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Shanghai, China
Walt Disney Company

Opened June 16, 2016


icon_STOPPark News - (9/9/17) Shanghai Disneyland has had a bit of a time putting Disney's FastPass program into a proper working order. First they launched it with first-gen style FastPass ticket machines, but that only led to individuals trying to make a quick buck off the system by grabbing and selling FastPass tickets to other guests. To combat this Disney attempted to beat them at their own game in April by selling a "Disney Premier Access" pass upgrade that comes with FastPass style access to skip the lines on seven of the park's major attractions.
    This week Shanghai Disneyland has announced the next step in the program will be the complete conversion of the park's FastPass program to an all digital method this fall. Shanghai Disneyland guests will need to download the official park app onto their mobile device to be able to book and redeem Disney FastPass tickets, similar to how the program works at Walt Disney World. Guests can also opt to pay extra to upgrade to Disney Premier Access through the app as well.
    (7/7/17) A couple of fun videos shot the other day at Shanghai Disneyland have been making the social media rounds as a freak storm turned the park into something that looked akin to a hurricane striking the parks in Florida for a bit. While the guests sought shelter the scene taking place in the park's Pirates themed Treasure Cove area looked like something out of the film series. Meanwhile a similar scene played out in nearby Disney Avenue as strollers  and stray loose objects and trash were swept entirely out of sight by the violent winds.
    So if you've ever wondered what it was like inside one of the Florida parks when they close down when a Hurricane passes nearby... that's a pretty good example of what you would see.

    (6/22/17) In response to comments Bob Iger made a few days ago about the possibility of a second park in China, my own sources have confirmed to Screamscape that work on a second park is indeed already in early development. But to be clear... in development doesn't mean approved to be built. They're just working on ideas and design concepts that will eventually be put together into a final proposal in order to get approval to move forward.
    (6/19/17) After hosting 11 million guests in the first year of operation, Disney CEO, Bob Iger says that the park is now "close to breaking even" in record time. With that kind of quick turnaround on investment, it has also given Disney the confidence to say that there is a good chance that they could build a second park in China sometime in the future, though they are focused on the continued growth and success of the original park for the immediate future.
    Based on the numbers, beyond expanding the existing park, I'd guess they are looking into building additional resort properties on site as well as the occupancy rates of the existing resorts is already "extremely high". Meanwhile they have had a more troubling time with the Merchandise and Food & Beverage side of things within the park, which the guests have universally deemed as being just too high priced.
    (6/17/17) An interesting article about how well Shanghai Disneyland will fair during it's second year was posted by Nikkei. Shanghai Disneyland did well, attendance wise, during the first full year of operation, pulling in 11 million guests, which actually overshot Disney's initial estimate of 10 million by a good 10%. However, things get more tricky in the second year, a trend often called the softmore slump as the newness of the park has worn off, most people have gone to see it once already, so based on how well they enjoyed their first day and reacted to the costs involved, they will make a decision on if they want to go back again so soon, especially if the park has no new attractions to offer. It should be interesting to watch how this second year plays out.
    (4/5/17) After failing to find a good way to battle the presence of locals sales-people attempting to sell FastPass tickets for profit to guests at Shanghai Disneyland, Disney is simply opting to beat them at their own game and is now selling a Disney Premier Access upgrade pass option to allow guests to skip the lines on up to seven major attractions at the park. You can simply use the program to buy a single pass for about $17 to $21 (depending on how crowded it is that day) or you can buy the whole pack of 7 passes for a price between $70-$88.




