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NOW OPEN - (Opened August 31, 2016)

icon_STOPPark News - (9/14/17) BlooLoop has posted an interview with the CEO of IMG Worlds of Adventure as they talk about the creation of that park on their first anniversary and about the plans they are moving forward with to build a second park in the UAE. And would you believe that one of the most popular attractions with the longest line, sometimes stretching to 3 or 4 hours, isn't a ride at all, but is The Haunted Hotel walk-through haunted house experience. They've had the increase the age limit to 15 due to the scares and apparently word of mouth about this attraction has been spreading amongst the UAE as a must-do attraction.
    (9/5/17) Would you believe that the group behind the IMG Worlds of Adventure theme park in Dubai is now looking into opportunities to expand their theme park empire internationally? The plan is to look for opportunities to grow in markets that may have been limited due to weather issues (both hot and cold) in the past from building more traditional outdoor theme park experiences. According to an interview with Lennard Otto, CEO of IMG Worlds posted to BlooLoop, the park is on track to hit their first year attendance target of 4 million guests apparently.
    (12/7/16) In a move I really wasn't expecting so soon, the owners of the new IMG Worlds of Adventure indoor (mostly) theme park in Dubai have announced plans to build a whole second theme park to be called IMG Worlds of Legends. The new mostly indoor park will be built next to the first park, span over 2-million square feet of space, feature a section with a retractable roof and feature nine different themed zones that will use IP from:


    Ubisoft - Raving Rabbits, Just Dance, Assassin's Creet
    Mattel - Barbie, Hot Wheels, Bob the Builder, Thomas, Mega Bloks
    Nickelodeon - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Dora the Explorer, SpongeBob
    Saban Brands - Power Rangers
    Pokemon - Pokemon
    Cartoon Network - We Bare Bears and others TBA
    Toei Animation - Dragon Ball Z, One Piece
    TV Tokyo - Naruto
    The park will also use some of IMG's own brands like Legends of Arabia and the Lost Valley Dinosaur Adventure.
    So far no timeline as to when construction will begin, or an intended opening date for the new park was given.


2016 - New Park - (9/5/16) ThemeparX has posted a ton of new pictures and video clips taken inside the new IMG Worlds of Adventure theme park in Dubai that you need to see. This includes a POV video of the Velociraptor coaster, the Power Puff Girls ride, the Predator Coaster and more.
    (8/25/16) A couple of video sneak peeks showing off the inside of IMG Worlds of Adventure, along with several of the park's attractions testing, can be found below.
More details on the lands, attractions and still photos can be found at TimeoutDubai.

    (8/15/16) According to this news report IMG Worlds of Adventure has delayed their grand opening from the previously announced August 15th date (today) to August 31st. The extra time is needed to finish fully preparing the park to open for guests.
    (5/19/16) According to this article, another new attraction to be included inside IMG Worlds of Adventure will be The Haunted Hotel, a spooky attraction to be located in the IMG Boulevard zone. It will be included along with the rest of the attractions when IMG Worlds of Adventure opens to guests on August 15th. I’m not sure if this is a ride or a walk-through attraction however, so if anyone knows for sure, please let me know.
    (4/26/16) The official website for IMG Worlds of Adventure has announced the opening date for their new indoor theme park at long last as August 15, 2016. The website now also features some details on the park's zones and attractions.

IMG Boulevard - The "welcome zone" of the entire park.
    Features restaurants and shops, but no attractions. Each of the three major themed lands (see below) also feature their own well themed shops and restaurant options as well.

The Marvel Zone will feature a number of comic themed rides like:
    Avengers Battle of Ultron - Unknown, but if I had to guess, this could be an impressive 3D dark ride style experience.
    Hulk Epsilon Base 3D - A 3D attraction in a done you watch on a 360 screen that surrounds you.
    Spider-Man Doc Ock's Revenge - Spinning Coaster
    Thor Thunder Spin - Looks like a Top Spin with water jets and effects
    Avengers Flight of the Quinjets - Guessing this is a Dumbo style spining family ride.

