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icon_STOPPark News - (8/13/19) That phone recording on the Six Flags Fiesta Texas hint line has been updated once again this week. Give it a call at 210-697-5478.
    UPDATE - (8/10/19) Thinking over it a bit more, I made my own guess as to what the SFFT 2020 mystery attraction could be. Click here to read more.
    (8/10/19) Every so often Six Flags Fiesta Texas puts a clue as to what they are working on for next season on a recording that plays when you call a phone number. Over the  years various hints have leaked here, and the recording has been updated once again with a new message from “San Antonio Sam” who mentions the August 29th announcement date, but more hints about “city slickers” planning things at Rockville High but “the jig is up… or is it?” And a warning to look for new signs to appear in the park to help you ‘gear up’ for the big announcement. There are probably more clues that I didn’t pick up on as well, so give it a listen yourself by calling 210-697-5478.
    (8/7/19) Jeffery Siebert, President of Six Flags Fiesta Texas, announced on social media this week that this would be the last season for the park’s Celebrate night show. With that in mind, I’d guess that they may be working on a new show idea for Summer 2020.
    (7/9/19) Six Flags Fiesta Texas park President, Jeffrey Siebert, announced to coaster fans online that Iron Rattler will be undergoing some “enhancements” starting now and “For your planning purposes, please note that Iron Rattler will be operating with one train through the end of August while we make renovations to this EPIC attraction.”
    I applaud the park for being open and up-front about the situation, as well as the estimated time-table. While it isn’t ideal for this to happen in the summer, sometimes you have no choice in the matter and things need to be taken care of right away.
    (7/21/18) Six Flags Fiesta Texas reopened the Grand Carousel the other day to passholder after the lengthy restoration was completed and the ride relocated to the Spassburg area of the park from the former Rockville location.
    (2/24/18) As expected, Six Flags top brass are keeping a close eye on how Six Flags Magic Mountain is performing right now as the park begins it's first ever full year of daily options. If Magic Mountain strike gold and proves that they too can compete with the other Southern California theme parks who also are open daily throughout the year, the next part to benefit from an extended calendar is thought to be Six Flags Fiesta Texas.
    While I'm not sure if the San Antonio area is ready for a 365-day operation schedule just yet, the park schedule could at least expand into true year-round operations on weekends and holidays as Magic Mountain did before going daily.


January 2019 - Pirates of the Deep Sea - (12/18/18) SFFT Source went in for another behind the scenes tour of the new Pirates of the Deep Sea dark ride as they finish up construction ahead of the January opening. Check it out in the video below.

    (11/30/18) A quick update on the new Pirates of the Deep Sea dark ride at Six Flags Fiesta Texas. Turns out our original report was right, the ride will open to the public on Jan. 12th, but will be open for a passholder preview on Jan. 1st.
    (11/28/18) In the latest update from the local news, the new Pirates of the Deep Sea dark ride at Six Flags Fiesta Texas will now open on January 1st, 2019.
    (10/24/18) Six Flags Fiesta Texas had a construction tour of the Pirates of the Deep Sea dark ride and  you can see footage shot on the tour below from SFFT Source. Apparently the ride isn’t set to open until January 12, 2019. The tour shows off the amazing set work they have already built for the queue before you even get on the ride vehicle. Much of the tour of the ride portion itself was done in the dark (since it is a dark ride) but it is clear to see that this is not a quick and simply retheme of Scooby Doo, but the full fledged rebuild into a new original attraction concept.

    (8/29/18) We have some new pictures to share this week showing off bits and pieces of the new Pirates of the Deep Sea dark ride attraction, still under construction. Some of it is themeing that was delivered to the park in the past few days, other shows off some work taking place inside, though much of it looks more like the queue than the ride itself. I'm told more details about this attraction will be revealed on August 30th, along with the park's 2019 plans.
    (8/10/18) Screamscape was sent some sneak-peek images of the new Pirates of the Deep Sea dark ride under construction at Six Flags Fiesta Texas. As I understand it, the plan is still to open the ride sometime later this season. The images show off some of the themeing being installed and I'm told the new dark ride experience has been designed by Six Flags' own creative department. " Are you ready to sail through a mysterious storm and prepare for an EPIC battle?"
    Thanks to Six Flags Fiesta Texas for the preview photos... and speaking of which, check out the title of that lone book on the shelf. "The Hidden Target". Just a hunch, but I'd look for that on the ride and see if you can score some huge bonus points for hitting it.
    (3/12/18) Six Flags Fiesta Texas confirmed that the new dark ride coming to replace the old Scooby Doo ride is going to be called Pirates of the Deep Sea. Essentially the ride will retain the same layout as before, but the cars will be rethemed as boats and you'll be armed with a "pirate blaster", that sounds like it may look like a more traditional pirate style flintlock pistol. Instead of this being a Blacklight style dark ride as before, it will instead use traditional theatrical lighting instead.
    (12/29/17) According to the official word from Six Flags Fiesta Texas, the new dark ride attraction that will replace Scooby-Doo is planned to be up and running by Memorial Day Weekend. While an official name has not been dropped, they did say that “A new epic battle begins Memorial Day Weekend 2018! The new dark ride is a custom design / theme for Six Flags Fiesta Texas.” Six Flags was also kind to include a teaser image showing off what appears to be some sort of Pirate ship battle at sea. So all said and done, this looks to be a pretty dramatic upgrade to the park’s dark ride experience. I can’t wait to find out more.
    (12/27/17) Oh no! Six Flags Fiesta Texas has announced that they will be closing down the Scooby-Doo Ghostblasters dark ride at the end of Jan. 7th, 2018... the last day of the park's Holiday In The Park. The good news is that the location "will become the future home to the latest dark ride innovation later in 2018." So at least we will have some kind of new dark ride experience coming to replace it sometime in 2018... but now I'm curious what this will be. Anyone know more?


