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Buffalo, New York (Abbreviation: DL)
Known as Six Flags Darien Lake (1999 to 2006)
and as just Darien Lake (2007 to 2018)
Owned by EPR Properties
Managed by Six Flags Theme Parks


Park News - (3/28/19) According to the Six Flags Darien Lake webpage, it claims that the park’s entrance will be revamped in time for the May 4th season opening, including the addition of “a towering, new digital pylon and a new Six Flags Darien Lake entrance sign.”
    (2/13/19) Six Flags officially announced the re-branding of Darien Lake into Six Flags Darien Lake starting with the 2019 season.
    (2/10/19) Screamscape sources tell us that the new Six Flags Skyscreamer ride coming this summer will be located on Twister location, and see the park’s old Huss Top Spin ride removed in the process.
    (8/9/18) Is Six Flags planning on “Flagging” Darien Lake for next season?  One of our readers came across a temporary webpage for the park on the Six Flags webserver that labels it as “Six Flags Darien Lake” once again. The rest of the menu links on the page all seem to cloned from the Six Flags St. Louis page, except for a link to get more details about the park’s new Tantrum coaster. Then a separate page that lists the park’s attractions has a The Great Escape logo at the top instead.
    (6/28/18) Good news for Darien Lake fans looking for a little Halloween fun. According to the local news Six Flags confirmed this week that they will bring back the Fright Fest haunt event to the park for five weekends this fall, starting Sept. 28th. They promise that Fright Fest will be bigger than before, with hordes of zombies roaming the park, all new scare zones and haunted houses and Spooktacular, a new laser light show at night.
    (5/16/18) According to the local news, a woman riding the Mind Eraser at Darien Lake got a bit of a surprise on Mother's Day. While in mid-ride, she says she reached down to grasp the armrest only for it to break away free in her hand, leaving her holding it for the rest of the ride out of fear that it would fly off and strike someone.
    Thankfully the armrest isn't part of the safety restraint system, and she was never in any danger, but it is a little unsettling for something like that to break free in mid-ride.


icon_STOP2019 - Six Flags Darien Lake & Six Flags SkyScreamer - (5/22/19) The local news has posted a quick video of the new Six Flags SkyScreamer ride testing at Darien Lake. Check it out below.

    (4/28/19) The local news has posted some new pictures showing off the installation of the bottom-section of the new Six Flags SkyScreamer ride at Six Flags Darien Lake. Officials hope to have it open by the end of May if possible.
    (8/30/18) As rumored Darien Lake will become Six Flags Darien Lake in 2019 and to celebrate the park will add the new Six Flags SkyScreamer, a giant Star Flyer attraction standing 24-stories tall.




Track Record

Darien Lake
Darien Center, New York
- near Buffalo

Newest Developments:
2018 - Tantrum

2016 - RipCurl Racer

2015 - Rolling Thunder & Brain Drain

2013 - Blast Off

2012 - Rowdy’s Ridge

2010 - Splashtown Expansion

2009 - Survivor: Live

2008 - OCC MotoCoaster



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