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Sierksdorf, Germany




icon_STOPPark News - (2/17/19) Screamscape sources tell us that the Fliegande Hai (Flying Shark) ride, a Huss Ranger, at Hansa-Park has been officially removed. These are older rides, so it is likely that increased cost for repairs and parts may have been the main reason to retire it this year.


2018 - New Additions - (2/21/18) Hansa Park will add a few new small attractions and shows this season. The list includes Barcos del Mar, a new ride described on the website as "a fabulous combination of ship and motorcycle. Eight motorcycles including ship's tender, built from flotsam and jetsam, take off in a circle. Each one can be controlled individually." So what does this mean? You can see a picture of it here.
    Other additions include a new character show at the Aquarena theater, a variety show and a 4D theater showing of "The Son of Bigfoot 4D".



2019 - Highlander / Bezaubernde Britannien - (8/18/18) Hansa Park has announced a new world record breaker for their 2019 attraction. It will be the world's highest and fastest Gyro Drop Tower in the world called Highlander. The tower will stand 120m tall (393ft) and feature a drop of 103m (338ft) with seats that will tilt the riders out 30 as you reach the top. Once you drop you'll hit a top speed of 74.56mph just before you hit the brakes at the bottom.
    This is actually a ride from Funtime, the creator of the Star Flyer and also behind Hansa Park's unique looking Die Glocke / The Bell ride.
    Highlander is also part of a "Bezaubernde Britannien" (or Enchanting Britain) themed area that will have a heavy focus on Scottish themeing. Highlander will also be located on the site of the lighthouse that was in the middle of the helix on the Nessie coaster (A classic 1980's Schwarzkopf) which will also benefit from the new added Scottish themeing.




Newest Attractions:
2017 - Karnapulten & Little Tsar

2016 - Hansa Swing & House of Magic 4D

2015 - Karnan Hypercoaster

2014 - Indoor Play Area &
New 4D Theater Films

2013 - Nothing New

Fun Fact:
Hansa-Park actually opened in
1973 as LEGOLAND Siersdorf,
the follow up to Legoland
Billund that had just opened in
1968. It closed in 1976 and
reopened a year later as
Hansaland, which evolved into
Hansa-Park in 1987.


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