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Windsor, England
Merlin Entertainments Group


Park News - (8/29/14) Legoland Windsor will hold a Brick-Or-Treat Halloween themed event at the park from October 18th through to November 3rd. The park will be filled with a forest of 5000 pumpkins, LEGO spiders in the trees, a Monster Ball and more.
    Also coming to the park will be LEGO Legends of Chima Fire & Ice Fireworks on October 18, 19, 25, 26, 31 and Nov. 1. You can see a good reference for all the details here.

Legoland_LegoMovie4D_3002015 - The LEGO Movie 4D - (2/25/15) The hit LEGO song, Everything Is Awesome will live on at the Legoland Theme Parks and Discovery Centers worldwide in 2015 as a new 4D Film based on The LEGO Movie will arrive at all LEGOLAND locations later this year. The newly animated film will reunite Emmet and Wyldstyle once again with many of their LEGO friends.


2015 - LEGO Friends / Heartlake City - Confirmed - (4/28/15) ThemeParks-UK has confirmed that the Heartlake City expansion of LEGOLAND Windsor will include a copy of the same Disk'O Coaster ride that is going into LEGOLAND Florida this year as well, both under the name Mia's Riding Adventure.
    (1/6/15) ThemeParks-UK reports that LEGOLAND Windsor will be updating their LEGO City Driving School and Boating School attractions to have new and better looking cars and boats, new special effects and more. In addition the LEGO Friends Heartlake City is coming to the park, as well as some LEGO Friends themed hotel rooms at the Resort Hotel in March 2015.
    (1/2/15) LEGOLAND Windsor will be adding Heartlake City in 2015, the LEGO Friends themed area similar to what is being built at the California park also for 2015. They parks haven't offered much in the way of details of what this is however, other than this: “Featuring a mix of character meet and greets, a live action music show featuring all five friends, a Heartlake City Mall themed area, and new attractions - the new land opening in early summer is guaranteed to delight and enthrall.”
    Unfortunately, this looks like a last second replacement for the proposed Ghost: The Haunted House attraction (see below) that was planned for 2015, but put on indefinite hold when the local government refused to give permission for it.


icon_STOP2017 - Ghost: The Haunted House - ON HOLD - (6/16/15) LEGOLAND Windsor is still attempting to alter their plans for the GHOST haunted house / drop ride project that was denied building permission in 2014. According to ThemeParksUK, the revised proposal, if approved, would see it built for the 2017 season. Other future plans in the works include an expansion of Duplo Valley and an expansion to the LEGOLAND Resort Hotel that would replace the existing Dino Safari ride. If approved, the hotel expansion would also be complete in 2017. The park has also bought part of the St. Leonards Farm next to the park to allow for future expansion projects like a possible EcoLodge project.
    (10/4/14) I’m told that the park’s application to build the new Ghost attraction is essentially being held hostage by the local government who is upset about how crowded the area surrounding the park has gotten as the park has grown more successful.
    So rather than do something about fixing the local infrastructure to accommodate the increased traffic, it seems they want to park to somehow solve the problem. How? I've no idea, but it seems a bit on the loopy side for the government to try and squash a successful business.
    (5/15/14) A permit application to build a new haunted house attraction at Legoland Windsor has been spotted here. I’m betting that this will be a copy of the new Ghost: The Haunted House attraction that will open soon at Legoland Billund this summer.



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