still technically a “rumor”, one of our Screamscape sources spoke in detail with some Maggie Valley locals about what the future of Ghost Town in the Sky is expected to be. According to what they were told, the park is no longer planning to even attempt to repair or reopen any of the former classic flat rides at the park like the Paratrooper or Scrambler. Even worse, they were told that the plan was to rip down the old Red Devil / Cliff Hanger coaster later this Spring for scrap, as they no longer intend to try and reopen it.
    Forgive the bad pun, but instead of fixing up and restoring Ghost Mountain the Sky to the park it once was, the park owner seems hell bent on only pushing ahead with the plan to open the Resurrection Mountain for 2014.
    According to the website, Ghost Town in the Sky plans on reopening for the season on April 25th, 2014 and will run through to the end of October 2014. After reading the many disappointed trip reports I was sent throughout the 2013 season, most were hoping the park would be restored more like it’s old self by 2014 after the rough events of last year. Unfortunately, it looks like the park is moving into a new direction instead and into uncharted and possibly dangerous waters that might put the long-term survival of the park at risk. Time will tell…
    (3/9/12) While I had hope to see Ghost Town in the Sky revived once again… I’m now a little concerned. In this article, a few details of what the new owner has planned are a quite a bit of a departure from the Ghost Town theme. Presley is planning on gutting the top level of the theme park, removing the Native American village, and moving all the kiddie rides up there to the lower level. She dreams of replacing it all with a “large gold and white concert hall where people can hold religious events or performances” and even eventually crown the top of the mountain with a giant status of Jesus with a similar look to the famous one in Rio.
    Ummmm…. Call me a skeptic, but if he dream is to transform the wild west theme of Ghost Town in the Sky into another Holy Land Experience or a mountain-top version of Heritage USA, I think I’ll pass. Though this will give them a great opportunity to rename the old Red Devil roller coaster once again. Instead of Cliff Hanger, may I suggest Holy Roller?




Track Record

Ghost Town In The Sky
Maggie Valley, North Carolina

Newest Developments
2012 - Lower section of park opens with new ZipLine and Chairlift.

2011 - Park Closed

2010 - Park Closed

2009 - Cliffhanger

2007 - Park Reopens with new attractions like Geronimo Drop




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