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icon_STOPPark News - (7/6/19) Six Flags Great Adventure did complete their massive Solar Energy project this season which is now online and set to provide the park with up to 98% of its power needs. The original 90-acre solar farm project was altered along the way to a 40-acre solar farm site in addition to several solar canopies installed over various parking lots on-site. You can see some pictures of it here.
    (5/31/19) A doctor has filed a lawsuit against Six Flags Great Adventure over injuries sustained while riding the park’s Kingda Ka coaster that forced him to undergo spinal surgery. According to the lawsuit, the Doctor claims he wasn’t properly warned that tall riders, such as himself at 6’2”, are subjected to whiplash style forces during the ride if their heads extend above the rear of the seat.
    While I hate to comment too much about this myself, I do have to point out that the seats used on Kingda Ka are very different (and shorter) than the seat style used on Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point, which includes an extended top to cradle the rider’s heads.
    (11/12/18) According to a Screamscape source who dropped by the park, some of the lights and decorative aspects (flames) are in the process of being removed from El Diablo, tying into the rumor that it is leaving the park to possibly be sent to La Ronde in Canada. (Update - It went to Six Flags over Texas) In other news, matching up with similar news from the Six Flags over Texas and St. Louis parks, Panda Express is now gone for good and will be replaced by a Chop Six branded food stand instead in 2019.
    (6/16/18) Great news for Six Flags Great Adventure came out this week with the confirmation that a new 134-room Hilton Garden Inn hotel will be built in Jackson Township next to the theme park and the future sports complex to go in next door by Spring 2020.
    The addition of a hotel near the theme park complex was long overdue, as for some reason there strangely has never been a hotel built within earshot the park, even after all these years.


icon_STOP2019 - Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth - (7/17/19) Just a quick update on the status of Wonder Woman at SFGAdv. According to sources the ride is simply closed after suffering from as motor malfunction. This isn’t the first one of these to have that happen shortly after opening at a Six Flags parks, so I’m guessing this may be some kind of manufacturer issue as I believe a similar issue happened at SFMM on Crazanity.
    (7/12/19) The new Wonder Woman ride at Six Flags Great Adventure may have opened to the  public back in mid-June, but it seems that something serious may have gone wrong with it. I’m told that it may have first closed about two weeks ago. However, a reader who just visited the park sent in pictures and the park has put up a large blue fence blocking off the entire area around Wonder Woman: Lasso of Truth. This makes it look like it could be closed for a long time. Anyone know more about what’s going on?

    (4/24/19) The news reports that the new Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth ride at Six Flags Great Adventure will be ready to open to guests on May 23rd.
    (8/30/18) Six Flags announced that it will open the world's tallest pendulum ride in New Jersey as Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth for the 2019 season. It will stand 17 stories tall and swing 40-riders at a time at speeds up to 75mph and up to 172 feet in the air.




icon_STOP2019 - Calypso Springs @ Hurricane Harbor - (7/12/19) Six Flags Great Adventure will be holding a preview day for their new Calypso Springs play area at Hurricane Harbor on July 17th. Look for it to open to the public soon afterwards.
    (1/25/19) Six Flags Great Adventure has announced a huge expansion is on the way to their Six Flags Hurricane Harbor waterpark. Look for Calypso Springs to open in 2019, the largest expansion of the waterpark since it opened in 2000. The highlight of the Calypso Springs area will be a 100,000 gallon zero-depth entry pool with a geyser that will erupt from the middle. The pool will be surrounded by a new lounge deck area along with a new dining location.
    Look for Calypso Springs to take shape between the Taak It Eez Ee Creek and Tornado waterslide.


2020 - New Coaster - Rumor - (11/12/18) The early rumor for 2020 is that Six Flags Great Adventure may be preparing to work with RMC… but don’t worry, they wont be touching El Toro. Instead they are said to be looking to take up some of the old Rolling Thunder space near El Toro to build a custom new RMC coaster creation. It may actually even interact with El Toro and just might even reuse that small section of Rolling Thunder supports that they left up that passes through El Toro. One possible idea was to even give it name inspired by Rolling Thunder and possibly call it Twisted Thunder. Given the location involved, this could also explain the sudden removal rumor for El Diablo.
    Everything is a long way out at this point however, and always subject to change, so stay tuned.



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