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Kings Dominion
Doswell, VA
Cedar Fair Entertainment



icon_STOPPark News - (8/17/16) Kings Dominion has released the details about this year's Halloween Haunt at last, confirming two new haunts coming to the park this year: Blackout and Trick-or-Treat. To make way the event has retired two haunts: Slaughterhouse and Club Blood.
    Blackout is behind Juke Box Diner and as the name implies, it will be a very dark house, taking you back to the days when you worried about what lurked in the dark in your house, under your bed, or just around the corner.
    Trick-or-Treat will go near the Drop Tower and Arcade, and takes you into the world of fairy tales, where the displaced wicked witches have been planning a return to power.
    (7/7/16) If you've never been to Kings Dominion, you might enjoy the latest video from In The Loop showing off all the park's current coasters. Follow the link and check it out.
    (6/8/16) (Updated) Kings Dominion and Carowinds are swapping some management positions this month. Carowinds VP & GM, Brad Marcy, has moved out of Carowinds already (after just joining in 2015) to take on a new position at the Cedar Fair corporate office.
    Pat Jones, VP and GM of Kings Dominion will be relocating to the Charlotte area to take over as the new VP and GM of Carowinds.
    Meanwhile, Carowind's Gary Chadwick (VP of Food & Retail Ops) will be heading to Kings Dominion to serve as that park's new VP and GM, which is actually a homecoming of sorts for him as he started his theme park career at Kings Dominion back in 1999, traveling from England to take part in the park's first season of hosting international students to work at the park.
    (3/23/16) So why is Hurler closed? According to several sources, including a post at KDFans, the park's PR & Communications Manager, Katelyn Sherwood, confirmed that Hurler would reopen in 2017 after an extensive renovation. No more details have been mentioned, and while there are those already shouting for RMC to come in and take a crack at it, I have a feeling that GCI will be coming in over the summer to work on it once their crew is finished with GhostRider in California.
    Why do I say this? In addition to the fact that Cedar Fair has yet to tap RMC for anything yet, GCI already has some extensive history with Hurler... kinda. You see, for the past couple of years GCI has had crews reworking Hurler's clone at Carowinds with much success. It may simply be time to take what they've learned in the Carolinas and apply it to the KD sibling.
    (3/21/16) The new park map for Kings Dominion shows something unexpected this season... that their wooden coaster, Hurler, will be closed for the entire 2016 season. Quite strange and unexpected... anyone know more about what is going on to cause this?


2016 - Delirium - (3/21/16) Kings Dominion held a media day for the new Delirium attraction and KDFans has posted their report on the park's newest attraction.
    (2/24/16) Kings Dominion has posted a construction update for their new Delirium ride this week, showing how the 100,000 pound motor was lifted into place.
    (2/5/16) The parts and pieces for Delirium are on site at Kings Dominion, just waiting to be set up. The park posted some pictures of them on their official Blog.
    (8/25/15) I'm told that instead of being a Huss Super Frisbee, the new Delirium ride going into Kings Dominion is expected to be the similar Mondial Revolution ride.
    (8/21/15) Kings Dominion confirmed plans to add Delirium to Candy Apple Grove in 2016. Delirium will be a 40-passenger swinging pendulum style ride that will rock guests 115 feet into the air at an arc angle of 120


icon_STOP2017 - Planet Snoopy Expansion - (8/22/16)


Kings Dominion made their big 2017 new attraction announcement on Saturday morning in front of a large audience... only to disappoint those in attendance who were hopeing for a big new coaster or details about what was going on with the park's Hurler coaster which has been closed all year... or perhaps to even announce a WinterFest event like what Carowinds and Kings Island were getting... but it was not to be.
    Instead the big reveal was for an expansion to the park's Planet Snoopy kiddie area, with the addition of three new rides, a new event space and upgrades to the local food and beverage options. The new rides will be the Kite Eating Tree (bounce tower), Sally's Sea Plane and a Peanuts 5000 (kiddie whip) ride.


icon_STOP2018 - New Coaster - Rumor - (8/25/16) So while many were disappointed by the announcement of a Planet Snoopy expansion in 2017, there is one upside to this news. Typically when a park spends very little on new capital in one year, they are saving up to spend quite a bit more the following year on a major new project, such as a giant roller coaster. With that in mind, what could be coming to Kings Dominion in 2018?
    The rumor mill is already busy whispering the rumors, with the main concept said to be in development right now possibly being B&M's first Launched Flying Coaster. This would also be the first B&M coaster developed directly for Kings Dominion as well as Busch Gardens Williamsburg always seemed to get them first in the past, but they haven't bought a B&M since Griffon back in 2007. Oh, and don't count Dominator... it was built for Six Flags Ohio and moved to KD when that park closed.
    So with BGW not having purchased a new coaster from B&M in 10 years it looks like any exclusivity contract for the local market that they might have had will come to an end in time for KD to get a B&M in 2018. Now I'm not sure how well a launch might feel on a Flying coaster, but I'm curious to see how it works out if the rumor holds true.



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