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Farmington, Utah
(Just North of Salt Lake City)



Park News - (8/19/13) News from Lagoon has been very quiet lately, but I’ve now heard the name “Cannibal” in possible reference to a new park project. I don’t know if this may be a new name for the rumored Black Widow replacement, or if that could be a name for the park’s big construction project near the Ferris wheel. Stay tuned.


icon_STOP2015 - Cannibal - (7/7/15) It has been confirmed that Cannibal at Lagoon has opened. You can actually watch a complete POV video from the front showing off the entire ride experience, filmed with permission by the park. The video includes the vertical elevator style lift as well. This is perhaps one of the most unique ride layouts I've seen in awhile, complete with great themeing around the course as well.

    (6/25/15) The first human guinea pigs to ride Cannibal at Lagoon were spotted this week. Check out the video posted to the local Fox news station. If all goes well it could open to the public by the end of the week.

    (6/22/15) The summer season may now be in full force, but unfortunately for Lagoon, the park’s new Cannibal roller coaster has yet to open and is said to be experiencing some kind of technical delays that are sure to be frustrating for everyone involved. So far the park has yet to officially set any opening date for the ride, though it was spotted to be testing quite extensively awhile back. The official word from the park’s website is that Cannibal’s opening has been postponed due to ongoing testing. Since the ride is mostly a standard coaster style experience, I can only guess that any technical problems causing the delay are likely centered around the elevator style vertical lift system hidden within the tower.
    According to this article however, the park is placing the blame on waiting for special custom parts, made out of the country, to arrive and be installed.
    (4/8/15) More great off-ride footage of Lagoon's new Cannibal coaster in action has been posted to YouTube. Check it out below.

    (3/18/15) Lagoon has finally posted actual footage of their new Cannibal coaster in action, as seen by an flying drone cam. Check it out below or on Facebook and you can also see a video of a test run shot from the ground posted by Lagoon Is Fun here.
    Lookin' good there Lagoon... that looks like a fine coaster you've built!

    (3/6/15) A fun new homemade animation showing off what Lagoon's new Cannibal coaster may be like (and it looks pretty darn close) was posted to YouTube last week. Click here to view this fan creation made with No Limits 2.
    (2/20/15) Lagoon has posted their own flying drome-cam footage of the new Cannibal coaster construction site as a new teaser. Check it out below.

    (1/28/15) Some sweet Drone-Cam footage showing off the Cannibal construction site up close and from angles we've never seen before. I just hope they had permission to be doing this flyover. Considering there is what appears to be a "near miss" of the park's Ferris wheel at about 5:55 into the footage that made me cringe, I do have to wonder about the piloting skills in use here. Otherwise, I'll let the footage speak for itself.

    (1/7/15) While it is hard to tell how accurate this really is, an unofficial animated version of Cannibal has been posted to YouTube. Watch it below and we should know soon enough how close to the real thing they got.

    (12/16/14) Lagoon has posted a number of new construction pictures of Cannibal on their official Facebook page this week, following the completion of the large Immelman inversion element. We are also getting a look at the freaky temple structure that has enclosed the bottom of the first drop as well.
    (12/13/14) A reader stopped near Lagoon and broke out the big camera to send in some amazing pictures taken last week of the new Cannibal coaster under construction from both angles, as well as spotting a bunch of the red track still left to be installed in a field. This looks like an incredible ride, as you can already see how the track will dive out of the tall tower, going well beyond 90 in the process, before pulling up into a huge immelman style inversion. From there it appears as if it will pass the tower and run towards the large supports they have in place on the backside for either an overbanked turn or perhaps another inversion to reverse direction.



    (12/9/14) A great peek at the Cannibal construction site was posted by the local news and can be found here, as the park talks about how their advanced season pass sales for 2015 have seen a significant increase already.
    (11/26/14) Lagoon has released a new teaser video for their new Cannibal coaster, coming in 2015, confirming that it will be 20 stories tall.

