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icon_STOP2019 - Taiga / New Coaster - (11/30/18) A new POV video of Taiga, the new coaster going to Linnanmaki in 2019, can be found below.

    (9/19/18) According to this blog report the first track pieces for the new Taiga launched coaster coming to Linnanmäki in 2019 have started to arrive from Intamin. They also include a picture of the hilly site where the coaster will go where the many footers have already been poured. The highest point of the ride will be a top-hat element that will stand 170.6 feet tall, with a top speed of 65.9mph along the 3,622 feet of track.
    Meanwhile a video shot at the park shows off footage of the coaster construction site itself, which includes a very dense concentration of footers.



    (3/23/18) Linnanmaki has confirmed their 2019 coaster as being named Taiga, and multi-launched coaster creation from Intamin that really seems to back a lot of track into a small footprint. Featured elements will include a 52m top hat, a track length of 1104 meters, top speed of 106 km per hour, two launches and four inversions.
    (3/12/18) While we know that Linnanmäki has closed their Vonkaputous flume ride at the end of last season, what everyone has been wondering about is, just what will replace it? A year ago, long before the park admitted that Vonkaputous was leaving, an animated video from S&S, showing off a proposed coaster concept, leaked out online briefly, with the new coaster taking over the flume ride's location in the park.
    While nothing is planned for 2018, the park has begun teasing that we should expect something new in 2019. Meanwhile I'm told that the park has submitted a new building permit for a replacement ride that would be 71 meters above sea level... which is believed to allow it to be 31 meters tall (just shy of 102 ft) on the site in the park. I'm also told that the latest issue of First Drop magazine mentions that the park is working with Intamin on a new launched coaster project of some kind, giving us a bit more of an idea of what to expect... but without knowing the full story just yet.
    Something to think about for now...
    (2/18/17) A quick update on that S&S animated video. The video has since been taken down due to a copyright claim from S&S who also contacted Screamscape about the matter. According to the statement from S&S CEO, Tim Timco, the video posted were showing off a "high-capacity El Loco coaster and other ride concepts that were prepared as part of a sales presentation for specific potential customers." As such, they were not intended for public release and have now been removed from YouTube. So all links to the videos have now been removed.
    But as we all know... the cat is out of the bag, and the concepts shown and described are certainly unique and interesting to be sure, and tell us a lot about what the future direction of S&S-Sansei coasters projects may look like. Now we just have to wait and see if Linnanmaki opts to buy it for a future season. If the park closes down the Vonkaputous liquid coaster ride that currently sits on the site shown, we'll know something new and possibly similar to this could be on the way.
    (2/16/17) Is Linnanmaki in Finland planning on adding a new unique coaster from S&S - Sansei in the next year or two?  I'm told that an animated video showing off a new custom layout coaster leaked out on YouTube briefly and was taken down, but looks like it was captures and re-uploaded again. It shows the new S&S creation appearing to be on the site of the park's Vonkaputous (Premier Rides Water Coaster) and features a drop out of the station down the hillside into a structure that will feature a drop/bounce elevator style track room, and then roll out into another section of track to encounter a rotating swtich track that will place the car onto the launch track, where it will launch forwards, backwards and then forwards again at full speed and into the rest of the layout and a return to the station.  You can check it out below... but the question is, is this something the park is working on, or just a proposal to the park from S&S? (Video Removed)




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