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Morey’s Piers (Wildwood)
The overall Morey’s complex currently includes: Morey's Pier, Mariner's Landing, Wild Wheels Pier and the old Dinosaur Beach Pier


Park News - (9/25/18) Morey's has pushed back the final celebration and chance to ride their Flitzer coaster to Sept. 30th, from 1 to 4pm. The previous Sept. 23rd event was postponed due to poor weather conditions.
    (9/13/18) Morey's Piers has confirmed that they will retire the Flitzer coaster, with the final farewell event taking place on Sept. 23 at 1pm. According to an official statement on their website, Morey's says they were not expecting to retire the ride this year, noting that they have spend a good deal on money on upkeep on the ride over the past several years in order to extend the life of the ride. However, after recent "diagnostic exam of the main structural components" they know that the time has come to retire the coaster for good.


2019 - Runaway Tram - (12/5/18) A quick update on the 2019 changes for Morey's Piers. I'm told that the Doo Whopper was taken down with the intent to move it to a new location on the “east side” of Surfside Pier.
    (12/3/18) I think I missed this announcement while I was traveling to see IAAPA a couple weeks ago, but Morey’s Piers has announced a new Zierer family coaster coming in 2019 called Runaway Tram. I’m told that it will take the place of two existing rides on the Surfside Pier... the Doo Whopper and Flitzer.


???? - New Wooden Coaster - Planning - (2/9/16) Would you believe that they STILL aren't ready to build this coaster just yet? Though I’m hearing they are making the necessary preparations so they will have the open space to do it.
    (2/21/14) While I’m sure many are wondering just when Morey’s is going to begin construction on this anticipated roller coaster project, the answer is not going to be what you are wanting to hear. According to Screamscape sources, the new wooden coaster is STILL only in the planning stage, and due to the huge investment involved Morey’s has not yet finalized any actual dates to begin work, or as to when they will be ready to open it. At this point I’m told that it will be at least 2016, at the earliest, before they are ready to open this project.
    (1/14/13) The Morey’s talked a bit about the long in development wooden coaster planned to span the piers, which they expect to make a final decision on sometime over the Summer. Once construction starts, the huge project is expected to take about 18 months to complete, so we looking at a Mid-2015 opening at the earliest if they start work by the end of the year on the GCI ride. While the official name has not been selected, the Morey brothers did offer their own suggestions for possible names: The Boardwalk Flyer or The Wildwoody.
    (7/2/12) Visitors to Morey’s Piers may have noticed that the they have yet to begin construction on the long-planned pier-spanning wooden coaster project. A reader who visited Morey’s over the weekend quizzed some park managers they spotted about the project, as it was hoped that they would have begun construction by now.
    According to the staff, Morey’s owners have yet to pull the trigger on the project just yet, and have not yet set a definite timetable to begin construction on the coaster. The last timeline being proposed would not see the coaster project begin the first phases of construction until at least late 2012 and wouldn’t open until 2014 at the earliest.
    (1/12/11) Construction is planned to start in September 2011. CosterFusion has published an interview with Jack Morey of Morey’s Piers this week. In addition to talking about what goes on during the park’s winter slumber (lots of rehab work), they hint about a possible upcoming Halloween event on the way as well as go into some new detail about the upcoming new wooden coaster.
    The coaster will start on the Surfside Pier and jump over and back from Morey’s maintenance pier over a bridge structure. While construction on the new coaster will actually begin this September, the ride wont open until 2013.
    (10/11/10) According to this article that details the end of the line for the Wipeout Giant Slide at Morey’s Piers, the new pier-spanning wooden coaster project wont likely open until 2013.
    (6/30/10) A Screamscape reader has sent in new artwork shoPierSpanning_woodiewing off the new proposed pier-spanning wooden coaster for Morey’s Piers.
    (6/17/10) According to the local news, the mega coaster project that will span two of Morey’s Piers has gotten all but the final approval needed to move forward. From the sound of the article and the amount of work needed to be done, it probably wont be ready until 2012, but we can hope for 2011.
    (3/13/09) Included in the 40th Anniversary Press Release was an update about the proposed new coaster project. “Plans are on the drawing boards for one of the most unique coasters ever built, taking riders over the beach between two piers. The ride, based in part on feedback from coaster enthusiasts, is being seriously considered for construction during the 2011-2013 timeframe.”
    (3/1/09) We’ve heard that the proposed Wooden Coaster that would span two boardwalks still hasn’t set on a final design yet and that they’re in no hurry to do so right now. Currently, the way things stand, the project may not see the light of day until the 2011 or 2012 seasons.
    (2/5/08) Thanks to the guys at NorthEastCoasters, they sent us a copy of the photo they posted of the current rough GCI plans for the 2010 wooden coaster project at Morey’s Piers. As you can see the left side of the plans shows off where the 2010_Moreys_GCI_2pierplan_rough_600station, lift hill, first drop and final brake run will be placed, but the rest of the ride (other than the long dark tunnel) will take place at the right side location where I’ve zoomed in a bit to show off the two different views of the action portion of the ride’s layout.
    (2/4/08) You’ll have to scroll down a bit in this report from Eastcoaster 2008 posted to North East Coasters, but you can see a basic layout of the current proposal from GCI for the new 2010 wooden coaster planning for Morey’s that would span two piers.
    (8/2/07) A reader at the event did recall that Jack Morey mentioned something about dealing with two jurisdictions to build the coaster which actually would likely place it between Surfside Pier and the former Hunts / Dinosaur Beach pier, which are actually the only two piers close enough together to be a viable choice. Depending on where the station is located, perhaps this is a sign that Morey’s may be considering reopening the old Hunts / Dinosaur Beach pier along with previous plans to reopen the Golden Nugget.



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Morey’s Piers
Wildwood, NJ

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