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Rye, New York


icon_STOPPark News - (7/1/20) According to an official statement from the park, Rye Playland will now not reopen for the 2020 season. The Amusement Park was unable to open in May due to the Coronavirus pandemic but this was not possible. It is worth mentioning that as of June 26th, the Playland Beach and Mini-Golf course did open, but they will not be attempting to open the amusement park or rides.
    (9/25/19) The fight over Playland continues as Westchester County battles Standard Amusements over the pending deal that would see Standard take over Playland this fall. Westchester County says the deal is “impossible” and should be terminated. For now it seems the matter is up for a courtroom to decide who will rule Playland in the end.
    (5/8/19) The local news reports that Westchester County officials have officially sent notice to Standard Amusements to terminate the deal to run the park starting this fall. The county will continue to operate the park as planned for the 2019 season.
    (4/26/19) The ongoing troubles between Standard Amusements and the local government who has been unwilling to hand-off control of the Playland Amusement Park as agreed to is continuing to escalate. As the local political types apparently continue to try to find a way to break the deal, Standard Amusements has announced their intention to increase their share of investment capital into the property by an additional $5 million. They say that the additional investment, now raised to $32.7 million, is needed to cover “additional unplanned overhead and expenses”. As part of the 2016 agreement that was signed, control of the park is supposed to be handed over to Standard Amusements in November, 2019.
    (2/17/19) The local news reports that Westchester County is looking to add a new ride to Playland Park by the 4th of July. The county is asking for bids for 5-year deal to bring a “new or recently used thrill ride” to the park, to be located near the Playland Plunge ride. While there isn’t a lot of time to make this happen, this seems more like a political move on the part of the County who is in a dispute with Standard Amusements who are supposed to take over management of the park in November. Standard has already laid out an extensive set of plans for the future of the park, including renovations and new attractions, which this out of nowhere proposal by the County does not take into consideration. Meanwhile Playland Park while under control of the County has not added a new attraction to the park since 2008.
    (2/1/19) The battle over Playland Park has gone up a notch this week as Standard Amusement’s ideas for the park have started to leak out on social media. Their new master plan for the park includes the addition of several new rides, attractions and facilities. Highlights of the plans include the intention to build a “new version” of the park’s once-famous Airplane coaster within the next 10 years, adding 5 new major rides and 9 kiddie rides, update the Zombie Castle dark ride, remove the extra charge for beach access, add at least six new restaurant locations, plant 500 new trees and more.
    (1/12/19) It’s hard to believe this is still going on, but the legal disputes over a deal signed between Westchester County and Standard Amusements to operate the Playland amusement park still rages. As of this week the County is now accusing Standard Amusements of not living up to the terms of the 30-year deal (just signed in May 2016) in a possible attempt to negate the deal, while Standard Amusements is fighting back claiming that it was the County that has not lived up to their own obligations. The details get a little complicated, so follow the link to the official news article to see who's been doing what.


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