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Hershey, PA
Hershey Entertainment & Resorts Company



icon_STOPGeneral Resort News - (3/27/14) According to what I’m told, we mistakenly assumed that the new looking Blue Monorail on the beam at Hersheypark was one of the old Magic Mountain Metro trains. Apparently it is not… this is Hersheypark’s repainted and restored former Capital Blue Cross branded monorail train. I’m not sure if the Blue Cross branding was removed or if they are planning on putting something new on at a later date. The old Magic Mountain Metro cars will primarily be used for parts it seems, though with three trains to pick from, I wouldn’t be surprised if they couldn’t piece together a working train eventually.
    (3/26/14) A reader passing by


Hersheypark sent in a picture of what looks like one of the old Six Flags Magic Mountain monorails trains now refurbished and up and running on the park’s monorail beam!
    (3/14/14) AllAmericanThrills has posted a new photo update from Hersheypark this week, including pictures of the former Metro monorail cars from Six Flags Magic Mountain that were purchased by the park.
    (2/15/14) AllAmericanThrills had the opportunity to have a sit-down chat with Hersheypark’s Laura Woodburn, Director of Ride Operations, to discuss just what goes on during the off-season.
    (1/22/14) Hershey’s popular Chocolate Covered February event is nearly here, allowing chocolate lovers to celebrate with special resort packages, special dining events, chocolate spa treatments, wine and chocolate pairings, dessert buffets and more. Check out all the official details here.

    (1/20/14) A new construction report from Hersheypark and Chocolate World has been posted to AllAmericanThrills this weekend.
    (1/16/14) AllAmericanThrills has spotted survey flags posted on Hersheypark property, mostly around the perimeter of some of the park’s back areas in their latest photo update.
    (10/12/13) Heavy rainfall in the area has started to cause the water to rise and early flooding has begun at Hersheypark. Both the park and ZooAmerica are closed for the weekend and animals are being moved to safety. More pictures of the park itself have been posted to AllAmericanThrills.
    (10/4/13)  A couple of new Storm Runner pictures showing off the fresh bright paint added to the top hat have been posted to AllAmericanThrills along with a “before” picture so you can remember just how faded it was.
    (9/27/13) Storm Runner is being repainted it seems, as early photos of the work starting in the park has been posted to AllAmericanThrills.
    (4/9/13) A detailed report on the various changes made to SkyRush this season has been posted to All American Thrills. They confirm that there are NO trims on the first drop at all (thank god!) but instead the quick lift hill system slows down as you crest the top.


2014 - New Rides / Cocoa Cruiser - Confirmed - (12/29/13) Hersheypark has now officially named the park’s new 2014 kiddie coaster as the Cocoa Cruiser.
    (12/17/13) AllAmericanThrills reports that Hersheypark has announced new additions for the 2014 season. There will be three new rides: a new Family Coaster in Music Box Way and a new Tea Cup and Family Swing flat rides rides in The Hollow. Hersheypark will also add a Chickie’s and Pete’s eatery as well as a new Frozen Yogurt stand as well.


Site Expansion Plans - (6/18/13) We’ve seen this talked about over the past few years and the latest plan for the needed road realignment behind the park, which will also allow Hersheypark to eventually expand over into the golf course site can be seen here.
    (6/17/11) We’ve talked about this before on Screamscape, where a proposed moving of Park Blvd. behind the park would open up a huge section (31 acres) of land to allow for a massive expansion to Hersheypark over the next decade or more. Now Keystone Thrills has posted their own write up about it, followed by the local news doing their own write up about it as well.
    (5/3/10) I’m glad to report that we were contacted by someone who claims to have worked on the plans for the rerouting of the roads behind Hersheypark who tells us that the Hersheypark Monorail was taken into consideration and the plans for the new roads were designed to go around it, so it will not be removed.
    (5/2/10) I believe some of this may have been mentioned before but this article from March outlines some proposed road changes, relocations and an intersection removal all around the area of Hersheypark where the back section of the Monorail route goes, which is sure to have some kind of effect on the park. Specifically the bit about realigning the way Cocoa Ave. and Park. Ave connect, which you can see in the map would make the easiest way to do this to run the new road right down the same path that the monorail beam takes.
    Previous rumors from last fall also mentioned a possible plan to move the western side of Park Blvd. so that it would travel through the golf course site instead, opening up that property for the next 100 years of happy expansion possibilities. Unfortunately the only really solid way to access this section of the park would be right through the current main entrance area, requiring a new main entrance area to be built elsewhere. The most likely idea could be to just simply move it over slightly to take up the location of the current backstage road and building(s) between the current entrance and the Arena, allowing them to keep on using most of the existing gift shops and amenities now in place in Tudor Square. 
    Keep in mind this is all very long term planning being rumored here… stuff that would probably take most of the next decade to see realized… if they opt to go that way. I was just thinking that perhaps some of this was a related trade-off… a bit of Quid Pro Quo if you will.
    (9/11/09) Screamscape sources tell us that Hersheypark is looking into plans that would relocate Park Blvd on the south side of the park to take a new path through the old Country Club site. The old road will be removed allowing for Hersheypark to expand into the remainder of the property there over the years as needed.



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