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Cedar Fair Entertainment




Ride Rehabs - The following information is not guaranteed to be 100% accurate.
Calico Railroad - NOW CLOSED through Feb. 24
Montezooma’s Revenge - NOW CLOSED through Feb. 24
Bigfoot Rapids - NOW CLOSED through Apr. 7
Sky Cabin - NOW CLOSED through ????

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Knotts-Komen_2017_logoicon_STOPPark News - (2/20/17) During the Cedar Fair conference call I believe the name of that new "untethered" Free-Roaming VR experience previously announced for Knott's Berry Farm came up. During the call they referred to a new VR experience coming to the park this year as being called "Showdown at Ghost Town". So now we have a theme at least to attach to the project.
    (2/16/17) From now through March 5th, Supreme Scream, towering over 312 feet in the air, will be lit pink and glow for miles in honor of the Knott’s for the Cure program.  During the evening, starting – Tuesday, February 14th, Supreme Scream along with the famous Calico Mine Ride, will glow pink in support of the Knott’s Berry Farm and Susan G. Komen Orange County partnership and will continue to shine across the Buena Park skyline each night for the duration of the promotion.
    Additionally in support of the Knott’s for the Cure program, onWednesday, February 22, 2017, Knott’s Berry Farm and Susan G. Komen Orange County will provide complimentary life-saving breast exams and mammograms to underserved and underinsured women and men via the Knott’s sponsored Alinea mobile mammography van, which returns this year to continue providing health screenings for women in the community. The mammography van will be stationed at the Knott’s Berry Farm South Lot from 9:00am to 3:00pm.
    Now through March 5th guests can support the Knott's for the Cure campaign by purchasing 2017 Season Passes of Day Use "Pink Tickets" at and a portion of the proceeds will benefit Komen Orange County. Special "Pink" T-shirts are also available for purchase online and in the park to help the cause as well.
    (2/13/17) Remember that auction we mentioned Knott's was planning on having soon?  The date has been set for March 31st, and will be handled by "Heritage Auctions" to handle the over 200 items the park will put on the block, including some of the old retired figures from the dark rides as well as several Halloween Haunt items. The complete list of items is not yet ready for display, but apparently all the items will be put on preview a week prior to the auction. Search for the details as the auction date gets closer. In the meantime you can get a preview of SOME of the items that will be put on auction in a video posted by the local ABC station.
    In other news the repainting of Montezooma's Revenge has been going strong for the past week, but instead of returning the entire ride to the original yellow like we first thought, the final coat of paint on the loop is turning Monty into a bright shade of orange, while as seen before, the spike is still bright yellow. You can catch a peek in the latest photo update posted to CaliforniaCoasterKings.
    (2/6/17) An interesting new development just started at Knott's Berry Farm this week, as seen in photos from CaliforniaCoasterKings, Montezooma's Revenge is painted, and appears to possibly be going back to the original all yellow color it was when it opened. Or at least mostly yellow, but possibly with green rails... we'll have to wait and see. The exciting thing is that this would seem to indicate that the park has decided that Montezooma's Revenge will be staying, as they would be unlikely to waste money repainting it if they still intended to remove it in the next year or two.
    In other news the update also mentions that GhostRider has reopened again from the latest off-season rehab, but now Timber Mountain Log Ride is now closed though Feb 10 and Monte expected to be closed through to the 24th.
    (2/1/17) Knott's Berry Farm has announced that they will open a new VR based attraction this summer. This will be a new upcharge experience attraction, built in association with VRstudios, and is promoted as being the "First Permanent Free-Roaming VR Installation at a North American Theme Park". The expectation is that this new "untethered" VR experience will truly be a one-of-a-kind experience. We hope to find out more soon.
    While they don't say anything more, I'd expect that if this is successful at Knott's, it wont be long before it starts to roll out to other theme parks in the Cedar Fair chain.
    Note: While I wasn't able to try out the VR upcharge experience that was offered to guests at Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando part-way through the seasonal event in 2016, it too was created under a partnership with VRstudios.
    (1/8/17) According to the local news Knott's Berry Farm will auction off old animatronics and some major pieces of memorabilia in March. The article mentions a few unique items of note such as vehicles like a Model T Ford, a Snoopy roadsters and two hearses previously used for the Haunt as being part of the big auction that will feature over 200 different items. Other items include animatronic bears from the old Knott's Beary Tales dark ride, retired figures from the Log Ride and Calico Mine Train, old ride signs (Haunted Shack anyone?) and much more. A detailed list of the items and final details are expected to be released sometime in late February.
    (12/31/16) Knott's Berry Farm was over the news yesterday when approximately 20 guests and an employee became trapped on the park's Sky Cabin attraction around 2pm. The ride came to a stop by itself in mid-cycle, with the cabin stranded around 120 feet in the air. Maintenance teams worked for hours to try and lower the cabin back to the ground, but after a few unsuccessful attempts the park called in the Orange Country rescue crews to come in. Rescue workers removed the riders from the cabin, one at a time, being lowered by cables and harnesses, with each rider strapped to a rescue worker while being brought down to the ground. Everyone was down, safe and unharmed by 9:54pm according to a statement released by Knott's Berry Farm.
    Until the park is able to determine why the Sky Cabin attraction came to a stop and refused their best efforts to lower it back to the ground, the attraction will remain closed.
    (12/10/16) Is Boomerang staying for now and Monty planned to get the axe?  No one seems to know for sure, though the latest rumor sent to me claims that while the new expanded restaurant will take up all of the old Wipeout ride location, the rumor is the ride will be saved and possibly reinstalled where Riptide used to be, next to Boomerang. If true, and the Boomerang and Riptide locations are not to be combined for a new future expansion, then it is looking like the park's best location to build a new large coaster in the future would be to remove Montazooma's Revenge and some of the other nearby
Camp Snoopy attractions.
    Unfortunately with a park as land-locked and packed together as Knott's is, the opportunity to add in anything sizable will come with the loss of something else. That's just the nature of the theme park biz... nothing can stay forever, as they are ever changing and evolving places.







