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Plopsa Parks News - (10/30/17) A great interview with the CEO of the Plopsa parks has been posted to BlooLoop this week that includes not only talk about the parks and where they are going, but also takes a look at the park's past and evolution over the years into what we see today.


PLOPSALAND DE PANNE (Adinkerke - De Panne, Belgium)

2018 - Plopsa Hotel - (8/26/17) According to the latest update the Plopsa Hotel will open in 2018 near the Plopsaqua waterpark. This will be a 4-star hotel project with 120 guest rooms, 3 on-site restaurants and an underground parking garage. I believe this is in addition to the nearby 150 Cottage Resort project previously announced that was also expected to open their first phase sometime in 2018.

2018 - Cottage Resort - Confirmed - (1/10/17) Plopsaland De Panne has confirmed that they will invest 30-million Euros to build a 150-cottage resort area not far from the theme park. Each of the cottages, that will be built-up over three phases is expected to accommodate an average of 6 guests at a time. According to our friends at BlooLoop the first phase should be ready to open to guests sometime in 2018.

icon_STOP2019 - Dino Splash - Confirmed - (10/8/18) Belgium’s Plopsaland has announced a plan to transform the park’s existing Boomstammetjes log flume ride by giving it a complete makeover to feature a new larger than life dinosaur theme, along with the new name of Dino Splash. Currently the ride experience seems mostly unthemed except for a large castle themed structure that holds the ride’s final plunge. This will all be replaced next season with what appears to be a more volcanic mountain structure at the top of the ride’s two drops, and a more lush jungle-like themed area full of dinosaurs figures along the lower end of the ride.


PLOPSA COO (Stavelot, Belgium)

2018 - Nothing is known at this time...


PLOPSA INDOOR (Hasselt, Belgium)

2018 - Nothing is known at this time... nothing added since 2013


PLOPSA INDOOR COEVORDEN (Coevorden, Netherlands)

2018 - Nothing is known at this time... nothing added since 2013


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