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Park News - (8/6/18) The word so far from sources confirms that Phantasialand did indeed file paperwork to remove something at the park, but they don't believe it will be Temple of the Night Hawk. The general consensus is that the China Town themed area along with the Geister Rikscha dark ride are the most likely target for demolition due to declining popularity and the age of the area and attraction.
    (8/3/18) Rumor has it that the park has apparently filed the necessary paperwork required that would indicate that something sizeable in the park will be getting demolished to make way for a new future attraction. Early rumors suggest that it could be either Temple of the Night Hawk dark coaster, or possibly the Geister Rikscha dark ride.
    (3/21/17) Sad news for Phantasialand as it has been reported that a park worker was killed while working on the Winjas Fear & Force spinning coasters.


icon_STOP2019 - Rookburgh / F.L.Y. - (9/7/18) Time to check in on Phantasialand and see what's going on with F.L.Y. and Rookburgh, thanks to a special update at CaliforniaCoasterKings.
    (6/14/18) Just a quick update about Project F.L.Y. at Phantasialand. For starters, this isn't opening in 2018 as we had previously guessed... this will be a 2019 attraction. Meanwhile the park has begun construction on the new coaster, including putting sections of track in place as well as digging up a large site for the new attraction area.
    (9/5/17) I don't know if F.L.Y. was ever confirmed as being a Vekoma project or not, but Vekoma has been testing a new unique loading and lift hill system that could be used for just such a ride. Make the jump over to our Vekoma coverage page to see exactly what it is they are working on.
    (8/9/17) According to a post at Looopings the new FLY coaster going to Phantasialand does indeed appears to be a Vekoma creation.
    (6/21/17) Phantasialand has announced that they will build F.L.Y. next… F.L.Y. standing for Flying Launch Coaster. Yep… the world’s first launched flying coaster is on the way… but from Vekoma and this is also supposed to be the world’s longest Flying Coaster as well.
    This is apparently supposed to tie into the new Rookburgh steampunk themed area of the park now under construction, and already teased by in-park billboards.




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