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San Antonio, Texas
Six Flags Theme Parks




Park News - (7/17/14) According to this article, Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather is a coaster fan and riding the Iron Rattler was the highlight of his day at Six Flags Fiesta Texas this week.
    (3/12/14) Cold and nasty weather was to blame for stalling out one of the coaster cars on Pandemonium at Six Flags Fiesta Texas over the weekend. Local fire crews arrived on site and took about 46 minutes to evacuated the two passengers from the coaster car that had stopped in mid-ride on Saturday. Pandemonium has since been re-inspected and has re-opened.
    (2/14/14) Our friends at Six Flags Fiesta Texas report that the park will offer a variety of new healthier food items this season. The new list of healthy choice food items includes: Veggie Pizza & Grilled Chicken Salad at Primo’s Pizzeria, Turkey & Chicken plates at Old Blue’s BBQ, Bunless Burgers, Grilled Chicken BLT and Veggie Burgers at Pete’s Eats and Bubba’s Café, Gluten Free Pizza and much more.


2014 - Bahama Blaster / Waterpark Improvements - NOW OPEN - (5/29/14) The local news shows off a preview of the new Bahama Blaster and everything else new on the way to Six Flags Fiesta Texas this season.
    (5/26/14) Six Flags Fiesta Texas has posted a sneak peek video of their new Bahama Blaster slide tower as well as other waterpark improvements, which are all set to open next week. Check it out!

    (5/9/14) Concept art showing off what is said to be the first swim-up bar at a Six Flags theme park was sent in to Screamscape by our friends at Six Flags Fiesta Texas, who will open the new Don Julio’s Beach Bar in just a couple of weeks as part of the new waterpark expansion. Other construction pictures of the waterpark upgrades were also sent in by the park for the Screamscape readers. Enjoy!
    (4/4/14) Six Flags Fiesta Texas tweeted out a picture a few hours ago showing off several of the new slide tube pieces awaiting final assembly for Bahama Blaster.
    (3/6/14) Six Flags Fiesta Texas has sent us a few pictures of their new Bahama Blasters slide parts that have arrived from ProSlide this week, along with a picture of the construction site.
    (1/20/14) A detailed new graphic showing off the new Bahama Blaster coming to Six Flags Fiesta Texas in 2014 was sent in by Six Flags. Check it out!
BahamaBlaster_300    (8/29/13) Six Flags Fiesta Texas will add Bahama Blaster to their waterpark in 2014. The new slide tower will feature four all new waterslides trap-door free-fall slides where you start off by entering into a drop pod at the top of a six-story tower.
    According to the press release, “Launch programming may be varied so that all riders launch at the same moment, or in sequence.”  (I LIKE!!!)
   The four slides sit side-by-side, but two are straight down drops while the other two will drop you into an enclosed spiral before you splash-down. The slides will also feature semi-clear tubes allowing spectators below to watch the sliders above as they fall.
    “Bahama Blaster is the thrilling centerpiece of an entirely new tropically themed White Water Bay expansion for 2014. We will also be announcing additional new water park attractions and guest amenities in the months ahead,” said park president Martin Bozer. “This year, the Iron Rattler hybrid roller coaster reset the bar for epic thrills. This extreme White Water Bay addition will further define Six Flags Fiesta Texas as the region’s premier vacation destination.”







icon_STOP2015 - Batman: The Ride - (8/28/14) Batman: The Ride is confirmed for Six Flags Fiesta Texas and will be the world’s first S&S 4D Free Fly Coaster as you take flight over Gotham City. You’ll flip over 6 times along your journey while riding the unique 8 passenger cars, featuring face-to-face seating… or back to back, depending on which way you are traveling around the rails.
    We’ve been talking about this for weeks now… so lets sit back and enjoy the video.

