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Agawam, Massachusetts
Six Flags Theme Parks



Park News - (6/25/14) Six Flags New England confirmed on Tuesday that the Cyclone wooden coaster would close forever on July 20. So if you want a final chance to ride it, you best get to the park quickly before it’s too late. 
    As for what will come next… in typical Six Flags form, they aren’t even giving a hint yet, but I’ve got a feeling we could see Cyclone go under RMC’s talented knife to become a new and unique hybrid creation, perhaps offering speed and thrills similar to what they did to Medusa this year at Six Flags Mexico. Stay tuned for the latest rumors about the possible conversion to “Steel Cyclone”… or would you rather see the name “Psyclone” return to the Six Flags chain?

    (4/15/14) A brief trip report from Six Flags New England on opening day has been posted to SFNEOnline.


2014 - New Trains on Goliath - Test & Adjust - (4/29/14) Good News for Six Flags New England. Goliath has opened to park guests at last with the new trains on the rails at last and it looked like a great ride experience. The trains appear to engage the tower lifts very smoothly and all seemed to be working well. Watch the video below showing it in action.

    (6/27/13) Good news for Six Flags New England fans… Goliath is now open for the season, though with the same old train from before. Looks like they’ll have to take the new one back to the shop for some adjustments and try again next season.
    (6/10/13) The latest rumor from Six Flags New England is that we may see Goliath open towards the end of June… but as rumored… most likely with the old train back on the track. There are still too many issues with the new train from Premier Rides at this time it seems. Rumor has it that the new train is a bit too light compared to the old one. I believe it was designed to be lighter on purpose to help solve some issues with the vertical lift hills, but now it seems it may be a big too light and has suffered increased problems with valleying. I’d expect to see it get revamped to add a little more mass and come back for another round of testing for the 2014 season.
    (5/30/13) Perhaps Six Flags New England has not given up entirely on adding those new trains to Goliath. A video was posted by Coaster Crew showing off the new train on the track shortly after a test run failed and the train failed to catch to the second lift. After a time they managed to get it hooked up to the lift and completed the test run, though it looks like it was going a bit too slow through the boomerang element.

    (5/27/13) While nothing has officially changed at Six Flags New England, Screamscape sources tell us that we can indeed expect to see the new train removed from Goliath in the near future, and the original train used last season put back on the rails for the rest of the summer. Unless any recient testing with the new train has gone better than it was going… but a picture from the park taken the other day was making the rounds showing off the train valleyed between the loop and second lift tower. In other words… it doesn’t sounds like things are going to well right now.
    (5/22/13) While SFNE guests await the opening of Goliath, a reader did snap a picture of the new train sitting in the station with the water dummies loaded and ready to ride. While there was hope to have the ride tested and open in time for this holiday weekend, the latest rumor send in does not paint a pretty picture.
    According to our source, the new train was seen being taken OFF the rails. While this could just be for some kind of maintenance project, I’m told that there seems to be some kind of issue with the new trains moving too fast for the lift hill catch car. (Of course, the original trains also didn’t play well with the catch cars, so this isn’t entirely a new issue.)
    While I suppose they could be trying out a more sticky wheel to try and slow down the train a bit, the more concerning rumor going around is that the old trains may be put back onto the coaster this week instead and the new Premier Rides trains could be sent back for some retooling. Anyone know more?
    (4/17/13) Thanks to one of our readers, we have a nice picture of the new Goliath train sitting in the station on the tracks. There is still plastic wrap on the restraints, so it doesn’t look like they’re tried to load it with water dummies or start testing just yet.
   In other news, Six Flags New England will offer a new bad weather guarantee to park guests this year. If bad weather hits the park during your visit that causes the park to shut down the park’s 15 major rides for at least an hour straight, then you qualify for a free return ticket to the park good any day within the same year. According to Six Flags, this is a test program that may be rolled out to the rest of the chain’s parks in the future if it works out well for everyone.


2014 - New England Sky Screamer - (5/6/14) The New England SkyScreameris now testing. You can see a video of it in action posted below.

