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icon_STOPPark News - (11/12/18) According to a Screamscape source who dropped by the park, some of the lights and decorative aspects (flames) are in the process of being removed from El Diablo, tying into the rumor that it is leaving the park to possibly be sent to La Ronde in Canada. In other news, matching up with similar news from the Six Flags over Texas and St. Louis parks, Panda Express is now gone for good and will be replaced by a Chop Six branded food stand instead in 2019.

    (10/31/18) Six Flags Great Adventure will host their 9th Annual ‘Grape Adventure’ Wine and Food Festival in the park on Nov. 3 & 4. The experience offers the chance to “sample local wines, snack on delectable eats, shop and enjoy entertainment partnered with a special V.I.P. safari experience including giraffe feeding”.
    (10/23/18) An interesting story came my way this evening, claiming that El Toro at Six Flags Great Adventure stalled sometime in the last day or two while they were doing some testing, coming to a stop peaked across a small airtime hill. It’s a weird location for the train to stop, as it didn’t valley at the bottom of a section of hills, but rather stopped a the top of one, which makes me wonder if there was some kind of wheel issue at play. I guess we’ll know more if it opens for Fright Fest or not. (Update - It did reopen)
    (9/25/18) Thanks to a reader who sent this is, we now have a photo showing off the King Cobra slide at Hurricane Harbor is now being taken apart.

    (9/20/18) While we have no photo proof yet, I'm told that the removal of King Cobra from the waterpark began today.
    (9/16/18) Various confidential sources have all chimes in with similar stories, claiming that both El Diablo and King Cobra are leaving the Six Flags property and heading to other parks.
    (9/12/18) Backing up the rumored removal of El Diablo from Six Flags Great Adventure, another source adds to this, saying that El Diablo is actually the ride that will be sent to La Ronde to become their new "Chaos" ride for 2019.
    On top of this, another possible attraction removal rumor came to light... this one claiming that the King Cobra waterslide from Hurricane Harbor will also be packed up and sent down to Mexico to become that Hurricane Harbor's new slide for 2019. Can anyone else confirm either of these rumors?

    (9/10/18) I'm not sure how true this is, but an odd rumor came in over the weekend claiming that El Diablo could leave at the end of the 2018 season. Anyone else heard this, or is it complete nonsense? Personally I’m not buying it just yet...
    (8/30/18) BREAKING - Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth - New for 2019

    (8/23/18) Six Flags has partnered with CBS Films to promote the new Hell Fest movie coming this fall and will open new Hell Fest themed haunts at Six Flags Magic Mountain, Six Flags Great Adventure and Six Flags Great America as part of Fright Fest. The new mazes will "depict real life replicas of the movie's most unnerving, goriest and most epic scenes." These include "The Mausoleum", "The Mask Room", "The Doll Room" and "The Torture Chamber".

    (8/8/18) Six Flags Great Adventure will host the park's first ever Food & Brew Festival on August 16-19th. The event will feature "an expansive variety of craft beer, cocktails and live entertainment. Guests can enjoy a myriad of tastes ranging from specialty mac & cheese, a variety of kabobs, pulled pork and short rib sandwiches to strawberry salad, seafood gumbo and tacos, plus pickles and gourmet milkshakes. More than 40 IPAs, lagers, ciders and other craft seasonal beers, plus specialty cocktails and frozen drinks are available from the bars, including Main Street’s new Ale House."
    "Live music featuring more than 12 of the best Jersey Shore rock, country, jazz, and blues bands including Williams Honor, Ned Ryerson and the Groundhogs, Matt O’Ree Band, Billy Hector & the Midnight Horns and many more will entertain guests throughout the festival."
    "Food stations, bars and live music are available from 12 to 8 p.m. each day along the Lakefront. Festival admission is included with theme park admission, Season Pass and active Membership. Food, beer and specialty cocktails are available for an additional fee."
    (8/6/18) File this one under "Funny" as talk show host Steven Colbert decides to ride Nitro at Six Flags Great Adventure with Noble Prize winning Paul Krugman (who has never ridden a coaster before) for a 2 minute discuss about economics...  at 4gs.





    (6/21/18) A reader tells us some new construction walls have appeared inside The Golden Kingdom area of Six Flags Great Adventure, walling off an old "waterworks attraction". Could this be prep work for a new 2019 attraction, or for something else? Anyone know more? There is a good bit of open land behind this old attraction that something of a decent size could fit in nicely tucked away behind here, next to El Diablo and the nearby section of El Toro. Big enough say... for perhaps a new RMC Raptor coaster... or maybe even the first T-Rex.
    (6/16/18) Great news for Six Flags Great Adventure came out this week with the confirmation that a new 134-room Hilton Garden Inn hotel will be built in Jackson Township next to the theme park and the future sports complex to go in next door by Spring 2020.
    The addition of a hotel near the theme park complex was long overdue, as for some reason there strangely has never been a hotel built within earshot the park, even after all these years.
    (3/23/18) Due to the bad weather, Six Flags Great Adventure has been forced to officially reschedule the park’s reopening date for the 2018 season. The new schedule has the park opening for a week long Spring Break celebration from March 30 through to April 8.
    (1/25/18) Six Flags Great Adventure announced a bit ago that they will soon begin construction on the giant solar energy farm that was previously approved, that they claim will make the park the world’s first solar-powered theme park. The solar plant will produce 23.5 megawatts through a 40-acre solar farm site on the ground and additional solar topped carports to be added into some of the parking lots. Construction will begin in March and be finished by the end of 2019.


