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icon_STOPPark News - (7/14/20) Six Flags Great Adventure shared a cute new video this week showing off a pair of new Siberian Tiger Cubs at the park: Heather and Julie. Siberian Tigers are endangered and it is estimated that there are likely fewer than 500 of them left in the wild. Check out the video below!

    (7/7/20) A reader sent in a report and some photos to Screamscape after spending some time at Six Flags Great Adventure the other day. They visited the park late in the day, entering around 4:30pm, but said the check-in and entry process was smooth and easy. They noted that most of the coasters were only running one train at a time, with ride ops standing-by with ‘huge backpacks full of sanitizer spraying trains and then running them empty to dry” so the wait times were pretty long. Guests were staggered into waiting areas for social distancing in both the queues and stations. They also noted that while ride-ops seemed to be able to fully load Nitro (B&M Hypercoaster), El Toro was only loading guests into the front row of each of train’s 3-row cars, leaving the other rows empty.




    (7/3/20) As expected, Six Flags Great Adventure has officially now delayed the opening of The Jersey Devil coaster until 2021. As they noted in a previous statement to Screamscape, construction had stopped during the pandemic and for this reason, Six Flags will now plan to debut Jersey Devil for the 2021 season.
    (6/24/20) Six Flags Great Adventure has confirmed that the park will reopen on July 3, 2020. This first day will be an exclusive preview day for members and season passholders and then the park will open to the public on July 4. Attendance levels will be very limited at first, with the plan being to slowly raise attendance levels gradually throughout the month. As with other Six Flags theme parks, reservations will be required to get in, all guests must pass through a thermal temperature scanner and face masks will be required during your entire visit.
    The park has also confirmed that the new self-driven Sarfai attraction will continue to be open as well as a separate attraction experience. The response so far to the Safari experience is said to be very positive and when combined with the fact that the experience allows for complete social distancing, it is a winning combination that will continue for the immediate future.
    While there has been a little talk on social media regarding the parks plan to open or delay the new Jersey Devil coaster, I was able to ask about the status of the new ride. I was told that, “Construction was halted during the pandemic, and I don’t have an update yet. We should be making an announcement on Jersey Devil in the next few days.” Rumors say that the coaster track is thought to be complete, but no work has been done on the station or any of the surrounding landscape and queue space, so even the park was planning on opening Jersey Devil in 2020, the opening may not happen for another month or two. In the meantime we’ll keep an eye out for future announcements from the park regarding Jersey Devil as well as a future opening date for the Hurricane Harbor waterpark.
    (5/17/20) While Six Flags Great Adventure isn’t quite ready to reopen their theme park just yet, they are going to reopen an old ‘throwback’ attraction concept. Long time guests may remember back when the animal Safari attraction was not just another attraction within the theme park, but it started off as a self-driven experience guests would take with their own vehicles. After the Governor of New Jersey approved guidelines that would allow “drive-through events” to take place, Six Flags is working on plans to reopen the animal safari experience once again as a self-driven stand-alone attraction once again. Guests will be able to view the park’s 1,200 animals from the safety and social-distance of their own cars. The original drive-through Safari at Six Flags Great Adventure ran from 1974 through to 2012.
    To prevent over-crowded, reservations will be required through the park website. Currently Six Flags is working out all the details as to how the experience will work and have not yet set an official opening date, so stay tuned!

    (2/28/20) Six Flags Great Adventure has announced the addition of five new animal species to the park in 2020, which they are referring to as ‘the fast and the curious”. Check out the video below for a quick introduction to Bear & Bo, Luna, Amelia, Tyrion and Johnny & David.

    (1/21/20) In one of the more stranger lawsuits I’ve heard someone file against a theme park, a man who visited Six Flags New Jersey was in line to ride Kingda Ka. Rather than use the lockers provided to hold his cell phone… he claims that a park employee told him to hide his phone in the bamboo trees next to a smoking area.
    And he did it… because, you know… we all know that the bushes next to a bunch of smokers are the best place to hide an extremely costly electric device that contains all your personal information. Yeah… sure, it will be perfectly safe, so coaster on, right?
    Ok, sarcasm mode now set to <OFF>.
    Long story short, the man rides and upon returning to retrieve his phone from the bamboo trees he managed to step on a sharp piece of bamboo that pieces his shoe and foot, resulting in $75,000 worth of medical expenses in addition to pain and damage that resulted in limited movement. Now a lawsuit is in place claiming that the park should have known about the “unreasonably dangerous and defective condition existing at the designated smoking area adjacent to the ‘Kingda Ka’ rollercoaster”.
    While I can’t really see an employee telling a guest to hide their phone in the bushes instead of using a locker, I suppose it could have happened in a, “we’re not responsible for you leaving any loose objects anywhere if you refuse to  use a locker” kind of manor. But for anyone with common sense in this day and age to think it reasonable to leave their phone in the bushes and hope no one takes it… that’s just shows questionable judgement skills to me, where he seems to take as much care with his personal property as he did in watching where he was stepping.


icon_STOP2021 - Jersey Devil - (7/3/20) As expected, Six Flags Great Adventure has officially now delayed the opening of The Jersey Devil coaster until 2021. As they noted in a previous statement to Screamscape, construction had stopped during the pandemic and for this reason, Six Flags will now plan to debut Jersey Devil for the 2021 season.
    (4/18/20) Another great drone video has been posted showing off the construction progress on the Jersey Devil coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure.

    (4/2/20) A Screamscape source sent in a new image showing off the Jersey Devil construction site, complete with supports and vertical track sections in place.

    (3/7/20) Many of the supports for Jersey Devil have now been put in place according to construction photos posted by the park to Twitter this past week.

    (2/24/20) Another fun look at the Jersey Devil construction site  was posted to Twitter the other day. Check it out below.

    (2/19/20) Six Flags Great Adventure reports that the first truckload of track for Jersey Devil has arrived at the park.

    (2/13/20) Six Flags Great Adventure has posted some new progress photos from the Jersey Devil construction site, as well as a look at the Jersey Devil themed front decor that will go on the coaster train.

    (2/7/20) Six Flags Great Adventure has posted a video construction update showing off the progress on their new Jersey Devil coaster.

    (1/14/20) Six Flags Great Adventure has confirmed that the first truckload of steel for Jersey Devil has arrived at the park. You can see some photos in the Tweet below.

    (12/8/19) Six Flags Great Adventure posted some new construction photos from the Jersey Devil coaster site to Twitter the other day. Check them out below.

    (9/6/19) A new full POV video of the Jersey Devil was released by Six Flags Great Adventure. Check it out below.

    (8/29/19) The rumors were all true and the Jersey Devil will be brought to life in the form of a brand new single-rail roller coaster from RMC. This new coaster will be the world’s tallest, fastest and longest single rail coaster standing 13-stories tall. Riders will hit speeds up to 58mph and travel over 3000 feet of track and through two inversions.
    This is no clone of the chain’s first RMC single rail coaster which opened in 2018 in Texas, this is a completely different layout that is much larger and longer and spread-out compared to the prototype’s compact layout. The layout will feature an 87º first drop, a raven dive, a 180º Stall element, a zero-g-roll, and a ton of airtime hills along the way.
    The trains are also much longer, allowing for greatly increased rider capacity. If the concept art is true these new trains will hold 12 riders at a time instead of just 8.




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