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Montreal, Canada
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icon_STOPPark News - (9/1/15) In The Loop has posted a fun video tour of La Ronde, which includes a quick look at (and review) of the park's new Maison Rouge haunted house attraction. While it looks like it may be more of a temporary attraction, they say it was pretty good in the end. Unfortunately they didn't or couldn't shoot footage inside.
    They also posted a second video which has a great front row POV ride on Goliath which looks to be running great.

    (8/10/15) According to an email sent my way, the Manitou flat ride (an Afterburner style swinging / spinning ride) is suffering from a technical problem and is likely to be closed for the rest of the season.
    (7/18/13) According to a reader who visited La Ronde this past weekend, there are some operational problems with Le Monstre and the new PTC trains that are killing the capacity at this ride. The old Morgan trains were made up of 7 cars, 4 seats per car, with a capacity of 28 riders per train. The new PTC trains are only 5 cars long, 4 seats per car,  dropping the capacity down to 20 seats per train (nearly 30%).
    According to the report the station is not set up to automatically unlock the lap bars in the train when it returns to the station, so a ride op has to manually hit the release button on the front of each car one at a time, much like the old fashioned Arrow mine trains. Compound this problem with overall slow loading in general for some reason and our reader timed it out as taking 6-7 minutes before the train was dispatched once again. While we know the park bought four new trains, the report sent in says they were only running one on each track all day as well. So currently our reader did a little quick math and determined that at best Le Monste is getting only 180 riders through each track per hour, for a total of 360 riders an hour as long as they run both sides of the ride. It goes without saying that this is horrid, so you’ve been warned!


2015 - Maison Rouge - (8/28/14) Maison Rouge: Labyrinthe De La Terreur is coming in 2015, a new year-round haunted house attraction with an evil clown theme. Nice to see Six Flags trying something new!

    (8/28/14) A reader has pointed out something interesting… that La Ronde is listed as a “customer” for Sally Corp on their official website. With Sally expected to be the company behind the Justice League: Battle for Metropolis rides going into Six Flags over Texas and St. Louis, I’ve got to wonder if Maison Rouge (Red House) is a new Sally dark ride. Maybe a haunted house theme… or maybe that Pirate tie will told true and this will be a new Pirate themed dark ride. We’ll know very soon.
    (8/26/14) Coaster-Net did some incredible digging into the official Six Flags website and using their knowledge of Drupal, the content management system Six Flags uses for it, apparently they were able to pull the names for many of the new 2015 attractions to be announced on Thursday.
    According to their report La Ronde is adding something called Maison Rouge which is “Red House” in English. I’m not quite sure what this could be, though Google did give a hit for it being the name of the Galveston, Texas home for pirate Jean Lafitte.



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