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Park News - (2/21/14) KDFans has posted the 2014 list of in park entertainment offerings at Kings Dominion.
    (1/30/14) KDFanssite has interesting news to share this week for Kings Dominion as well as Cedar Point. After a little field trip to the permit office they have discovered plans to expand the park’s Camp Wilderness area by adding 32 new cabins as well as upgrade the RV sites. The funny thing is that an extra page for Cedar Point was accidentally filed in with the Kings Dominion paperwork showing off an image of a cabin that is part of a 2014 expansion coming to Cedar Point’s Lighthouse Point.
    (1/20/14) According to KDFans, Kings Dominion will host a special coaster enthusiast family and friends event at the park to help celebrate their 40th Anniversary on Saturday, May 10th. Follow the link to see the latest details about what is taking place and how you can attend.


2014 - 40th Celebration - (4/22/14) Get ready for a flashback from the past of Kings Dominion, as we were sent a video clip showing off the reborn Singing Mushrooms (and Frog) now back at Kings Dominion for the park’s 40th Anniversary.

    (4/16/14) A great photo collection showing off much of what’s new at Kings Dominion this season can be found at KDFans.
    (4/9/14) An opening day report from Kings Dominion can be found over at KDFans this week that shows off the new Fountains and Floats restaurant, Rebel Yell’s new lights and much more. Meanwhile a second prior update shot at a preview event at the park on March 30th shows off a lot more of the park’s other new iconic updates, including the Singing Mushrooms and Floral Clock.
    (3/18/14) I’m told that Kings Dominion will rename the Triple Spin ride to Bad Apple, as it is part of the returning Candy Apple Grove area.
    (3/17/14) Another update about the 40th Annviersary of Kings Dominion was posted to KDFans this weekend, where they also confirmed that the missing water wheel would return to the Shenandoah Lumber Company.
    (3/12/14) KDFansite takes a look around Kings Dominion this week and shows off the latest progress on the park’s many 40th Anniversary projects.
    (3/6/14) KDFans has posted a new construction update from Kings Dominion as they finish up preparations for the big 40th Anniversary event.
    (2/12/14) Various improvements coming to Kings Dominion for the 40th Anniversary have been posted to, along with more teasers about what kind of improvements will be made to Volcano: The Blast Coaster this season to improve the ride’s capacity.
    (2/2/14) Kings Dominion released a few fun pictures of the park covered in snow over the past week which were reposted to KDFans, with notes about all the various construction updates going on in the backgrounds of these images. Check it out.
    (12/31/13) KDFans has put together a little recap of surprises on the way to Kings Dominion in 2014, as announced during a 12 days of Christmas social media promotion. Some things we have known about for awhile… others, like unlimited admission to Dinosaurs Alive for Gold and Platinum Passholders is a new and welcome surprise. Other surprises include Blue Ice Cream, Anaconda repaint, Volcano: The Blast Coaster improvements and much more.
    (12/11/13) The latest update to KDFans shows off a look of a few more items returning to Kings Dominion for the big 40th Anniversary celebration including the floral clock, digital designs of the singing mushrooms as well as a look at the in-progress piano playing frog, work on repairing one of the returning Candy Apples and more.
   I’ve aso been told that we’ll see some interesting park entertainment acts from the past returning such as the Clown Band.
    (12/9/13) Enjoy a great flashback moment with Kings Dominion as they look back to the park’s old Lion Country Safari attraction and prepare to create an updated Safari Village area for the 2014 season. Former park GM Dennis Speigel shares some great stories about memories and mishaps in the park’s old Safari section.

