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Mexico City, Mexico (Abbreviation: SFM)
Formerly: Reino Aventura
Six Flags Theme Parks


Park News - (5/7/14) The new Slingshot at Six Flags Mexico is now open and MontanaRusa has posted a fun POV video from the new ride. They also report that the new RMC trains for Medusa have also arrived on site and have posted pictures of them.

    (4/16/14) A video of the new Slingshot ride at Six Flags Mexico testing can be found on Facebook. If it hasn’t opened already, it should be ready to open any day now.
    (3/8/14) Six Flags Mexico has confirmed the addition of a new Sling Shot ride on their Facebook page that will shoot rides 90 meters into the sky at speeds up to 100 kph.


2014 - Medusa Steel Coaster - (6/17/14) Take a look at this off-ride video of the new Medusa Steel Coaster at Six Flags Mexico and then realize that this footage has not been speed up, the coaster is apparently just this fast, wild and out of control. Impressive!!

    (6/16/14) A great POV video of the newly opened Medusa Steel Coaster at Six Flags Mexico can be found on YouTube and embedded below for your enjoyment.

    (6/2/14) Medusa Steel Coaster has been spotted making test runs at Six Flags Mexico. The speed of this thing is incredible looking… so much faster looking than the preview animation may have led you to believe it would be. You can find three videos showing off the test runs below.

    (5/7/14) MontanaRusa reports that the new RMC trains for Medusa have also arrived on site and have posted pictures of them.
    (2/7/14) The latest pictures of the Medusa Steel Coaster at Six Flags Mexico have been posted by our friends at MontanaRusa this week.
    (12/27/13) Great new construction pictures of Medusa Steel Coaster at Six Flags Mexico have been posted to Theme Park Review this week.
    (12/13/13) A cool picture tweeted out by our friends at MontanaRusa shows off the new Medusa. Looking good!
    (11/5/13) Some wonderful new pictures of the transformation of Medusa Steel Coaster taken at Six Flags Mexico have been taken by our friends at MontanaRusa. Check them out here, here and here, showing off the new RMC I-Box rail system being installed.
    (10/8/13) The first new section of coaster track running out of the station has been installed to Medusa Steel Coaster.
    (9/5/13) While the animation for the new “Medusa Steel Coaster” coming to Six Flags Mexico wasn’t quite finished for the media day, the complete animation can now be found here, showing off all three of the inversions.
    Now what can we do about the name for this ride however? Medusa Steel Coaster is just a mouthful… and awkward… at least in English. Does it flow off the tongue better to our friends in Mexico perhaps?  I’m still thinking Iron Medusa or Steel Medusa would be a better name, or at least to my English thinking brain.

    (8/29/13) Six Flags Mexico will transform Medusa into Medusa Steel Coaster for 2014. Medusa will be transformed into a wood/steel hybrid coaster experience that will feature new speeds, intense drops as well as inversions. Watch the video of the new ride experience here as your first drop is enhanced by being the location of the first of three new inversions.
    (8/26/13) New pictures of Medusa at Six Flags Mexico show off changes are already starting since the ride closed down one week ago and crews have begun to strip the rails from the structure. I’m told that the full announcement of what will be happening to the ride will be part of the August 29th chain-wide Six Flags announcement this year.
    (8/21/13) Our friends at were at Six Flags Mexico yesterday to take the last ride on Medusa before they close it down. A video of the last ride (at night) can be found here. While I’m not sure this sounds ride, they also tell us that there is a lot of buzz in the park about “Green Lantern” for some reason. Could this be the new name for Medusa or something under consideration for a future park attraction?
    (7/19/13) It’s official… Medusa will close on August 18th, though Six Flags wont make the announcement about just what Rocky Mountain Coaster is planning on doing to it until later. That hasn’t stopped Medusa’s fans over at MontanaRusa from taking their favorite RMC elements from Texas Giant, Iron Rattler and Outlaw Run and incorporating them into a No Limits fan reprofiling of Medusa to give us an idea of just what may be in store for riders in 2014. Take a look!

    (6/27/13) Six Flags Mexico has confirmed on their Facebook page that one of the park’s major attractions will soon be closing. The teaser says that it one of the five rides pictured… Batman, Superman, Boomerang, the Tea Cup ride or Medusa.
    This falls right in line with our previous rumor that Medusa would close before the end of the season so the Rocky Mountain Coasters crew can come in and transform the ride into a new version of itself, that will likely also likely feature an inversion.
    (4/15/13) Wild rumor time… Screamscape sources tell us that Medusa at Six Flags Mexico may be the next Six Flags coaster to get the Iron Horse treatment. While the coaster really isn’t all that old, the old CCI coaster is in need of some heavy maintenance later this year anyway and Six Flags is rumored to have contracted the job out to the Rocky Mountain Coasters crew who will work in some impressive new improvements to Medusa as well as replace the Gerstlauer trains with a set of the new RMC trains that just premiered for the first time on Outlaw Run at Silver Dollar City.


icon_STOP2015 - SkyScreamer - (8/28/14) Confirmed, Six Flags Mexico will add a new 24-story tall Sky Screamer ride in 2015.

    (8/26/14) Coaster-Net did some incredible digging into the official Six Flags website and using their knowledge of Drupal, the content management system Six Flags uses for it, apparently they were able to pull the names for many of the new 2015 attractions to be announced on Thursday.
    According to their report Six Flags Mexico will add a Sky Screamer.



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