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Chicago, Illinois
Six Flags Theme Parks




Park News - (12/12/18) Six Flags Great America reports that they have received the final approval needed to begin operations of the Magic Waters waterpark property in Rockford, IL. With this in place the new leasing agreement for the waterpark will begin on April 1, 2019. The details were not clear, but they also mentioned some kind of 2-park combo pass option is now being sold that would include Six Flags Great America and Magic Waters, which seems to indicate that a standard Six Flags season pass will not automatically be accepted at Magic Waters. For confirmation and to see what needs to be done, please check with Six Flags Great America who are advertising that guests who buy a season pass before Christmas will get an free upgrade to the 2-park combo pass option.


2018 - Mardi Gras Hangover - (5/24/18) According to the local news Six Flags Great America opened their new Mardi Gras Hangover attraction back on May 21st. While any new ride is a good thing, unfortunately the park is still trying to market the giant super loop attraction as a "record-breaking roller coaster" instead of as the flat ride it really is, even going so far as the claim that this is the park's 16th coaster.
    While I enjoy a good new ride, this is just a disappointing (and somewhat misleading) marketing tactic to see from Six Flags at this point.
    (2/14/18) Six Flags Great America has announced that they finally have picked a name for the "World's Largest Loop Coaster" Larson Giant Loop ride coming to the park for 2018. Hence, going forward the ride will now be called the "Mardi Gras Hangover" when it opens this Spring.
    Fitting in with the Mardi Gras theme, the park also announced that they will put on a new Mardi Gras Festival sometime late in the Summer season, which I'm guessing will be a copy of the new Mardi Gras Festival that premiered at Six Flags Fiesta Texas in 2017.
    (8/31/17) While they don't currently have a name for the ride yet, Six Flags Great America promises to add the "World's Largest Loop Coaster" for 2018, which is actually an extra large sized version of a Larson Giant Loop flat ride. According to the description, "This world-record breaking attraction will take riders forward and backward on a gigantic loop before suspending them completely upside down for plenty of wicked hang-time."
    "This ride will have riders traveling in unique “face-off” seating. Thrill seekers will go through a whirlwind series of 360ー revolutions suspended upside down for the most insane, inverted hang-time of any coaster in the park before reeling down in the opposite direction."
    It will be 100 feet tall and seat 32-riders at a time and be located in the park's Mardi Gras section.  Oh... and about that name? It was rumored to be called "Hurricane Force 5" but I can only assume that with the destruction in Texas going on from Hurricane Harvey at the moment, they've opted to reconsider that one at the last second, which is a good call.


icon_STOP2019 - Maxx Force - (2/8/19) Six Flags Great America hosted a small press conference to show off the construction progress of their new MAXX FORCE roller coaster. Check out the video below to get a quick look at the site.

    (1/25/19) Six Flags has released the official POV video for Maxx Force. Check it out below, though unfortunately the layout is a little shorter than what I was hoping for. If the simulation is accurate, from the moment of launch until you hit the brakes outside the station, the ride experience is only about 25-30 seconds.

    (11/24/18) The first pieces for Maxx Force have arrived at Six Flags Great America. New pictures of the parts and pieces can be found on Instagram posted by “sfgampctures”. Check out the two collections below.









    (8/30/18) Six Flags Great America is opening Maxx Force in 2019, a triple-record breaking launch coaster. Maxx Force will feature a unique air-powered launch system, five high-speed inversions and custom coaster trains themed after Formula One racing cars. It will break the records for:
    Fastest Acceleration in North America, launching riders from 0-78mph in less than 2 seconds
    Tallest Double Inversion in the World at 175 Feet
    Fastest Inversion in the World, a 60mph Zero-G Roll

    (8/30/18) While the official announcement of what is coming to Six Flags Great America is not supposed to take place until early Thursday morning, it looks like a news website ( obtained embargoed animation footage early and opted to post it on Wednesday night instead, much like what happened with Canada's Wonderland. So since the cat is already out of the bag... you can follow a link here to see the animation of Maxx Force.
    There are no stats to go with the animation video, but as rumored, this does very much appear to be an S&S air-powered launched coaster with a race car theme. It looks crazy fast and a small collection of high-speed inversions.
(8/24/18) Unfortunately it doesn't seem to add much in terms of hints, but the final part of the Road to Glory teaser video series is now live. The only new hint sounded as if the new ride will break a North America record of some kind, likely for acceleration.








    (8/17/18) Six Flags Great America is back at it again with the third teaser as our speed demon in training has traded the bathing suit for a red jumpsuit and while running out of the waterpark a trainer says, 'Max, take the detour!"
    STOP... here is our first official hint about the name I think. They called him Max... and we know Six Flags has filed a trademark for the name "Maxx Force", which was also rumored to possibly be the same for the new coaster going to Six Flags Magic Mountain along with West Coast Racer.
    Back to the video... Max crosses the train tracks where four more trainers point the way to him standing next to a sign indicating a twisted road ahead... 175 Yards Ahead to be specific. Possibly another numeric hint about the ride to come... maybe 175 feet tall?
    More to come, as this is the end of Episode 3 for now.

