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Montreal, Canada
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icon_STOPPark News - (10/4/20) Screamscape has a quick update and clarification regarding the shutdown of La Ronde. At the end of our last update, it was thought that La Ronde was being targeted while other local businesses and attractions were being allowed to stay open but this is not the case. As the Quebec area has suddenly become a new COVID hotspot of infection the new restrictions set in motion on Sept. 28th for at least 28 days in the local “red zones” ban home gatherings, closes all bars, casinos and restaurants (other than takeout) along with closing movie theaters, museums, theaters as well as theme parks. Apparently the local police have been given the authority to enter private homes in red zones without a warrant to stop any gatherings from taking place.
    Update 10/6/20 - According to a reader regarding the new police authority to enter private homes is not “without a warrant”, instead they have been given the ability to request one very quickly, 24/7 via telewarrant or in French, “télémandat”.
    (10/1/20) According to Screamscape sources, La Ronde is now closed for the rest of the 2020 season. The closure has also been confirmed by the park’s website and social media, who place the blame on the early and unexpected closure due to “a government decree”.  According to our sources, the Quebec government ordered La Ronde to shut down for at least the next 28 days, at which point management simply threw up their hands in frustration. This would leave La Ronde with very few days to stay open later in 2020, and no guarantee that they would be allowed to reopen after the 28-day window anyway, so the park is now closed. No one is entirely sure why La Ronde was targeted by the government to close, as most other indoor businesses in the area are at a higher risk and are still allowed to operate.
    (7/22/20) According to Screamscape sources, a number of rides at La Ronde will be closed for the season. This list includes Monstre, Vertigo, Grand Roue, Catapulte, Dragon, Aqua Twist, Aqua Zone, Minirail, Ourson Frippon, Spirale, Bateau Pirate and Galopant. In some cases the rides are closed because they did not have the time to prep them properly for the 2020 season, in other cases the rides are closed due to social distancing difficulties. Some others are still awaiting off-season renovations, such as Bateau Pirate.
    In the case of Spirale however, I’m told that the observation tower will not reopen. One of the park’s original rides, I’m told that Spirale’s condition has deteriorated and is in need of an extensive overhaul if they want to try and reopen it in the future.
    Other rides have been modified to allow for better social distancing, such as Tour de Ville, the park’s swing ride. Tour de Ville has actually removed the majority of the swings, cutting the capacity from 48 seats down to just 16 in order to allow for social distancing.


    (7/14/20) According to news reports La Ronde is now planning to reopen the park on July 25, 2020. Capacity will be limited through an online reservation system and will be restricted to Members and Season Passholders at first on July 25, 26, 31 and August 1-2. Then starting on August 3 the park will open to the general public.
    Guest arrival times will be staggered and all guests must pass a thermal camera temperature scan to gain entry. All guests (and team members) over the page of 2 are required to wear face masks.


icon_STOP???? - Vipere - (9/12/20) La Ronde has now confirmed via their Social Media channels that they are officially pushing back the opening of their new “Vipere” roller coaster. The working however is a little odd, as it almost seems to say that the ride was planned for 2021 and is now delayed, which kind of sounds like it may be 2022 until it opens, so I’m not sure what is going on. After all, the intention was to open it in 2020, and of course it is understandable to delay it to 2021, but to delay it even further? Anyone know more?

    (7/22/20) A reader sent in some pictures of Vipere’s track sections on site at La Ronde. As you can see, they are still sitting in a storage yard, with no work taking place to try and install them at this point in time. What construction had started earlier this year has stopped and the site is quiet and empty. La Ronde has now confirmed that Vipere will be delayed until the 2021 season.




    (10/14/19) A ton of track and support pieces for the new Vipere coaster are now on site at La Ronde and one of our readers sent in a couple of pictures for everyone to enjoy!


    (8/29/19) As long rumored, the former Green Lantern coaster from Six Flags Magic Mountain will journey to La Ronde in 2020 where it will be rethemed as Vipere. Riders will rise 107 feet into the air before speeding off on coaster cars able to flip them wildly upside down over and over, creating a unique ride experience every time.

    (8/6/19) Screamscape sources have reconfirmed to us that nothing has changed and the plan is still to bring Green Lantern from Six Flags Magic Mountain to La Ronde for the 2020 season.
    (7/18/19) With the rumored removal of Super Manege from the park after this Summer, it has also been pointed out that this might be a perfect location to install the rumored Green Lantern coaster… if it does make the journey to Canada from California once being taken down.
    (5/27/19) While there is no way to prove this is anything more than a wild-rumor at this point, Screamscape was sent a message indicating that the soon to be removed Green Lantern coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain could find a new home at Canada’s La Ronde park as early as next summer. Just something to think about.



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