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Mall of America, Minn.





icon_STOPMall of America News
- (11/2/18) According to the local news plans are now moving forward to build a massive indoor waterpark at the Mall of America… one that could end up being the largest indoor waterpark in the USA. If they go ahead with it the project could cost up to $250 million to build and feature a 250,000 sqft indoor waterpark experience. Look for it to be placed by the MOA’s North entrance, east of IKEA in a space currently occupied by a parking lot, with construction possibly to begin by late 2019 in order to open by 2021.
    (4/14/18) Another new attraction is on the way to the Mall of America outside of Nickelodeon Universe: a Matrix 5D theater experience that will open "later this year". They describe it as a "virtual reality experience in 5D".
    Now for a little bad news for Nickelodeon Universe fans... the park has announced that this weekend is your last chance to ride Jimmy Neutron's Atomic Collider which will close forever after the park closes on Sunday. It's a shame that this amazing flat ride is being removed... there were always very few Zierer Witch's Dance / Hexentanz rides ever built in the US and I know it broke my heart when the sister ride, Tampico Tumbler at Knott's Berry Farm was removed several years back. Pound for pound, this has got to be my all time favorite flat ride that offers great fun for every age group. If this version is as fun at the one at Knott's then I'm sure it will be sorely missed. Anyone know of another one still running in the US, or was this the last one? I believe there are others in Europe still, including traveling versions on the carnival/fair circuit.

    (3/8/18) Triple 5, the owners of the Mall of America, say they are proposing a massive indoor waterpark project that the city of Bloomington could finance, own and collect profits from that would be built just east of the MoA. The site is on land owned by Triple 5 who would least the site to the city, and be hired by the city to operate the waterpark for them as part of the deal. According to the vision, the project would be one of the largest indoor waterparks built in North America, with Triple 5 using the huge indoor waterpark they run in the West Edmonton Mall they also own in Canada as an example.
    (4/24/17) According to the local news the Orange Streak coaster in Nickelodeon Universe (Mall of America) stalled out in mid-ride, stranding passengers over the ground for about an hour until rescue crews could get in place to lower the riders to the ground again. No word yet on what caused the coaster to stall out on the turn just past the American  Girl storefront, but as this area isn't far from the drop out of the second lift, the train normally should have had plenty of momentum to make it though this area.


icon_STOP2018 - The Paw Patrol play area - (4/20/18) Now we know why the Jimmy Neutron Atomic Collider ride was removed. Nickelodeon Universe has announced they will replace it with a new kiddie play area themed to "The Paw Patrol" (whatever that is). The new kids area wont be ready to open until "late Summer", but I have to admit that I'm disappointed that they would remove a popular family flat ride for what looks to be a highly themed playground.



Track Record

Nickelodeon Universe
Inside the Mall of America
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Fun Notes - Formerly known as Knott’s Camp Snoopy, eventually modified to just Camp Snoopy, the park was unable to renew their contract to use the Peanuts theming after releasing Cedar Fair from their management contract. The park was renamed temporarily as The Park at MOA briefly while a deal was worked out to transform the park into Nickelodeon Universe in 2008 under a new 10 year deal..

Newest Developments
2016 - Shredder’s Mutant Masher and Flyover America

2015 - Bubble Guppies Guppy Bubbler

2014 - Barnacle Blast Zip Line

2012 - TMNT: Shell Shock

2010 - Brain Surge

2009 - Flying Dutchman Ghostly Gangplank

2008 - Rock Bottom Plunge & Avatar Airbender




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