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Hershey, PA
Hershey Entertainment & Resorts Company



General Resort News - (4/15/19) A fun update showing off the new temporary entrance being used by Hersheypark just for the 2019 season while the new one is under construction for 2020 was posted by All American Thrills can be seen below. The video includes the new tram circle as well as the temporary entrance which is said to be a fairly streamlined process with 17 wide entry points.



2019 - Reese’s Cupfusion - (5/25/19) Hersheypark opened their new Reese’s Cupfusion dark ride today to the public. Check out the video below for a POV run through the park’s newest dark ride attraction, though they cut off the footage just before the finale to keep it a surprise. Based on the footage, the ride is a mixture of simple 2D sets, enhanced with the occasional three dimensional props, along with sections that use projection screen scenes to fully animate the baddies and action sequences.

    (5/8/19) Hersheypark announced this week that their new Reese’s Cupfusion dark ride will officially open on May 25th.

    (4/15/19) While the new Reese’s Cupfusion dark ride at Hersheypark wont open until Summer, All American Thrills has posted a quick video showing off the ride area as it looks this past weekend. It also seems that the theme of the ride has allowed a couple of the ride’s villains to retheme a couple of the nearby flat rides with the Lady Bug becoming the Misfit Bug and the Bizzy Bees becoming Minty Bees.

2019_REESESCUPFUSION_LOGO_250    (3/9/19) Hersheypark posted a picture showing off the new vehicles for the Reese’s Cupfusion dark ride (see below). They’ve also revealed that the park is going to offer some new ‘wearable technology’ options this season called HPGO. Guests can use a HPGO wristband combined with the Hersheypark app to ‘collect free ride stats and photos from Reese’s Cupfusion and Whitecap Racer, while seamlessly integrating with the enhanced Fast Track program. Guests can skip the regular line on up to 14 attractions, including 13 coasters, with the purchase of Fast Track or the all-new Fast Track Unlimited.”
    The park will also have some new food offerings this season including: Chick-fil-A, Nathan’s Hot Dogs and Keepin’ It Kosher food trucks, plus a new menu at The Outpost. Also look for King Size Milkshakes inspired by Reese Cupfusion at the Simply Chocolate ice cream shop.
    The season kicks off on May 3rd at Hersheypark.

    (3/3/19) Hersheypark reciently posted a couple of pictures to Twitter showing off the inside of their new Reese’s Cupfusion dark ride, which I believe may be the station area. I’m not sure if this is also showing the installation of new track, or just track refurbishment, as it looks similar to what I remember from the former Reese’s Xtreme Cup Challenge ride.

    (8/3/18) Hersheypark has confirmed that the Reese's Xtreme Cup Challenge dark ride will close after Sept. 3rd to make way for the new Reese's Cupfusion dark ride experience. Riders will be tasked with protecting Reese's Central and the Crystal Cup from the evil Mint the Merciless and his band of bad for you goodies like Crazy Corn, Gumbo, Citizen Cane, Jawbreaker and more. For more information head to the official website or check out the missing briefing from Commander Cup herself below.

    (7/15/18) A quick update about the possible new dark ride project for 2019 at Hersheypark. It seems the park has just trademarked the name, "Reese's Cupfusion" for a possible new attraction.
    (7/11/18) So what is Hersheypark planning for 2019? The park just started releasing teasers indicating that some kind of announcement could be made on August 2. The teaser graphic itself seems to imply some kind of secret agent themeing, along with the Reese's branding. Keep looking around the website and you'll find some villainous looking critters as well here and there.
    Could this be a plan to retheme the park's Reese's Xtreme Cup Challenge dark ride to have some kind of Reese's Secret Agent theme?


icon_STOP2020 - ChocolateTown / Candymonium - (8/13/19) A new 2020 construction update from Hersheypark has been posted to YouTube by All American Thrills showing off a lot more of the 2020 coaster track and supports now sitting on site at the park.

    (7/26/19) Hersheypark has confirmed their new 2020 coaster as being called Candymonium, a new B&M Hypercoaster that will have a 210 foot lift hill before taking on massive drops and 7 camelback hills for that airtime goodness at speeds up to 76 mph. They also tell us that there will be a section where Candymonium and Skyrush cross paths… an element they are calling “Candyrush”. The total track length is 4,636 feet and will feature three different themed trains: Hershey’s Kisses, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Twizzlers.
    Check out the video below to see what Candymonium will look like in action when it opens next year.

    (7/18/19) All American Thrills has posted a new video from Hersheypark where they check in on the 2020 coaster construction site, with a look at what appears to be the new station building now going up, along with even more of the coaster’s brake run track installed just outside the station. Looks like they are trying to move very quickly with this project.

    (7/17/19) A reader came upon a couple of big trucks hauling that chocolate brown MC-R track along the highway, heading in the direction towards Hersheypark and sent in a couple of quick photo snaps.

    (7/16/19) One of our readers dropped by Hersheypark this week and grabbed a photo of the new 2020 coaster track already in place.

