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Sierksdorf, Germany



Park News - (3/11/13) It has been confirmed that the Monte Zuma tower attraction at Hansapark in Germany has been removed to make way for a new unknown attraction. Anyone know more?


icon_STOP2015 - Karnan Hypercoaster - Under Construction - Curious to know the backstory behind Karnan? Then you are in luck, as the park sent me a copy of the story, in English, to share with everyone.

The Legend of the Construction of KÄRNAN and the Origin of the Spell

    Eons ago on a dark and moonless night in November, the old King of Denmark died an untimely death, stabbed
by his closest confidants while hunting. He was succeeded on the throne by his son Erik, who was a mere 12 years old
when he was crowned and began to rule over his father’s kingdom.
    Erik swore his coronation oath -- and every oath thereafter during his reign-- “by all the holy men” -- ved alle hellige maend -- which earned him the name “Erik Menved”.
    King Erik lived in tumultuous times. His father’s slayers had been banished. They became pirates who
terrorized the coastal towns and villages of Denmark. They frightened the residents who feared for their homes and
lives. But the young king was oblivious to the problems and worries of his subjects. Instead, he spent his time hosting
costly and pompous tournaments and dreaming of conquering faraway countries.
    Soon the King’s coffers began to run low as Erik sank deeper into his new lifestyle. He held even more costly
tournaments than any king before him. When his funds were almost exhausted, he raised taxes and pledged parts
of his kingdom to the nobles of other countries.
    Then a famine broke out in Denmark, but the wasteful King refused to lower taxes. Instead, he had all uprisings put down and the rebellious peasants hanged in front of the city gates. He expected it to be a deterrent, but the nobles joined forces with the peasants and turned against the King. It was a massive rebellion, and King Erik was able to suppress it only with the help of foreign mercenaries.
    Instead of acknowledging his errors, Erik felt threatened by his subjects and the neighboring kingdoms. He convened his court and proclaimed:
    “Our enemies are lurking in the shadows and beyond our borders, but we will build a castle for ourselves and for Denmark -- a fortress so strong that our enemies will never be able to invade and destroy it! We swear, by all the holy men.”
    The King summoned his old and wise master builder and entrusted him with the monumental task of building an
invincible castle. The builder retreated to his chambers and remained there many months drawing plans for an
enormous structure with a strong outer ring wall, a moat and drawbridge, countless defense works, and a king’s
tower (“the keep”) larger and more majestic than the country had ever seen.
    Inside the castle he planned for a splendid great hall for receptions, cozy private rooms, as well as spacious
pantries and a deep well to ensure there would always be enough water and food for the castle inhabitants in the
event of a siege. His life depended on it.
    The crown jewel of the plan, however, was a cleverly thought out system of secret passageways in the walls of
the fortress and a complex emergency system that would help the royal family escape, if need be.
    When he saw the drawings, Erik Menved immediately realized his dream of becoming invincible was suddenly
within his grasp. He ordered the construction of KÄRNAN to begin immediately.
    The old master builder had seen many a king come and come during his long life -- both benevolent and cruel.
But he had never experienced a king who placed his own well-being as far above that of his starving subjects as King
Erik Menved did. While construction was progressing, the old man pondered how he could help the people of
Denmark without breaking his oath to build an invincible fortress for the kingdom.
    One night, while watching the inebriated King and his advisors playing dice and betting their riches, the master
builder suddenly knew what to do. He hurried down to his archives and searched through the writings of his
predecessors. He was looking for a special magic formula that would protect the tower while at the same time
punishing the King for his cruelty and keeping him away from his people.
    After seven years the tower was completed. The master builder stepped before Erik and said, “My King, the
construction you ordered has been completed. The kingdom now has a fortress that is most likely unconquerable:
    King Erik Menved’s face froze. He fixed the master builder with a piercing stare. “Most likely unconquerable?
Have I not publicly sworn and ordered you, under the penalty of death, to build a tower that is invincible forever
and ever?”
    “Yes, my Ruler, you certainly did. And this castle is more secure and stronger than any fortress ever built. Yet I
do not dare mention a dangerous thing such as a protective spell in your presence.”
    “Tell me about this protective spell that you have not mentioned to me,” the King demanded. “Would it make
KÄRNAN invincible?”
    “Yes, my King, that it would. But I must warn you: the old scriptures are a dangerous game. Their impact is high,
but the price to pay may be higher still.” And he pulled out from his bag a large roll of parchment and carefully held it
up. It was inscribed:
    “Once read out loud, a powerful spell will be cast over the tower that will hit all those who intend to attack,
threaten, or approach KÄRNAN with the air to conquer it. The spell will destroy them. My King, though this magic
formula would make the fortress invincible, it comes with a high price!”
    Greedily, King Erik Menved wrested the scroll from the canny old master builder. “I will pay it. I shall raise the
taxes,” the King said. Little did he know that he would have to pay a much higher price when he, blinded by the
prospect of power, uttered, “I will take the risk -- by all the holy men!”
    He quickly unrolled the parchment and spoke the age-old magic formula to protect the tower. But with every
word he spoke, it was as if a piece of his innermost soul was torn from him and flung towards the tower, penetrating its
walls and sinking deep down to its core where the spell unfolded.
    The King had hardly finished speaking when he looked as if he had aged by twenty or thirty years. His skin
had become wrinkled and ashen, his glance unsteady and empty.
    King Erik Menved died soon afterwards, but in death he had fulfilled his oath and given the kingdom an
unconquerable fortress.
    From then on, the design of the castle and the power of the spell protected KÄRNAN from all attacks and
dangers. No army was able to conquer it. No enemy ever invaded it, and all those who tried met with misfortune and
    The King, however, forced to protect KÄRNAN forever by the clever trick of the master builder, will find
salvation only by an act of kindness he had never shown while still alive.

