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Farmington, Utah
(Just North of Salt Lake City)




icon_STOPPark News - (4/5/16) According to the latest talk I’ve had with Screamscape sources in the area, the rumors about the Spider foundation were false, and the coaster was simply taken down to be painted because it was possible and easier to do over the colder winter months than trying to do it set up. In other park news, I’m told that Cannibal has a new addition… a new support column was added to the Inverted Loop element to help dampen some of the excessive movement in this area of the ride.
    (3/12/16) Word from the Screamscape Spy Network is that while Spider was in need of a paint job anyway, another reason they took it down apparently had more to do with issues that arose with the ride’s concrete foundation. So down the coaster came for a fresh coat of paint while the foundation was re-poured or repaired and now it’s going back up.
    One interesting item mentioned however is that another benefit of repainting the coaster is that apparently Lagoon is considering the idea of selling the coaster in the near future, and a fresh coat of paint and fresh rehab will make it more attractive to potential buyers.
    (3/8/16) Good news for Lagoon fans, the Spider spinning coaster is indeed being put back together, with some new bright colors as well. A local reader sent in a picture a few hours ago showing off the current state of it.



   (3/1/16) A reader has sent in a picture confirming that Spider has been taken down and the pieces laid out in the lot. According to one rumor going around, the coaster may have been taken down to repaint it, but normally coasters are painted while they are standing. One thing to consider however is that I believe Spider is a "portable" model coaster, designed to be taken apart and put together far easier than your typical park coaster, so perhaps there is something to the painting story after all. I guess we'll know soon enough if they put it back up with a fresh coast of paint.
    (2/27/16) Anyone been by Lagoon lately? While we have had nothing at all to report on what the park might add for 2016 (so at this point, anything major is highly unlikely) I did get an email from a reader claiming that the park has taken their Spider coaster (Maurer Spinner) completely apart.
    We had previously posted an older rumor back in 2013 that suggested that Spider 2.0 would be coming. The plan was to replace the existing Spider with a bigger but similar model coaster, but nothing ever came of it. Spider is an “Xtended SC2000” model, and Maurer does made an Xtended SC3000 version as well which is both a good bit taller and longer than the current version. Perhaps they are pursuing that idea now, as Spider is still listed on the park’s official website for the 2016 season. Anyone able to swing by Lagoon and shoot a picture or two to confirm Spider’s status?


2016 - Nothing is known at this time...



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Farmington, Utah
- just North of Salt Lake City


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