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NEW RESORT  PROJECT with Six Flags Qiddiya Theme Park


Resort News - (1/5/21) TheCoasterKings takes a look at the concept art released thus far for Six flags Qiddiya and describes many of the possible attractions that could be in the theme park. Keep in mind that this is just concept artwork and the final attractions lineup probably has not been finalized yet, so everything is subject to change and re-design.
    (12/31/20) The massive Qiddiya project in Saudi Arabia picked up Disney veteran, Philippe Gas to take on the role of CEO for the Quddiya Investment Company last month. Thus far most of our focus on Qiddiya has been on the new Six Flags theme park announced for the resort project to be located 45 km from Riyadh, but there is much more to the project than that. Much like how we’ve seen the transformation of Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the UAE, Qiddiya is a major component of Saudi Arabia’s “Vision 2030” plan as a way to diversify the county’s future income generation away from being primarily dependent on oil production. In addition to Six Flags Qiddiya the resort area will also be home to a waterpark, various sports facilities (including a race track able to host MotoGP and Formula 1 events as early as 2023), as well as on site resorts, wellness attractions, retail and dining opportunities and much more, all in a very scenic setting near the mountains and natural beauty of the region. The area also plans to lure in more than just tourists and travelers, with Qiddiya plans in place for build homes on the site as well for up to 10,000 residents.
    Philippe Gas is no stranger to overseeing a major resort of this magnitude after working with Disney for much of the past three decades, serving as President of the DIsneyland Paris Resort from 2008-2014 and then President of Disney’s Shanghai Reosrt from 2014 to 2019. He has now settled into his new role with Qiddiya to build a resort complex like no other for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Gas spoke at length with BlooLoop about the project, the planning and what we can expect as they move forward towards the opening of Phase 1 in 2023. It’s a fascinating read that goes deep into the details of the entire project that is worth checking out.

    (4/23/20) Six Flags Qiddiya is alive with an active construction site, with tons of heavy machinery on site performing the needed grading work in Saudi Arabia to prepare the site to be transformed into a future resort.


    (8/28/19) I told everyone to expect this big announcement to happen several weeks ago and now it is official… Six Flags Qiddiya, a new theme park in Saudi Arabia was announced the other day, along with a very big claim. While there will be lots of new thrill rides in the theme park, the landscape of the park will be defined by the Falcon’s Flight coaster, which promises to break about every coaster record set for being the biggest and fastest. No official figures were thrown out about just what Falcon’s Flight will do, but they did put out a piece of animation that makes this coaster simply look as big as a mountain. It would be fair to say that the animation isn’t the most realistic looking, but rather looks like it was made for a VR style experience rather than to be an accurate representation of the true coaster to come, though that dive off a cliff wall into an underground tunnel sure is something I hope they can pull off.
    The park will be divided into several different themed lands… six different realms of adventure to be exact to represent the Six Flags brand. Once you enter the park you’ll work towards the hub of the park called the Citadel where a giant compass will point the way to the different themed lands: City of Thrills, Steam Town, Discovery Springs, Valley of Fortune, Twilight Gardens and Grand Exposition.
    City of Thrills is home to the Falcon’s Flight coaster, the Sirocco Tower drop ride,the Wind Rider flat ride and a family suspended coaster called the Adreline Coaster.
    Steam Town will be home to various smaller rides as well as The Iron Rattler Mine Train, a massive steampunk inspired looking “Tilt Coaster” style creation that will give riders a vertical plunge down into the mine shaft waiting below. Other rides include the Steam Town Falls Water Coaster, the Steel Stampede and Treehouse Trek.
    Discovery Springs will feature a number of water themed rides, including coasters, an interactive dark ride, and a family flume ride and something called the Sea Stallion where riders can control the speed of their vehicle.
    Valley of Fortune will offer Spitfire, a triple launched coaster experience, or ride into the skies inside an enclosed building structure on Skywatch, along with other rides like Treasure Trail, Aeromax and more.
    Twilight Gardens will be home to animals and family rides, but after dark it becomes a glowing family wonderland. Included will be the Twilight Express Coaster, the Critter Chase interactive dark ride and Kaleidoscope hot air balloons.
    The Grand Exposition will be themed like the World Expo’s of year’s past, offering many incredible dining opportunities, the Arabian Carousel, Automania bumper cars, the Gyrospin Pendulum ride and what seems to be an RMC style custom coaster creation to be called The Colossus that will be 800 meters long.
    All said and done the park will offer 28 rides when it opens, 25 restaurants and much more when it opens in 2023.

    (8/8/19) Screamscape has been informed that an official press release regarding the new Six Flags Qiddiya theme park project going into Saudi Arabia will take place on August 26th. Stay tuned!




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