    (6/30/15) I’m told that Karnan will open to guests at Hansa Park on July 1st, and the park will also feature the sale of the musical soundtrack CD and book signings that day from 10-11 and 13-14.
    (6/16/15) A new POV video showing off the outdoor portion of Karnan in action at speed has been posted to YouTube. Apparently the music heard while the video plays is planned to be played on the coaster itself as well from what I'm told. Check it out below!

    (6/15/15) A great video of the new Karnan coaster at Hansa Park making a test run was posted to Facebook not long ago. Check out the video below and just watch how fast that train looks like it is moving when it starts heading closer to the camera, taking those twists, turns, dips and dives at a very high speed. Looks like a great ride for sure!

Einmal vom Crazy Mine Turm aus! :-)

Posted by HAPA-Forum Der 1. offizielle HANSA-PARK Fanklub on Thursday, June 11, 2015



I’m told that Karnan’s layout is now complete and they are expecting Gerstlauer to begin finishing up their work on the ride’s control systems, soon followed by some test runs. You can see the latest pictures of Karnan on the official construction blog.
    (4/22/15) All new pictures of "Hypercoaster KARNAN" at Hansa Park can be found at the official construction blog. A few more views can also be found on Facebook as well.
    (2/11/15) A huge assortment of new pictures from Karnan at Hansa Park can be found here. Look carefully and you can find our first look at the indoor vertical twist and diving first drop down and out of the tower.
    (1/6/15) The latest construction video of Karnan showing off the top piece of the lift structure being put into place can be found below.

  2014_0901_HansaPark_Karnan_Art  (11/22/14) Lots of coaster track has been arriving at Hansa Park for Karnan, who gives us a look at the track and the progress made so far inside the ride’s massive fortress tower structure with many new pictures posted from the last few days. Look over the pictures carefully, because they feature some teasing close-up images of select pieces of track and ride hardware that definitely looks very out of the ordinary and there to serve some mystery purpose, including one odd piece of track with a tire drive and bent rails.
    (11/17/14) NewsPlusNotes has a couple of great new pictures of the construction for the Karnan coaster at Hansa Park, including a shot of the massive tower structure for the coaster as well as look at some of the hardware being installed INSIDE the tower.
    (9/1/14) A few more details about Karnan Hypercoaster have been released by the park in their latest news letter. They are now the Gerstlauer coaster as having a 67 meter (220 foot) first drop, with 16 passenger cars (4 rows of 4). The ride’s construction blog shows that the massive towers that will enclose the vertical lift hill much of the first drop are already going up very quickly. Based on the description, it sounds as if the coaster will also feature a dark ride section both before and after the high speed coaster portion of the ride.
    (8/6/14) The latest newsletter from Hansa-Park reports that the park’s new Hypercoaster will feature a “rail height” of 73 meters (239.5 ft) and the tower for Karnans will be 79 meters (259.2 ft) tall. Apparently the plan is to open the ride in 2015, but the full themeing and story to be told by the ride will not be ready until 2016. You can see the latest construction pictures at the ride’s official site, just scroll to the bottom of this page for the newest images.
    (4/4/14) Hansa Park has posted the first pictures of their new Karnan hypercoaster project site as the ground clearing has begun.
    (12/20/13) According to a reader, the latest Hansapark newsletter (Dec. 2013 edition) names Gerstlauer as the maker of the park’s new 2015 coaster, Karnan. The coaster, which will stand over 60 meters (196 feet) tall, is expected to be the tallest coaster ever built by Gerstlauer. Previously, I believe their talelst coaster was Takabisha at Fuji-Q in Japan which stands 141.ft tall.
    (11/26/13) The early rumor from Screamscape sources is that the new Hansa-Park hypercoaster may actually be a new design of coaster coming from Gerstlauer.
    (11/22/13) Concept artwork from the park shows off a look at the new coaster, which initially looks like a B&M Hypercoaster style train, but nothing more has been confirmed at this time.
    (10/21/13) The local rumor mill claims that for 2015 Hansa-Park may be planning on adding a large new ride, possibly a new drop-tower ride that could feature an indoor section and with seats that will tilt ride’s forward into a face-down prone posture, similar to the Falcon’s Fury ride going into Busch Gardens Tampa in 2014.
    (10/29/12) With the removal of Monte Zuma, it is rumored that the park may be looking at building a new indoor freefall drop attraction for the 2015 season.



Newest Attractions:
2014 - Indoor Play Area &
New 4D Theater Films

2013 - Nothing New

Fun Fact:
Hansa-Park actually opened in
1973 as LEGOLAND Siersdorf,
the follow up to Legoland
Billund that had just opened in
1968. It closed in 1976 and
reopened a year later as
Hansaland, which evolved into
Hansa-Park in 1987.


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