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icon_STOPPark News - (10/5/15) Good News / Bad News time for SFGAdv.  The good news is that according to a reader, the park is STILL running Batman Backwards even though it the run was originally supposed to come to an end on Labor Day. The bad news is that for whatever reason, they are only running it with one train, so the line is crazy long. Be warned!
    (9/18/15) These two new pictures (see below) are about a week old, but they show off the state of demolition of the old dolphin/sea lion stadium at Six Flags Great Adventure.
    (8/31/15) A few readers sent in new pictures of the lakeside arena demolition taking place at Six Flags Great Adventure over the weekend. Check them out below.








    (8/27/15) A reader sent in some new demolition pictures from inside Six Flags Great Adventure showing off the progress as they take down the stadium to make way for the 2016 project. Speaking of which... don't look for it to be called Total Mayhem, despite the trademaking of that name. If you visit the official Fright Fest page you'll notice that the top haunt listed under "Frights" is called Total Mayhem.
    (8/25/15) I'm hearing that demolition inside Great Adventure is well under way now, with the Festival Stage already gone, the outer wall of the grandstand removed, and the grandstand expected to be the next thing removed, followed by the Aqua Stadium.
    (8/10/15) A new video showing off early construction, or rather demolition, taking place at Six Flags Great Adventure has been posted by AllAmericanThrills. Check it out below.

    (8/4/15) After being sent some reports about removing the Sea Lions from Six Flags Great Adventure, it seems this couldn't be further from the case. Two new babies were born this summer, Piper on June 5 (to Kenobi and Dichali) and Ridley on June 18 (to Ella). The article also mentions that Anoki and his pup Magoo are also there. The mothers and pups are in the SeaFari Theater in the Golden Kingdom section of the park.
    (7/24/15) Good news, as a reader who visited SFGAdv reported that Zumanjaro was open on July 22nd for their visit.
    (7/23/15) I'm not sure if this is related to the downtime issue on Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom at Six Flags Magic Mountain, but I am now hearing that Zumanjaro at SFGAdv may have also closed down. Anyone know what's up?
    (7/6/15) Six Flags Great Adventure has now walled off the Fort Independence area, which you can see in these pictures posted to CoasterChitChat. Could this be where the Total Mayhem project is going or is something else planned for this location? Meanwhile Batman Backwards is now open through Labor Day. You can catch our review of Batman Backwards from the previous run at Six Flags over Georgia earlier this year by clicking here.
    (6/16/15) According to a reader who rode the Safari Off-Road Adventure at SFGAdv this week, their driver mentioned during the ride that they were planning on adding Cheetah’s and Baboons to the animal tour next year.
    (4/2/15) An announcement from Six Flags Great Adventure on April 1st that initially sounded like an April Fool’s Joke apparently isn’t, as the park is planning on opening over the Christmas holiday season as they put on their first Holiday In The Park event later this year.
   The park will be decorated to the brim with holiday cheer, and promises gentle snowflakes will fall each evening, along with a tree lighting cerimony. The park also promises 30 rides to be open, weather permitting of course, with the list to include SkyScreamer, Carousel, Big Wheel, Parachutes, Tea Cups as well as the following coasters: Nitro, Batman, Green Lantern, Superman, The Dark Knight and Skull Mountain.


2015 - El Diablo - (5/16/15) Our friends at ParkJourney have posted some video footage from Six Flags Great Adventure showing off El Diablo open and in action. Check it out below!

    (5/12/15) A great picture showing off El Diablo at Six Flags Great Adventure was sent in this week. Looks like everything is set up and ready for guests!
    (5/7/15) A reader sent in this great picture, showing off this great statue that has been created for Six Flags Great Adventure for the new El Diablo ride.
    (4/8/15) El Diablo is not just going vertical, according to the latest pictures of the construction site posted to AllAmericanThrills, the loop itself has already been completed.
    (1/16/15) In a wise move, Six Flags Great Adventure decided to rename their Looping Dragon ride coming in 2015 to El Diablo, something that fits in much better for a ride near El Toro. Unfortunately, they are still calling it a "coaster" when it clearly is not, which makes me wish they would call it FacePalm: The Ride.

    (8/28/14) As rumored, the park is adding a 7-story tall Super Loop style flat ride called Looping Dragon.

    (8/26/14) Coaster-Net did some incredible digging into the official Six Flags website and using their knowledge of Drupal, the content management system Six Flags uses for it, apparently they were able to pull the names for many of the new 2015 attractions to be announced on Thursday.
    According to their report my rumor about Looping Dragon being the name for their new Larson 22m Super Loop was right on the money. Again I’m hearing that Six Flags may try to promote this little flat ride as their next coaster… which seems insane because everyone knows it isn’t. So you may be asking yourself, why are they trying to do this?  Because with the opening of Laff Trakk, nearby Hersheypark will now have 13 coasters and take the crown for the North-East for having the most coasters away from Six Flags Great Adventure, who will only have 12. Sorry Six Flags, but this does not count as a coaster. Please don’t try to insult our intelligence by marketing it as such, it will backfire, just go out with some grace and do better next year.
    Besides, it really doesn’t matter anyway… both Kings Dominion and Carowinds will each have 14 coasters in 2015, knocking you both out for having the most on the East coast.
    (8/25/14) Screamscape sources tell us that the rumored Super Loop going into Six Flags Great Adventure will likely be called Looping Dragon.
    (8/23/14) The various image hints coming from Six Flags Great Adventure have got me thinking about a few things that may be coming to the park in 2015. Forget the rumors about a new coaster, because that isn’t happening… but instead I think we may see 2 or 3 things come for next season.
    1) There isn’t a ton of evidence for this one, but I believe that there is a good chance we will see a new slide and water attraction go into Hurricane Harbor. This is mostly a hunch on my part, but the park can always use some added capacity to help things along, and there was one image in the hints showing off a spinning water wheel.
    2) Batman Backwards – One of the image hints did have the year 1993 written backwards, and 1993 was the year that Batman: The Ride came to the park. Six Flags has a traveling train they have been using for this purpose to hit a couple of parks a season for the last two years, and it has yet to make it to SFGAdv, so it is obviously time. Already this year we have seen it spend the spring at Six Flags Magic Mountain and it is currently at Six Flags over Texas. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it continue East from there and hit up both Six Flags over Georgia and Great Adventure over the 2015 season.
    3) Finally I’ve come to a realization as to what the park’s new permanent ride may be… and the one clue spells it out perfectly. SUPER… LOOP.  To be honest, I’m surprised by this, especially after the downtime issues Elitch Gardens in Colorado has had with their new 7-story Super Loop (Brain Drain) this summer, but there are a ton of image hints showing off images of giant rings or the word “loop”. But the one hint of Domo in a Superman costume next to the word “Loop” just really drove it home for me. Just something to think about, and I’m thinking this wont be the only version of this ride being added to a Six Flags park in 2015.


