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Goshen, New York
Merlin Entertainment


Proposed New Theme Park
Opening Summer 2020


icon_STOPPark News - (8/18/18) Merlin Entertainment and the LEGOLAND New York team have released all new details about the new theme park, including the eight themed lands that it will include. A live unveiling also included a look at a LEGO built model of the park, as it will look when it opens in 2020.
    The world's largest LEGOLAND theme park will include:
    The Factory - An area that will serve as the entrance to the park but also include a new "Great LEGO Adventure!" ride that will be exclusive to the new park. Guests will see what it is like to be a LEGO Minifigure going through the manufacuring process, packed into a box and eventually land into the hands of a child.
    Bricktopia - A creative land where Master Model Builders will work with guests to create and test all kinds of LEGO built creations.
    LEGO NINJAGO World - Themed to the LEGO Ninja show and will include the popular NINJAGO: The Ride attraction found at other LEGO parks.
    Heartlake City - Home to the LEGO Friends
    Knights' Kingdom - Home to the LEGO Castle and to a brand new version of the popular Dragon Coaster found at other LEGO parks.
    LEGO City - This is where you'll find the LEGO Driving School, LEGO City Firefighting & Rescue Acadamy and more.
    Pirate Shores - Water attractions thrive in this world of LEGO Pirates complete with a Galleon ride and the Rogue Wave Riders.
    Miniland - It wouldn't be a LEGOLAND park without a Miniland, a huge series of structures and replicas of real world iconic buildings and places, all created in detail with LEGO bricks.

    (6/22/18) According to various news sources the official opening date for LEGOLAND New York has now been pushed back one year to 2020 after attempting to make a 2019 opening date.
    (2/9/18) The temporary court order blocking Legoland New York from clearing any more trees from their site was just extended until another court can make a final ruling. The clock is ticking however, as the area only allows trees to be "felled" between November 1st and March 31st, and if the work is put on hold much longer the opening of the park could be delayed for another year.
    (1/18/18) The early land clearing taking place already for LEGOLAND New York came to a stop this week as part of a temporary restraining order to cease tree-clearing at the 500-acre site. While likely a temporary delay, the move could cost the park an extra year of construction, as tree-clearing on the site is only allowed between November and March to protect the "roosting areas" for two species of bats. According to Merlin, if they don't get back to clearing the site before the end of January, the opening could be delayed from Spring 2020 to 2021.
    (10/30/17) LEGOLAND New York is confirmed as official and had a break-dropping ceremony last week to promote the new park set to open in 2020. The video below shows off some clips of officials talking about the park mixed with some preview graphics of the park as well.

    (10/25/17) According to this update, the Legoland New York project now has all the approvals they need to move forward and if all goes well, Merlin hopes to open the park by Summer 2019.
    (10/24/17) While those opposed are still planning on fighting off the Legoland New York theme park project, it was reported here that the town of Goshen voted unanimously to approve the plans for the proposed theme park.  The article did not make it clear if that was the final approval needed for the park to proceed or if there are still other votes that have to be finalized before construction can begin.
    (10/20/17) Sounds like the locals in Goshen, NY are going to fight against the proposed Legoland theme park development as long as they are able. From the sound of things the opponents of the theme park project are gathering signatures in an effort to get the matter taken to a public vote by the citizens to either deny or allow the project to continue. No word on if this will happen however.
    (9/27/17) Good news for the proposed Legoland New York theme park proposal. While there are still a good number of opponents who are trying to derail the project, the park was just approved for a crucial 20-year tax break program from the Orange County Industrial Development Agency.
    (8/8/17) According to the local news the proposed Legoland New York park project has taken another large step forward as the Goshen Planning Board gave their unanimous approval for the project and zoning changes required to make it happen.
    (7/22/17) According to a local news report the proposed new LEGOLAND New York theme park for Goshen took another big step forward this week when the town's Planning Board voted 5 - 1 to accept the submitted Final Environmental Impact Statement. From here the park project moves on to a 'finding statement' phase, and once that is approved, they can move ahead with the approval process for the final site plan. The next meeting over the project is planned for August, and if everything goes smoothly for the rest of the process, they say Merlin would like to begin construction by the end of 2017 which would allow for them to hopefully open in 2019.
    (12/19/16) The NIMBYs are getting organized in New York it seems, as it was just reported that an attorney representing those against the new theme park is taking legal action to try and halt the public hearing set for this coming week. He claims that the community is being "hijacked" by Legoland, and brings up a number of issues that they want addressed before the issue ever goes to a public hearing. Follow the link to read more details on the situation.
    Of course the biggest problem that threaten a new theme park proposal is time... the longer those against the project can stall any form of progress, the more expensive the project becomes for the theme park developer. As the old saying goes, "Time is money".
    (12/5/16) The proposed LEGOLAND New York theme park has quietly opened a "welcome center" in the Village of Goshen to help show off their intent and build up support for the park project before the proposal goes before the public again.
    Like any new theme park proposal, there are always some NIMBYs (Not In My Back Yard) who reject anything new that they feel will change their way of life somehow and fight against it even if they don't plan on ever visiting the park. The new welcome center can be found at 6 North Church St in Goshen, which will have an official ribbon cutting for the site on Dec. 17th.
    (11/21/16) Legoland New York took another step forward this past week as the local planning board in Goshen voted unanimously that the park's draft environmental impact report was ready for public review. A Dec. 15th public hearing is now set. You can read more details here.
    (10/24/16) According to the local news the local government sent back a report about the proposed new Legoland theme park in New York, requesting more thorough answers to many subjects and questions before the details of the proposal can be released to the public. Key areas to be addressed included more traffic impact studies, noise issues, air quality and more. Merlin confirmed that they will address these issues with a new  impact statement as soon as they are able.
    (5/29/16) According to this update from the local news, Merlin and Legoland officials have confirmed the Goshen area as their choice location to build the next Legoland theme park and hope to appear before town officials in the near future to begin the approval and rezoning needed for the project. The site is said to be a cluster of empty farm properties along Harriman Drive, off Exit 125 on Route 17.
    (5/27/16) According to this local news station Legoland has purchased property in the area of Goshen, New York (North of NYC) on which to build the largest Legoland theme park in the US.  Time will tell if this is a real deal, or a false rumor. If true, the park could open as early as 2019.



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