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Montreal, Canada
Six Flags Theme Parks




Park News - (9/1/15) In The Loop has posted a fun video tour of La Ronde, which includes a quick look at (and review) of the park's new Maison Rouge haunted house attraction. While it looks like it may be more of a temporary attraction, they say it was pretty good in the end. Unfortunately they didn't or couldn't shoot footage inside.
    They also posted a second video which has a great front row POV ride on Goliath which looks to be running great.

    (8/10/15) According to an email sent my way, the Manitou flat ride (an Afterburner style swinging / spinning ride) is suffering from a technical problem and is likely to be closed for the rest of the season.


2016 - Avenue Adventure and Vampire Backwards - (9/7/15) One item I forgot to mention for the 2016 addition to La Ronde on the way is that the parks Vampire coaster (B&M Inverted Batman clone) will turn the trains around for the season and run it backwards next year. The limited runs of Batman: Backwards at the various Six Flags parks over the past couple years has been quite a hit with guests as it takes the already intense ride experience up to a new level where you can see the twists and turns coming, so this should be a nice addition to the park for 2016.
    (9/3/15) The park is adding Avenue Adventure in 2016, an area with two new flat rides called Gravitor and Phoenix.



Track Record

La Ronde
Montreal, Canada
Six Flags Theme Parks

Newest Development
2015 - Maison Rouge

2014 - Demon

2013 - Aqua Twist

2012 - Vol Ultime

2010 - Ednor L’attaque, Terminator X: Laser Battle

2009 - Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

2008 - Catapulte

2007 - Carousel restored




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