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Rye, New York


icon_STOPPark News - (5/5/16) According to this article the local legislators voted 13-4 on Monday to turn over the operations of Playland Park to Standard Amusements that will see at least $30 million invested in the park over the next 30 years.
    (4/2/16) The local news reports that the interim manager of Playland Park was granted a short extension to keep running the park, while Standard Amusements has been given an extra month to finalize their agreement by April 29th that would see them invest at least $25 million over the next five year and take over the full-time management of the park sometime later this year.
    (2/24/16) An amended agreement between Standard Amusement and Westchester County to see Standard take over the operations of the Playland amusement park site would see Standard Amusement up their investment by an extra $5 million to $30 million and would see the county spend $58 million to oversee 11 construction projects at the park and ensure they would finish on time. Further details of the new agreement are expected to be released soon, so it can be finalized.
    (10/21/15) According to the local news Standard Amusements has been granted a 5-month extension on their option to bow out of the deal to manage Playland Park. The original deadline was this Friday, which required them to complete their $2.25 million payment to the County (they have already paid $500,000), at which point they would take over full management duties. Standard Amusements paid $25,000 to the county instead at this time and asked for the extension in order to complete their management plan, setting the new deadline clock for March 31st, 2016, but they will begin to co-manage the park with the county until then.


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Playland Park
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Rye, New York




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