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Park News - (12/5/13) According to this news report the Bonomi family (Investindustrial) has sold 49.9% of their shares in PortAventura to the KKR private investment group. This is thought to be a move to find an investment partner to help with the expansion of not just the theme park, but the growing expansion project announced earlier this year just outside that will feature hotels, retail and casinos. 
    (11/20/13) Christmas is coming to PortAventura very soon. Starting November 23rd the resort will transform into a winter dreamscape for the Christmas season. New this year will be the huge Christmas Market area where guests can explore holiday treats and shop for unique items. The park will also add a Snow Tubing run that will follow the park’s Wall of China route. An Ice Rink will be set up in the Mexico area and a new 4D Theater film called Christmas Adventure will also be shown to guests. There are many new shows and entertainment options on the way as well.
    (10/28/13) ElBlogDeDream has posted a two-part report all about the Halloween event taking place at PortAventura. Check it out. Part 1 / Part 2
    (10/18/13) PortAventura may find a major new neighbor moving in next door in the form of the “BCN World” mega resort project. This massive resort is expected to build up to 6,000 hotel rooms, retail malls, casinos, restaurants, theaters and more, all developed by the same company (Investindustrial) that has owned the PortAventura theme park since 2009.
   Investindustrial is planning on building and running six separate 500-room hotels that will focus on families, and allow other developers to build another 3000-rooms. The first outside hotel partner has already been named: Melia will use their “ME” luxury branding on a 1,100 room hotel, and a company by the name of Value Retail will manage the first retail complex. Chinese casino company Melco Crown Entertainmenet, is also planned to open the first casino in BCN World. Construction on BCN World is expected to begin in the first half of 2014.
    (10/2/13) From September 28 through to November 17, PortAventura will celebrate the extended Halloween season with the creation of the [REC] Experience, a new terror experience themed to the three [REC] films. (Note: [REC] Experience will only be open on weekends!)  The park will also feature other haunted walk-through attractions like “Selva del miedo (Jungle of fear)” and ‘Horror in Penitence”, as well as several live musical shows. For the younger park guests, Count Von Count will arrive as a new character in the park’s SesamoAventura area.
    (9/18/13) PortAventura will be holding an a special Oktoberfest celebration in the park on September 13, 14 and 15. Make the jump over to ElBlogDeDream for all the details.
    (4/22/13) ElBlogDeDream is back with a new huge two part general photo and video update from PortAventura.
    (3/15/13) The local news reports that PortAdventure will spend $75 million Euros over the next five years to expand and improve the theme park resort, including increasing the number of hotel rooms they have on property.


icon_STOP2014 - Angkor: Lost Kingdom Adventure / Cirque du Soleil: Kooza - (4/16/14) The new Angkor, Adventure in the Lost Kingdom splash battle style ride at PortAventura has now opened. You can see pictures and a video of the wet action posted to Disney & More this week.
    (3/4/14) The latest construction update from PortAventura’s new Splash Battle ride, Angkor, can be found here, taken during an on-site construction tour of the new attraction. They tell us that the ride is expected to be open by April 11th.
    (1/24/14) PortAventura has named their new Splash Battle ride as Angkor: Lost Kingdom Adventure. According to ElBogDeDream (link fixed), the new Splash Battle ride system will be from Mack Rides and they’ve also posted some concept artwork of the new ride.
    In other news, as I suspected, guests will need to buy a separate ticket to see Cirque do Soleil’s Kooza at PortAventura. You can find out how to buy your ticket here.
    (1/14/14) New construction pictures from PortAventura’s new 2014 mystery ride can be found over at ElBlogDeDream.
    (1/3/14) Another new picture of the new 2014 attraction under construction at PortAventura can be found at PA-Community this week. Screamscape sources have confirmed that this will be a very large and unique Splash Battle style ride experience.
    (12/9/13) ElBlogDeDream has a new update showing off the Christmas celebrations in action at PortAventura this year as well as having posted their own construction report on the park’s new unknown 2014 attraction.
    In other major news, PortAventura has also announced that in 2014 the park will welcome Cirque du Soleil’s Kooza traveling show to perform at the theme park resort in one of Cirque’s large portable circus tent structures during the summer season. They didn’t go into details about the exact location, or the cost of tickets, but since this is Cirque, you can pretty much count on the fact that this will be a separate ticket event. If this is incorrect that admission to Cirque’s Kooza show will be included with park admission, please do let me know.
    (12/5/13) A new picture of the construction site at PortAventura has revealed lots of new details and clearly shows off not only a ride station, but support buildings and where crews have clearly dug a trough through the terrain. Could this be for a new boat ride of some kind?  The park already has a log ride, a big splash boat ride and a river rapids ride, so I’m wondering if this might be a Splash Battle style ride. Of course, it may not be a water ride at all and could be something entirely different and unique. Anyone know more?
    (12/4/13) A picture showing off the construction site at PortAventura for the new 2014 attraction that was taken back in August can be found on Twitter. While I’m not entirely sure what the site looks like now, it has been described as looking like it consists of several small structures or buildings, but no sign of a single large building structure that would indicate that this might be an indoor only attraction. I’m hoping someone will be able to get an updated picture of the site soon to share.
    (12/3/13) PortAventura has set up a teaser banner in the park to promote their new 2014 attraction. It shows a temple like structure on one side with words promsing a new “unimaginable experience” coming in 2014. Construction has started and can be seen from the lift hills of nearby Dragon Khan and Shambhala, but no worthworth details were mentioned. 
   Anyone know more about what kind of attraction this will be? The temple structure in the artwork would make you think it might be a dark ride, but it seems a little late to be just starting construction on a project that might require a large building, so does anyone have an idea what this may be?
    (8/29/13) ElBlogDeDream has posted a new construction update for the unknown 2014 attraction coming to PortAventura. So far they have started to push around a lot of dirt in a large area, so whatever is planned may take up a good amount of space next to Shambhala.
    (8/16/13) ElBlogDeDream posts their thoughts about what the 2014 PortAventura expansion could be. 
    (7/18/13) In a video interview with the General Manager of PortAventura he mentions that the park is looking into a new family ride for 2014, possibly in the Asian area of the park. In the long term future he also mentions that they may look into building more dark rides as well.








icon_STOP2016 - Ferrari Land / Ferrari Hotel - Confirmed -
    (4/7/14) A PortAventura fan has recreated the Ferrari themed hotel as well as the entire future Ferrari Land section of the park with NoLimits 2, including all the rumored attractions as seen in the concept art, from the car ride, coaster, freefall tower rides and more. Check out a video of their beautiful work below!

    (3/14/14) PortAventura has announced that they will add Ferrari Land to the park for 2016. The new Ferrari branded land will feature a number of new attractions, as well as bring a new Ferrari branded 250-room 5-star resort hotel to the PortAventura Resort. The project is expected to cost over 100 million Euros when finished.
    According to the concept artwork, in addition to the bright red hotel building, the Ferrari Land will feature a huge new coaster that appears to be semi-clone of Kingda Ka, along with drop tower tracks attached to the tower. No height or speed was given, but they say that this will be Europe’s fastest accelerator coaster when it opens, so it really only needs to be bigger and faster than Stealth at Thorpe Park to make that happen, but it could very well approach the size of Kingda Ka or Top Thrill Dragster. A second dueling race car themed ride is also seen crossing through the land.



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