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Park News - (8/8/18) While I'm not sure what happened, the local media filed a report about Kennywood confirming that the Thomas train ride is still closed due to the previous issues and that new "stoppages" took place on the Phantom's Revenge and Thunderbolt this week. I heard the Phantom one was just a train stopping on the lift hill, which isn't a big deal and just the ride's safety system working normally as it should, but I've no idea what happened on Thunderbolt.
    According to the report, the issues with the Thomas train ride have the park making some adjustments to the rails on the track in locations where the train has been having issues navigating tight turns. Once the adjustments are complete, tested and re-inspected, the attraction will be able to reopen.


2018 - Thomas Town - (6/29/18) According to the local news the new Thomas Town attraction coming to Kennywood will not be ready to open until July 27th.
    (6/21/18) A new video showing off some construction progress inside Kennywood's new Thomas Town area can be found below.

    (6/20/18) The local news posted a video from the hard-hat construction tour of the new Thomas Town area finishing up construction at Kennywood. Check it out.
    (3/1/18) An article along with about 15 pictures showing off concept artwork as well as photos from Kennywood, have been posted to USAToday showing off where the new Thomas Town will be and how it will look. According to the article the park managed to create about an acre of free space next to the existing Auto Race ride for Thomas Town. As expected, the Olde Kennywood RR will be repurposed and given a Thomas theme.
    (2/7/18) Kennywood has confirmed the news just a couple hours ago... Thomas Town is coming to the park for 2018. You can see the official website here.
    (2/6/18) Apparently a little something leaked out of Kennywood over the weekend... and was then quickly removed or locked away, but the gist of it was that the new kiddie area that Parque Reunidos mentioned was on the way for 2018 will be a Thomas Town, themed after Thomas the Tank Engine. Fortunately Google remembers all and a cache-memory version was captured, which you can see, lists the rides featured here as: Olde Kennywood Railroad, Cranky's Drop Tower, Harold's Helicopters, Fireflighting Flynn and The Convoy, along with a Discover Thomas show, Sodor Play Zone & Gift Shop and a Thomas Town Party Pavilion.
    They list this as an $8.5 million expansion that guests will enter near the Pagoda Restaurant and centered around the "park's 85-year-old train area."
    (12/31/17) A few pictures on Facebook from Kennywood show off a few trees marked with ribbons. Not sure if they are marked for possible removal or some other issues, or if this could be a sign of the possible location for whatever new "kids area" addition is being planned for 2018.
    (12/8/17) According to this news article, Kennywood is adding a new $7 million kids area to the park for the 2018 season. The figure was listed as a breakdown of a 55 million Euro capital spending plan chain-wide from owner, Parque Reunidos. No further details about the Kennywood project were given however.




icon_STOP2019 - Steelers Country / The Steel Curtain - (3/19/19) A reader passed by Kennywood and grabbed a couple of quick photos where you can now see that the new Steel Curtain coaster has installed the highest piece of track at the top of the lift hill. Congrats to the Kennywood team for topping it off what is looking to be a fantastic looking new coaster!
    You can also see a video posted by the park showing the top piece being lifted into place below.

    (2/7/19) A new construction update from Kennywood shows off a great look at the progress being made on Steel Curtain so far, where a lot of the lower level track has been installed while the ride’s very tall support structure is still being lifted into place. The ‘bridge’ looking track section over the water is especially stunning to see.
    (1/16/19) A new construction report from Kennywood showing off the latest progress on The Steel Curtain coaster can be found here.
    (12/17/18) A few more new pictures of Steel Curtain construction have been added here, showing off the first track sections we can see being installed to the structure from outside the park. Meanwhile Kennywood posted some pictures from the inside to Twitter the other day as they were installing the track for the final inversion.
    Meanwhile some more details about Steelers Country were discussed in an update to Coaster101, including the kinds of experiences guests get to have inside beyond just the coaster. One is called the Two Minute Drill and essentially they tried to recreate the Top Golf experience, but with Footballs embedded with RFID chips. Each guest inside will also be given a wristband that will help track their experience and the points they earn at the various games.

    (12/15/18) Coaster Studios was given a tour over at Intermountain Lift in Utah to see the track being created for Steel Curtain at Kennywood. Intermountain Lift is an interesting company who has been involved with the creation of amusement rides for years, and has been responsible for the manufacturing of much of the track, towers and other custom structures for companies like S&S, Setpoint, Premier Rides and even Chance over the years.

    (12/10/18) A nice construction photo update from Kennywood seen here shows off the progress on the new Steel Curtain coaster. From the look of things the crews have been mainly focused in putting together the ride’s impressive and thick support structure first, which appears to be poking up around 100 feet in the air… just under half the ride’s total height of 220 feet. Once finished the impressive structure is really going to change the park’s skyline for sure.
    (11/14/18) Kennywood revealed the first look at the Steelers themed coaster cars for The Steel Curtain on Twitter a bit ago. The details are great… with the front of the train featuring numbers like you would see on a player’s jersey, and seats the same color as a football, complete with white laces that go just behind your head. Then there is the official Steelers logo on the side and the photos also confirm that the trains will use a lap-bar only restraint design.
    Elsewhere you can also find a new animation of the coaster itself in action, giving an off-ride unedited look at the whole experience, as opposed to the heavily edited and stylized original video.

    (11/12/18) Steel Curtain is going up at last, with several of the huge yellow support beams now lifted into place.

    (9/17/18) Current construction pictures of The Steel Curtain site at Kennywood can be found on Instagram showing off a look at the site, and a look at some of the track pieces on site here and here.
    (8/3/18) Track for Kennywood's new Steel Curtain caoster has been spotted at the park.














    (7/20/18) Kennywood made their 2019 announcement a few hours ago and it was safe to say that I think it was pretty much a surprise to everyone. Taking the place of the former log flume ride will be an entire new themed area called Steelers Country, themed after the local NFL Football team, the Pittsburgh Steelers. The football tailgate party themed area will feature a number new additions including the End Zone Cafe & Tailgate Patio, a Steelers Experience indoor training facility that will put you on the field for some drills, plus a Terrible Tower interactive exhibit. There will also be a number of football themed midway games... but at the heart of it all, looming high over everything, will be The Steel Curtain!
    The Steel Curtain is the name of a massive new 220 foot coaster from S&S Worldwide that will feature 4000 feet of track and a North American record-breaking 9 inversions. The 24 passenger trains will climb the 50º lift hill 220 feet into the air and roll right into the first inversion (which looks similar to how Drachen Fire started at Busch Gardens Williamsburg) before taking a dive to the ground at 75mph. The Steel Curtain features a truly unique layout unlike anything I've seen  before as well as two more records: Tallest Roller Coaster in the PA and the Tallest Inversion in the world at 197 feet.

    (5/18/18) I've mentioned this on social media, but what appear to be footers for a new ride have appeared near the former log flume ride in the lagoon which was drained. A reader sent in a photo taken last week showing off some of it. Looks like the 2019 project may be even bigger than we expected.
    (12/1/17) While I haven't heard much of anything about this project in quite some time, we did get one rumor sent in claiming that RMC was no longer in the running for the park's next big coaster, which was now looking to possibly be a new impressive steel coaster project instead. If this latest info is legit, look for the new coaster to possibly open for the 2019 season.


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