    (3/17/14) The New England Sky Screamer has been topped off with the giant star on top. Find the latest pictures posted to SFNEOnline.
    (3/12/14) The latest photo tweet of the New England Sky Screamer shows the blue tower sections are now being put into place on top of the white section.
    (3/8/14) A local area reader passed near Six Flags New England yesterday and took a couple of shots of the New England Sky Screamer under construction, as the massive crane on site was starting to lift the first white tower section up into place. You can see the huge tower is already making a mark on the skyline over the park. SFNE also tweeted a close up of the tower shortly after installing the first white tower section.
    (3/5/14) SFNEOnline reports that the New England Sky Screamer is now rising quickly up into the sky, already standing taller than the nearby Cyclone coaster.
    (2/26/14) The New England Sky Screamer is going vertical. You can see the latest pictures from the construction site posted to SFNEOnline.
    (12/10/13) A construction update from Six Flags New England for the 2014 Sky Screamer project has been posted to SFNEOnline this week.
    (11/4/13) New construction pictures taken at SFNE for the New England SkyScreamer have been posted to SFNEOnline.
    (8/29/13) As listed last year, the New England Sky Screamer is now official and it will swing riders around 400 feet in the air at 40 mph. Check out the official page and video here.

(8/23/12) Don’t ask me how or why... but listen to me know and believe me later. Six Flags New England will NOT be adding a Star Flyer ride until at least the 2014 season, opening up 2013 for something else entirely. Stay tuned...
    (8/1/12) Six Flags New England was given unanimous approval to build their proposed world record breaking Star Flyer ride, which will apparently replace the park’s Sky Coaster ride. Even better, the town has also given the park permission to build up to 410 feet if necessary, to prevent anyone else from trying to swoop in and steal the record before they can.
    (7/25/12) The local media has confirmed that the Sky Screamer ride proposed by Six Flags would be the biggest one in the world. The ride would stand 385 feet tall and be capped off by a decorative topper that would reach a total height of 400 feet.
     (7/23/12) From what I’ve heard from a local source who attended the town meeting, the Sky Screamer ride Six Flags New England pitched to the town was for a ride tower up to 400 feet tall. The town did approve it, but before it is finalized, it must go before the zoning board at a meeting on Monday.
    (7/11/12) In addition to the Sky Screamer proposed for 2013, I’m hearing that SFNE may also opt to add something new to the waterpark.
    (7/6/12) According to the report filed from the Town of Agawam, Six Flags New England will be attending a board meeting on July 19th to show off the Site Plan for their 2013 projects… listed as “Main Street – Star Flyer”. Looks like Six Flags will be adding a few more Sky Screamer rides in 2013 it seems.







icon_STOP2015 - Wicked Cyclone - (8/28/14) Cyclone will be reborn as Wicked Cyclone, a hybrid coaster offering intense speed, drops and inversions. It will be 3,320 feet long, 109 feet tall, hit 55 mph down the 78 first drop, feature the first 200 Stall and two Zero G Rolls. Don't forget the 14 Negative-G Hills!
    Check out the video below to see it in action.

    (8/27/14) Ok... a few of you make a good point today. While many of us were busy complaining and being amused by the choice of naming the new ride Wicked Cyclone, it seems there is somewhat of a reason for it. From what I’m told, and after doing a little bit of searching online, it seems the wacky people in the Boston / New England area are apparently fond of throwing about the word “Wicked” in front of just about anything to provide emphasis. I’m not from New England... in fact I’ve never visited New England, and never knew anyone from there, but based on my Southern California upbringing, which included the occasional use of the word “Wicked” ourselves, I think I got this. I’m led to believe that New Englanders use the word in much the same way that we felt the ‘Zoners (that’s Arizona folks for the rest of you) and NorCal peeps would drop in the word “Hella” excessively into conversations until we begged them to stop. So that said... it seems the name Wicked Cyclone is a nod to the local slang.
    Local slangs are fun anyway... as long as people understand what’s going on. Though as a California boy transplanted into the Carolina’s I still find myself giggling every time older folks around here talk about how they went “Shagging” and actually mean dancing, and not the Austin Powers kind of Shagging I was thinking about. *Snicker!* See, I can’t help it.
    (8/26/14) Coaster-Net did some incredible digging into the official Six Flags website and using their knowledge of Drupal, the content management system Six Flags uses for it, apparently they were able to pull the names for many of the new 2015 attractions to be announced on Thursday.
    According to their report Cyclone at Six Flags New England will be reborn in 2015 as Wicked Cyclone. Ummm… I don’t like that one at all. Between Twisted Colossus and Wicked Cyclone, I’m starting to get an image of the Six Flags Execs sitting around a boardroom with some giant dice that have various buzz-words printed on them and whatever random word comes up gets used. Not that I was a fan of Steel Cyclone either, but even a re-launch of the old “Psyclone” name would be better than Wicked Cyclone.
    (8/25/14) The latest construction update on the Cyclone conversion project can be found at SFNEOnline. The lift hill is seeing some signifigant change, with added supports now in place to take it up at a steeper incline which seems to indicate that the new 2015 version will be taller than the old one. The park has also posted a new teaser video which you can see below.

