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Park News - (11/4/14) Liseberg has also announced that the park will hold a Halloween event for the first time ever in 2015, offering park guests a totally different park experience. According to the rough translation from Google, “When darkness falls over the park sneaks enchanted creatures with magical powers up. Some with pointy hats, some with big nipples and loose teeth, and some who just want to play around and offer sweets. But there are also areas that are filled with both darkness and horror. Neighborhoods that might feel like a nightmare. If you end up there, be sure to come from there. Rapidly.” Looks like they will a haunted atmosphere, creatures to jump out at you around the park, candy and much more. Sounds like a good time to me.
    (6/2/14) A fun photo report from Liseberg showing off the best of their new Helix coaster as well as great footage of the rest of the park can be found over at the TPR forum this week. Check it out.


2015 - Mechanica - (11/6/14) I’m told that Mechanica at Liseberg will be a Zierer Star Shape ride.
    (11/4/14) Liseberg is opening a new themed flat ride in 2015 called Mechanica that looks rather intense as the high speed pendilum ride will spin you and throw you for 360 loop after loop, 30 meters in the air. You can see the concept art for it below, or scroll down a little more to watch the animated preview video.


icon_STOP2016 - New Attraction - Rumor - (7/8/15) According to the rumor mill Liseberg will be adding something intense and fun for the thrill seekers once again in 2016. While I'm not sure what it will be just yet, I'm told it will be along the same lines as this year's Mechanica ride.



Newest Attractions:
2014 - HELIX

2013 - Kaninlandet


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