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News & Rumors


QUASSY Amusement Park
Middlebury, Conneticut




icon_STOP2017 – Waterpark Expansion & 2 Kiddie Rides – (11/24/16) Quassy confirmed on YouTube that the park will add Skipper's Clipper's, a new kiddie ride shown in the video, to the park along with a Zamperla Samba Balloon ride as part of a new kiddie ride area near the lake. The two new rides will replace a couple of old "umbrella" kiddie rides.
    (6/22/15) Quassy will add three large new thrilling waterslide to the Splash Away Bay waterpark for the 2017 season from ProSlide, adding them to an area currently used as a picnic grove on the North side of the property. According to the press release, the largest of the three new slides will be a ProSlide TantrumTWIST slide along with a pair of PIPEline sepentine slides. All three slides will depart from the same slide tower structure and end with runout troughs near Saturation Station.
    (10/6/14) Once the kiddie expansion is complete, the next phase of expansion for the waterpark is said to be a new large scale thrill slide. The exact nature if still unknown, so it may depend on what the hottest selling thrill slide is at the time they are ready to build it.



Track Record

Quassy Amusement Park
Middleybury, CT

Opened: 1908

Tickets: as of 3/15/09
Park Admission Free
Ride Tickets: $3.00 each
Book of 12: $27.00
Adult All Day Pass: $21.00
Child All Day Pass: $17.00
Parking: $5

Newest Developments:
2016 - Reverse Time & Slide City

2015 - Frantic & Collidoscope

2013 - Splash Away Bay

2012 - Tea Cups

2011 - Wooden Warrior

2010 - Free Fall ‘N

2009 - New Entrance



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