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2015 - Nothing is known at this time...


icon_STOP2016 - Ferrari Land / Ferrari Hotel - Confirmed -
    (3/23/15) ThemeparX has posted a few pictures of the future Ferrari Land construction site being prepared for the new expansion, along with a news link reporting that construction will officially begin on May 7th.
    (10/13/14) PortAventura has put up a sign promoting Ferrari Land to open in 2016. While the proposal for this seemed like a fun additional new land for PortAventura, it seems that Ferrari Land will actually operate as an entire separate theme park. A park with only a couple of attractions, and the one big coaster… at a cost of around $130 million I’m told. I’m not sure if that cost is just for the park itself, or if it includes the Ferrari themed hotel as well. Either way, I’m still baffled as to why they would try to run this as a separate theme park experience.
    (4/7/14) A PortAventura fan has recreated the Ferrari themed hotel as well as the entire future Ferrari Land section of the park with NoLimits 2, including all the rumored attractions as seen in the concept art, from the car ride, coaster, freefall tower rides and more. Check out a video of their beautiful work below!
    (3/14/14) PortAventura has announced that they will add Ferrari Land to the park for 2016. The new Ferrari branded land will feature a number of new attractions, as well as bring a new Ferrari branded 250-room 5-star resort hotel to the PortAventura Resort. The project is expected to cost over 100 million Euros when finished.
    According to the concept artwork, in addition to the bright red hotel building, the Ferrari Land will feature a huge new coaster that appears to be semi-clone of Kingda Ka, along with drop tower tracks attached to the tower. No height or speed was given, but they say that this will be Europe’s fastest accelerator coaster when it opens, so it really only needs to be bigger and faster than Stealth at Thorpe Park to make that happen, but it could very well approach the size of Kingda Ka or Top Thrill Dragster. A second dueling race car themed ride is also seen crossing through the land.


Nearby Developments - (10/18/13) PortAventura may find a major new neighbor moving in next door in the form of the “BCN World” mega resort project. This massive resort is expected to build up to 6,000 hotel rooms, retail malls, casinos, restaurants, theaters and more, all developed by the same company (Investindustrial) that has owned the PortAventura theme park since 2009.
   Investindustrial is planning on building and running six separate 500-room hotels that will focus on families, and allow other developers to build another 3000-rooms. The first outside hotel partner has already been named: Melia will use their “ME” luxury branding on a 1,100 room hotel, and a company by the name of Value Retail will manage the first retail complex. Chinese casino company Melco Crown Entertainmenet, is also planned to open the first casino in BCN World. Construction on BCN World is expected to begin in the first half of 2014.



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