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icon_STOPGeneral Resort News - (9/21/21) Good news Hersheypark fans… the park confirmed via tweet the other day that Skyrush is now open once again.

    (9/18/21) A new video update shot at Hersheypark has discovered a few interesting things. This includes the discovery of some new survey flags located between Chocolate World’s parking entrance and the old pool area. It also appears that a new lift hill cable has been installed onto the spool for Skyrush, and the train put back into the station.

    (8/31/21) Hersheypark will soon be featured as the background for a new baking competition show coming to the Food Network. The show will be called “Chocolate Meltdown: Hershey’s After Dark” and it will premier on the cable channel on Sept. 27, 2021. There will be four episodes at first, each featuring a trio of pastry chefs locked in the theme park after hours, where they must solve clues, brave some of the rides to earn Hershey sweets to use in their creations, which will be built with the help of just one assistant within the Chocolate World store.
    The limited series will be part of the Food Network’s Halloween themed programming lineup, so don’t be surprised if the creations they are asked to make fit a spooky theme or two.
    (7/31/21) Hersheypark and Pepsi have teamed up to announced a new “immersive” attraction called the Pepsi Pop Star Experience. The new attraction is said to have opened on Friday, located near the Kissing Tower, and will allow guest to unleash their inner “pop star” in a series of interactive musical and dance experiences that are included with your theme park admission.
    The attraction includes “Dance Pods” that allow guests to record their wildest dance moves in a private “pod”, away from judging eyes, as well as the ability to learn to mimic professional dance moves as taught by animated avatars. A free 15-second souvenir of the experience will then be shared to guests who can then share it across their social media. The pavilion also features a variety of exclusive merchandise and you can hydrate with a variety of special Pepsi brand beverage options.




    (7/25/21) Many readers have been asking for an update on Skyrush at Hersheypark, and we really  haven’t heard much of anything, other than it is still down. Today a reader sent in a few pictures showing off the shed for the cable lift system, and you can clearly see that the huge spool of cable, as well as the powerful motor used to pull the trains to the top of the lift are currently removed and awaiting replacement. So clearly Skyrush isn’t going anywhere until they get the lift system installed once again, so stay tuned.



    (7/6/21) Just a heads up for anyone heading to Hersheypark, but SkyRush may be closed for a bit. Reports from the park say that a train stalled near the bottom of the lift on Friday, that resulted in the evacuation of the riders. The initial reports from those there said noises came from the lift cable that made it sound as if the lift cable had snapped.
   Much like Millennium Force at Cedar Point, SkyRush uses a cable lift system to move the train very quickly to the top of the first drop instead of the more traditional lift hill chain system found on other coasters. Both can break however, as we just saw reports of the lift chain breaking on one of Cedar Points’ coasters last week.
    While it has not been confirmed if the actual lift cable broke, some part of the lift system however obviously malfunctioned, and the coaster may be down for an unknown period of time until they can repair it. This could be days, or it could be weeks, depending on how serious it is, though Hersheypark is often pretty good at maintaining their rides, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see this resolved very quickly.

    (6/12/21) Good news from Hersheypark yesterday as the park confirmed that Storm Runner has reopened at last! As we previously reported, Hersheypark was seen replacing the coaster’s launch cable in preparation for getting the ride up and running once again after sitting idle since 2019.

    (6/3/21) Anyone know what’s going on with Storm Runner at Hersheypark?  I’m told that the Intamin launched coaster has not run since the 2019 season, hasn't remained closed all of 2020 and and so far for 2021 from what we’ve heard. During a visit this week however, a reader noticed something new, a large roll of steel cable has been placed on top of the launch track.
    Since Storm Runner uses a hydraulic launch system and not a magnetic one, the launch system attaches a small shuttle device to the underside of the train, which is attached to the launch motor by a cable system. This seems to be a clear sign that they are replacing / repairing the launch cable on Storm Runner, so hopefully we’ll see it open once again later this Summer.




    (5/15/21) According to a Tweet from Hersheypark, they are going along with the latest guidelines from the CDC and will no longer require “face coverings and social distancing for guests who are fully vaccinated” effective immediately. Of course, how they will determine the different between those who are vaccinated and those who are not is not mentioned, but will more than likely be on the “honor system” I suppose, since those who are not vaccinated will be the ones most at risk and most likely to keep using face masks until the day when they feel ready to be vaccinated. 

    (5/2/21) According to the the new video below from DisneyLoversHP, the walking path around the park’s Skyrush coaster has reopened this weekend.

    (4/14/21) A new video shot at Hersheypark takes a look inside the new Sweeterie shop, full of all kinds of sweet candy and chocolate goodness. Check it out below.

    (4/4/21) A new video from the opening day of Hersheypark was posted by “Disney Lovers at Hersheypark” this weekend, along with a fun new POV video of the park’s monorail which has updated the on-board narration.

    (4/2/21) Hersheypark is opening for the “Springtime in the Park” event starting today, along with a new addition that wasn’t open last year. Hersheyparrk has confirmed that they are opening SooperDooperLooper once again on April 2, after keeping the coaster closed for the 2020 season.

    (2/17/21) A new video shot at Hersheypark’s front gate looks in at the latest construction updates to the front of the park, including a look at the progress to Sweeterie Confectionary Kitchen and the Milton’s Ice Cream Parlor additions.

    (2/6/21) Hersheypark has now confirmed that they will open the park for the 2021 season on April 2. The park will begin with weekend only operations throughout most of April and May and move into a daily operations schedule starting on Memorial Day Weekend and run through to Labor Day Weekend in September. If all goes as planned the park will then move back to weekend operations for the rest of September with plans to host Hersheypark In The Dark once again in October, along with select operational dates in November and December for the return of Hersheypark Christmas Candylane.
    You can also expect to find three new special culinary based experiences that will open in the park’s new Chocolatetown entrance plaza that opened in 2020 with the opening of the Chocolatier Restaurant Bar + Patio, the Sweeterie Confectionary Kitchen and the Milton’s Ice Cream Parlor.
    Hersheypark is also pre-selling tickets to visit at a discount price at the moment on their website that are good for visits any operating day in 2021. This is a big discount you really may want to take advantage of, with 1-Day tickets being sold for just $44.95 (down from $74.95) and a 2-Day Ticket can be bought for $80 ($40 per day)
    (2/2/21) A new video showcasing some of the latest developments at Hersheypark and Chocolate World can be found below.

    (11/20/20) A new video showing off Hersheypark Christmas Candyland (on select dates now through Jan. 3, 2021) can be seen below as shot on opening night.

    (10/29/20) Check out the video below to get a look at Hersheypark’s new Chocolatetown as seen at night.



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