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Herschend Family Entertainment Corp.


icon_STOPPark News - (1/4/19) Congratulations to Silver Dollar City who announced that park attendance in 2018 hit a record-breaking all time high. Aided by the introduction of Time Traveler, the park hosted 2.184 million guests in 2018, the largest number in the park’s 59-year history.
    (12/3/18) MidWestInfoGuide has posted a trip report from Silver Dollar City to see the park’s “An Old Time Christmas” holiday event and décor. Follow the link to check it out.


2018 - Time Traveler - (3/14/18) If you haven't see it yet, several videos shot live from the media preview of Time Traveler at Silver Dollar City were posted to the official Screamscape Facebook page. This includes off-ride footage of Time Traveler in action, the opening dedication, and an interview with SDC's Lisa Rau, Dir. of Publicity.
    Big thanks to Randal for being our man on the spot to be there live at Silver Dollar City for Screamscape today! And here is Randall's review of Time Traveler below, along with some photos from the media preview along with a POV video down below. Enjoy!

    Randal here - so here are my final thoughts on Time Traveler (this review is my own and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of I was apprehensive about a spinning coaster with loops. Even with the recent video, I still had some reservations. Time Traveler is a great coaster. It is not as intense as it looks with that 100 foot 90 degree drop and three inversions. It still thrills, without being completely disorienting. A better descriptor would be a coaster that gradually turns. The restraints are very comfortable over the head lap restraints. There are no secondary seatbelts or restraints. Larger guests will most likely not be able to ride.
    So right out of the station a magnet spins the car gently. All 3 rides I took today were different. I went down the first drop sideways, face first and backwards. While forceful, especially in the back of the train, it is quick even though there is a brake at the start of the drop. Going into the Immelman the cars turn a bit and you hang at the moment you are upside down. Thankfully it is comfortable. Next is a series of quick zig-zags that turn the cars a bit more. The train enters the first launch area and stops briefly before accelerating into the first over-banked turn, where you have another moment of hang time and more turning. Exiting the turn you curve down into the vertical loop. I experienced the loop twice backwards, again with hang time.
    One time we went through the vertical loop sideways, which is what I’ll hope for each ride. What a great view watching the horizon rotate with out having to turn my head! The next stretch is the craziest, most disorientating part. You exit the loop and pop over a quick S-turn into a downward curve into the corkscrew. Twice we spun most of the way around going through the corkscrew. This is followed by a small hill into the second launch non-stop. From there you enter the second over-baked turn with another stall and turn of the cars. After dropping down from this you go into a quick uphill left turn to the brake run. Then the cars slowly take the last turn and position themselves for unloading which is done just outside the station.
    Overall it is well themed and definitely a coaster you could re-ride several times. Outlaw Run, Wild Fire and Powder Keg are in my opinion, more intense rides, but Time Traveler is well paced and delivers thrills. The trains are comfortable and a delight to the eyes. The queue takes you through the clockworks factory from the bottom first floor up to the second floor and then to loading on the top 3rd level. The ride operator costumes are amazing and very steam punk in inspiration. The exit takes you on an elevated walkway through the Time Traveler gift shop. The entire area between Thunderation and The Flooded Mine has been redone with most of the trees left intact, as is tradition at the park.
    The new Travelers Stop eatery has plentiful seating that occupies the old pathway. Basically the path goes down Valley Road towards Thunderation, turns to the right slightly, past Thunderation and Time travelers entrances (which are side by side) and then turns slightly to the left past Travelers Stop and reconnects to the old path near the entrance to Echo Hollow. Overall, in my opinion it is a great family friendly ride (note: height requirement is 51 inches) that provides thrills and a unique ride experience. Definitely worth the trip to experience it for yourself! I really enjoyed Time Traveler.

    (3/13/18) Silver Dollar City will be hosting a special media preview of Time Traveler early Tuesday afternoon, and while I couldn’t be there myself, I sent Randal in to cover the special event for Screamscape. He’ll be sending out some images, but also hoped to do some live video broadcasts through the official Screamscape Facebook page as well, so keep and eye on our page on Tuesday to catch up with all the excitement of Time Traveler.
    (2/28/18) A great new preview about Time Traveler has been posted by Silver Dollar City all about the creation process of this unique new coaster experience.




    (1/21/18) Testing is ongoing for Time Traveler at Silver Dollar City, and I'm told that if all goes well, Silver Dollar City is hoping it will be ready for guests when the park opens for the 2018 season in Mid-March. Stay tuned!
    (12/26/17) Check out some incredible new POV footage from Time Traveler at Silver Dollar city sent out by the park, including a view of the stomach-wrenching vertical dive right out of the station awaiting you in 2018.

    (12/15/17) Silver Dollar City has posted a great new teaser video for Time Traveler, this time showing off the first train loaded up onto the tracks and taking the first test drop out of the station.
    Check it out below!

