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Park News - (12/19/12) NewsParcs reports that the proposed expansion plan for Phantasialand has now been partially approved by the local government. Read the details here.
    (11/13/12) Phantasialand is planning on building a 6.25 acre waterpark resort hotel according to the park’s latest expansion plans. Otherwise, none of the park’s new expansion property will be used for amusement park attractions, which seems to be a requirement of getting permission to use the property. Phantasialand will have to build new attraction on the existing property, or remove old attractions to make room for new. You can see an overall map of how the new property will be used instead here.
    (7/3/12) A long standing issue between Phantasialand and the government may soon come to a close as the park has agreed to a compromise and will accept an 18 hectares expansion plan instead of the previous 30 hectares plan they have been pushing for. All parties are hoping for a quick final resolution to the new proposal.


icon_STOP2014 - Chiapas - Now Open - (4/4/14) At long last the new Chiapas flume ride at Phantasialand has now opened. You can find an edited POV video of all the forwards and backwards action embeded below. I’ve got to say that this looks like one of the most well themed flumes I’ve seen in years. Very unique and full of some elements that might even shock you.

    (8/6/13) While Phantasialand is still working to finish up their new flume ride, I’m told that there is a chance it may finally soft open by the end of the month, though it will be marketed as the new ride for the 2014 season. You can find pictures of the current progress here.
    I’m told that the ride system is from Intamin and will feature 6 single-file seats in each boat. During the ride it is expected to have a backwards drop as well as what may be the steepest drop on a log flume. Of course given the troubles that the Intamin flume ride at Cedar Point had last month, I wouldn’t be surprised if the soft opening of this ride was delayed a little longer.
    (5/7/13) Another construction update for Chiapas at Phantasialand can be found here.
    (5/3/13) A new construction update from Phantasialand showing off the progress on their new heavily themed Chiapas flume ride can be found at ParkScout.
    (12/31/12) New construction pictures of the Chiapas attraction area have been posted to Freizeitpark-Fotografie. What’s really impressive is how they are transforming this entire area around the park’s existing mine train ride running over and around the same area.
    (11/26/12) New construction pictures and artwork promoting Chiapas at Phantasialand has been posted to AirTimers this week. According to the new stats listed on one park poster, the new themed flume ride will be 6 minutes long and feature a 53 plunge at the end.
    (10/1/12) Flume sections for the new Chiapas ride are already being installed at Phantasialand according to the latest pictures posted to AirTimers.
    (7/2/12) Details about the new 2013 attraction coming to Phantasialand were released to the park guests the other day in the form of a park model put on display with a sign that names the new 2013 ride “Chiapas”.  You can scroll down a bit on the website to see a large group of photos of the model which indicates that this will be a new water flume ride. The final waterfall themed drop looks quite impressive, as it will feature a head-chopped effect dropping down under a walkway bridge and rise back up for a little airtime hill before hitting the final splashdown.  This appears very similar in style to the impressive drop on the Ripsaw Falls flume at Universal’s Islands of Adventure, which was built by Mack, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this is also from Mack.  The attraction also appears to have both indoor and outdoor sections if I’m not mistaken, which is always a plus.
    (4/2/12) You can take a peek at some new pathways going around the demolition / construction site can be found here, as well as a peak at the huge clearing where the park is preparing for their next big thing.
    (1/16/12) The latest rumors from Phantasialand indicate that the eventual replacement for the removed log ride is expected to be a new highly themed water ride of some kind to open in 2013. The ride is said to feature both indoor and outdoor sections, and is likely to interweave with sections of the Colorado Adventure coaster, much like the Wildwasserbahn that it will replace. The rumors are not specific about what kind of ride this may be… if it could just be a more modern flume ride or perhaps something more like a water coaster style ride, though it just might have more of a Mexican theme.
    (1/10/12) RCPro has posted a nice new photo update from Phantasialand showing off the latest demolition pictures of the park’s log flume and scenic removal of much of the park’s Western themed land.
    (12/13/11) New demolition work photos from Phantasialand have been posted to, as the work crews lay waste to an entire attraction area to make way for something new. It’s a virtual log-ride graveyard in there.
    (11/28/11) It has been reported that Casa Magnetica at Phantasialand has been completely torn down, and the nearby log flume has also been walled off and the wreckers have started demolition work in there as well. You can see some of the demolition pictures posted over at Given the scale here, it appears that the park has something very large in mind to go in to replace the western section of the park which most likely wont be ready until 2013.
    (8/31/11) Screamscape sources tell us that starting sometime in early 2012, Phantasialand is planning on removing the “western city” area, including Casa Magnetica and Little Joe’s restaurant in order to put in a new themed area with new attractions. The Silverado Theater (Stunt Show) will also be demolished from what I’m told. No word on what may be on the way in 2013 to justify all this demolition.


icon_STOP2015 - New Attraction - (3/14/14) The latest rumor from Phantasialand says that the proposed new 4D Theater film has now also been pushed back a year and will premier in 2015 instead.
    (2/26/14) In addition to the delayed Chiapas attraction opening this season at Phantasialand, I’m told that we can expect to see an unknown new film brought to the park’s 4D  Theater (Schauspielhaus). Chiapas should be ready to open around April 1st, but look for the new 4D film to open later in the season.
    (1/20/14) According to AirTimers, Phantasialand has announced that they will be closing down the park’s Wild West area as well as the darkride, “Silbermine” to make room for new future additions to the park. While nothing specific was mentioned about what might be coming, they did say that the new attractions would serve as an expansion to the Mystery themed area.
    (1/16/12) Once the rumored new Chiapas water ride opens I’ve heard that the park may be planning on removing the SilberMine dark ride during the next off season for another new project in 2014/2015. Anyone else know more?


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