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Madrid, Spain
Parques Reunidos





Park News - (2/6/17) CoasterHub reported that according to Parques Reunidos management, they would be adding a VR enhancement experience to two coasters in their chain of parks in 2017:  Sky Rocket at Kennywood in the USA and to Batman la Fuga (a B&M made Batman: The Ride clone) at Parque Warner Madrid in Spain. No theme has been announced for either ride, though I would only assume that with a Batman theme in place on the coaster in Spain, the VR experience would also follow suit there.


icon_STOP2018 - Warner Beach Expansion - (12/8/17) According to a report Parque Warner Madrid will spend 8 million Euro on a new expansion of the Warner Beach waterpark area in 2018.




Newest Attractions:
2014 - Warner Beach

2011 - Happy Feet 4D


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