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icon_STOPPark News - (2/19/15) Several readers who have taken surveys for Six Flags over Georgia, Six Flags America as well as Six Flags Great America were also asked questions to get an opinion about a proposed new Asian restaurant for the parks called ChopSix, much like the one issued to Six Flags Great Adventure guests.




    It has been noted that many of the Six Flags parks already have Panda Express locations on site, so this could be a chain wide plan to replace these franchised out locations with their own branded restaurant concept as the Panda Express franchise contracts come to an end.
    (10/3/14) The latest interesting development from Six Flags America is a report that the teen injured and recovering from a coma after being involved in a fight at the park was actually trespassing on Six Flags property. It seems he did something quite naughty back in July during an earlier visit and received a chain wide ban from entering any Six Flags theme park anywhere in the country. Typically these kind of bans are not handed out lightly, but are often the result from being busted in the park for being involved in theft or violence.
    (10/1/14) Six Flags America has responded to the “Fight Fest” violence and chaos that erupted over the weekend at Fright Fest with a promise to step up security at the theme park. While Six Flags insists that the violence was an “isolated incident” reports from park guests say otherwise, with many reported as opting to leave early for the night even before the violence spilled out into the parking lot because things were starting to rough and out of control all throughout the theme park.
   This report on the local Fox station reports two serious injuries that required hospital attention, one for an unknown female and the other for a 15-year old boy currently in a medically-induced coma after having a section of his skull removed to help cope with brain swelling. Others report going in for medical care for array of ailments, from needing stitches to dealing with being hit with pepper-spray.
    (9/30/14) Trouble and chaos apparently took told outside Six Flags America on Sunday night after Fright Fest. Police were on hand to handle the crowd leaving around 10pm, but there were reports of fights, some claim to have heard gun shots, possible fightning, a video shows a woman unconscious on the ground outside the park, and more. So far what happened isn’t exactly clear and no one has been arrested.
    (8/11/14) Riders on the Joker’s Jinx at Six Flags America got a little more thrill than they bargained for when the coaster train launched into the spaghetti bowl of twisted track, only to come to a stop on a banked curve about 75-90 feet in the air, about the highest point on the coaster. The local emergency crews were called to come out and had to rescue the riders from the train, one at a time, with a crane and ladder truck. As of approximately 7pm, all 24 riders were rescued after being stuck for several hours.


2015 - Super Loop / Bourbon Street Fireball - (8/28/14) The Bourbon Street Fireball flat ride is confirmed for 2015.
    Unfortunately the park is calling this their 10th Coaster. Not...

    (8/25/14) The latest rumor into Screamscape over the weekend claims that another Super Loop ride will be coming to Six Flags America into the new Mardi Gras section of the park and that it will either be named Burbon Street Fireball or Chaos Coaster. I’m really hoping they don’t try and trick the public into thinking they are adding a new coaster when these flat rides certainly are not coasters in any sense of the definition. But if this rumor holds true, then that would make 4 Super Loops going into Six Flags parks this year and I’m hearing rumors that there could be more in the works.


icon_STOP2016 - New Attraction - Rumor - (10/28/14) I’ve been sent word that the Six Flags may be considering a “upgrade” of some kind for Six Flags America in 2016. Now before I go any further…
    Knowing the way things work at Six Flags, any rumor I hear at this point for 2016 or beyond, I know to take with a giant grain of salt. Things can and do change very quickly in the land of the flags… and projects once intended for one park and quickly be shuffled over to another park before you can blink an eye. What parks receive in the way of new capital improvements for next year are also often a reflection of how well or poorly the park performed the year before, so know that it is a bit early to lock down anything for 2016.
    That said… this rumor at least lets us know the possible long term intentions Six Flags has at the moment for this park.  The exact nature of the “upgrade” isn’t known… but there is much speculation it may involve the DC Universe characters and where they are used in the park. After all, the next big DC comics film, Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, will hit theaters in March of 2016 so you know Six Flags will want to take advantage of the free marketing fallout if they can.
    One line of thought is that the park might see some money poured into the existing attractions to upgrade, retheme, or just improve the look of them all. There is the matter of the old empty Batman stunt show arena as well. And I’ve got to wonder if the new Justice League dark ride opening at SFOT and SFSL in 2015 turns out to be a hit, SFA could benefit by adding their own copy in 2016 as well.
    If the new addition isn’t DC Comics related, the other popular rumor is that SFA could become home to a Sky Screamer ride in 2016 instead. So which would you rather have? Justice League: Battle for Metropolis or Sky Screamer?


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Six Flags America
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