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Chicago, Illinois
Six Flags Theme Parks




Park News - (10/26/15) Following the win of a baseball related bet against the chain's St. Louis park that saw one of the St. Louis coasters renamed Cubs Thunder, Six Flags Great America is now forced to honor a bet they lost against Six Flags Great Adventure after the Mets beat the Cubs. For the remainder of the season Six Flags Great America has now been renamed as "Six Flags Great Mets" and the Goliath rollercoaster has been renamed "GoMets".
    (7/31/15) Six Flags Great American will offer something new and interesting this fall for Fright Fest... a sign up in the park posted to Twitter lists it as the Apocalypse Zombie Experience where you will "Shoot first or get bit by zombies! Survive... if you can!"


icon_STOP2016 - Justice League: Battle For Metropolis - (5/17/16) Six Flags Great America has confirmed that Justice League: Battle For Metropolis will open on May 28th.
    (3/7/16) While Justice League just opened at Six Flags Mexico on Friday, the latest tweet from Six Flags Great America tells us that their version is only now starting to install the ride's themeing.
    (1/14/16) Six Flags Great America tweeted a great picture of the Justice League: Battle for Metropolis ride building construction site. Glad to see things are moving along quickly.
    (9/3/15) Six Flags Great America has confirmed that the park will add Justice League: Battle for Metropolis, a new 4D interactive dark ride adventure to the park for 2016. The ride first opened at Six Flags over Texas and St Louis parks in 2015 and was a huge hit. Check it out below!

    (8/29/15) There were a couple of interesting "leaks" out of Six Flags discovered either very late Friday night, or Saturday morning. Of course, I did not find any of these myself, as they were rumored to have been taken down by then, but of course, this also means that one or more of these leaks could possibly be fakes ahead of Six Flags big Sept. 3rd announcement. 2015_SF_JusticeLeagueAfter all... we've seen enough legit accidental leaks already this season for high profile new attractions from Cedar Fair and Universal, so you never know. That said... take this with a grain of salt, as I've seen a couple of fake leaks also sent in lately.
    With all that in mind, our second leak appears to be an online press release from the Six Flags Newsroom website while being viewed by a mobile device announcing that the Justice League: Battle for Metropolis dark ride will be coming to Six Flags Great America in 2016.
    So is it a fake?  While this one could be faked more easily than the other leak, as it is only text, I was sent two screen captures of this press release from two different source, showing the article as displayed on two different mobile devices, which makes it seem fairly legit. Of course all the Super Hero themed hints the park has been dropping this week as well as the rumors from all summer long all were pointing to a possible Justice League ride as well. So while this could be a fake-out... I'm also leaning towards this being true. Look for this to likely replace the old Southwest Territory amphitheater.
    Meanwhile Demolition of the park's Southwest Amphitheater has apparently started, as seen in a photo sent in by a reader.
    (6/9/15) After talking to a few people, I'm hearing that two more version of Justice League: Battle for Metropolis are being planned for the 2016 season. From the sound of things, the one solid lock for the first one seems to be for Six Flags Great America.
    The location of the second one is more up for debate it seems, with rumors pointing to both Six Flags Mexico as well as Six Flags over Georgia. If I had to guess myself, I'd lean towards Georgia myself, for many of the reason I posted yesterday in my thoughts on the issue as well.


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Six Flags Great America
Chicago, Illinois
Six Flags Theme Parks

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