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Agawam, Massachusetts
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icon_STOPPark News - (10/23/18) Six Flags Magic Mountain and Six Flags New England are having a friendly wager over the outcome of this year’s World Series which will feature the LA Dodgers vs the Boston Red Sox starting on October 23rd. If the Dodgers win then SFNE will change the name of their Thunderbolt coaster to the “Dodgers Thunderbolt” for the opening weekend of Holiday in the Park, plus the park President will wear a Dodgers jersey at the opening night of Holiday In The Park, plus fly a Dodgers flag on top of the Scream tower. If the Boston Red Sox win then SFMM will rename Revolution as “Red Sox Revolution” for the opening weekend of Holiday In The Park along with their President wearing a Red Sox jersey and a flag flying over the SFMM main gate entrance.


    (10/10/18) A reader reports in that the Gotham City Crime Wave is indeed just being taken down for a full winter refurbishment, and that it will return next season. Another reader also confirmed the rumor that the new Cyborg ride for 2019 will indeed be placed inside the current Justice League building structure.
    (10/8/18) A reader sent in a picture from Six Flags New England this weekend showing off the site of the Gotham City Crime Wave ride, which is now in pieces. Is this just for a full off-season rehab, or are they looking to remove the attraction? Anyone know more?
    There is always a chance that the location could be used for the new indoor Cyborg flat ride, but the common thought was that Cyborg may go into the park’s current “Justice League” building which formerly was used for an indoor version of Joker’s Wild.
    (4/6/18) According to News Plus Notes, Six Flags New England will retheme a section of the park to become Gotham City. The new themed zone will be home to many DC hero and villain characters, such as the new Harley Quinn Spinsanity ride, but the park's Mind Eraser coaster will also be rethemed as The Riddler Revenge, as you'll twist, flip and turn on the line-green inverted coaster track, with yellow supports. The Riddler Revenge will also feature all new coaster trains, with Vekoma's more open, soft and comfortable restraint system.
    (1/22/18) In addition to a confirmation about the removal of Buzzsaw at Six Flags New England, I'm told that the park's Tea Cups ride is being moved to the former Buzzsaw location, to make room for Harley Quinn Spinsanity which is taking over the former Tea Cups spot next to Joker.


2018 - Harley Quinn Spinsanity - (6/1/18) The local news reports that the new Harley Quinn Spinsanity ride at Six Flags New England is now set to open this Saturday to park guests.
    (8/31/17) Six Flags New England changed the artwork on the top of their Facebook page to show Harley Quinn Spinsanity coming for 2018, but this is not the same ride going to Six Flags over Texas. This one appears to be a Zamerpla Discovery giant pendulum swing ride standing 15 stories tall.

    (8/14/17) Looks like we know what Six Flags New England is planning for 2018. A document posted by the local Town of Agawam mentions that a planning meeting with Six Flags will take place on Aug. 17th regarding the installation of a "Giant Discovery Thrill Ride" at the park. This would be a reference to the Zamperla Giant Discovery, their version of the Giant Frisbee ride concept, and confirming our rumor from last week that this was exactly what Six Flags was planning to add for 2018 at SFNE.
    (8/9/17) According to the latest rumor, Six Flags New England could be adding a giant inverted frisbee style pendulum ride, much like the Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth ride installed into Six Flags Discovery Kingdom for 2017. The same ride was also installed into La Ronde as Titan. Since the rumored location may place it somewhere in near the Batman and Joker coasters, I could see them sticking with the Wonder Woman theme here.


icon_STOP2019 - Cyborg and Buccaneer Beach - (3/1/19) According to the Six Flags New England website, there has been a slight update to the name of the new Cyborg ride. They are now calling it CYBORG Hyper Drive.
    (12/23/18) According to the minutes of the local Agawam Planning Board meeting from the end of November, Six Flags New England seems to have a second project in the works for 2019. This one would see a new addition to the waterpark called Buccaneer Beach, which would replace the existing Bonzai Beach. According to the minutes everything at Bonzai Beach will be demolished except for a beverage stand, and the new Buccaneer Beach “includes a pool, a changing room building, pool filter building, landscaped areas, concrete patio areas and cabanas.”
    (11/12/18) Is a second attraction in the works for Six Flags New England in addition to the small Cyborg flat ride? According to the agenda for an upcoming meeting at the Agawam Planning Board on Nov. 15th, they are going to discuss the site plan for a “New Water Park Attraction” being proposed by Six Flags New England. If a major new waterslide is in the works for Hurricane Harbor, that could definitely explain why the rest of the park was only getting a single small flat ride. If anyone happens to be in the area and wants to attend the meeting, I’m sure we'd love to hear the rest of the details.
    (8/30/18) Six Flags New England will add Cyborg in 2019, described as a "new dark ride experience". I'm not 100% sure exactly what kind of ride this is, but it appears to be a new spinning flat ride of some kind that will be placed indoors and enhanced with special effects and music. "Step into S.T.A.R. Labs to witness a new technological device when the sentient cybernetic system called THE GRID hacks into the mainframe and takes control of the entire lab." Based on the video footage shown, the ride system looks like it could be a Chance Freestyle.



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Six Flags New England
Agawam, Massachusetts
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