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icon_STOPPark News - (5/19/15) Six Flags over Georgia has extended the run of Batman Backwards until an undetermined date in late June I'm told. This makes sense, as they can't extend it much longer as the trains have to be transported up to Six Flags Great Adventure in time to open up there for the July 4th weekend.
    (3/19/15) A fun opening weekend report for Six Flags over Georgia was posted to Coaster Chit Chat this week.
2015_BatmanLogo3    (3/18/15) A few fun photos of the Batman Backwards media event at SFOG were posted by our friend JohnnyUpsideDown. It was a rainy day, but looks like he managed to get a few dry shots where he could.
    (3/14/15) Six Flags over Georgia opened for the 2015 season today and with the introduction of BATMAN: BACKWARDS for a limited timec, coming to an end sometime in May. The park held a special preview session to show off why BATMAN: BACKWARDS is incredibly awesome and Screamscape sent Steven to cover the event for us who was able to bring back POV and RPOV footage of the action for everyone to enjoy. As a local, he’s enjoyed Batman: The Ride often over the years, a Six Flags staple attraction known for high g-forces, quick turns and 5 back to back inversions. Watch this Batman expert take on the new BATMAN BACKWARDS and be blown away by the new intensity of this new but sadly temporary version of the experience. Then make plans to visit Six Flags over Georgia ASAP to try it out yourself before it disappears forever!





Several readers who have taken surveys for Six Flags over Georgia, Six Flags America as well as Six Flags Great America were also asked questions to get an opinion about a proposed new Asian restaurant for the parks called ChopSix, much like the one issued to Six Flags Great Adventure guests.
    It has been noted that many of the Six Flags parks already have Panda Express locations on site, so this could be a chain wide plan to replace these franchised out locations with their own branded restaurant concept as the Panda Express franchise contracts come to an end.


icon_STOP2015 - JOKER Chaos Coaster / Harley Quinn SpinSanity / Dive Bomber @ WhiteWater -
    (5/27/15) Screamscape was invited to Six Flags over Georgia to try out the park's new Joker's Chaos Coaster (Larson SuperLoop) and we sent Steven back again to take the park's latest creation for a spin and send back his thoughts.
    "Overall, the ride is smooth, not too short and not too long. It is EXACTLY the same as the standard Ring Of Fire carnival ride in terms of operation. In terms of seating, the ride differs and allows riders seated outside the front and back to "face off" against each other.  Be warned, these seats are quite snug and some of the riders had their knees touching the knees of the person across from them.  The OTS restraints come down on the shoulders quite hard and the excessive hangtime can prove a bit uncomfortable. Overall, this is a ride I would skip on future visits, but kids who love coasters and rides will probably want to ride and ride again. I'm glad to see the park make use of the space where the coaster sits (where the old Batman show was, across from Crime Wave (Yo-Yo ride) but there is a complete lack of theming."

    (3/23/15) For those wondering, the Joker: Chaos Coaster has really yet to begin serious construction yet at Six Flags over Georgia, but the piece are on site, as seen by photos sent in by a reader.
    (9/8/14) In case you missed it, this past weekend was the last chance for anyone to ride the SF_SFOG_JokerChaosCoasterCliffhanger slide at Six Flags White Water. It will now be transformed into Dive Bomber when it reopens in 2015.
    (8/28/14) Confirmed, coming to Gotham City will be JOKER Chaos Coaster, a 7-story tall Super Loop flat ride. Also new will be another spinning flat ride called Harley Quinn Spinsanity. "Hop on this classic ride with your entire family with a new twist, as you challenge other riders to see who succeeds to spin around the most then stand up without feeling dizzy." Spinsanity appears to be a Tilt-A-Whirl.
    Also new, Six Flags WhiteWater will add Dive Bomber in 2015, the tallest slide in the park which will drop you down from the standing position from within a drop pod.

    (8/26/14) Coaster-Net did some incredible digging into the official Six Flags website and using their knowledge of Drupal, the content management system Six Flags uses for it, apparently they were able to pull the names for many of the new 2015 attractions to be announced on Thursday.
    According to their report Six Flags over Georgia is getting Joker’s Chaos, which based on my prior riddle solving below, should turn out to be one of several Larson 22m Super Loop style flat rides. Don’t let Six Flags fool you if they try however, these are not roller coasters in any sense of the definition. Based on the name, I’m guessing this will go into Gotham City somewhere.
    The nearby WhiteWater waterpark will also get something new called Dive Bomber.
    (8/23/14) While I was thinking that SFOG would be looking to expand their new but modest-sized Hurricane Harbor waterpark in 2015, I’m hearing that they have other plans and may not do the waterpark thing until 2016. I’ve heard two rumors so far for two different plans. So either the park is adding two different projects, or had to pick one of the two… so here they are:
    1) According to mostly rumored sources, I’m told that the park may have been planning a complete renovation to their Bugs Bunny World kiddie area. We saw a similar sounding renovation done to Bugs Bunny World at Six Flags Magic Mountain for 2014, which also added a small Speedy Gonzales coaster from Zamperla at the same time. Maybe history will repeat itself.
    2) My second concept comes from the hints the park has been releasing. In the first video we saw a couple of guys looking at blueprints, and one draws a big circle on the page with his finger. I didn’t think much of it until the pattern started to form up with hints from Great Adventure I’d seen this week. , which have also been about circles and loops. Yesterday SFOG posted a new video on Facebook that you will be 70 feet up and looking straight down, showing off two people 70 feet up in a cherry picker in the middle of the park.
    Add to this my hunch about what SFGAdv is also getting, and I think I have the solution: The 22m Super Loop ride… a giant sized version of what you are used to seeing at traveling carnivals. 70 feet tall and will take you up to the stop and pause to give you a nice long look at the ground below. Am I crazy?  Maybe… but I think I’m seeing a trend and Elitch Gardens just added one of these this season called Brain Drain, but not without some downtime issues early on in the season.


2016 - Hurricane Harbor Expansion - Rumor - (8/23/14) Early word is that we can look for an expansion to the Hurricane Harbor waterpark to go in this year.



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