    (11/15/17) Silver Dollar City and Mack Rides revealed the first Time Traveler coaster car to the world at the IAAPA tradeshow in Orlando on Tuesday. "The vehicle, which is the first of four cars that will be positioned on each of three trains, resembles a time-traveling machine. The highly stylized Time Traveler features gears, cogs and other industrial components as part of its décor. Beyond its specialized look, the most cutting-edge feature of the vehicle is its 360-degree adjustable magnetic spin control. "

    (11/14/17) A new photo update from Silver Dollar City showing off the construction progress of Time Traveler can be found on Facebook this week featuring about 30 new photos.

    (9/14/17) MidWestInfoGuide has posted some really great new construction shots of Silver Dollar City's new Time Traveler coaster, which appears to have all of the track in place except the transfer track at this point.
    (8/17/17) Silver Dollar City pretty much confirmed all the hype and rumors about their new amazing coaster coming in 2018 that is like no other on the planet... Time Traveler. Time Traveler is the World's Fastest, Steepest and Tallest Spinning Roller Coaster! Coming in at a cost of $26 million it features 3  inversions (Dive Loop, Zero-G-Roll and Vertical Loop) two LSM magnetic launches, magnetically controlled spinning cars. You'll start things off with a crazy 10 story 90º vertical drop right out of the station, all while your cars are already starting to spin. Plus the way this coaster is built right into the terrain is just beautiful.  Check out the animated videos below and you can also visit the official website for more details here.

    (8/14/17) A new batch of construction pictures from Silver Dollar City showing off the track going up for the 2018 coaster have been posted to MidWestInfoGuide and they are impressive.
    (8/7/17) Holy motley! You have to visit CoasterHub right away to see the latest pictures of Silver Dollar City's 2018 coaster project, where a scary vertical looking drop has now been added as the first thing riders will experience just as they leave the station! Talk about starting things off with a bang! Wow... if the rest of the ride maintains that kind of speed and intensity for the remainder of the layout, this may end up being one of the top rides to seek out in 2018.
    (8/3/17) MidWestInfoGuide has posted some graphics from Silver Dollar City from last week teasing the August 16th announcement for the new coaster where they are using an almost Steampunk looking graphics style along with the catchphrase, “Gravity Redefined”. The park has also added the steel framework for a large bridge that will connect the park to the tall coaster station building.


icon_STOP2019 - The Year of Shows & Festivals - (3/9/19) Silver Dollar City has announced an all new adventure show coming to the park this season called Reuben’s Swashbuckling Adventure. The show is a $1 million Broadway-style musical journey of discovery with “flying characters, state-of-the-art sets and special effects”. Set in the 1880’s it tells the story of a young Ozarkian boy who “longs to discover what his future holds.” The show will run throughout Star-Spangled Summer and Moonlight Madness, but is dark on Mondays. Click here to find out more.
    (1/25/19) Silver Dollar City has announced that something big will be added to An Old Time Christmas in 2019 with the addition of a new 8-story tall, state-of-the-art, Christmas Tree centerpiece to the new Joy on Town Square.

Coming This Christmas: Joy On Town Square from Silver Dollar City on Vimeo.

    (10/23/18) The Year of Shows & Festivals Coming to Silver Dollar City in 2019. Yes, SDC announced that their follow up to the Time Traveler coaster would be to make 2019 a year full of new live entertainment offerings. New productions coming to the park next season include “Reuben’s Swashbuckling Adventure”, acrobats, a magic show, lumberjacks, a new Pumpkin Nights festival in the fall, as well as numerous new holiday and musical festivals such as “Bluegrass Nights”, “Star-Spangled Summer”, “The Festival of Wonder” and more.


icon_STOP2020 - Lost River of the Ozarks / Riverfront Replacement - (3/19/19) The latest update to MidWestInfoGuide shows off the current construction progress taking place at Silver Dollar City for an unknown 2020 project replacing the Lost River of the Ozarks attraction. What is really odd is that it appears as if they pouring a new concrete trough that would seem to indicate that a new water attraction is in the works… one able to make some very tight turns. More on this as we find out.
    (2/27/19) A new construction video showing off the site of Silver Dollar City’s former Lost River was found on YouTube featuring new aerial footage of the site which looks to have been almost entirely cleared.

    (12/10/18) Demolition crews on site at Silver Dollar City have been very busy lately tearing apart large sections of Lost River of the Ozarks, leaving the former station building in ruins. Most of the area around the ride is being taken out, or appears to be on the verge of demolition, so whatever they have planned to replace it all for 2020 now appears as if it will be an entirely new project and not just an upgrade to the old attraction. Take a look at the latest pictures posted to MidWestInfoGuide as well another section showing off what the rest of the park looks like with all the new construction walls blocking your view and entry into the site.
    (11/27/18) A better visual of the construction work now taking place at Silver Dollar City can be seen in this tweet.

    (11/24/18) The latest report from MidWestInfoGuide claims that Silver Dollar City has begun redevelopment of the park’s Riverfront area, along with the construction of a new “land bridge" near the park's Rib House, which has filled in a portion of the Lost River of the Ozarks’ course.
    Rumor has it that the former Lost River of the Ozarks attraction may be rebuilt to offer some new modern river ride features and reopen under a new name in 2020.



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