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Niagara Falls, Canada


icon_STOPPark News - (10/30/17) Sounds like the tables have now turned regarding Marineland. After being under fire for the last couple years from animal rights groups with claims of cruel treatment, the park has now returned fire. Marineland has now filed an official lawsuit against the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, claiming they were unfairly targeted with the "intention of harming" the theme park.
    “It was motivated by a series of improper objectives, including a desire to accomplish its own policy agenda, to mollify the animal activist community, to please its donors, and to effectively destroy Marineland.”
    Marineland is seeking $21 million in damages for, "malicious prosecution, negligent investigation, injurious falsehood, and abuse of power and process."
    (8/11/17) According to the local news the charges of animal cruelty against Marineland in Niagara Falls have been dropped after the prosecutors said that there was 'no reasonable chance of conviction". Instead they have some up with a new plan that involves ongoing monitoring of the park.
    (1/12/17) Marineland finds itself under fire once again as 6 new charges of Animal Cruelty have been claimed against the park by the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of Animals. You can read the details here, but much like the previous charges that hit the news last year, Marineland has claims these all stem from the same former park employee who was fired, who is now working with a California based animal rights group (Last Chance for Animals) to pressure new charges and investigations.
    In the end however, if Marineland has nothing to hide, then they should welcome any investigation as a way to clear their name. Previous claims have also been made in years past, but it seems nothing was ever found to confirm them as true. That said, it is odd that this issue keeps coming up every so often.


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Niagara Falls, Canada




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