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Park News - (6/17/13) Goddard Group has posted a first look at the new ticket check-in desks being installed at Lotte World on their Facebook page.
    (6/3/13) The Goddard Group has shown off a some artwork for their next project for Lotte World, an all new Welcome / Ticket Center. The idea is to replace the old fashioned style ticket booths with new long “Welcome Desks” that create an atmosphere more like checking into a resort hotel rather than going into a theme park. An overall new aerial layout was posted to their Facebook page.
    As they report, I believe this is indeed a “first” for a major theme park to create this new kind of arrival gateway for their guests. The only other such concept I’ve ever seen was the check-in / arrival lobby at SeaWorld’s Discovery Cove in Orlando, which limits park attendance to around 2,000 – 2,500 guests a day, as opposed to the kind of operation needed to handle 10-15 times as much traffic at a major park like Lotte World.


2014 - Fairy Trails - (10/16/13) Lotte World is building another new themed land called Fairy Trails as an expansion of 2013’s successful Underland. A new tribe of magical fairys and sprites will soon join Underland’s Ogre population, inhabiating the ruins of a former castle.
   Fairy Trails will open in two phases: Phase 1 will focus on adding new retail and dining opportunities and is already under construction. Phase 2, still in the design phase, will add a new highly themed family ride experience. You can see the first piece of concept art for Fairy Trails posted to the Goddard Group Facebook page.


2014 - Let’s Dream - (8/6/14) An interview with Goddard Group’s Taylor Jeffs all about their work building up Lotte World and the creation of the park’s Let’s Dream! Nighttime Spectacular has been posted to ThemeParkUniversity.
    (7/2/14) Lotte World premiered their new 25th Anniversary Parade & Nighttime Spectacular this week called Let’s Dream. Created by the Goddard Group, the event features flying drones, holograms and other “never-before-seen” parade elements. A promotional poster can be found on Facebook.


2014 - Fairy Trail Dream Boats - (8/6/14) The new Fairy Trail Dream Boats ride at Lotte World is now open according to Facebook.
    (7/30/14) The Goddard Group has posted some behind the scenes pictures from the Fairy Trail Dream Boats construction site this week.
    (7/25/14) Goddard Group has posted another piece of concept art on Facebook showing off the whole layout for the new Fairy Trail Dream Boats ride.
    (7/24/14) The Goddard Group is back at Lotte World to build yet another new attraction for 2015. According to the construction wall picture posted to Facebook it will be called Fairy Trail Dream Boats.  A second piece of artwork can also be found here where the attraction is described as “an elaborately-themed mini flume ride that will take rides on a magical journey through Underland, coming in contact with numerous ogres and faeries along the way. “


icon_STOP2014 - Lotte World Waterpark - Now Open -





(9/12/14) According to a press release, the Lotte World Waterpark did open as planned back on May 1st, 2014. This is the first phase of a three-phased Polynesian themed waterpark in Seoul, Korea that features a number of impressive waterslides, wave pools and interactive play structures that combined would take up the space of 17 soccer fields. WhiteWater is the exclusive supplier of products for the waterpark and will be working with them through to the park’s full built out and completion. Thanks to WhiteWater for sending in some pictures of this new park.
    (9/30/13) The latest official word on the Lotte World Waterpark opening in Gimhae says that it will now open in 2014. The official website now features concept artwork showing off a very nicely themed Polynesian island resort theme for the waterpark. In addition to being one of the best waterparks in Korea, it will also feature hot spring & spa facilities as well as an indoor waterpark section allowing it to be open year round. Check out the artwork... the park looks very impressive.
    (2/1/12) Lotte World has just signed a $22 million deal with WhiteWater West to open a new Lotte World Waterpark in May 2013 in Gimhae, near Busan, South Korea. WhiteWater West will engineer, create and install all of the new waterpark’s indoor and outdoor attractions. According to WhiteWater, the project will include two MEGAtubes, the new Family Rattler and Family Python ,a Family Boomerango, AquaLoop, Abyss, 8-Lane Whizzard, Family Raft Slide, Dueling Master Blasters as well as a few standard Speed and Body Slides. The park will also feature a 115 foot pneumatic Surf Wave Pool, a smaller 60 foot indoor wave pool, a Flow Rider Double and two different AuqaPlay water fortress attractions.


2014 - Lotte World Aquarium - (9/30/13) According to the Lotte World website, they are also planning on opening the Lotte World Aquarium sometime in 2014. The new project will be located in Jamsil, Seoul and feature a combined 5,200 tons of water in the exhibits.



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