icon_STOP2018 - Toy Story Land - Confirmed - (9/22/17) A Screamscape reader who just visited Shanghai Disneyland sent in a couple of pictures of the new Toy Story area under construction at the park, where you can really make out the RC Racer half-pipe ride, as seen in daytime and nighttime.
    (6/17/17) A couple of aerial photos of Shanghai Disney's Toy Story Land construction site can be found posted to Disney & More this week. Originally announced as part of the park's opening day lineup, the Toy themed land quickly fell off the radar and future press announcements as it was pushed back to be a Phase 2 project. It's worth mentioning that a few structures and some infrastructure were already put in place for the land while the rest of the park was being built, but as we can see now full fledged construction is now taking place as they work towards a 2018 opening date. Foundations for the new ride stuctures and buildings are now in place, and the former blue roofed temporary construction buildings have been long removed from the site.
    In addition to the Toy Story Cafe restaurant, which actually did open with the rest of the park, the land will feature three attractions: Slinky Dog Spin, Rex' Racer and Woody's Round-Up, the later of which is expected to be a western themed version of the Mater's Junkyard Jamboree ride at Disney California Adventure.
    (11/11/16) We had heard that a Toy Story Land was on the way to Shanghai Disneyland next, and according to the South China Morning Post the park confirmed on Thursday that the new land will open in 2018 and construction is already under way.
    (6/16/16) It was unofficially confirmed that Toy Story Land would be added to the park next, as many of the themed buildings have actually already been built in the park. As we mentioned before the land was originally announced as an opening day attraction and later on all mention of it stopped... looks like they decided to focus on finishing up the other sections of the park first and put off finishing Toy Story Land until after the  rest of the park was up and running.
    (5/29/16) Last week I pondered the question about just what would we see added to Shanghai Disneyland first. According to Screamscape sources we were right on the button with our first guess... that the previously announced but then forgotten Toy Story Land will be the first new attractions added to the park after it opens.
    From the sound of things it wont be a big land, but will instead consist of only two attractions (Rex's Racer and Slink Dog Spin) along with a Woody's Roundup carnival / midway style area, and a couple of food options. Rex's Racer should be the same bright-orange half-pipe looking ride that we've seen at other parks under the "RC Racer" name and Slinky Dog Spin will also be the exact same circular flat ride that was used at Hong Kong Disneyland and in Paris.
    I'm not sure why the old "RC Racer" is being replaced with a "Rex" theme in Shanghai, but I'm told that the pieces for the ride are already already on-site in the backstage area somewhere, so once the park opens we should see construction begin on this right away.


icon_STOP2018 - Mandarin Beauty & The Beast Broadway Musical - (9/4/17) Disney & More reports that a Mandarin production of Disney's Broadway musical version of Beauty & The Beast will soon arrive at the Shanghai Disney Resort to perform at the Grand Theater in 2018.


???? - Future Park Additions - Rumor - (5/23/16) While Shanghai Disneyland has yet to open to the public, there are many other there already talking about what's next... which Phase 2 projects will we see added to the park over the next decade? (Other than the previously announced Toy Story Land that was to be part of the park's opening lineup at one point, and then pushed back to Phase 2 status, but is now under construction for 2018)
    I've got to think Star Wars may be in the works as well somewhere... even if not the entire new Star Wars Land, what about Star Tours?  With Hong Kong using the Star Tours ride system for their Iron Man Experience ride opening later this year, putting Star Tours in Shanghai may not be a bad idea before building up to a full blown Star Wars land.
    Marvel is the other idea to think about... is Marvel big in China?  Big enough to get a Marvel Land, or maybe even just a single Marvel themed ride or coaster?  Time will tell.
    Other items I've heard mentioned lately include the idea of building a large mountain themed coaster ride with a layout nearly identical to Expedition Everest, but likely with a different theme. There are also rumors of new dark ride concept as well, such as a trackless dark ride themed to the Alice in Wonderland movies. Of course Disney has so many dark rides to choose from that would work in Shanghai, or they could try to copy newer projects tied to films like Frozen, or the new Beauty and the Beast dark ride coming to Tokyo... or perhaps even to build the first Little Mermaid dark ride in Asia instead.
    While they will likely wait until the park opens to figure out what to build first, it is certain that new attractions will be on the way fairly quickly as they attempt to build out this new park and fill in whatever gaps are needed.




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