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Vallejo, California
Six Flags Theme Parks



icon_STOPPark News - (9/19/18) ThemeParkOverload has a new trip report from Six Flags Discovery Kingdom this week with a review of the Harley Quinn Crazy Coaster (the world’s only Skyline Skywarp ride), construction on a new DC comics themed restaurant called Big Belly Burger, Fright Fest prep work and much more.
    (2/21/18) Six Flags has announced that they are now planning to add solar power systems to their two California parks (Six Flags Magic Mountain and Six Flags Discovery Kingdom) in addition to the one already announced for Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey. According to the post on CaliforniaCoasterKings, it sounds like this will be done through the installation of huge solar panel topped structures over the parking lot, which had the added benefit of adding covered parking for the parks, integrated charging stations for electric vehicles and a better security camera network in the lot.


2018 - Harley Quinn Crazy Coaster - (8/10/18) A POV video showing off Harley Quinn Crazy Coaster at SFDK can be found below.

    (7/31/18) Good news from Six Flags Discovery Kingdom this week as Harley Quinn took the first passengers for a sneak-peek ride session over the weekend. According to the tweets, the ride is expected to say in a Soft Open mode for the next few days until a slated August 3rd media event to officially open it.

    (8/31/17) I knew this was coming to a Six Flags park somewhere, but I didn't see it coming here first. New for 2018, Harley Quinn Crazy Coaster, the world's first ever Skywarp, a head-to-head dueling coaster like experience that looks to be a lot of fun that will send riders through 10 inversions at speeds up to 70mph.



icon_STOP2019 - Batman: The Ride - (12/10/18) One of our readers sent in a quick picture of the Batman ride site taken over the weekend, showing that it is now cleared and ready for the new coaster installation crews to arrive in January to begin work.
    (12/7/18) Good news for Six Flags Discovery Kingdom… as it was reported that the park got the final approval they needed to build the Batman coaster. Also, my previous concern about not having enough time to build it was wrong, as the park spend the time waiting for permission removing the go-kart track and clearing the site to make it ready to go once the final permission was given. Look for construction to begin in January.
    (12/5/18) Lets hope construction crews can move fast at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, because the local Vallejo Planning Commission will just be meeting this month to vote on the final approvals needed to build the announced Batman coaster (S&S 4D FreeFly). If approved construction will be able to begin in January, though it mentions that construction could take place over a nine-month period of time. Lets hope that’s just a little extended time in case something goes wrong, and that the crews can put this one together fast, weather permitting.
    (8/30/18) Six Flags Discovery Kingdom will add a new S&S 4D Frefly coaster in 2019, themed as Batman: The Ride. The new coaster is from S&S and will feature six free-fly inversions. Look for it to be installed to the right of the park's new Harley Quinn Crazy Coaster.




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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Vallejo, California
Six Flags Theme Parks

Tickets: as of 1/10/14
Adults: $62.99
Child (under 48”): $42.99
Ages 2 & Under Free
Parking: $20

Abbreviation: SFDK
Formerly known as Six Flags Marine World (SFMW) and Marine World Africa USA.


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2016 - Pacific Rim 4D and
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2015 - Dare Devil Chaos Coaster

2014 - Tsunami Soaker

2012 - Superman: Ultimate Flight

2011 - Sky Screamer

2009 - Odin’s Temple

2008 - Tony Hawk’s Big Spin

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