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Monticello, Indiana
(Abbreviation: IB)



icon_STOPPark News - (4/10/14) Indiana Beach has reported on their Facebook page that the park will be opening for the 2014 season a little later than normal on May 23rd, due to the harsh winter that not only cut back on the time needed to prepare the park for the season, but has also resulted in an extended school session in the region. However, the park will also extend the season with more operating dates, and has either added new operational dates, or extended hours for the week of August 11-15, as well as Sept. 6, bringing a total of 94 operating days to the 2014 schedule. 
    (2/2/14) Indiana Beach is full of shocks lately… but this one isn’t the good kind. The park announced on their Facebook page that after 42 years they have decided to retire the park’s Galaxi coaster which will be removed to make way for the new family rides: Baby Baron, Growler, Dragon Wagon and Rockin’ Tug.
    As sad as this may be, the park did make note that “a new thrill” is coming in 2015, as well as more surprises on the way for 2014 as well.
    (12/23/13) I really haven’t heard any doom and gloom rumors myself so far this year, but according to the local news, there are rumors suggesting that Indiana Beach might not open for the 2014 season. Of course park management says it simply isn’t true and they are even preparing to announce some new expansion plans very soon. The article is an interesting read with comments from many in the community who express concern over the current ownership of the park by Morgan, including mentions that other Morgan properties elsewhere have been sold off or fallen into foreclosure. Maybe it may be best for everyone if Morgan’s were to try to sell off the theme park to an owner with experience in the amusement park biz, and use the money to save Morgan’s primary business efforts. After all, when they brag about having spent $15 million on “improvements” at Indiana Beach over the last 5 years, it seems clear to me they don’t understand the kind of constant level of capital investment and reinvention that a successful amusement park requires each and every year, in addition to the millions required just to maintain your property. There is a big difference in running an amusement park and an RV park… unfortunately it seems that the current management has laid off or fired everyone who was once on the payroll who understood that.
    (11/14/13) Sad news for Indiana Beach, the man responsible for transforming Indiana Beach into the park it is today, Tom Spackman, died early Monday morning in Monticello at the age of 100.
    (5/31/13) While Indiana Beach is said to be trying to restore the park’s former glory, a trip report from one reader says that they still have some issues to work out after a visit on Memorial Day turned out to be less than ideal.
    “The place was filthy and 1/2 of the rides were not operational. While the swings were back where they belong, Falling Star was fallen and looked pathetic. Cornball wasn't working - but at least a couple workers were attending to the train. Galaxi's train was sitting on the lift hill with not a hint of anything going on. Hoosier Hurricane was up about 1/2 the time we were there - we were lucky to get a ride on it. Tig'rr and Steel Hawg were both running fine. Superstition Mountain was down - and like Galaxi, nothing going on to get it up and running for the day.
    New paint? Didn't see any - rails and supports looked bad and in desperate need of refurbishment. The restrooms only seemed to have 1/2 the features working in them, and they smelled worse than the worst truck stop bathroom you've ever visited. I won't even get started on the flat rides that were running.
    The staff was the only bright spot in the park - but even then, they seemed depressed with the conditions. My favorite comment was when we were leaving, we were thanked for being "polite" by the guy thanking us for our visit - I think that speaks volumes for what guests think of the place.”

    Now I’m sure no one expected the park to be completely turned around overnight, but now that we’ve seen where this are right now, lets see if they can take this report as a sort of punch list of items that guests notice and address them as soon as possible.


icon_STOP2014 - SEVEN Four New Rides - Confirmed - (4/9/14) Good news for Indiana Beach as the park has now announced three MORE new attractions coming for the park’s 88th season, for a total of 7 new attractions this year. The new rides will be Viper (unknown a thrill ride), Grand Carousel and the cute looking Pumpkin Ferris Wheel.
    (1/21/14) Good news for Indiana Beach, as the park has announced that they will add four new rides to the park this season. I don’t know if these are ‘park models’ that have been purchased for good, or if Indiana Beach is simply renting a few portable rides for the summer but the new line up includes: Dragon Wagon (carnival style kiddie coaster), Growler (looks like a Wisdom Tornado), Baby Baron (Kiddie Red Baron ride) and Rock N Tug (Zamperla Rockin’ Tug).


2015 - New Thrill Ride - Unknown - (2/2/14) The park mentioned that “a new thrill” was in development for the 2015 as a replacement for the Galaxi coaster.



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Indiana Beach
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Abbreviation: IB

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