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OAKWOOD Theme Park
Pembrokeshire, UK
Aspro Group





2017 - Nothing is known at this time...


???? - The Legend of the Sleepy Hollow - The status of the Sleepy Hollow plans is unknown...
    (1/22/15) While I’m still trying to track down what coaster may be coming to Oakwood, I did hear that the park had entered a deal last year to buy a used coaster from Spain, but was having difficulty getting it shipped and cleared by customs in time for them to open it for the 2014 season. This also sounds like a valid reason as to why the entire new The Legend of Sleepy Hollow land also didn’t open in 2014 and was delayed to 2015. What confuses me is why Oakwood hasn’t put anything about this new land on their website yet, and the last time I think they mentioned it on their Facebook page was way back in August 2014. Have their plans changed since then?
    (1/21/15) Screamscape sources tell us that Oakwood is planning on opening a new indoor wild mouse style coaster as part of their new Sleepy Hollow land this year. Anyone know more?
    (8/20/14) Oakwood has confirmed that the Legend of Sleepy Hollow area they were supposed to open in 2014 was pushed back to 2015. According to ThemeParks-UK the  2 million area will replace the former Wild West area. It will feature new rides like The Headless Horseman and The Tree of the Dead. 
    (4/16/14) ThemeParksUK reports that Oakwood will open a new land to replace the former Wild West area in Summer 2014. The new land is expected to be themed around The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and feature some new exciting attractions.
    (10/28/13) Oakwood reports that the Brer Rabbit ride is being closed to make way for a new future attraction. Brer Rabbit is a kiddie train ride that quickly enters a long tunnel for an enclosed low-tech dark ride style experience. No word yet on if this is simply an update to the theme of the attraction, of it the entire ride will be scrapped to make way for something entirely new.




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