icon_STOP2019 - The Joker Carnival of Chaos - (7/30/19) The new Joker: Carnival of Chaos ride has now now soft-opening for ‘Members’ and even small groups of the general public. I’m told that the “technical rehearsal” period will continue for the rest of the week before they green-light the official full opening.
(3/1/19) As expected, there was a slight name change made to The Joker. Instead of calling it The Joker Wild Card, Six Flags Fiesta Texas is now calling it “The Joker’s Carnival of Chaos”. In addition to The Joker, there will be some themeing from other Batman villains included as well, along with a rumored ‘funhouse’ theme for a section of the queue as a possible throwback to the park’s former backwards running Joker coaster which also had a funhouse themed queue building. The park’s Whirlgig swing ride will also be given a DC comics villains theme and be called “DC Super Villain Swing”. The nearby Hustler ride (a billiards themed spinning flat ride) has been taken apart and will also be getting repainted and refurbished in time for this new area to open.

    (1/31/19) A very interesting rumor has come to light regarding Six Flags Fiesta Texas and their new “The Joker’s Wild Card” pendulum ride. Similar to what we saw go down at sister park, Six Flags over Texas who suddenly changed the name of the previously announced “Lone Star Revolution” to “El Diablo”, we are hearing that yet another name change could be announced soon for The Joker at Fiesta Texas.
    The question here is… will the ride keep the name of a DC comics character, or could they opt for a new unique name instead? Or perhaps the name, “Lone Star Revolution” might be better suited to SFFT’s swinging pendulum ride instead. Stay tuned!
    (9/4/18) A quick update for those wondering why the Whirligig (swings) were still shown in animated form in the video for Joker Wild Card. Apparently the ride will be staying but will be transformed into the Gotham City Crime Wave. I'm not sure if they may try to move it as well, or keep it in the same spot.

    (8/30/18) Six Flags Fiesta Texas will add The Joker Wild Card, one of the world's tallest swinging pendulum rides, to the park's lineup in 2019. The new ride will stand a record-breaking 17-stories tall and swing riders up to 75mph.

    (8/29/18) A series of teaser posts on Facebook by the Six Flags Fiesta Texas Park President are interesting, detailing four things in the park that will be removed for the 2019 season. Some are mild, such as a basketball 3-point shooter game and another midway game, while the other two are actually rides that are apparently leaving, or as he labels the posts, “Gone!! #SFFT2019”.  The removed rides posted are The Twister (Huss Top Spin) and Whirligig (Zierer Wave Swinger).  Both rides are also located in the Spassburg section of the park across the pathway from each other near Superman, and I believe the two games that are leaving are also in the area next to these same attractions. This gives us a pretty good sized area for what could be a very large new ride, though I wouldn’t expect a new coaster so soon.
    Other news released on Tuesday night mentions that Rockville stays and the Hustler ride will stay and get a renovation and a makeover).


icon_STOP2020 - Daredevil Dive Flying Machines - (8/29/19) Six Flags Fiesta Texas will get a unique new flat ride for 2020 called the Daredevil Dive Flying Machines. Guests will board 4-passenger stunt planes that will spin around a central base and swing back and forth, and even flip upside-down. Based on the appearance, this is the new Zamperla Super Air Race flat ride, where the thrills and motion of the standard Air Race ride have been added to a central tower system to raise the action up into the sky.

    (8/10/19) Just looking over the clues released on Facebook so far for #SFFT2020, which includes a lot of mentions of a new ride that pretty much hasn’t been seen before in most of the US, as well as hints about mesmerizing spiral movements and crazy looking machinery. With all that in mind, my thoughts jumped immediately to the new, first in the world, Zamperla Nebulaz ride that just opened a couple weeks ago at Luna Park (Coney Island, NY) who is calling it Clockworkz. (Update - Sorry, I was wrong... that’s not what it is, but would have been a cool addition anyway)




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