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Vallejo, California
Six Flags Theme Parks




icon_STOPPark News - (7/5/20) NorCal Thrills has posted an excellent trip report showing off what The Marine World Experience is really like at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. Meanwhile they also took a look at the future site of the Sidewinder Safari coaster, noting that the park is still full of posters claiming the new coaster is still coming in 2020. While there was no active construction to be seen, other than the previous site clearing, perhaps they are hoping to have it ready by the end of 2020 as an extra attraction for the park’s winter activities.
    (7/4/20) After a few email queries and discussions with some other readers and theme park website reporters, I’ve got the answer to why The Marine World Experience will be able to continue. According to what I’m told the actual verbiage of the new shutdown order, which mostly seems to pertain to indoor attractions, makes things much more clear when compared to reading only what the local news headlines have posted.
    The actual quote is as follows:
“Given current rates of disease transmission in some counties and the need to reduce gatherings where mixing with individuals outside of one’s household and disease spread occur, CDPH is requiring closure, within counties on the county monitoring list for three or more consecutive days, of indoor operations, while allowing outdoor operations with appropriate modifications, including physical distancing and face coverings”
    So the key words there is a closure of “indoor operations, while allowing outdoor operations”.
As such, those who have already visited The Marine World Experence have noted that the indoor aquariums and exhibits are indeed closed, but the rest of the outdoor animal exhibits and shows are open. So great to know that the park will safely be able to continue with The Marine World Experience at this time under the current policy.
    (7/3/20) While Six Flags Discovery Kingdom still appears to be going ahead with “The Marine World Experience” which started yesterday for passholders, I’m not entirely sure how long this will last. Apparently the Governor of California put new restrictions in place for 19 counties with rising infection rates that would close a number of attractions, zoos included. According to the news reports Solano County is included in that list, and I believe this is where the park resides.
    Anyone know more? I’d also love to see a report about how things went at the park so far if you already attended.
    (6/27/20) Six Flags Discovery Kingdom will reopen in unique form as “The Marine World Experience” to Members and Passholders on July 2-3 and to the general public starting July 4, 2020. This is an interesting take on a current loophole in the current California policy that allows zoos to reopen, but not theme parks. As such, all rides will be closed and the park will be returning to its roots when it first opened in Vallejo as a zoological park and aquarium back in 1986.
    As we are seeing with all Six Flags parks nationwide as they open again, reservations are required in advance online to get in, and all guests must pass a temperature screening as well as wear masks during your entire visit to the park.  
    When the time comes and amusement parks are allowed to reopen, look for the park to reopen the rides at the park in the future, but otherwise this is a great move to allow the park to stay functional and begin to earn some cash flow once again, as the animals there are under care daily, no matter if the park is open or not. (I would not be surprised if we see SeaWorld San Diego undertake a similar move in the near future as that park has very few rides anyway.)

    (3/13/20) Six Flags has announced that they will suspend operations of Six Flags Discovery Kingdom through to mid-May



2020 - Sidewinder Safari - (4/10/20) As Six Flags is now looking to cut 2020 capital budget to save money, one rumored victim is thought to be the Sidewinder Safari spinning coaster. The previous webpage for the project is now missing from the site, and two weeks prior to the chainwide closure, the park had posted a time-lapse video from the construction site, revealing that the only thing that really has taken place so far was clearing and ground work, so this would be an easy project to put on hold.  Can anyone confirm this?
    (2/29/20) Six Flags Discovery Kingdom has posted a time-lapse time-lapse construction video of the site clearing taking place for Sidewinder Safari. Based on the video the structure in the background that has the roof taken off as the video progresses is the former load/unload structure for the park’s former Elephant Rides attraction that was closed way back in 2016, so it looks like the new coaster will be located here.

    (8/29/19) Six Flags Discovery Kingdom will mix a new animal encounter with a family roller coaster adventure in 2020 when they add Sidewinder Safari, a new spinning mouse style coaster ride. But before you ride, you’ll encounter live snakes and other reptiles as you pass through the queue. Sidewinder Safari will be the park’s 12th roller coaster.




Track Record

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Vallejo, California
Six Flags Theme Parks

Tickets: as of 1/10/14
Adults: $62.99
Child (under 48”): $42.99
Ages 2 & Under Free
Parking: $20

Abbreviation: SFDK
Formerly known as Six Flags Marine World (SFMW) and Marine World Africa USA.


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