    (11/14/13) One of our readers suggests that the blurry teaser image from Kings Dominion may actually be a scene of the singing mushrooms and piano playing frog that used to sit outside one of the park’s skyride stations. This certainly would be one of the more highly requested items on any Kings Dominion fan’s list of things they want from the 40th. What do you think? - Update: The latest teaser seems to confirm this as well, and clearly shows off what seems to be the frog piano player on Facebook.
    (11/13/13) Kings Dominion is going to make a big surprise announcement for their 40th event on Thursday, but has released a teaser image on Twitter a few hours ago. I’m not sure what it is… kind of looks like a blurry dog picture… but that doesn’t make any sense, does it?
    (9/13/13) Kings Dominion will celebrate 40 Years of family fun, thrills and memories in 2014 with a season long once in a lifetime event that will include many surprises, the return of classic park icons, and all new memories. While Kings Dominion actually opened in 1975, the park property opened one year prior in 1974 as Lion Country Safari.
    The central piece of the celebration will be the introduction of ‘Ruby”, a custom painted 40th Celebration horse that will be added to the park’s historic Carousel. Other icons returning to the park in 2014 will include the park’s classic “Blue Ice Cream”, a restoration of the International Street fountain with a new LED lighting package and other improvements (wink, wink), the return of the Candy Apple Grove midway and the return of the Safari Village. Safari Village is currently known as the Congo area of the park, but next year we will see new exciting improvements made to Volcano: The Blast Coaster and Anaconda.


icon_STOP2015 - WaterWorks Expansion - Confirmed - (8/25/14) Kings Dominion has confirmed that for the 2015 they will be building a “Bigger and Wetter” WaterWorks that will include new slides and a splash zone and more cabana accommodations and amenities.





    The biggest deal will be a new 65 foot tall slide complex tower that will feature three new attractions: Paradise Plunge, Aqua Blast and Thunder Falls. Paradise Plunge consists of three drop-pods at the very top of the tower that will send sliders down a near vertical drop and then into a series of high speed twists, turns and drops in a translucent flume. Aqua Blast will send sliders into an enclosed dark tube through four intense 360 spins across 449 foot of slide before you are dropped into the splashdown pool. Thunder Falls will load riders onto single or double tubes and send down an adventure that will end with a series of intense drops.
    Also new is Splash Island, a new water play area for the younger visitors and their parents which will double the size of the children’s options in WaterWorks. Elsewhere you will find new restrooms, upgraded bath houses and even more pool-side cabanas added to the waterpark. As always, admission into WaterWorks is included for free with general admission to Kings Dominion.
    (8/1/14) A couple more pictures from Kings Dominion have been added, showing off more blue flags in the woods and a stake in the ground that says Bore Hole #2. These are said to be in the area of Tidal Wave Bay.
    (7/30/14) A reader has sent in a few pictures of survey markers at Kings Dominion for the expected 2015 attraction project. There are makings on the ground and blue flags going off into the woods. They also reported seeing survey workers while riding Rebel Yell, in the area between Rebel Yell’s first drop and Tidal Wave Bay. Meanwhile, that suspicious WaterWorks logo with a Soak City hidden behind it has now been taken down from the website.
    (7/24/14) A reader pointed out an interesting find on the Kings Dominion website. If you look closely at the Waterworks logo used on one of the main waterpark page slides, you can see it has been placed over the top of a SOAK CITY logo. The “SO” can be clearly seen sticking out on the lower left side, and the round top and wave graphic is sticking out the top half of the logo from behind the Waterworks logo. Is this a subtle hint that Waterworks will be renamed as “Soak City” in 2015? 
    While we’re on the subject, a trusted source tells us that they were able to confirm survey markings in the backstage area south of the Wavepool. There is talk of adding a large multi-lane Mat Racer slide of some kind as part of the 2015 project. I don’t know if that will be the primary new attraction, or just one of two or three new things at this point. Stay tuned!
    (7/22/14) Screamscape sources tell us that land-surveying work has been spotted taking place at Kings Dominion out in the waterpark, between Tidal Wave Bay and Pipeline Peak and on the Shoot the Curl site. Shoot the Curl is expected to be removed at the end of the season. If true, it looks like source’s nod about a Water Work expansion for 2015 may hold true.



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