Lost Valley - A prehistoric lost world full of dinosaurs
    The Velociraptor - Launched Coaster that goes outside
    Forbidden Territory - Dark Ride w/ Dinos
    Predator - Unknown, but will feature inversions
    Dino Carousel
    Adventure Fortress - Play Fortress

Cartoon Network -
    Powerfull Girls - Mojo Jojo's Robot Rampage
    Ban 10 5D Hero Time
    Adventure Time - The Ride of 000 with Finn & Jake
    The Amazing Rode of Gumball

Novo Cinemas - An actual 12-screen multiplex theater, located next to the park entrance and accessible to the general public from the outside, as well as by park guests from the inside.
    (2/12/16) A great video showing off the construction of the Dubai Parks & Resorts project is embedded below that also shows off some footage shot inside IMG Worlds of Adventure at around the 4-minute mark.

One for thrill seekers. Two record breaking theme parks set to open soon in Dubai.

Posted by Today Tonight on Tuesday, February 9, 2016

    (1/5/16) IMG Worlds of Adventure is taking another step closer to opening this week, as they will be holding open auditions for actors, singers and performers for the park's various shows and entertainment options starting this week. Follow the link for more information if interested.
    (12/9/15) Several new pictures showing off the outside progress of IMG Worlds of Adventure have been posted to ThemeparX this week.
    (12/1/15) The local news goes over the progress being made at IMG Worlds of Adventure, with a look at the dinosaurs being installed inside the huge structure and mentions that the attraction has now officially confirmed that they wont be opening until some time in “early 2016” now, after pushing a 2015 opening date for the past year, back from the originally promised opening date of 2014.
    (9/17/15) A whole batch of new fun photos showing off the convoy of Dinosaurs for Lost Valley heading to IMG Worlds of Adventure, and driving around Dubai. See below.
    (9/14/15) Some fun new information came to light this week for IMG Worlds of Adventure as 69 robotic dinosaur animatronics are being delivered for the park's Lost Valley - Dinosaur Adventure. Guests will be transported to the prehistoric era where they can watch the dinosaurs, track down some and hear them roar. The park's Lost Valley area will also feature Velociraptor, a launched coaster experience that will shoot guests out at 100 kph through four inversions.  Right now IMG Worlds of Adventure is looking to open in the first half of 2016. A reader who dropped by sent in a great picture of the Lost Valley dinos in themed cages on the back of trucks being brought to the park with the Velociraptor coaster in the background.
    (5/19/15) Novo Cinemas, the largest theater chain in the Middle East has signed a deal with IMG Worlds of Adventure to open a new onsite multiplex theater.
    (5/4/15) I'm not quite sure how this fits into the existing structure, or if they will add it on to the outside, but IMG Worlds of Adventure says they are close to signing a deal to add a 12-screen multiplex theater to the under-construction amusement complex. If they go ahead with it, the movie theater will be accessible to both park guests as well as those on the outside who only want to see a movie and not visit the theme park.
    (4/14/15) An interesting Marvel attraction called Avengers: Battle of Ultron was confirmed as coming to IMG Worlds of Adventure when it opens at the Dubai Comic Con. According to a brief description posted Behind The Thrills the attraction will combine 3D visuals with "immersive and real sets" to showcase a battle between The Avengers and Ultron.
    (3/11/15) Several new photos from the outside of IMG Worlds of Adventure have been posted this week to ThemeparX. In the few places where the building is still kind of 'open', it does still look very dark and unfinished inside so far, but it is a BIG building, so there is really no telling what exactly is going on right now inside. At least there are still signs of progress and construction, but I'm still guessing we wont see this open until next year.
    (12/19/14) A couple of great new aerial images of the IMG Worlds of Advnture indoor theme park in Dubai have been posted to ThemeparX last week. Nice to things moving along on the outside, but I wonder just  how much progress has been made on the inside of this place so far.
    (10/24/14) Some great new pictures showing off the IMG Worlds of Adventure construction site have been posted to ThemeparX. Somehow I don’t think it will open by the end of the year as they kept saying… which is pretty much what I told everyone from the start. Look for this to open sometime in 2015.
    (8/21/14) ThemeparX has some new pictures of IMG Worlds of Adventure under construction, as well as a TV show screen capture where they spot a Spiderman themed Mack Spinning Coaster car that will be used for the park.
    (8/5/14) A new construction update from IMG Worlds of Adventure can be found at ThemeparX this week. Just scroll down to find the latest pictures. They also found a video as a PR person for the park discusses the attractions and layout of the park while showing off a model of the park, which I’ve embedded below.