icon_STOP2017 - Sol Spin and More - (1/26/17) A reader visiting Knott's this week sent in a couple of pictures showing off the Sol Spin construction site as well as a look at the former Wipeout site which has now been cleared for the Boardwalk Barbecue restaurant.
    (11/2/16) Knott's Berry Farm surprised everyone today with the announcement of a new ride coming to the park for 2017. They call it Sol Spin, and it is a big one... a Mondial Top Scan flat ride which is one of the most intense flat rides that I've ever ridden before, coming to Fiesta Village in or near the location where Windseeker was previously located. Look for Sol Spin to open in Spring 2017.
    The park also announced that the popular Boysenberry Festival will be extended in 2017 to run for 23 days, and the interactive Ghost Town Alive program will also return over the summer, packed with all new characters and more twists and turns to the storylines as they evolve over the summer making for a different adventure each time to visit. In the Boardwalk area the park will also add introduce everyone to the newly updated "Boardwalk Barbecue" restaurant, which will offer smoked pork ribs, tri-tip, rotisserie chicken and a wide collection of craft beers. A new covered seating area is being added along with a stage for live entertainment.
    On a side  note, I'm told that the park's Wipeout flat ride (A Chance Trabant) is now no longer listed on the website. Given the location in the Boardwalk area, it may be removed for the Boardwalk Barbecue expansion as it was located next door, or possibly relocated. Anyone know more?


2017 - Soak City Expansion - Announced - (8/18/16) As we saw leaked earlier this summer, Knott's has confirmed that Soak City will be expanded in 2017 with two new slide towers.
    Shore Break will stand over 7-stories tall and offer six different slide experiences, four of which will begin with a dramatic vertical trap-door drop from an AquaPod. The other two slides will be tube slides that end with some large drops to the pool below.
    The Wedge is the other new addition, which is taking the place of the soon to be removed Pacific Spin. The Wedge will use large family rafts, able to hold up to six riders, and will feature twists, turns and surprise drops.
    Other new additions will include new shade areas, new cabanas and a remodel to the Longboard's Grill.
    (6/30/16) An assortment of images were sent in to Screamscape showing off the planned expansion of Knott's Soak City waterpark in 2017. According to the layout you can see that a new slide tower featuring four drop pod slides and two tube slides will go into a space that is currently used for parking, while the park's Pacific Spin funnel slide will be removed and replaced with a WhiteWater Constrictor Python style family raft slide.





As predicted, the multi-slide towers is very similar in design to the one added to Carowinds and Kings Island this summer, modified to remove one of the tube slides in favor of adding a fourth drop pod slide instead to the mix.
    From what I'm told Pacific Spin will be entirely removed from the park and not moved to a new location. Best guess, as long as the 10-year old slide is still in good shape, I wouldn't be surprised to see if drop in to one of Cedar Fair's other waterparks. (Carolina Harbor at Carowinds would be a nice home and they've got room to expand.)
    (6/11/16) According to this article the expansion of Knott’s Soak City will involve building two new slide tower attractions, as well as the expansion of the park’s main restaurant (Long Board Grill) as well as the addition of more cabanas. If they follow along with what the other Cedar Fair parks have been doing they one of the new slide towers will likely be a copy of the one added to Carowinds and Kings Island this summer, which has 3 drop pod slides and 3 tube slides.
    (6/10/16) I’ve been told that Knott's announced during the reopening of Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner restaurant that they would be expanding the Soak City waterpark for the 2017 season. No details were released however about what the expansion would entail. With this in mind, there is a good chance that we may have to wait until 2018 to see another major attraction added to the main park.


2018 - New Large Attraction or Coaster - Rumor - (10/19/16) With a Soak City expansion planned for 2017, it seems fairly clear that 2018 should be a big year for Knott's Berry Farm itself. Adding a bit more fuel to the fire, a reader sent me an official statement about the 2017 Coaster Run event that has been taking place at Knott's for the past several years, which involves the racers running through a course that weaves throughout the entire Knott's Berry Farm theme park.
    According to the statement, the 2017 Coaster Run event will be moved to Six Flags Magic Mountain because "Knott's Berry Farm told us that they had construction planned inside the park that would prevent the event from traveling through the property." With the event slated for April 2017, the timing is interesting as this could mean that Knott's has a very large project in store for 2018 if they will have construction under full swing by April 2017. Perhaps guests should keep an eagle eye out for survey markings and such to appear in the park over the next several months.




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