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Six Flags Theme Parks
Atlanta, Georgia





icon_STOPPark News - (3/13/20) Add Six Flags over Georgia to the list of parks closing on March 14 until the end of the month due to concern over the virus spread.

    (3/7/20) A banner up at Six Flags over Georgia seems to be promoting the addition of the two new flat rides coming to Gotham City as part of an “All New Gotham City Coming Soon” to the park. Some of this may also have to do with a change noticed on the park’s website where the name of the “Mind Bender” coaster has now officially been changed to “
“THE RIDDLER Mindbender”. While The Riddler association with the coaster is nothing new, as some light Riddler themeing on the trains (black and covered with tiny green question marks) and the ride’s sign have been in place for the past couple of decades, this is the first time the coaster’s name has been changed and is likely another aspect of this “All New Gotham City” promotion.
    Another interesting addition was also spotted on a list of the park’s show schedule with a new ‘High-Dive Show” coming to the Axis Arena in Gotham City as well. Unfortunately all of Gotham City is apparently closed (so no Mindbender, no Batman, Joker, etc.) due to construction which just stinks. If it wasn’t bad enough that all of the Gotham City attractions were closed, I’m told that Great American Scream Machine was also closed as well. The good news is that it looked like they have been replacing some of the wood on the lift hill, especially all around the base of it.


    (2/25/20) A reader passed by Six Flags over Georgia earlier today and managed to grab a photo of some track work being done to the Mindbender.

    (2/7/20) Screamscape sources tell us that some kind of rehab or repair is being done to the Mindbender at Six Flags over Georgia. Portions of the coaster’s track have been removed by cranes and placed in the parking lot and a collection of large brown boxes have arrived on site as well.
    I’m not sure which sections of track have been removed, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they pulled out some of the track sections that have gone underwater when the area floods around the second loop.
    (12/24/19) A Screamscape reader wishing to be kept anonymous sent in a picture this week showing off the park’s Great American Scream Machine wooden coaster (aka: GASM) as it is undergoing re-tracking over the off season. Good to see this classic getting some TLC.

    (12/3/19) Special thanks to a reader for sending in a very interesting photo they took at Six Flags over Georgia this week. Pieces of a new coaster train were spotted on site near the lift hill and first drop of Mindbender that looked a little familiar. It seems Six Flags Magic Mountain sent one of their New Revolution trains to Georgia, which we can only assume will be used for testing purposes on Mindbender.
    This likely means that the current crop of trains may be in need of replacement, sooner than later. This makes me wonder about the status of the trains on Shockwave at Six Flags over Texas, as both coasters opened in 1978.
(Photo Credit - Will Thomas)

    (9/10/19) The train at Six Flags over Georgia derailed over the weekend with passengers aboard. According to the reports the engine ran off the tracks shortly after crossing a bridge and then tipped over onto its side, but the passenger cars remained upright and on the track.


2020 - Catwoman Whip and Poison Ivy: Toxic Twister - (8/29/19) Six Flags over Georgia will add two new villains to the park for 2020 with the addition of two new wild rides. Catwoman Whip will bring a new Zamperla Endeavor ride that will flip riders upside down over and over nearly 7-stories in the air. Poison Ivy Toxic Twister will actually be a classic Scrambler style flat ride, adding more rider capacity to the park.


2020 - Python Plunge @ Six Flags Whitewater - (8/29/19) The Six Flags White Water waterpark will open Python Plunge in 2020, a new five-story adventure speed slide that will feature drops and high-speed saucer-turns.




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