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Branson, MO
Herschend Family Entertainment Corp.


icon_STOPPark News - (7/25/14) Silver Dollar City sent a message to their passholders this week to confirm hat Geyser Gulch closes on Aug. 3rd, along with a contest to post one last selfie in front of the treehouse to win prizes. It also said the special announcement for the 2015 project would take place August 13.
    (5/30/14) Silver Dollar City will kick off their Star-Spangled Summer from June 7th through to July 20th. As part of the fun the park will add the Flying Ace All Stars show, featuring Olympic athletes and future hopefuls who will perform amazing stunts on trampolines. Also new is The Illusionary Magic of Brad Ross show.
    SDC also reports that starting July 19th the park will extend the park’s hours into the evening, allowing for some rare night rides on their attractions. Who can resist a run through the pitch black woods at night on Outlaw Run?!
    (4/9/14) MidWestInfoGuide visits Silver Dollar City and reports back about this year’s World Fest celebration as well as taking a look around at what’s new and looking good at the start of the season.
    (3/17/14) According to Screamscape sources, Outlaw Run at Silver Dollar City has added new seat belts to the train over the winter.
    (1/2/14) A great report from the Silver Dollar City over the Christmas holiday has been posted to MidWestInfoGuide.
    (12/17/13) Last week it seems a minor fire broke out at Silver Dollar City inside the queue area for Outlaw Run. Repairs are already in progress and has not affected the operational status of the ride.
    (12/4/13) Has anyone noticed any activity in or around the former Celebration City park in Branson?  Rumor has it that a group was entertaining the idea of buying the site to reopen it as a new separate mini amusement park. No promises… just something to keep an eye on.
    (11/12/13) Negative-G reports that the Wildfire trains at Silver Dollar City have installed new red brackets into a few select locations on the trains. According to the crew, B&M is working on making some kind of special 5-point harness that amputee guests can wear and be secured to the seat, allowing them to ride. In park testing has not begun, but the crew at Wildfire seemed to think that Dollywood may be testing it on Wild Eagle right now.



2014 - WhiteWater: KaPau Plummet - (3/26/14) A great picture of the new KaPau Plummet being assembled was posted to Twitter by Silver Dollar City earlier today.
    (2/13/14) WhiteWater Branson will open a major slide attraction this Spring called KaPau Plummet that will feature two dueling 240-foot slides, each launching riders down through a trap-door drop pod at the top of a 40-foot tower through an enclosed semi-transparent blue tube.
    (9/27/13) A new slide is on the way to White Water Branson, but to make room the Bermuda Triangle slide has to be removed. Silver Dollar City has already posted pictures on their Facebook page showing off that Bermuda Triangle is already in the process of being removed.


icon_STOP2015 - Fireman’s Landing - Confirmed - (8/14/14) Silver Dollar City has confirmed the addition of Fireman’s Landing in Spring 2015, a new themed land that will feature “10 new family adventures”. This breaks down as 6 new family rides and 4 interactive play zones, centered around the Fire Station No. 3 building with the 2-acre land around it themed as an old-time volunteer firefighter recruitment fair, set to test your skills.
   Fire Spotter - Ride in a rapidly spinning balloon ride (Zamperla Balloon Race)
   Fire Wagon Frenzy - Ride in the bucket brigade wagon (Zamperla Crazy Bus)
   FireFall - S&S Double-Shot Tower
   Fireman’s Flyer - Kiddie Swing Ride
   Up the Ladder - Kiddie Drop Tower (Zamperla Jumpin’ Star)
   The Roundabout - Ride a bouncing Dalmation around a fire hydrant (Zamperla Jump Around)
   Firefighter’s Fire Drill - Foam Ball Play Room full of buckets to fill and dump, foam ball canons more. (Inside Station No. 3 Firehouse)
   Firefighter’s Fire Escape - Climbing Structure with tubes, slides and obstacle course. (Inside Station No. 3 Firehouse)
   Firefighter’s Junior Escape - Soft Play Area for Toddlers. (Inside Station No. 3 Firehouse)
   Firehouse Splash Yard - Outdoor water sprayground with water jets and pump hoses.

    Silver Dollar City will also add a new project from the Harlem Globetrotters called “The Globetrotter Experience” in Summer 2015 as well.
    (8/8/14) MidWestInfoGuide has posted a new update from Silver Dollar City. They report that Geyser Gulch is now closed and there are some large new footers freshly built in the area for the 2015 addition.
    (7/25/14) Silver Dollar City sent a message to their passholders this week to confirm hat Geyser Gulch closes on Aug. 3rd, along with a contest to post one last selfie in front of the treehouse to win prizes. It also said the special announcement for the 2015 project would take place August 13.
    (7/24/14) MidWestInfoGuide reports that teaser banners for the park’s 2015 project have gone up around Geyser Gulch. They are clearly going for a firefighter theme for this area, so we may see some similarities to the theme here and that used for Dollywood’s FireChaser Express. The “5-Alarm Announcement” will take place August 13th.
    (7/2/14) A new filing from Herschend for a trademark on the name Fireman’s Landing has been found this week. I’m guessing we have the most likely name for Silver Dollar City’s new attraction area for 2015.
    (5/28/14) The latest photos from Silver Dollar City showing off new additions and progress being made to next year’s attraction site can be found at SDCFans. Whatever the final plans are for 2015, it seems highly likely that they will include the S&S Doubleshot tower from the former Celebration City park. The pieces of the old ride have been posted in SDC’s backlot areas and apparently can be seen from Outlaw Run and The Giant Swing.
    (4/7/14) Whatever SDC has planned for the 2015 season appears to be ready to move into high gear very soon, according to the latest construction report from MidWedInfoGuide. Check it out.
    (3/21/14) According to a report (with pictures) on Negative-G, Silver Dollar City appears to have started clearing a site behind the park’s Geyser Gulch play area for some reason. Could this be early prep work for a 2015 attraction? The site sounds right for the previously pitched concept for the Fireworks Factory idea.
    (9/23/13) While they don’t say much at this point, SDC’s Lisa Rau does seem to confirm that something new is in the works for both Silver Dollar City and the WhiteWater waterpark and that announcements can be expected later this fall. They do imply that the attractions seen in guest survey’s earlier this year were pitched for 2015 and not 2014.
    (8/22/13) The latest rumors from Silver Dollar City for 2014 claim that Geyser Gulch may be getting a dramatic remodel.  Also the Double Shot tower from Celebration City is rumored to be placed next to Geyser Gulch in the former Waterboggan exit area along with another flat ride or two. Sure sounds a lot like that Fireworks Factory concept seen in the July 2013 guest survey (see below).
    (7/30/13) Images from a future attractions survey issued to SDC guests have been posted to SDCFans (link fixed) detailing three possible new ride themes... one based on Firefighters, one on Balloon flight (not sure if this is a Samba Tower flat ride or something else) and another involving a trip through a Fireworks Factory. The Fireworks Factory concept involved a few concepts, including an indoor climb/play structure themed as the inside of the Fireworks Factory as well as the family sized 85 foot shot ‘n drop tower ride called the Pyro Power Test Tower, as well as other family or kiddie rides called Spinning Sparkler and Rocket Racers. All together the area is said to feature a total of 5 rides.
    Further details and possible screen captures from the survey are expected to show up soon for the two other concepts so stand by.




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