    (8/19/14) The latest Cyclone construction update from SFNEOnline shows that the first sections of Rocky Mountain I-Box track are already on site. Looks like they opted to stick with the standard orange/red looking rails instead of trying the rumored blue rail color we heard about over the summer.
    (8/17/14) For any doubters still out there, or reading the sites who are still claiming that Rocky Mountain “MAY” be converting Cyclone into a new hybrid coaster, here is your proof. Rocky Mountain in the house, yo!!
    (8/15/14) A new teaser image for SFNE’s 2015 attraction (Steel Cyclone) was sent in this evening… or perhaps instead of a teaser, it is a Warning…
    (8/13/14) The latest construction updates from the Cyclone can be found at SFNEOnline and a video posted by CoasterCrew I’ve embedded below.

    (8/11/14) More construction pictures from the Steel Cyclone site can be found over at SFNEOnline, as they aren’t wasting any time removing big sections of the Cyclone’s old hardware.
    (8/8/14) Six Flags New England is already starting to tease their 2015 new addition. Take a look at this graphic, showing violent lightning with the words, ‘Shelter In Place’. Steel Cyclone anyone? 
    (7/31/14) SFNEOnline has posted their first construction update from the closed Cyclone coaster as workers begin the process of removing the old rail system.
    (7/22/14) A photo trip report from the Cyclone’s last day at Six Flags New England has been posted to SFNE Online. Enjoy a few final pictures of the Cyclone sent in by a reader, taken during the twilight hours before it closed for good on Sunday evening.
    (7/2/14) According to the latest rumors, we will likely see Cyclone brought back in 2015 as Steel Cyclone.  Sorry… I still like the idea of Psyclone even better, but Six Flags has since dropped their trademark to use that name. According to the rumor mill, the RMC track is also likely to take on a new hue… moving away from the red/orange look and instead possibly turning a shade of blue.
    (6/25/14) Six Flags New England confirmed on Tuesday that the Cyclone wooden coaster would close forever on July 20. So if you want a final chance to ride it, you best get to the park quickly before it’s too late. 
    As for what will come next… in typical Six Flags form, they aren’t even giving a hint yet, but I’ve got a feeling we could see Cyclone go under RMC’s talented knife to become a new and unique hybrid creation, perhaps offering speed and thrills similar to what they did to Medusa this year at Six Flags Mexico. Stay tuned for the latest rumors about the possible conversion to “Steel Cyclone”… or would you rather see the name “Psyclone” return to the Six Flags chain?

    (6/3/14) I’ve heard it said that someone at Six Flags New England mentioned that the park’s Cyclone wooden coaster would be closing in August. Of course, this has set the rumors ablaze that the ride could be transformed by RMC into a new IBox style hybrid coaster creation for 2015, as we are seeing done with Medusa at Six Flags Mexico this year. Has anyone else heard that Cyclone could close down this August?



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Six Flags New England
Agawam, Massachusetts
Six Flags Theme Parks

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Adults: $51.99
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Parking: $20 / $25 Preferred

Abbreviation: SFNE
Formerly: Riverside Park


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