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Madrid, Spain
Parques Reunidos





icon_STOPPark News - (2/6/17) CoasterHub reported that according to Parques Reunidos management, they would be adding a VR enhancement experience to two coasters in their chain of parks in 2017:  Sky Rocket at Kennywood in the USA and to Batman la Fuga (a B&M made Batman: The Ride clone) at Parque Warner Madrid in Spain. No theme has been announced for either ride, though I would only assume that with a Batman theme in place on the coaster in Spain, the VR experience would also follow suit there.
    (3/10/16) According to an interesting report, Parque Warner Madrid is being fined for $354,000 for failing to compensate artists and rightsholders for using their music in the park between 2002 and 2008. It was always my understanding that parks typically paid for a virtual blanket rights to play most music, in the form of background park music, but attraction specific items often needed special rights, especially when played in sync with something and not just in the background. Unfortunately the article doesn't explain just how this all seemed to happen to the park for a period of six years, but as the case reached Spain's Supreme Court, the ruling is now final.


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