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icon_STOPPark News -  (9/29/16) Midway Mayhem has posted a video showing off the opening night of Fright Fest at Six Flags America. Check it out below.

    (9/12/16) Six Flags America was evacuated on Saturday after the park was the target of a bomb threat call made to the local police around 1:30pm that afternoon, along with the additional threat that people inside the park would also be shot. The park was notified by the police of the threat and asked to evacuate the park. Park guests reports claim that as they were being evacuated out of the park, the property was being swarmed by local police forces arriving to handle any possible threat. Fortunately nothing was found on the park's property after an extensive sweep, though the park remained closed for the rest of the day.
    (7/14/16) Six Flags America was closed shortly after 11am on Wednesday after the bomb squad was called in to investigate a suspicious package in the park. Shortly after the first package had been determined to be non-explosive, a second unknown package was also discovered in the park, which was also cleared by the bomb-squad as being harmless. The park was remained closed until just after 3pm to allow for investigators to conduct a thorough search of the entire theme park.
    (6/17/16) The new VR Coaster version of Superman: Ride of Steel has opened at Six Flags America and unlike the New Revolution VR environment, the Superman one is much more story oriented, visually showing off a conflict between Superman and Lex Luthor that you get caught in the middle of, as each takes control of your journey for part of the ride experience through the busy landscape of metropolis. You can see the video with a reverse POV window embedded showing off the real coaster experience in the video below.
    While I’ve yet to do this myself, and I never realized this before with the New Revolution video footage I saw, it seems there is no audio at all on these experiences at Six Flags which seems to be much more of a missing piece of the story when you have larger than life superheroes and villains right in your face and none of them are saying anything at all, when you know that Lex would be ranting and Supe’s would be saying heroic stuff like, “Don’t worry, I’ve got you” and so on. I love the way these look, but seriously, they need audio I think.

    (2/19/16) During the conference call Jim Reid-Anderson confirmed that Holiday In The Park will be coming to two more new parks in late 2016: Six Flags St. Louis and Six Flags America.


2016 - Splashwater Falls - Confirmed - (9/3/15) A new interactive water play area is coming to the waterpark in 2016.
    (5/28/15) For those wondering where the 2016 Waterpark teaser sign is in Six Flags America, I'm told that the fence is actually blocking off where Crocodile Cal's Outback Beach House used to be, as the park has removed it. This was an old style water fortress style attraction, complete with the obligatory huge dumping bucket of water on top that also contained a number of smaller kiddie slides.
    As the waterpark is now without such a staple attraction, it would almost be safe to think that a much bigger and better water fortress concept might replace it in 2016.
    (5/27/15) Looks like Six Flags America is already promoting some kind of expansion to the park's waterpark for 2016, by way of promotional graphics on a construction fence.


icon_STOP2017 - Wonder Woman: Lasso of Truth - (9/27/16)



A reader has confirmed that the new Wonder Woman ride will be located in the back of the park, just before you pass the train tracks on the way to the Superman coaster.
    (9/1/16) Confusing things up a little bit this year Six Flags America has announced they are adding a 24-story tall SkyScreamer style Star Flyer ride... but instead of calling it SkyScreamer like the rest of the Six Flags parks across the country they are going to call this one Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth for some reason. The official announcement is below.

(8/31/16) What’s coming to Six Flags America in 2017?  Unfortunately it won’t be a new coaster, despite a previous rumor claiming so. While I’m not sure exactly what it is just yet our spy network has uncovered the name for this new attraction: 
    Wonder Woman: Lasso of Truth
What is it? We’ll find out tomorrow.


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