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icon_STOPPark News - (8/27/16) Bad news for Hopi Hari this week, as the local news reports that the park has filed for bankruptcy protection with the courts in order to avoid a total closure of the park and to find a way to paid off their debts. While bankruptcy law differs from country to country, the way I'm understanding this report seems to be that they are looking to enter into a bankruptcy style restructuring of their debts which typically involves the presentation of a new restructured business plan that a judge would have to agree upon (as well as the main debt holders) as being a reasonable recovery plan. The park would also need the establishment of a small credit line to keep them functioning throughout it all.
    In this case it also looks like they already have a plan ready for presentation that would involve bringing in new investors to take over the park, but this is dependant upon the park getting authorized to enter the bankruptcy process.
    Currently the park is said to be closed until September when they plan on reopening on a limited schedule for their Halloween themed event days.
    There is also a mention of the 10-inversion coaster (See below) that was planned for the park, and while the pieces arrived, I don't believe it was ever put together as everything went on hold after the accident on the park's drop tower in 2012. The translation of the article unfortunately wasn't too clear on the fate of the coaster, but from what I'm told a man who owned a nearby outlet mall paid big money to sponsor the coaster at the park, and when that deal fell apart he was awarded the coaster and apparently removed the parts from the park to put in storage elsewhere. On side note, I'm hearing that he maybe trying to sell the coaster.


2016 - Nothing is known at this point in time, nothing new reported for 2013, 2014 or 2015 either...


???? - 10 Inversion Coaster - Unknown - (8/30/12) According to Screamscape sources Hopi Hari has delayed their 10 inversion coaster project while the park is trying to recover from the tragic accident earlier this year. The drop tower still remains closed and there is no word on if it will even reopen or not.
    (1/23/12) Hopi Hari Mania posted some new construction pictures showing off the start of work on the park’s new 10-Inversion Intamin coaster.
    (1/4/12) Coaster track have arrived on site at Hopi Hari for the park’s new Intamin 10-Looper coaster which will have dark red track and yellow supports. Ground clearing has also begun as you can see here.
    (10/21/11) Hopi Hari has announced that they will install a “new version” of an Intamin 10 inversion steel coaster for 2012. The park will have a name the ride contest in the near future, but it will be located in their Wild West section, feature two new open style trains. It will have a track length of 875 meters (2870 ft) and a first drop of 33 meters (108 ft) taken at a 45 angle.
    (3/28/11) While we really don’t know much of anything, I’m told that the “park director’ has confirmed that a new coaster is on the way for as early as 2012, as they look at proposals from Vekoma and Intamin.
    (3/25/11) I’ve heard rumors Hopi Hari was already talking with Intamin and Vekoma about buying a major roller coaster to add to the park in the next year or two that would likely be given a superhero theme, as they seem to be hoping to copy of the success of Six Flags.



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