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Niagara Falls, Canada



icon_STOPPark News - (5/21/19) Marineland has opened for the season and despite the death of the park’s creator/owner, it was greeted by an army of angry protesters once again. The park has also been forced to temporary close their “deer park” attraction, after they claim that animal activists intentionally caused a “stampede” to take place that resulted in the deaths of two deer. The park has added a new education presentation to the park this season as well as the Marineland Express, a new in-park transportation service to shuttle guests around.
    (1/25/19) The local news reports that a walrus at Marineland, Zeus, has died. While they say that his passing was sudden but due to natural causes, others point out that this is the second walrus that has died at the park in the past 19 months.
    (6/26/18) According to the local news John Holer, the owner of Marineland, has passed away. As a non-corporate owned park which was run as a family business for all these years, his death puts the future of the park up in the air. While Holer refused any offers to purchase the 1000-acre park from him over the years, it isn't known what his heirs will do with the property if any offers come their way.


2019 - Water Play Area / SplashPad - Rumor - (9/20/18) According to Screamscape sources Marineland may be planning to install some kind of water play area / splash-pad style attraction for guests not far from the deer enclosure. Markings are said to already be on the ground near the site area along with rumors of a possible second smaller scale one for the smaller children near the kiddie area. Meanwhile there may be plans to renovate a nearby vacant building into a gift shop focusing on water play items, suits, towels and the like.


???? - Aviary Safari - Delayed / On Hold - (9/12/18) According to information, Marineland was working on a new "Aviary Safari" attraction that they intended to open for the 2018, but it did not make it. According to the official FAQ page on the park's website, "Sadly, the founder of Marineland who was overseeing the construction of Aviary Safari became ill and passed away before it could be completed.  We extend our regrets for this attraction not being available at this time.  An update will be posted when more information is available."
    From what I've been led to understand the latest park maps have also removed any mention of it as an upcoming attraction at the park, so no word on if they will finish it for 2019 or if they are scrapping it. Anyone know more about the plans for 2019?



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Niagara Falls, Canada




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