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icon_STOPPark News - (11/29/20) Six Flags America is currently open for a Holiday in the Park event on select dates through Jan. 3, 2021. The park is open for holiday festivities and select rides and roller coasters are open for your enjoyment.
    (11/12/20) Has Six Flags America really improved their standing this year?  According to some tales sent our way Six Flags America actually seemed to have benefited from all the COVID madness in 2020. With the closure of Kings Dominion and Busch Gardens Williamsburg in Virginia all year long I’m told that Six Flags America definitely benefited from increased crowds as Virginia residents took a short drive north to get the theme park fix this year instead.
    Six Flags America has long held a bad reputation for staffing issues, which I’ve been hearing couldn’t have been farther from the truth this season. Tales about good and efficient employees throughout the park was a welcome change of pace, including some ride ops crews who were focused on maintaining high throughput and a maintenance crew that has been on the ball, keeping virtually everything up and running well all season, including rides known to be more troublesome such as Batwing.
    We’ve all seen news stories in past years, almost on an annual basis about various security issues that have come up at the park, but so far we’ve heard nothing of the sort. In fact we’ve heard security has only been strengthened and improved.
    It’s such a pleasant surprise to have such good news to report about Six Flags America, after seeing so many bad things said about the park year after year prior to 2020. With things seeming to be turning around, it’s no wonder there are rumors that the corporate office has been taking notice of the park and looking into possible capacity improvement plans over the coming years.
    Now to touch on an issue we mentioned last week, the Six Flags corporate office has mentioned that they planned on removing a total of 15 rides from the chain over the winter. This comes out to about one ride per park, so we’ve been listening for suggestions about what could be removed from each park. According to a few reader guesses, I’m told we shouldn’t be surprised if Penguin’s Blizzard River (a waterslide style raft ride) or Rodeo (Huss Breakdance) may be retired.
    (9/11/20) A couple of interesting developments have happened at Six Flags America this week. According to posted from the @sixflagsamerica_fans IG page, the park has added two odd dates to their operational calendar for September… Friday, Sept. 18 and 25, with hours of 5pm to 10pm on both days. For those who love night riding on coasters, these are the only days for you, because the park normally is closing at 7pm each weekend night for the month.
    The second interesting item is that new construction has been spotted over at the Harley Quinn ride once again on what looks like the operator booth, as well as work on the queue too from what I’m told. There is a rumor claiming that the park may try to finish up the ride in time to offer it as a sneak-preview sometime later this year, possibly as early as Hallowfest, but I wouldn’t put your money on that right now. One major reason I have doubts is that Six Flags Fiesta Texas finished the installation of their Dare Devil Dive flat ride in August and still has not opened it yet. Of course, they could be waiting for Hallowfest as well, so stay tuned!

    (8/19/20) It appears that most of the Six Flags parks who opened for the 2020 season will be having a HALLOWFEST event this October. The list of park’s confirmed so far to have it include Six Flags Great Adventure who announced it on Monday, along with Six Flags over Texas, SF over Georgia, SF St. Louis, SF Fiesta Texas, SF America, and Frontier City.
    In short this will be a social-distancing friendly Halloween event with no indoor haunts or shows, with a focus on outdoor scares, entertainment and atmosphere, but with strict social distancing rules. Face masks will be required for everyone, staff and guests. You can visit the official site for more details about what will be involved at each location and the dates at .


    (8/3/20) Screamscape sources tell us that more work is still taking place on the new Harley Quinn Spinsanity site this week, as workers appear to be trying to finish it up. They also confirmed that more waterslides were open this weekend, including Wild One and Penguin’s Blizzard River.  One item of concern however was that Superman: Ride of Steel is now closed, and according to the source, it may be down for a bit, as it suffered some kind of malfunction with the braking system.




    (7/31/20) A new photo post by @sixflagsamerica_fans on IG shows that the new Steelworks Pub built just in front of the new Harley Quinn ride now appears finished and ready to open. On a similar note, we’re hearing new work may be taking place on nearby Harley Quinn once again, so perhaps a last second attempt to finish and open it before the end of the season? We can hope. In other news, I’m also hearing that Penguin’s Blizzard River has now opened.
    Looking to the future, we are also hearing that Six Flags is still planning on having Fright Fest this year. It may only be at select parks where attendance has been the best however. This will not be a regular Fright Fest, but somewhat of a modified experience to bring the Halloween atmosphere to the parks for some safe fun, as well as an attempt to build up more fall attendance at parks like SFA, SFGAdv, SFSL and others. But if 2020 has taught me one thing… all plans can change on a dime, so we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

