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Wisconsin Dells
Formerly: Big Chief Carts & Coasters



icon_STOPPark News - (6/25/14) ThemeParkOverload visits Mt. Olympus to check out the coasters and scores an interview about some of the original concepts and ideas for Hades 360 and checks out the empty spot where Opa used to be.
    (4/30/14) According to a post on the Wade Shows Facebook page, their traveling midway ride lineup will now feature four coasters. The latest addition (lower right corner) appears to be OPA from Mt. Olympus.
    (4/3/14) A more detailed report concerning the investigation into the accident on the Opa coaster at Mt. Olympus can be read here. It also states that the state has ordered the ride shut down until several conditions concerning repairs and changes are made.
    It sounds like this will not happen however, as according to this later report, Mt. Olymupus has made a statement saying that the ride is now permanently closed and will be removed from the park. This report also mentioned that in Car 6, the one where the accident took place, they found “total lap bar failure” during the inspection on both seats 1 and 4 in the same car.
    (3/31/14) According to this news report the man who fell from the Opa spinning coaster at Mt. Olympus remains in a medically induced coma. In addition to a laundry list of bone and vertebrae fractures, he is also suffering from a “life-altering brain injury”.
    The article also mentions that as part of the investigation into the cause of the accident, sand bags were placed into the ride car to simulate the rider’s weight, only to have the same lap bar pop open at approximately the same point in the track where the rider was ejected.
    (3/27/14) The investigation into the accident on the OPA spinning roller coaster at Mt. Olympus where a man was thrown out in mid-ride has determined that it was caused by a malfunctioning lap bar. According to the accident report a local police officer filed in his accident report that he pulled on each of the four lap bars on the car and the one the man was seated in was the only one unlock and pop back up.
    According to Mt Olympus workers, the coaster cars were swapped out that same day for others on the track, but the cars put into service that day were NDT tested and had replaced any defective or worn parts, as well as being put through a series of test runs early in the morning on the day of the accident and they all checked out as being in working order.
    Another witness is also reported as speaking to police in the report, claims to have ridden in the same car, in the same seat, just before the accident and says “she had to hold down the lap bar during the entire duration of the roller coaster ride.” 
    (3/12/14) A quick update on the man who who fell from the OPA coaster at Mt. Olympus was made public. The man, identified as Anthony Theisen, has now been listed as being in stable condition. Local records also show that the coaster’s last official government inspection was on May 20th, 2013.
    (3/8/14) Horrible news from the Mt. Olympus Theme Park this week as a 64-year old man somehow fell out of the park’s indoor spinning OPA coaster (Zamperla Crazy Mouse) on Thursday night. The other three passengers in the same car as him stayed in the car, as the man fell approximately 15-20 feet to the ground under the ride. He was breathing but not moving when staff got to him and called 911, who transported him to a local hospital. There has been no further word about his condition since then.
    Mt Olympus was allowed to reopen their indoor amusement park section on Friday, though the OPA coaster is closed until further notice.    
    (12/4/13) Screamscape sources tell us that Mt Olympus has retracked the rough spots on Hades 360 and are expecting it to perform much better in 2014 than it did in 2013.
    (10/28/13) Mt Olympus has purchased even more local hotels to add to the growing theme park / resort property. According to this article they have now purchased the Concord Inn and Monaco Motel, bringing the total number of rooms under Mt Olympus control to 1,300. The new properties will be remodeled and reopened by Memorial Day 2014.
    (6/13/13) The local news reports that Mt. Olympus has bought up yet another motel property in the dells. This time they have acquired the former Pine Dell Motel and have already begun work demolishing the pool.


2014 - Indoor Waterpark Expansion - (9/20/13) A quick correction, as Arthur Levine has pointed out in his own reports and research on the largest indoor waterparks, that an expanded Mt. Olympus project would not be the largest in America. That resort will is held by the Kalahari resort in Sandusky which features a 173,000 sqft indoor waterpark… all under one roof.
    Of course in the global scale, this is nothing… everyone is dwarfed by the massive Tropical Islands park in Germany, housed inside a former Zeppelin hanger building, which clocks in at 710,000 sqft.
    (9/16/13) The local news has reported that Mt. Olympus is planning on doubling the size of their indoor waterpark area. Currently the indoor waterpark is 65,000 sqft, and a double sized version would total out at 130,000 sqft, bigger than the current record in the US by the Kalahari at 125,000 sqft.
    (6/22/13) PureCoaster believes they have connected the dots in the right order and believe that we may see a new waterslide design from WhiteWater West called the AquaSphere come to the Mt. Olympus waterpark in the very near future. The enclosed slide concept appears to shoot riders into three large sphere shaped sections of the ride along the way down where riders will slide back and forth along the inner walls before being pulled out the exit hole and back down the rest of the slide, where more spheres await.


Track Record

Mt. Olympus
Formerly: Big Chief Karts & Coasters & Treasure Island
Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin


Fun Fact: In 2005 Big Chief Karts & Coasters merged with the nearby Treasure Island attractions (Family Land outdoor rides and Bay of Dreams indoor waterpark) to form Mt. Olympus.

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