icon_STOP2016 - TOTAL MAYHEM - Confirmed - (9/3/15) A local news outlet has confirmed that the park will add an S&S FreeFly 4D coaster to the park to be called TOTAL MAYHEM.

    (8/20/15) I'm told that the Jackson Township approved plans for a new coaster to be added to Six Flags Great Adventure at the last meeting. No further details were available.
    (7/20/15) AllAmericanThrills takes a look around Six Flags Great Adventure this week as the construction walls rise and the speculation about what is on the way kicks into high gear. The popular story is that not only will this be an S&S Free Fly 4D coaster like the one that just opened at Six Flags Fiesta Texas, but there is a good chance that the version coming to SFGAdv may very well be a taller and longer version.
    (7/6/15) Six Flags Great Adventure has now walled off the Fort Independence area, which you can see in these pictures posted to CoasterChitChat. Could this be where the Total Mayhem project is going or is something else planned for this location?
    (7/3/15) Six Flags has filed for a new name trademark this month for their latest attraction to be called "Total Mayhem". While this could be for any Six Flags theme park, the name would be a perfect fit for an S&S Free Fly 4D style coaster, the type that was rumored to be on the way for SFGAdv.
    (6/22/15) New surveys have gone out for some Six Flags parks, including one that mentions what appears to be a custom coaster creation taylor made for taking over the old Chiller station area at Six Flags Great Adventure. The way it has been described to me, it appears like a single station ride, but would feature two launch zones, and could possibly be from Premier Rides. The coaster would over the old Chiller station and observatory structure area, as well as venture out into the Old Country area where they would locate a set of “interlocking dive loops”. Much like Twisted Colossus, it sounds like the coaster would enter the second launched zone in time to launch out at the same time and race/duel against the train launching from the first zone, including some similar interwoven inversions like Twisted Colossus.
   It may be possible that this coaster could also be a B&M Wing coaster, as another ride idea was pitched for the same general area called KRYPT, described as the world’s first dueling-winged rollercoaster that would soar around the Movietown section of the park.
   Meanwhile another more generic concept pitched for the park was for another 4D Free Fly coaster that would feature special effects to thurst you “into a totally immersive high-speed adventure” called Cataclysm.
    (6/10/15) For anyone wondering, and for everyone who sent this tidbit in… Six Flags has sent out surveys to many people that allow you to pick your regular Six Flags park, and apparently all, or nearly all, will ask your opinion of adding an S&S 4D Free Fly coaster to your local park, so the survey about Hyperdrive itself for Six Flags Great Adventure doesn’t mean it is going there.
   That said… I have been getting rumors over the past week, before hearing about this survey, that the S&S 4D Free Fly coaster was being seriously considered for SFGAdv… I just didn’t believe it in enough to post about it at the time because of the low capacity problem. Meanwhile, one of our sources did provide us with another clue about the SDGAdv installation proposal, claiming that this version would be a little different from the prototype built for Fiesta Texas. This second version would actually be about 20 feet taller, a little longer and would revise the loading platform to include cars moving through a continuously moving loading platform to help increase capacity and keep things always moving.


An interesting survey was sent out to some fans of Six Flags Great Adventure in the past 24 hours, asking their opinions on adding an S&S 4D Free Fly Coaster to the park, just like the new Batman coaster at Six Flags Fiesta Texas.  The survey named the coaster Hyperdrive, and claimed it would "thrusts you into a totally immersive, high-speed adventure", "loaded with special effects and cutting edge construction."
    The response to this ride at Fiesta Texas has been huge, with the guests loving it. My only concern about adding Hyperdrive to Six Flags Great Adventure would be the lower capacity that comes with this ride at a park with normally such high attendance numbers.
    (5/5/15) A series of photos posted to the "Six Flags Great Adventure Insider Updates" shows off not only the park's new El Diablo super loop under construction, but some Surveyor equipment elsewhere in the park which apparently is somewhere between the water tower and the Picnic Grove.
    This is where things get interesting however, as one rumor for 2016 coming to light suggests that the park may be planning on adding their own B&M Launched Wing Coaster, similar in Holiday World's Thunderbird. According to the rumor, one line of thought may be to somehow reuse the old Chiller station structure for the new coaster (it's wide enough, as it did used to hold two side-by-side launched coasters) and maybe even have the coaster launch out and through the old Observatory structure, which is also still standing, with the rest of the layout running somewhere between here and the water tower area and back.
    Sounds like a an interesting idea to me, as it would be nice to see this section of the park brought back to life again. We'll have to wait and see what other rumors develop this season.




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