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icon_STOPPark News - (6/2/14) A fun photo report from Liseberg showing off the best of their new Helix coaster as well as great footage of the rest of the park can be found over at the TPR forum this week. Check it out.
    (6/11/13) The local news reports that Liseberg has now bought the former Saab transmission factory building that lies behind their Balder coaster. No concrete plans for the site have been created yet, but the expansion will give the park room to grow for years to come.
    (5/13/13) Liseberg has created a funny new ad campaign to promote the theme park… which apparently has upset the people of Greece. The ad shows the faces of several different children, each with tears streaming down their sad miserable faces and the text below that says, “Some children will have to go to Crete / Mallorca / Italy this summer”.  Giving the ads even more airtime, the Swedish Embassy in Athens has apparently received the complaint letters. Too funny… I couldn’t make this up… but I love the ads as well. Check them out at


2014 - HELIX - (5/2/14) A fun video montage of footage shot during the HELIX media day at Liseberg was posted to YouTube. Check it out below!

    (4/22/14) Incredible new POV videos of the new HELIX coaster at Liseberg, can be found below. Seriously, this looks like one of the most intense coasters I’ve seen in quite some time, as there seems to be zero lull time to rest between the elements. It just hits you back to back with turns, zero-g airtime hills, inversions, two launches, and tons of objects to dodge as the coaster winds back and forth across the hillside terrain. Watch the second video if you want to see what a ride of Helix is like at night when you can barely even see what is coming up in front of you. Incredible! A very well done creation from Mack Rides!

    (3/21/14) The Project Helix site has added a great 30 minute long audio file you can listen to at the top of this page. This is the finished audio track that they will play in the station while you wait for your turn to ride. Sounds great to me! Liseberg’s new coaster may be one of the stand-out attractions of 2014 if it rides as good as it looks.
    (2/7/14) Theme Park Review has posted a construction update from Liseberg and their massive Project Helix coaster project.
    (11/13/13) A new HELIX construction update from Liseberg can be found over at TPR this week. This is one crazy twisted looking ride… looks like it should be a blast when it opens.
    (10/22/13) A new video report on the construction of HELIX at Liseberg was posted this week. Check it out below as the footers are poured, supports put in place and even the first piece(2) of track.

    (4/12/13) Artwork showing off the Projekt Helix coaster trains has been posted to the ride’s official blog. These Mack trains are lean, mean and green beasts… which kind of remind me a little bit of Universal’s Incredible Hulk coaster trains.
    (2/11/13) This is in regards those rumored layout changes mentioned back in November. After the second launch, the airtime hill and corkscrew inversion as seen in the animated POV video have been replaced by a tall new inversion, described as an Inverted Top Hat that will be followed by an airtime hill. This has been done to ensure that the train has the momentum to make it back to the station. In the case of a miss-fire on the launch, the train would simply rollback into the launch position for another attempt. You can see this added to left side of the layout in this picture.
    (1/9/13) New details and the final impressive layout of of the Projekt Helix coaster  and hillside station building being added to Liseberg in 2014 have been posted to the official coaster blog.
    (11/7/12) Liseberg reports there have been some changes to the Projekt Helix layout not seen in the pervious animation. The very start of the ride will change to have a steeper drop out of the station that will rise up and into a corkscrew instead of a small hill, increasing the number of inversions to 7.  (See first video below)
    After the second launch section the airtime hill followed by a corkscrew has been replaced by a 40 meter inversion they are calling an “inverted top hat” inversion, which will be followed by an airtime hill instead of the corkscrew. You can see an example of this change in the second video below.

    (10/11/12) Liseberg’s new Projekt Helix coaster is better than a Mack spinning coaster, it will be a huge Blue Fire style launch coaster. With 4500 feet of track and a nearly 2 minute ride time, with speeds up to 62mph, Projekt Helix will feature two LSM launches and six inversions before it ends. Check out the video below as well as the official website. Construction will begin just after Christmas and the ride will open in 2014.

    (10/9/12) While we wait to find out just what Project Helix is, I’m told that the 2014 project will come from Mack Rides, leaving many to suspect that it could be a Mack Spining Coaster.
    (10/5/12) Liseberg will make their announcement regarding “PROJEKT HELIX”, the next new attraction, on Tuesday, Oct. 9th. A teaser image was released on Facebook.


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