    (11/24/14) A reader sent in some images (removed by request) of the non-final layout artwork for the new Cannibal coaster coming to Lagoon which gives us a rough idea of how the finished layout might look. I’m told there should be a total of three inversions, including an Immelman and a Dive loop and possibly a Zero-G-Roll. The approximately 200 foot tall coaster will start with a unique enclosed elevator lift system.
    (9/5/14) Cannibal has been confirmed as the name for the new 2015 coaster under construction at Lagoon. They describe it as having a 208 foot vertical lift before you drop back down to the ground at an amazing 116 angle before pulling out inside an underground tunnel. There will also be a water-feature area, with rockwork, waterfalls and a small lake as well as another special feature to be unveiled in the future. More details will be released soon, but you can see the concept art shown off to the local news or watch the video below.

    (8/28/14) Newer construction pictures of Lagoon’s new mystery coaster have appeared on NewsPlusNotes this week. Screamscape sources tell us that the ride’s name might be Cannibal.
    (8/15/14) I haven’t heard too much about Lagoon’s mystery 2015 coaster project that actually started construction last year, but a reader passing by took a few pictures from outside the park. The images are a bit too far away, and somewhat blurry, but you can make out a huge and very tall structure going up for the new ride, along with a piece of red track lying in the grass.
    (4/4/14) The latest pictures from Lagoon on the park’s new mystery coaster project for 2015 can be found at LagoonIsFun, including a shot of brand new red coaster track already installed in the trench.
    (11/8/13) New coaster track for Lagoon’s rumored 2015 coaster project is now arriving on site at the park. You can see pictures of the red track and sand colored supports on-site over at LagoonIsFun.
    (7/26/13) I’ve finally got a good update on what is taking place at Lagoon. The construction site for the new ‘mega-coaster’ is said to have looked like that since early 2013, and those are not coaster supports we are looking at. Instead those are a series of steel piles driven down into the bedrock to not only support the weight of the new coaster, but also to provide a frame work for the plan here to raise the ground elevation by about 10 feet in this area, before they form the concrete foundation that the ride will be put on. So the time-table has not changed… they are just slowly working in this area to pour concrete, place rebar and go from section to section. So we probably wont see any actual coaster pieces start to go up until one year from now.
    (7/14/13) A reader visiting Lagoon took a ride on the park’s giant wheel and made a crazy discovery. The former drag racer site has been transformed into a full scale construction site for the unknown new roller coaster project. Based on the photo, they are working at a crazy pace already… but this has also got to be on the strangest looking sites I’ve ever seen… as all the supports in place look to be about the same basic height. If this is still a coaster… this may be nothing like anything we have seen before.
    Based on the previous rumors, this looks to be the”Mega Coaster” project, rumored to have at least three inversions, a tunnel (pit can be seen already) and a possible elevator style lift system. However, previous rumors had suggested it was pushed back for a 2015 openeing and construction wouldn’t likely begin until late 2013. Based on this new photo, it’s clear they are moving ahead much more quickly now than anticipated, so there is a chance we could see it open in 2014 maybe.
    (2/25/13) The latest word on Lagoon’s “Mega Coaster” project is that the timetable has slipped back a year and they are now not looking to add this coaster to the park until at least 2015. Like with BomBora, I’m told that this new coaster is being designed in-house by Dal Freeman (Lagoon’s VP of Engineering) and will be contracted out to Intermountain Lift to fabricate.
    The layout is said to feature some kind of “vertical elevator lift system” and will stand nearly 200 feet tall, feature three inversions as well as an underground tunnel. The train design is said to be similar in nature to the cars used on Wicked, but will feature a custom designed lapbar restraint system. Early rumors suggest that this coaster may have some kind of African or Serengeti theme to it. Early construction work on the underground tunnel feature could begin as early as this Fall however, though the rest of the site work would not begin until the following year.
    (1/2/13) Early rumored details for Lagoon’s next coaster project have been sent in to Screamscape regarding the plans to install a new coaster for the 2014 season. If the rumor holds true, we can expect to see a coaster replace the current Top Eliminator Dragster upcharge ride near the Skyscraper and Go-Karts.
    The working title for the coaster was said to be “Savage” and it would attempt to feature a jungle theme with green track, and feature those large stone lion statues that the park bought from the state capitol a few years ago to go along with the themeing. The coaster is expected to offer a number of inversions and may feature a vertical lift hill.
    (10/27/11) I’m told that Lagoon’s next coaster will be in the 200 foot tall range and feature inversions, and is intended to take over the Top Eliminator location. Don’t look for it to open until 2013 or even 2014 at this point however.



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Farmington, Utah
- just North of Salt Lake City


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