    (7/12/19) Brown B&M track for the “Candymonium” 2020 coaster has not only arrived at Hersheypark, but a couple of sections of straight station track and supports have also already gone vertical at the park. Meanwhile Hersheypark has also confirmed that they will show off the design of this new coaster at a special presentation in the park on July 24th inside the Music Box Theater at 10:30am. Passholders will get admitted as early a 10am at a special entrance where the first 500 to arrive will get to go inside for the unveiling.
    (6/21/19) A new video from ALT (see below) shows the pieces for the Hersheypark 2020 coaster project that have already arrived on-site. So far we’ve got a couple of track pieces that are likely transfer track or station track, and a bunch of supports and steel that are likely for the station or maintenance shed.

    (6/20/19) Hersheypark has announced that they will unveil the design of the park’s 2020 coaster project (the park’s 15th coaster) on July 24th. Meanwhile I’m hearing that the first load of chocolate brown track and some support pieces have started to arrive at the park. Anyone able to get a photo? (Without trespassing of course… that’s never good.)
    (6/16/19) New pictures from the B&M Track plant taken last week show more of the chocolate brown track in place that we all assume is for the new Hersheypark 2020 coaster with the label “MCR” on them. Also onsite is a new batch blue painted track labeled MCT which could possibly be for whatever Kings Island is cooking up in 2020.
    (5/15/19) Hersheypark has filed for a new trademark to use the name “Candymonium” for a new amusement park ride, “in the nature of a roller coaster”.  So looks like we have our first working name for the new B&M coaster opening in 2020, though don’t be surprised if they file for an extra backup name or two. We know the new Chocolatetown area will be home to the “world’s sweetest fountain”, but looks like the park also filed to trademark the phrase, “The World’s Sweetest Coaster” as well.
    (5/4/19) During a visit to check out the Clermont Steel Fabricators site in Ohio, WildGravityTravels spotted track on site labeled for two new B&M megacoasters in the works. Much of the painted track was labeled as being for megacoaster “R”, and was painted a very chocolate brown color. Their best guess, and mine opinion as well, is that this would be for the announced coaster coming to Hersheypark in 2020 that will inhabit the new ChocolateTown main-gate area now under construction.
    It is also worth mentioning that there was also unpainted megacoaster track on site for a “T” layout going to an unknown location. They were hoping it might be for whatever Kings Island has planned in 2020, but we wont know for sure. And for those wondering why the track letters jumped from R to T, skipping S, is that I believe they skip certain letters in the series that may be confused for numbers… so there is never an O as it looks too much like a zero, and S could be skipped for looking like a 5. Of course add in the fact that these labels are given during the planning process, and sometimes the pieces are manufactured out of order. Once the Hershey track gets shipped off, I’d keep an eye out DM or D6 track pieces to start appearing for the future Mako Dive Machine going to SeaWorld San Diego in 2020.















    (4/3/19) A reader sent in some new photos of the construction taking place so far for the new tram circle, the new ChocolateTown entrance area, and a building that will be used for ticket sales while the construction continues.
    (2/12/19) A reader send in some new photos showing off the construction progress taking place at Hersheypark for the new 2020 expansion.
    (1/17/19) Time for a Chocolatetown update today as one of our readers has sent in some pictures from the park showing off early construction prep in some areas and complete demolition of the park’s old main entrance in others. Enjoy!
    (12/18/18) Another construction update, this time from across the road in the expansion property area, has been posted to AmusementParkives this week where some digging has taken place, some materials dropped off, and large mounds of dirt and rock have been deposited.
    (12/5/18) A reader reports in from Hersheypark that more construction for the 2020 expansion has started, now over at the season passholder parking lot which is now closed off to begin excavation.
    (11/13/18) According to a construction update posted to the AmusmentParkives, a new perimeter fence is being installed at Hersheypark around the park’s new expansion site.
    (10/24/18) The Amusement Parkives has posted a new article showing off the early construction work taking place at Hersheypark right now related to the 2020 Chocolatetown expansion project. Check it out!
    (10/4/18) Hersheypark has announced their plans for 2020, which as expected, include a new grand entry plaza and a giant new roller coaster at a budget of $150 million across 23-acres.
    The new entrance area will be called Chocolatetown and be located between the park’s current entry plaza area and the nearby Hershey’s Chocolate World attraction just outside. The new plaza area will include a large new Hershey branded retail store, an ice cream shop, a huge kettle corn stand along with the largest restaurant in the park that will include a full bar and outdoor patio. Inside the park will also relocate the park’s classic carousel to a new home here, along with adding a Hershey’s Kiss themed fountain where the park’s newest coaster will take a lap around. Speaking of the new coaster, they didn’t offer any details but the concept art clearly looks like a classic B&M Hypercoaster style design, and Hersheypark would only say it will be the park’s longest, tallest and fastest coaster when it opens in 2020.
    This means it will be bigger/faster than Skyrush, which stands 200 feet tall, has 3,600 feet of track and hits a top speed of 75mph. Look for construction to begin on Chocolatetown sometime this January, and check out the official animation of the new expansion below.