    (8/11/18) Six Flags Great America has posted the second part of their Road to Glory racing themed teaser as we follow the guy from the first part climbing into a drop pod slide, and being told at the bottom that "You can do better." They then show off a stopwatch with a 2 second time.
    If they are playing a numbers game with us, then in Part 1 the fellow gets sprayed down with cans of "SPF 1,000" before being sent to the slide tower, along with an awkward holding of one can by the girl with the only speaking role so we can see the logo while they gaze at the tower.
    Despite the waterpark background, are we looking at a new launched coaster concept here?  The fastest coaster in the Six Flags chain is Kingda Ka which hits 128mph in 3.5 seconds... but there was once a launched coaster in the US that had a much more extreme launch sensation. It wasn't as fast as Kingda Ka, hitting only 80mph, but it did it in 1.8 seconds and just felt completely out of control. I'm talking about the former Hypersonic XLC coaster that ran at Kings Dominion from 2001 to 2007 from S&S, back with S&S was pushing the concept as their "Thrust Air 2000" coaster concept, using compressed air to power the launch and actual rubber aircraft tires on the coaster train itself. The king of all Thrust Air coasters was built in Japan as Dodonpa... now remodeled and renamed as Do-Dodonpa, which features a 111.9 mph launch in just 1.6 seconds.
    To date, no Intamin launched coaster that I know of has been able to match the raw power of the S&S launch system, with I believe their best being between Xcelerator at Knott's Berry Farm which hits 82mph in 2.3 seconds, and Stealth at Thorpe Park that hits 80mph in 1.9 seconds.
    While Intamin seems to have retired their Hydraulic launch system for the time being, S&S has quietly been building newer versions of their Air launched system across China over the past decade onto more traditional looking coaster systems. None have attempted to match the speed of Do-Dodonpa, but most report launch speeds of 83mph (Extreme rush, Bullet Coaster, OCT Thrust SSC1000) and the Launch Coaster that is expected to open later this year at Sun Tzu Cultural Park in China that will launch to 83.9 mph. Unfortunately I've been unable to find any documentation on the time of these new launch systems. So this does make me wonder if we could be seeing a new launch coaster from S&S come to SFGAm next season as it could easily take the record for fastest acceleration in North America. Just a thought...

    (8/3/18) So what's coming to Six Flags Great America in 2019?  The park released an early teaser that mixed a waterpark setting with a race car theme called Road To Glory - Episode 1.  We know Six Flags Magic Mountain is working on something that may have a race car theme to it for 2019, and Six Flags did file a trademark for something called West Coast Racers that could be put to use here I suppose.
    The one odd thing is that the construction site for SFGAm's 2019 project is a bit too large for just a waterpark addition and we've mostly been hearing rumors of a much needed new thrill ride for the park thus far. Perhaps they will add something new to the main park and a new slide for the water park. A reader also suggested that it might be interesting if the park added a race themed water coaster, much like the Thunder Rapids slide added to Six Flags Fiesta Texas the previous year.

    (7/9/18) A reader visiting sent in a few more pictures of the park's 2019 project construction site.
    (7/7/18) A couple more noted about Six Flags Great America's mystery 2019 project. According to one park guest, they spotted what looked like pre-forms for new coaster footers sitting in the employee parking lot while riding Goliath this week. Meanwhile another guest sent in a picture of more stakes laid out on the current construction site..
    (7/4/18) I'm told that new construction marking stakes were spotted inside Six Flags Great America this week. Not just around the former Pictorium site but I'm hearing some may have been spotted behind The Whizzer and Hometime Fun Machine area as well. If anyone gets more pictures as time goes on, please do send them in. Photo credit to "Joey M".
    (5/30/18) So we know Six Flags Great America tore out the Pictorium as quick as they could, but the question of why still remains. According to one source, some kind of big project has been fast-tracked for the site, likely for the 2019 season, but no one seems to know what just yet.
    Is it time for a new coaster already? You never know, but the park did just open Joker in 2017, Goliath in 2014 and X-Flight in 2012, so the park hasn't exactly been hurting for a new coaster. The park has also been in near the front of the line when it comes to getting all the trendy rides that the corporate office wanted to spread throughout the chain like the Larson Super Loops, Justice League dark rides, S&S 4D Free Spin Coasters, and even has an RMC coaster. Newer trends in the making could include a giant flat ride or two, like the Cyborg Cyber Spin, or maybe a Raptor style coaster, but none of those seem big enough or urgent enough to start on right now for 2019. The park did skip out on the SkyScreamer trend though.
    Time to keep those eyes and ears open.


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Six Flags Great America
Chicago, Illinois
Six Flags Theme Parks

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