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icon_STOPPark News - (9/29/19) Anyone know what’s going on with Penguin’s Blizzard River at Six Flags America? The ride is said to be closed for the season, which isn’t unusual for this time of year, but we have heard a rumor that it may be up for possible future removal, or perhaps under consideration for a retheme and remodel sometime in the future.
    (7/20/19) Ugh, here we go again. It must be a slow news day for the local stations around the Maryland/Washington DC area, as they are all over reporting on how the Firebird roller coaster at Six Flags America got stuck for up to two hours the other day. But it didn’t get “stuck” or “jammed” as another station called it, as that implied something went wrong and the train was able to move. All that happened is that as the train approached the top of the lift hill, the lift hill shut down. We don’t know if this was due to a mechanical problem with the lift, or if it could be an E-Stop from a ride sensor that shut it down, but after deeming that they were unable to restart the lift, all riders were safely evacuated from the train and escorted down the lift hill staircase.
    Nothing unusual about this at all, as it happens eventually to every roller coaster out there at one point or another, but I think due to the rise of some actual serious incidents elsewhere in the world that have taken place in the last few weeks, this is simply a shameless attempt to try and grab some eyeballs and ratings with some ‘shocking’ footage and headlines.
    Please… just stop… there are more important news stories out there.
    (1/1/19) According to a post on Reddit, Six Flags America is apparently removing the park’s Skycoaster. No word on what might replace it.
    (9/4/18) According to a source who visited Six Flags America, the park's Batwing coaster (Vekoma Flyer) may be down for the park is said to have been waiting for specific parts to come in to make repairs.


2019 - Firebird - (5/8/19) Six Flags America has announced that the new floorless FIREBIRD coaster will open to the public on May 17th. They’ve also released a preview POV video of Firebird in action.

    (3/19/19) Six Flags America reports that they have recieved their new Firebird floorless coaster trains from B&M. I’m told that the new trains will actually have only 6 rows of cars, down from the original 7, reducing the capacity per train to just 24 riders.

    (12/12/18) A reader sent in some pictures of the former Apocalypse coaster at Six Flags America as the work is underway to transform the stand-up coaster into a new Floorless coaster design that will reopen as Firebird.
    (8/30/18) As rumored the former Apocalypse coaster is being transformed into a new B&M Floorless coaster and will be named, Firebird when it reopens in 2019.

    (8/16/18) Looks like the rumors and speculation about Six Flags America was right on the money. More tombstones were added daily as the days went on, as you can see in pictures the park posted to Twitter, then in a post yesterday showing off a collection of coaster photos, you’ll notice The Grim Reaper can be seen riding Apocalypse in the second row. Finally this morning the park confirmed the news… Apocalypse will close FOREVER on Sept. 8th.
    Now… we just have to wait until August 30th to see if the last part comes true… that Apocalypse will be reborn under a new name as a Floorless coaster. Like the man said... don’t fear the reaper.

    (8/11/18) Something interesting is going on at SFA that seems to follow up that teaser from last week. First up, a new sign has been added to the black fence around Apocalypse that says "TERMINUS -81618-".  Now before all The Walking Dead fans get too excited... I really don't think this is a tie into the show at all, despite the use of the word Terminus. The numbers match up to the same August 16th, 2018 date we saw circled on the calendar. The font style and use of larger letters for the first and last letter in Terminus was also used for some versions of the Apocalypse coaster logo. Let us also look at the primary definition of the word Terminus, outside of the railroad industry. "A final point in space or time; an end or extremity." So is this THE END of Apocalypse?
    Secondly another set of clues to back this up are also being set up across the pathway from Apocalypse. Day by day an retired ride graveyard is being set up... which is normally the kind of thing you often see at theme parks as they prepare for their Halloween events, but in this case I'm told that a new tombstone seems to be getting set every day, and all of them are facing Apocalypse. As of Friday, I'm told there were at least three on site: Iron Eagle, Python and Krypton Comet. If a related rumor is true, we could see a new grave marker added each day between now and August 16th... and there is always the possibility that Apocalypse may join them the next day.
    But add in the Firebird emblem from the calendar shot last week... a Firebird, also known as a Phoenix, rises from it's own ashes after it dies, reborn again. Given that this is a B&M Stand-Up Coaster... as well as having the honor of being the very first B&M coaster ever built (when it was Iron Wolf at the Chicago area park), the trend lately has been to transform B&M's old stand-up coasters into new Floorless coasters by adding new trains and modifying the station. With all this in mind... perhaps this is indeed Apocalypse's "last stand".
    (8/4/18) Six Flags America posted an odd teaser to their Instagram and Twitter this morning... featuring an August 2018 calendar shot, showing off two things of importance. For starters, August 16th is circled, and the message with the Tweet was that "Time is running out for summer thrills!". The problem here is that a quick check of the park's hours shows that they keep their long summer hours until the end of Labor Day Weekend, so clearly the summer hours are not going to run out after August 16th... but could this been a sign that something else might close on August 16th? 
    The second hint of importance here is the photo on the calender... which is a photo of an old 1967 Pontiac Firebird emblem. According to one source, that survey Six Flags sent out previously this summer which mentioned a good number of possible ride names apparently did include "Firebird" as a possible future ride name.


icon_STOP2020 - Harley Quinn Spinsanity - (8/29/19) New for 2020 is Harley Quinn Spinsanity, a giant pendulum ride that will swing 40 riders at a time up to 15-stories tall at 120 and hit speeds up to 70mph.

    (8/21/19) A new construction wall with funny “keep out” style messages painted on it has appeared at Six Flags America, marking the site of where the park may be planning to add a new attraction for 2020. I’m told the site being blocked from view is the site of the former Skycoaster ride which would mean that it should have the clearance for just about any tall ride able to toss riders around in the air.
    (5/29/19) The SFA Fans page on Facebook uncovered an interesting document from the park that seems to indicate that they are doing some soil / core sampling all around the area in Gotham City where the former Skycoaster used to be. While the site isn’t the biggest in the world, the site itself would make a nearly perfect fit if they were thinking of adding their own version of Wonder Woman: Lasso of Truth (Zamperla Giant Discovery).
    (3/22/19) It’s too early to say what, but I’m hearing rumors that Six Flags America may be planning on adding something large for 2020. Anyone know more?



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