    (8/25/18) According to a few interesting posts, Hersheypark submitted for FAA approval to build a new coaster in 2020 that will be up to 220 feet tall and is thought to possible be a Hypercoaster of some kind, possibly a B&M. Meanwhile PennLive posted some detailed looks at the park’s 2020 site plans submitted last month that show a bit more about how the park’s new entrance area is being planned along with development of a very long and narrow new area that definitely does look like a classic out ‘n back style B&M Hypercoaster style footprint and turnaround that would end with a quick little spin around a fountain structure in the new main-gate area before returning to the station.

    (7/23/18) Some new developments have come out regarding Hersheypark's expected 2020 project that looks to involve a new main gate area, as well as a new coaster project. For the details, NewsPlusNotes has done a fine job gathering images of the new proposed plans, which seemed to show footer locations for a possible new coaster, and have drawn in a possible layout showing off an out & back style layout, breaking off for a trip around a possible new fountain near the new main entrance before returning to the station. Make the jump and see what you think from the clues uncovered.
    (6/6/18) A reader did attend the meeting held about Hersheypark's big expansion and learned a few things, though most of the major details were kept quiet.
    They did confirm that the park plans to expand into the property north of the new Park Blvd road that was formerly used as a golf course. Hersheypark also mentioned that the park's Front Gate and tram loading area will moved to a new location in time for the 2020 season. While they were not entirely specific on the site of the new Front Gate, they did say that it would move to the "north-east" and would be closed to Hershey's Chocolate World than the current one. And finally, it sounds like they will relocate the path that Spring Creek, the waterway that travels through the site, takes as part of the new land's development.
    (6/2/18) Regarding the next 'big expansion" for Hersheypark, we are hearing that construction may not start until late summer or September, as a few more meetings were requires with the local government. Meanwhile, I'm hearing that a new construction marking stake was discovered near the old Lighthouse structure on the site. Hershey isn't likely to tip their hat about the project however until at least August, so for now we wait.
    (4/19/18) Screamscape sources tell us that we will have to wait until 2020 for Hersheypark to add their next big coaster, which should also arrive along with a new park entrance as part of a major park expansion project.
    (2/22/18) So you may be wondering to yourself… just what is going on with Hersheypark?  I mean… besides the huge new waterpark addition they are building for 2018. Lets talk about the future of Hersheypark and what is to come, as it isn’t often that a park gets the opportunity to absorb a huge new tract of land into itself, providing room for countless expansions over the years to come.
    AmusementParkives has posted a perfect article about just this, looking into two new projects the park is working on: one that will see upgrades and improvements made to the park entrance area and another one listed on the records as ‘Attraction 2020’. There is a lot that could be going on between now and 2020, but if I was a betting man… I’d say that the park will be overdue for a major new coaster by 2020 for sure. The last new coaster was the indoor family coaster, Laff Trakk, which opened in 2015, and the last huge thriller was Skyrush built in 2012. So with this in mind, a new coaster would seem likely for 2019 or 2020. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

    (5/14/17) So what's going on at Hersheypark for 2018 is the big question as new survey flag markers have been spotted in the grassy area "where the old pool was, near the park entrance plaza" as well as on the other side of the old section of Park Blvd. Is it time for the park to add a new coaster for 2018? 
    Time-wise, they could be due for something new it seems, as the last new coaster was the indoor Laff Trakk mouse coaster in 2015, and before that SkyRush opened in 2012, Fahrenheit in 2008 and Storm Runner in 2004. So they seem to average a new coaster ever 3-4 seasons as of late, so 2018 is possible, but so is 2019. But what could it be?
    According to our first rumor, 2018 is the date being whispered around for the park's next new large attraction or expansion, comes with an odd caveat that not everyone may like what they announce when they do it. Strange... as this seems to imply that the 2018 wont be the coaster everyone is ready for, so be prepared to wait until 2019 for that one.
    It is also nice to see that it looks like they will be taking advantage of the new land added to the park to the right of the entrance by the moving of Park Blvd, which gives them an open slate and no need to remove anything to make room. Another possible rumor or two seems to indicate that what may be built over there could be the beginning of a new themed land for the park, complete with an assortment of smaller rides, some new and some possibly moved in from other areas of the park.
    This sounds a bit more logical with the rumors presented so far, and would serve as the setup to link the park to the new property, setting up things for a new coaster to come as early as 2019.
(5/25/16) That new road project planned to go around the backside of Hersheypark is under way it seems and according to one source, they hope to have it done by the end of the year. It doesn't show much, but I’ve seen a few photos so far to confirm that work is under way.
    (2/15/16) A plan to relocate the road that run behind Hersheypark and run between it and the old golf-course they bought has been in the works for a number of years now, but it looks like things are moving forward at last, with a vote from the county approved to hire an engineering firm to perform the final design work on the $8.5 million new road.


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