    (8/26/14) Coaster-Net did some incredible digging into the official Six Flags website and using their knowledge of Drupal, the content management system Six Flags uses for it, apparently they were able to pull the names for many of the new 2015 attractions to be announced on Thursday.
    According to their report the big new ride coming to Six Flags Fiesta Texas is going to have a bit of an identity crisis as they seem to be calling it “Batman: The Ride”.  Yeah… that’s going to confuse everyone in Texas who are well aware of what Batman: The Ride is at nearby Six Flags over Texas, so I’m not sure how they are going to market an entirely different style coaster using the same name that Six Flags has used at almost every other park in the nation to mean something else. Add into the confusion that the park had the chance to have their very own Batman: The Ride properly a few years ago, but named it Goliath for some strange reason. Another question is this… will Rockville be transformed into Gotham City?
    (8/25/14) The latest commotion from Rockville at Six Flags Fiesta Texas resulted in the Mayor of Rockville holding a press conference on Sunday afternoon. He started that while there are big changes on the way to Rockville he wanted to put some rumors to rest. The rumors about more rides being removed are false and he vowed to investigate who was spreading the false information. Poltergeist, Scream, Power Surge, Amerigoround, Taz Tornado, Daffy’s Bus Stop and Hustler will all remain.
    While a new out of town company has purchased the Movie Theater and surrounding area buildings for a new project, the details for that will be made public at an open house on Aug. 28th from 5-7pm.
    (8/20/14) Six Flags Fiesta Texas has tweeted a picture showing that the final performance of the Rocking at Rockville High show will be on Labor Day, Sept. 1st. This isn’t just for the season… but forever. No word on if they are going to do something else with the theater, or if they will simply put in a new show next year, but they are including the #SFFT2015 hashtag, so this may be linked to the new coaster project.
   This is kind of curious, because the theater is down the street in Rockville from where the “for sale” property was before, but no where near the MotoRama. I’m starting to wonder if Rockville itself may be in the process of being changed into a new themed land entirely for 2015, which would be a bit of a shame if true, as it is one of the most unique and better themed areas in any Six Flag park in the country. Stay tuned! Oh, and a “World’s First” banner is said to have been added to hang below the balloon floating around the park.
    (8/19/14) The latest teaser image from Fiesta Texas now shows that pesky #SFFT2015 balloon tied down right outside the MotoRama bridge that I talked about last week.
    (8/15/14) If you’ve read my bit of speculation on where the S&S 4D Free Spin coaster would likely appear in 2015 posted earlier this week (and if not, what’s wrong with you?) you probably saw that I listed Fiesta Texas as one of most likely locations. Really, my only argument against putting this coaster design in here is that the MotoRama site seems a bit large to be taken up by such a compact coaster, but of course if they have room leftover, it can be used for future expansions of course.
    The more I think about it, Six Flags Fiesta Texas has been jumping to be one of my top two guesses, and I have much more serious doubts about the other one, so I’m just going to put this out here. I’m really thinking SFFT will be the home to the first S&S 4D Free Spin coaster.
    In fact, another good visual argument for this being the site came from Eric over at, as he visited the park the other day and noticed how perfect the pedestrian bridge over the MotoRama could serve as a “keyhole” style fun fly-through element for any kind of winged coaster design. So far the only layouts I’ve seen for what this kind of coaster may look like were over at TPR (see here), and looked more like an S&S Screamin Squirrel on steroids that was crossbred with a 4th Dimension coaster. At the time they had produced both 6 and 10 inversion layouts, but even when it comes time to build it for real, anything is possible, including a possible underground drop into a tunnel at some point which could be fun.
    Anyway… I’ve got no rumors to support this, just a hunch gnawing at my insides that has been trying to get out, so take it for what you will. We’ll know for sure in two weeks! In the meantime SFFT is still tweeting out hints and teasers. The latest claims that ‘suits’ are pointing and discussing Rockville’s Urban Renewal program, and they mention the dates 8/19 and 8/28. We know 8/28 is Six Flags’ chainwide announcement date, but what will happen on the 19th I wonder?
    (8/7/14) This may be a long shot, but I’m going to throw this out there, just because so many of you have come across this. About a year and a half ago Great Coasters Intl. created an awesome animated video (see below) showing off a recreation of how they would rebuild the infamous Rye Airplane Coaster. Those with keen eyes will be quick to notice that they placed this coaster in a virtual recreation of Six Flags Fiesta Texas.
    While the location in the park it takes up is next to the Pandemonium coaster is different from where the MotoRama sits, it is still an popular rumor that perhaps the 2015 project could be the Airplane. Personally, I don’t think so… if this was the case Great Coasters would have likely been asked to pull this video from YouTube long ago, or never posted it to begin with. So I say… No, false rumor in my opinion.
    But just what is the park building? Certainly the site is big enough for a medium to large coaster, and the hints about height and drops coming from the park certainly seem to indicate a possible coaster as well. But what could it be?  Personally, I think the park would be a great location for a new S&S 4th Dimension coaster, but that’s just me. The question is, would the public rather have a new steel coaster or a wooden one?