    (6/13/14) Amazing pictures of the new coaster rising quickly in Dubai for IMG Worlds of Adventure can be found at ThemeparX.
    (5/23/14) What seems to look like Roller Coaster support pieces are now being set into place in Dubai at the IMG Worlds of Adventure site. Check out the latest pictures (unfortunately, taken at a distance) posted to ThemeparX.
    (5/9/14) Two new pictures posted to ThemeParx show the walls starting to go up on the giant building frame and what looks like red roller coaster track laying on the ground nearby.
    (5/1/14) New progress photos of IMG Worlds of Adventure can be found at ThemeParx. Unfortunately, it looks like all they have done so far is put up the massive steel framework for the huge building and have yet to start building the attractions that will be located inside.
    (1/30/14) The latest construction pictures of IMG Worlds of Adventure in Dubai can be found at ThemeparX this week as the massive steel framework for the huge building appears to be mostly in place.
    (1/28/14) According to GulfNews the opening of IMG Worlds of Adventure has been pushed back to mid-2014. Based on the pictures I’ve seen, honestly I will be surprised if it opens before the end of 2014 myself.
    (1/16/14) While very little is known so far about the attractions that will be offered inside the IMG Worlds of Adventure park, one of them has been discovered on the Dynamic Attractions portfolio of projects list called the Circumotion. The site describes it as a, “circular theatre with seats mounted on a massive motion base is patented by Falcon’s Tree House, and is in the final phase of fabrication, ready for installation in the UAE in 2014.”
   Falcon’s Treehouse is the design parter for the IMG Worlds of Adventure park and as luck would have it, several years ago they released several interesting pieces of concept art, one which featured Marvel’s Hulk character looking like he was rescuing a circular theater full of guests as part of an unknown attraction concept for this park. Coincidence?

