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Mexico City, Mexico (Abbreviation: SFM)
Formerly: Reino Aventura
Six Flags Theme Parks





icon_STOPPark News - UPDATE (12/28/20) As many of you guessed, the cat is out of the bag and the announcement from Six Flags Mexico early on Monday was essentially their version of an American “April Fools” joke. In Mexico this takes place on December 28 and is known as the “Day of the Holy Innocents”. I’m not going to get into the background of the day, but much later in the day Six Flags Meixco also admitted that Superman will continue to provide thrills to everyone for some time to come.

    (12/28/20) In a shocking bit of news, Six Flags Mexico has confirmed on social media that the park has now closed their Superman hypercoaster for good! This comes as even more of a surprise, as the Morgan built coaster wasn’t event that old, having just opened back in 2004. Unfortunately the closure also comes at a time when the park is closed and without warning to their fans, so no one had the chance to get their last rides in.

    (12/20/20) While I had seen initial reports on social media that seem to indicate that Six Flags Mexico was planning to stay open through the winter, the latest update to the official park website has now confirmed that the park has now closed as of Dec. 19th and will remain closed until further notice due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Online reservations are now suspended and any ticket previously purchased for the park will now be valid through to the end of 2021. All 2020 Annual Passes are now also valid through 2021. In addition to the closure of Six Flags Mexico, the Hurricane Harbor Oaxtepec waterpark is also closed as well.
    (11/29/20) Six Flags Mexico is currently finishing up their 2020 season, and is now open this weekend as well as Thursday Dec. 3 through to Sunday, December 6th. After that the park will close until they are ready to reopen for the 2021 season.
    (3/18/20) An official statement on the Six Flags Mexico website now confirms that the Six Flags Mexico theme park as well as Hurricane Harbor Oaxtepec have suspended operations from now through to the end of the month.


2020 - Crazanity - (4/2/20) A quick update on the status of CraZanity at Six Flags Mexico. I had mistakenly thought that the ride had not opened before the park shutdown, but actually the park was able to open the ride to the public on March 12. In the end it ran for about 3 days before Six Flags Mexico shut down at the end of March 14th. You can see some footage from the opening event and the ride in action posted to The Coaster Zone.
    (3/30/20) While things are in a bit of a crazy state, we look back to a video posted by Six Flags Mexico on twitter a month ago, back when it looked like the park was just about ready to open their new CraZantiy ride. If you need something to look forward to, enjoy this video from the park testing the ride before the closure, so it should be almost ready when the park does reopen.

    (8/29/19) Six Flags Mexico will add a massive 17-story tall pendulim ride for the 2020 season called Crazanity.




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