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icon_STOPPark News - (11/27/21) Kennywood has now confirmed that not only will the park’s Kangaroo ride return, that it will return after getting a refurbishment from Premier Rides who will also enhance the ride experience with a modern LED lighting package, new colors and a “state o the art operating system”. After a brief vote on social media, it was also revealed that the Kangaroo will return with a return of the “Vintage” theme, color and decor. (white & blue) instead of the mostly orange “Classic” version.

    (11/18/21) So what’s going on at Kennywood? The park posted a cryptic teaser with the text “11.19.21” and ‘You Don’t Want To Miss This” with lines that look very ‘coaster-ish’ to me in the background. Sounds like Kennywood may have something to announce on Friday regarding the 2022 season.

    (10/16/21) The repainting of the Phantom’s Revenge at Kennywood has begun. Painters on the ground and using large cranes are hard at work changing the old green track to the new “Petrifying Purple” color.

    (10/13/21) While Kennywood retired four rides at the end of the 2000 season (Bayern Kurve, Paratrooper, Volcano and Kangaroo), we’ve heard a quiet rumor suggesting that there is a slight chance that the Kangaroo could possibly be return in the future. If it does however, look for some changes to be made to the restraint system. From the sound of things, possible changes to the restraint system would tighten the grip on the riders, and very likely make it so larger riders would likely no longer fit. Stay tuned!
    (9/18/21) Kennywood has announced the winner of the online contest to pick the new color for Phantom’s Revenge. After nearly 10,000 votes were cast, the winner was very clear, and Phantom’s Revenge will be repainted Petrifying Purple over the winter offseason.

    (9/11/21) Bad news Kennywood fans… the park has released a statement confirming that Steel Curtain is now down for the rest of the season to conduct some needed repairs. “Our park team will be working closely with the ride’s manufacturer to ensure a roaring return next spring.”
    (9/7/21) Kennywood has caught wind that we’ve found the paint test for Phantom’s Revenge and has now confirmed that the coaster will get repainted for the 2022 season, keeping the black support color. However the track itself will be painted either the new Teal or Purple color. The park is now asking guests to vote for their favorite color between now and the end of Sept. 8th.
    So what would you rather see? Petrifying Purple and Terrifying Teal?
    (9/5/21) One of our readers made an interesting find while visiting Kennywood yesterday. The park has put test color patterns on a small section of the track of Phantom’s Revenge. This is likely ahead of an impending repaint of the entire coaster and they are using this to have a look at how certain new colors might look on the rails. While it appears that the supports will remain black, they appear to be testing a nice deep blue, teal and purple colors as a replacement for the faded light green track. Other than the new deep blue, the teal and purple choices seem to be inspired by the colors used on the Phantom’s trains.

    (8/30/21) According to a local report, Halloween festivities will return to Kennywood this year, but under a new name: Phantom Fall Fest. The new event will feature a “Play all Day, Fright at Night” schedule for weekends in October, plus a few Friday evenings, offering regular family friendly fun all day, and after hours scares for those who wish to stay. On the “fright” side of things, the park will feature five haunted houses and four scare zones after dark.

    (8/19/21) Anyone want a slightly used lead car from Kennywood’s Phantom’s Revenge roller coaster? One is currently listed in an Ebay where all the proceeds will go to Give Kids The World. Current bidding is up to $3,150.00 as of this writing.


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