    (10/22/13) New pictures showing off the massive framework of steel now in place for IMG Worlds of Adventure has been posted to ThemeparX. The scope of the project is getting to be quite stunning, as this mostly “indoor” park is going to be quite large after all.
    (10/3/13) According to this article about IMG Worlds of Adventure, the VP of Marketing mentions that they expect the indoor theme park to be ready to open in mid-2014. With only the steel frankwork for the structure current in place, I think that could be a little optimistic, but once they get the roof and walls up and can seal off the indoor environment from the outside world, the final installation of the attractions could take place very quickly. I’d hold off making any reservations until we see how fast they can button this thing up.
    (9/25/13) ThemeparX has new pictures of the IMG Worlds of Adventure building framework going up.
    (8/16/13) IMG Worlds of Adventure isn’t the first indoor park / attraction to open in Dubai… several years ago one attraction called Stargate did manage to open. While you can see pictures of Stargate Dubai and the various attractions over at TheThemeParkGuy, you can no longer visit. Stargate Dubai opened in 2009 and closed down in 2012. It is also worth noting that as far as I can tell, Stargate Dubai had absolutely nothing at all to do with the Stargate film that spawned the three popular Stargate TV series (SG1, SG-Atlantis and SG-Universe) either.
    (8/15/13) Progress is being made to the IMG Worlds of Adventure indoor theme park in Dubai as a huge dome shaped roof structure has gone up around the site which can be seen here. The latest construction timetable has this park now opening sometime in 2014 and mentions that there will be a large and fast roller coaster that travels mostly outside the building and a “5D cinema” attraction that will include both smell, wind and motion effects. A few more pictures of the structure have also been posted to ThemeParx.
    (6/27/13) ThemeparX reports that the roof for the IMG Worlds of Adventure indoor park attraction is now going up.
    (5/3/13) ThemeparX has a new update this week showing off a few pieces of concept art for the new Dinosaur zone of the IMG Theme Park as well as shots of the building under construction. So far it still looks like a bunch of footers in the ground and not much else. Lets hope they pick up the pace.
    (5/1/13) A third themed zone for the IMG Theme Park in Dubai has been confirmed as The Lost Valley, in a partnership between IMG Group and Falcon Treehouse. The Cartoon Network and Marvel themed zones have already been confirmed and they promise that the details for the 4th unknown zone will be announced very soon.
    The Lost Valley will feature animatronic dinosaurs and dinosaur themed rides, including a Velociraptor Launch Coaster.
    (4/9/13) Want to see the progress on the new Marvel indoor IMG attractio in Dubai?  Head on over to ThemeparX… a new theme park and attraction construction site from our friend The Theme Park Guy.
    (3/14/13) Disney & More takes a look at the various pieces of concept art from Falcon’s Treehouse showing off what kind of things we may find in the Marvel themed indoor park under construction in Dubai. The rendering show off a Marvel City concept, where the entire multi-level attraction would have been entirely Marvel themed (think DisneyQuest, but themed to Marvel) but this is no longer the case, as Marvel will simply be one themed of many inside this new IMG Theme Park project.  There will also be the just announced Cartoon Network Zone, and according to Disney & More there will also be a section with large dinosaur animatronics from Kokoro of Japan. (I wonder if this is what happened to all those dino-tronics Kokoro made in advance for Dubai’s never-built Restless Planet attraction.)
    (3/4/13) Considering that the project area just appears to have started construction not long ago, I’m surprised to read that the IMG Theme Park (the indoor park home to Marvel Adventure Zone) in Dubai is claiming they will open by this December. The same group has also signed a deal to bring a “Cartoon Network Zone” to the site as well that will feature attractions based on “The Amazing World of Gumball”, “Adventure Time”, “LazyTown” and a new 5D ride themed to “Ben 10”.
    (2/22/13) New construction pictures from the IMG Theme Park / Marvel Adventures site in Dubai reveal that work on “something” has indeed started on the large building. Check it out over ar TheThemeParkGuy Construction Board.
    (9/28/12) Falcon’s Treehouse has announced that they have reached an agreement with Ilyas & Mustafa Galadari Group (IMG Group) to offer themed entertainment design solutions at the upcoming indoor destination at the City of Arabia, Dubai.
    “Created by IMG Group, a premier development group in Dubai, this indoor destination will bring some of the world's best themed characters under one roof set to be realized under the creative guidance of Falcon's Treehouse.
    Providing Creative Guardian Services, including Media and Audio Production, Falcon's Treehouse will lend their storytelling and entertainment design expertise to IMG's indoor destination. This will include a fabulous selection of stories and characters from Marvel Entertainment, along with other world famous Intellectual Properties (IPs) and an incredible dinosaur IP created exclusively for IMG.” (Is the Dino themed Restless Planet attraction still alive? The dinos were said to have been built and kept in storage in Japan several years ago...)
    Falcon’s Treehouse worked on two new attractions for SeaWorld Parks in 2012: TurtleTrek 3D/360 (SeaWorld Orlando) and Manta (SeaWorld San Diego). You can find their official website here.
    (7/2/12) The Theme Park Guy has posted new pictures on the forum of the location for the Marvel Adventure park location in Dubai, which still looks to be in an abandoned state. The thought that this could be up and running by late 2013 just doesn’t seem possible right now.
    According to our sources, the planning of this Marvel project, who’s agreement pre-dates Disney’s purchase of Marvel, is the product a company called Rethink Attractions who I really don’t think I’ve heard of before. According to the rumor mill the park has a number of good sounding attractions on the design books… though we’ll have to wait and see just what gets built in the end. The list of attractions is said to include some kind of 3D theater attraction themed to The Avengers, a high end 4D Dark Ride experience and more. According to an article at NewsParcs, IMG, the developers behind the City of Arabia project have ordered a launched Blue Fire style roller coaster from Mack as well. I’m not sure if this is for the Marvel park or just something they are going to stick into the retail area of the mall independent of the Marvel attraction.
    According to other sources, Disney isn’t said to be too happy about this project. As the agreement pre-dates their purchase of Marvel and they are planning to eventually bring back control of all the Marvel properties when available. It’s safe to say that Disney was simply hoping this idea was just another Dubai project that would turn out to be vaporware.
    (6/27/12) According to this news report a small indoor “Marvel Adventure” family entertainment center will be built in Dubai and is expected to open by the end of 2013. Marvel Adventure will take up a 1.2 million sqft facility inside the City of Arabia development. I hope to find out a bit more about what’s expected to go inside in the near future. 



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