2018 - Cyborg Cyber Spin - (5/30/18) Want to see what a ride on the new Cyborg Cyber Spin attraction looks like from the inside?  Check out an awesome POV video posted below to see the disorienting action in HiDef glory!
    I hope they have buckets at the ready...

    (5/16/18) Our friends at Park Journey stopped by Six Flags Great Adventure to go on a construction tour of the new Cyborg Cyber Spin attraction. Check out the video below, which includes the first footage I've seen of the massive new attraction actually moving.

    (4/30/18) A video showing off the progress on Cyborg at Six Flags Great Adventure can be found below. Lots of foundation work and the installation of the massive ride hardware now appears to be mostly complete, with work to hook up the electrical bits and pieces, ride computer hardware and get everything ready to begin testing next on the addenda. I can't wait to see this thing come to life, as there is a massive amount of metal that is going to be spinning and twirling in the air all at once, with your puny human flesh caught in the middle of all the action.
    As Trent Reznor said it best... "Just some flesh caught in this big broken machine!!"

    (8/31/17) A new thrilling and unique ride is coming to the park - Cyborg Cyber Spin. This unique creation is like nothing you've ever seen in a theme park before, offering a spinning, twisting, looping gyroscope of motions. I'm not sure who is making this ride, but it looks a lot like that Tourbillion creation from ABC Rides, a one of a kind portable ride creation seen in a few fairs over in Asia in videos that went viral for awhile. Bravo to Six Flags for bringing this or a very similar ride style to the US market for what looks like an incredible new ride to the park's lineup.

    (8/21/17) Six Flags Great Adventure has posted a couple teaser posters in the park hinting about what is to come in 2018. The posters aren't too far from the new Justice League ride and show off the logo of STAR. Labs from DC Comics along with a phone number you can call and hear a message. The posted also lists the names of the parents of DC hero Cyborg, Silas and Elinore Stone.


icon_STOP2019 - Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth - (8/30/18) Six Flags announced that it will open the world's tallest pendulum ride in New Jersey as Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth for the 2019 season. It will stand 17 stories tall and swing 40-riders at a time at speeds up to 75mph and up to 172 feet in the air.

    (8/27/18) According to Screamscape sources, a temporary leaked website page for Six Flags Great Adventure was seen showing off a new Zamperla Giant Discovery ride set to go into the park for 2019 along with the text, "WONDER WOMANLasso of Truth Coming to NJ!" Time will tell is this was legit or a hoax, but it does tie in with our rumor that the park would be getting a copy of Magic Mountain's CraZanity ride.
    (8/18/18) While I'm not sure if this is for whatever the park has in store for 2019 or not, I'm told that it appears construction has begun at Six Flags Great Adventure near the Metro Grill on the site of the former Freefall ride. The park has also stated that the Cell Block 6 maze for Fright Fest that was located here is being moved to a new location this year.

    (8/11/18) Screamscape has been told that those large crates delivered to Six Flags Great Adventure are not ride related at all, but rather incoming hardware for the park's massive Solar Energy Farm project. The crates are said to feature a blue and red SMA logo on them, which matches up with this company.
    So move along folks... these aren't the droids you are looking for.
    (8/10/18) A few sources reported back from Six Flags Great Adventure that some large crates arrived this week in an employee lot. Meanwhile I’m told some utility markings were also spotted in the area by the old stunt show arena and freefall ride location in “Gotham”. In other news… the park was also said to be sending out some new ride name surveys that mentioned names for a possible “Swinging Ride” style attraction. Makes me wonder if the rumors of an east coast version of CraZanity coming to the park in 2019 are true.
    (8/1/18) So what's coming to Six Flags Great Adventure in 2019? Rumor has it that the park may take a page out of Six Flags Magic Mountian's playbook and add their own version of CraZanity next season. I'm also hearing that the area between Justice League and Cyborg is looking like they are preparing for some kind of new project.
    (7/27/18) No one knows exactly what is going on yet, but the early rumor from the Six Flags Great Adventure rumor mill is that the park will not add a coaster for 2019, but is working on some kind of large new attraction expected to go into the Metropolis area of the park. Anyone know more?




icon_STOP2019 - Calypso Springs @ Hurricane Harbor - (1/25/19) Six Flags Great Adventure has announced a huge expansion is on the way to their Six Flags Hurricane Harbor waterpark. Look for Calypso Springs to open in 2019, the largest expansion of the waterpark since it opened in 2000. The highlight of the Calypso Springs area will be a 100,000 gallon zero-depth entry pool with a geyser that will erupt from the middle. The pool will be surrounded by a new lounge deck area along with a new dining location.
    Look for Calypso Springs to take shape between the Taak It Eez Ee Creek and Tornado waterslide.


2020 - New Coaster - Rumor - (11/12/18) The early rumor for 2020 is that Six Flags Great Adventure may be preparing to work with RMC… but don’t worry, they wont be touching El Toro. Instead they are said to be looking to take up some of the old Rolling Thunder space near El Toro to build a custom new RMC coaster creation. It may actually even interact with El Toro and just might even reuse that small section of Rolling Thunder supports that they left up that passes through El Toro. One possible idea was to even give it name inspired by Rolling Thunder and possibly call it Twisted Thunder. Given the location involved, this could also explain the sudden removal rumor for El Diablo.
    Everything is a long way out at this point however, and always subject to change, so stay tuned.



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