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icon_STOPPark News - (12/18/18) Six Flags over Georgia held a “Holiday Dinner in a Cup” eating challenge at the park on Saturday, where contestants had six minutes to eat as many of the holiday cups that they could stomach. I can hear you now, “What was in these cups?” A combination of turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, stuffing, cranberry sauce and pie. A quick recap of the park’s holiday offerings along with footage of the eating contest can be seen below… where you can get up close and personal with those holiday food cops. They winner was Jared Dalmas, who they say is a roller coaster enthusiast, who won a grand prize check of $1000.00 for eating five of the cups. His winnings were donated to local charity, Must Ministries, and the other contestants got $300 checks to donate to a food charity of their choice.
    Of course what they really need to do is follow this contest up right away with a second one… a coaster riding challenge, to see who can keep the food down the longest while riding Batman, Superman, or Twisted Cyclone over and over for the next 20 to 30 minutes. That’s just me though… I can be evil like that.

    (12/16/18) One of our readers sent in a nice batch of photos showing off the Holidays in the Park decorations at Six Flags over Georgia this weekend.





















    (9/24/18) Screamscape sources tell us that the new building assembled on the former site of Goliath's uncovered queue space will be used for the Alien Abduction haunt at this year's Fright Fest. 
    (9/9/18) The former uncovered portion of the Goliath queue at Six Flags over Georgia has now been replaced by a strange warehouse style building structure. No word from the park about what this is yet, but an earlier rumor suggested this may be used as a new haunt attraction for Fright Fest. Take a look at the latest pictures of the structure sent in by a reader.

    (7/23/18) Work is progressing for some kind of new steel structure going up in the area where the old uncovered section of Goliath's queue used to be. The park posted a short video of the site on their Instagram this week, and labled it "First look. New attraction? Coming Soon!" So far we've only heard that it may be used for some kind of new Fright Fest haunt. We'll keep watching the site until we know more.

First look. ?? New attraction?Coming Soon! #sixflagsovergeorgia

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    (6/26/18) The early word regarding the construction around the Goliath queue at Six Flags over Georgia is that the park may be setting up to build some kind of new haunted house for Fright Fest this fall.
    (6/12/18) Coaster Addict has posted a new video from SFOG showing off the status of Joker Chaos Coaster (still closed) as well as a look at the work taking place in part of the former Goliath queue. The early word is the site may be used for some kind of new dining experience that may premier later this season. Any ideas?

    (6/4/18) Good news from Six Flags over Georgia this weekend, as guests are reporting that the Superman coaster is once again up and flying. Joker on the other hand, is still down, with the rider vehicle removed. It was also noted that Splashwater Falls is also closed and drained of water, along with our reader noting that the icon for it appeared to be removed from the map on the Six Flags App, though it is still listed on the Six Flags website.
    In other news... something interesting is going on near Goliath. I'm told that a big section of the ride's former queue, the first outdoor section with no roof covering by the brake run has now been closed off and all the queue railings and posts entirely removed. Meanwhile the ride lockers for Goliath have been moved to take up the site of a former food stand in front of the ride instead. Makes me wonder if they are looking to repurpose some of this large area for a new and future attraction concept. Anyone know more?


2018 - Twisted Cyclone - (5/24/18) Six Flags over Georgia was kind enough to invite Screamscape out to take a test run on their new Twisted Cyclone coaster, the RMC transformation of the park's old Georgia Cyclone wooden coaster into a new sleek hybrid creation. Always ready to take on the park's latest thrills, we sent out local man Steven out to take on the new creation and report back:

    Twisted Cyclone is exactly what Six Flags Over Georgia needed to add to their coaster collection: a mid-sized, family-friendly, but still plenty intense RMC hybrid!  This coaster packs a punch in an extremely small layout with a 100ft tall drop at 75 degrees, 3 inversions, a killer perpendicular banked turn, and 10 moments of pure airtime awesomeness.  If you've ridden this ride in its prior form, you will certainly appreciate what the park has done in this RMC conversion!
    The pacing of the ride is perfect, as are the transitions between elements.  And in true RMC fashion, the ride is smooth as glass.  If you want to watch my honest reaction, please check out the reverse POV because I am not exaggerating in my response to the airtime moments - they are ejector level at times.  The key element of this ride, for me, is the 90 degree banked perpendicular turn in which you can even get some airtime!
    As a local to the park, I am beyond thrilled to have a great coaster added to the lineup, and equally excited with the touch-ups that have been made to the buildings adjacent to Twisted Cyclone. 
    Twisted Cyclone opens to the public on Saturday, May 26th at Six Flags over Georgia.

    (8/31/17) Six Flags over Georgia has confirmed that they will be adding a new hybrid roller coaster called Twisted Cyclone for the 2018 season, built by Rocky Mountain Construction from the park's former Georgia Cyclone coaster. The new creation will feature a 75 first drop from nearly 100 feet into a jaw-dropping reverse cobra roll sending riders perpendicular to the ground. Along the 2,400 feet of track will be three inversions, 10 air-time moments at a top speed of 50mph. Riders will be seated in custom  made new trains built to resemble a classic 1960's era sports convertible. Check out the animation below to get a good idea about what to expect when Twisted Cyclone opens sometime in Spring 2018.


2019 - Pandemonium & ScreamPunk District - (8/30/18) Six Flags over Georgia will add Pandemonium for 2019, the south-east's largest swinging pendulum ride, standing 15-stories tall and swinging riders up to 70mph. Pandemonium will be part of a new "ScreamPunk" district within the park.


icon_STOP2020/2021 - New Coasters - Rumor - (11/8/18) While things are always subject to change, Screamscape did hear some interesting possible future plans may be in the works for future additions to Six Flags over Georgia. It was mentioned that the park responded well to the addition of Twisted Cyclone this summer, and we know people really enjoyed Justice League the year before so the long-term rumor is that SFOG may possibly be in line to add new coasters for both 2020 and 2021.
    One is expected to be an off the shelf style model, likely another S&S Free Spin style coaster that could be added to the park’s Metropolis themed area near Superman and Justice League, while the other would bring a new launched coaster experience back to the park, with Six Flags eyeballing products from S&S (Maxx Force) and Premier Rides (Full Throttle) apparently.



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