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Sierksdorf, Germany





icon_STOP2017 - KARNAN Improvements - Confirmed - (2/13/17) Fan's of Hansa-Park's unique Karnan coaster are in for a big surprise in 2017, as the park has informed me that the "reverse free-fall" taken in the darkness of Karnan's tower structure will see the velocity of that backwards plunge increased from 5 m/sec to roughly 11 m/sec, over doubling the intensity of this unique vertical lift hill element.
    Even better, they tell us that "KÄRNAN’s exciting roller coaster story is going to continue".
    More on this as soon as we find out!


icon_STOP2017 - Karnapulten and More - (2/22/17) A few picture of the Little Tsar kiddie coaster from Preston & Barbieri) going into Hansa Park were posted on the park's website.
    (1/7/17) Hansa Park has confirmed that they will add Karnapulten, a Gerstlauer Sky Fly ride, to the park for the 2017 season. The new ride will be placed next to the park's existing Karnan attraction. The park also confirms they will finally open the Little Tsar kiddie coaster (Preston & Barbieri) that was previously planned for 2016 as well as a new "special-effects show" and a new Variety Theater show.



Newest Attractions:
2016 - Hansa Swing, Little Tsar & House of Magic 4D

2015 - Karnan Hypercoaster

2014 - Indoor Play Area &
New 4D Theater Films

2013 - Nothing New

Fun Fact:
Hansa-Park actually opened in
1973 as LEGOLAND Siersdorf,
the follow up to Legoland
Billund that had just opened in
1968. It closed in 1976 and
reopened a year later as
Hansaland, which evolved into
Hansa-Park in 1987.


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