    (7/29/20) Good news from Six Flags America, as Penguin’s Blizzard River was spotting make testing runs this week. Looks like it should reopen soon, if it hasn't already.
    (7/22/20) Screamscape sources have sent in a quick update about Penguin’s Blizzard River at Six Flags America. I’m told that the river ride was down and needing a part that they figured would take some time to obtain, so the early rumor that the ride was done for the season was true for a time. According to our sources the needed part is actually now expected to arrive within a week or so, and once installed the plan is now to reopen the ride when possible.
    In other park news, you may also see some infrastructure upgrades taking place near Penguin’s Blizzard River as well as around Whistlestop Park. I’m told that the park is performing some needed upgrades to their electrical grid, upgrades that some future projects may need to take advantage of. No one knows for sure what is planned, though one rumor suggests that some of the kiddie rides in Whistlestop Park may be relocated elsewhere in order to make room for something bigger to take over the Whistlestop area.
    A new coaster seems to be the key rumor, but they are said to be looking around at possible ideas, including some launched coaster ideas from S&S.
    (7/20/20) According to a report from a reader the Penguin’s Blizzard River ride at Six Flags America is listed as being close, and the rumors say it could be for the entire season. There could be a number of reasons for this, starting with a possible mechanical problem, but depending on the social distancing rules in effect in the state, they may also feel that it isn’t worth running the ride at limited capacity. That said… according to the Tweet sent my way some fresh paint was spotted the other day at the attraction. Anyone know more about the status of the ride?
    In other news, I had not noticed before, but Six Flags America’s park schedule shows the park only open six days a week now through the end of Summer, closed every Monday with the exception of Labor Day (Sept. 7, 2020).
    (6/27/20) Six Flags America has announced that the park will reopen to Members and Season Passholders on July 1-2, and then to the public on July 3. Reservations are required through the Six Flags website to allow for reduced capacity in the park. Please note that the Hurricane Harbor waterpark will not be open at this time, with plans to open it at a later date.
    Remember all guests and employee are required to wear masks during your visit to the park and everyone will be required to pass a temperature screening before being allowed onto the property. Social distancing will be in enforced in the park and ride and show capacity will be limited because of this.
    (3/13/20) Six Flags has announced that they will delay the opening of Six Flags America through until sometime in April. The park will not open for the season on March 28 as originally intended.
    (1/27/20) According to a presentation made to an ACE convention last week, Six Flags America is planning on building a new DC Villains themed bar space in the Gotham City area, adding new Harley Quinn themed merchandise near Spinsanity when it opens around Memorial Day weekend, in addition to some new crowd control measures near the Stunt Arena and in the security pavilion as you enter the park. Other improvements you may notice this season will include some new LED lighting packages being added to certain attraction areas along with some new paint. You can watch a video of the presentation below for more details.



icon_STOP2021 - Harley Quinn Spinsanity - (7/22/20) A quick update about Harley Quinn, it seems that the park has decided to get busy and finish installing the ride hardware. They’ve done nothing to set up the control infrastructure, landscaping, queue or anything else, but based on what I’ve seen posted to the SixFlagsAmerica_fans IG page, the ride itself is now fully up.
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    (7/3/20) A reader stopped by Six Flags America and sent back a photo of the current status of Spinsanity. Unfortunately, as you can see, it looks like work had stopped on the ride back in March or April and they still have several weeks to go before it could be finished. WIth that in mind, it seems a fairly safe bet that the new for 2020 attraction will be officially pushed back to open in 2021.  (Photo credit - Eric Stehmer)

    (5/20/20) A reader sent in a couple of pictures of Harley Quinn under construction at Six Flags America. Please note that these pictures were taken at least 6 weeks ago. While I’m not sure of what the current status of the project is right now, I figured SFA fans would still enjoy seeing some pictures of the park’s newest ride going up.
    (4/5/20) We’ve heard a little good news for Six Flags America this week. From what we are told, construction on the park’s new Harley Quinn Spinsanity ride is still under way and it appears they have the ride’s four-legged support structure in place at this point.
    (8/29/19) New for 2020 is Harley Quinn Spinsanity, a giant pendulum ride that will swing 40 riders at a time up to 15-stories tall at 120 and hit speeds up to 70mph.

    (8/21/19) A new construction wall with funny “keep out” style messages painted on it has appeared at Six Flags America, marking the site of where the park may be planning to add a new attraction for 2020. I’m told the site being blocked from view is the site of the former Skycoaster ride which would mean that it should have the clearance for just about any tall ride able to toss riders around in the air.
    (5/29/19) The SFA Fans page on Facebook uncovered an interesting document from the park that seems to indicate that they are doing some soil / core sampling all around the area in Gotham City where the former Skycoaster used to be. While the site isn’t the biggest in the world, the site itself would make a nearly perfect fit if they were thinking of adding their own version of Wonder Woman: Lasso of Truth (Zamperla Giant Discovery).



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