    (8/5/14) Six Flags Fiesta Texas has confirmed that the MotoRama will close for good on August 10th. After that rides on the Ford Thunderbirds, Cadillac Devilles or Corvettes will become a thing of the past.
    (8/1/14) The latest tweet from Six Flags Fiesta Texas mentions finding a picture on the Mayor of Rockville’s desk showing off artwork for a new sign that will say “Rockville – Urban Renewal – August 10th”.  Sounds like we’ve either got an announcement date, or a date when construction is going to kick into high gear. Oh… and there is another new phone message on the Rockville Realty voicemail that you can listen to at: 210-697-5478.  Earlier in the day they also posted a picture of a huge spool of rope they have left to use for that giant balloon floating over the park. Looks like they could double the height of it at any time.
    (7/30/14) The ongoing tease and storyline is still progressing at Six Flags Fiesta Texas to uncover the mystery of what their 2015 attraction will be. The For Sale signs have been updated in the store window in Rockville along with a tweet about how Rockville Realty is having a bit of a “snake problem” and will need to call in help from “MK Bozer”. While MK Bozer would be a reference to the park’s President, Martin Bozer, MK Bozer is also a name used elsewhere in the park as the name of the snake wrangler company who has a truck parked in the queue for Iron Rattler.
    While I don’t have a picture, that particular truck in the queue has also had a phone number on it with a funny recording, and one of our readers decided to give it a call again this week only to discover that a brand new recording has been added. Call it yourself at 210-697-5476.
    The message breakdown mentions they are busy and not looking for new work because of the Urban Renewal project in Rockville that has disturbed a bunch of snakes and people on the Motorama (car ride) have been running over them. It’s also fun to note that MK Bozer mentions they just got back from taking care of projects at “Goliath project” at Six Flags Great America and the “Medusa project” at Six Flags Mexico, and were thinking they would only have to deal with the snakes at Iron Rattler this summer. While name dropping RMC’s three newest coaster projects for Six Flags, I’m just not seeing another RMC coaster coming to Fiesta Texas so soon, so I think this was meant to be misleading.
    On a side note however, I’ve also heard that some ride ops on Pandemonium have been mentioning to guests to get their last rides in on the Hustler (pool ball themed tea cups) and the Motorama, as both will close for good at the end of the season.




(7/24/14) The mystery deepens at Six Flags Fiesta Texas as the park raised a large yellow balloon to float over the park on Tuesday that said “2015” in large letters. The placement of the balloon didn’t look too far from the Sky Screamer and was hovering about 70-80 feet above it. It’s possible this may represent the height of the 2015 attraction.
    That said... Six Flags Fiesta Texas just posted a new tweet that got me very excited. It shows off another picture of the 2015 balloon hovering over the park from another point of view and says, “Wow... You can see #SFFT2015 from everywhere! If I were to guess, I think the balloon is flying at a height of 92.5'.”
    Except I don’t think 92.5 may just be the height. The 90 foot range is a fairly common height for a Gerstlauer Eurofighter style roller coaster, something that would fit right in at Fiesta Texas. However, 92.5 could also represent the angle of a beyond vertical first drop as well, though typically most Gerstlauer Eurofighters drop at 95º or 97º. There is one problem though...
    Six Flags is currently in the middle of a nasty legal fight with Gerstlauer over the Texas Giant accident, so I’m sure Gerstlauer is out of the picture to supply new coasters right now. Best second guess... the small open footprint behind the buildings may also be perfect for an S&S El Loco style coaster, also commonly built in the 90 foot height range, and typically feature a first drop angle of 111º to 120º.
    (7/22/14) Six Flags Fiesta Texas has been dropping hints online to focus our attention to the park’s Rockville area which will be the site of the 2015 addition. In fact, one of the pictures shows off an empty storefront with a For Sale sign in the window with a phone number. It’s a real number… so go ahead and call it to hear and leave a message for Rockville Realty. I wouldn’t be surprised if future hints and updated messages are added to this number as time goes on.
    So what could this be?  I’m not sure… as they wont fit much inside this little building but if they venture out the back, they could possibly re-purpose the gigantic site used for the park’s car ride for something much bigger and better.


???? - Future Attraction Concept Surveys - (4/15/14) New options being tossed around in a guest survey for Six Flags Fiesta Texas include a new healthy food restaurant option called “A Fresh Ride”, and a rather odd concept of a “Game Pass” program, where passholders would pay an additional $39.99 per season in exchange to being allowed to play up to four midway games per park visit.
   Other concepts pitched include a virtual reality station where you would put on headgear and go for a fake ride, a Chinese Lantern Festival (similar to the one pitched in a SFOG survey), and a new concept called Superhero Training which would involve entering superhero themed fun-house environment to determine your powers, then into the Cavern of Justice to train, get your costume and then get put through an obstacle course.



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