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icon_STOPPark News - (4/9/19) According to a Screamscape source, Aquaman definitely appears to be on the way out of Six Flags over Texas. The “pumps are out, electrical disconnected and panels gone, entry signs taken down”. They also sent over two new pics, where you can see the water pumps have been removed from the location they were seen in an older photo sent in.
    I’m also told that while the train is closed and has some areas that are in need of repair, there is another bigger reason that the train will be closed for the season… one that will be made more clear in the next month or two. Hmmm….

2019_0408_SFOT_AQUAMANDEMO (1)

2019_0408_SFOT_AQUAMANDEMO (2)

2019_0312_SFOT_AquamanDown (1)

2019_0312_SFOT_AquamanDown (2)

2019_0312_SFOT_AquamanDown (3)

2019_0312_SFOT_AquamanDown (4)

2019_0312_SFOT_AquamanDown (5)

2019_0312_SFOT_AquamanDown (8)

    (3/22/19) I’ve got a few more attraction notes for Six Flags over Texas today to share. According to Screamscape sources, once again, they are saying that Aquaman is done and that the site will eventually be cleared to make way for something new in 2020. We’re also hearing again that the Gold River is likely history… but the problem is what to do with the site in the future, as it sits in an area of the park known to have flood water issues. I’m also hearing that the park’s train is also not expected to reopen this year at all, likely due to damage to the tracks caused by the same floodwaters that are still in need of repair.
    In other news, I’ve been hearing about a possible issue with the park’s log flume attraction, El Aserradero. The attraction features two separate and different flumes, though lately I’m told that only flume #2 is ever open. There may be an issue with Flume #1, in which the park might need to remodel the loading station of the classic flume ride, but the unfortunate side effect of this would be that any remodeling of the station would mean it would then have to be made ADA accessible. I’ve been told the ramps down to the Flume #1 platform are very narrow and quite steep compared to the wider and more flat access to Flume #2, so to make it ADA compliant would require some very drastic (and costly) changes. As a result… Flume #1 may simply be kept closed, and eventually retired.
    (3/14/19) According to another source, the boats spotted in the boneyard are “old boats” and that there are three current boats for Aquaman sitting in the park’s maintenance shops, awaiting the ride to reopen. So maybe there is still life left in Aquaman just yet, so we’ll have to wait and see if they decide to refill the attraction with water or not.
    (3/13/19) A reader went by Six Flags over Texas this week and sent back some pictures of the closed Aquaman ride. I’m told that normally it is set to operate during the park’s Spring Break time period, but currently the attraction is closed, the water drained, and so sign of the boats at all on site. The rumor claiming that the ride is closed for good seems to be holding strong, with it still missing entirely from the park’s website as well.
    To make matters worse, I’m told that the boats were spotted in the park’s “boneyard” area behind Titan, where discarded items go to sit, which to many is the sure sign that this Aquaman attraction is gone for good.

    (3/9/19) Is Six Flags over Texas preparing to remove Aquaman, the park’s shoot the chutes big splash water ride? It could be so, as the attraction is now no longer listed on the park’s website. If anyone drops by the park, take a look to see if they have closed it, or perhaps even walled it off. On the subject of closed rides, we are hearing that there are no plans to reopen the Yosemite Sam Gold River Adventure dark flume ride this season. As locals will attest, the ride was in fairly poor shape anyway as one of the oldest in the park and being damaged by floodwaters twice in the past couple years did not improve matters. According to one reader who questioned an employee about the fate of the ride, they were told that it would be different when it eventually reopens, so perhaps they are working on a much larger plan to scrap and replace the attraction with a modern concept in the next season or two. Stay tuned!
    (3/2/19) We know Six Flags over Texas was hit with flood waters late last season which caused some damage in various areas of the park. One particular item of note was that it was rumored that the park’s Yosemite Sam Gold River Adventure dark boat ride was hit pretty hard by the excessive waters and is rumored to have suffered some extensive damage. We know it was severe enough that the ride has not reopened with the rest of the park, and there are rumors saying that the costs to repair such an old and fragile attraction may cost more than it may be worth to restore it.
    So is the Gold River Adventure gone for good? I honestly don’t know, but if anyone with connections does know a bit more and can fill us it, it would be appreciated.
    (2/7/19) Screamscape sources have confirmed that the former Panda Express at Six Flags over Texas is now gone and will be replaced by an Six Flags’ branded Chop Six restaurant. In other news, I’m hearing that the park has been having some motor issues with their Riddler ride, so it may be down for a bit while they search for a solution.
    (1/8/19) I’ve been told that Six Flags over Texas has purchased one of the former trains from Batman & Robin: The Chiller. In this case, it seems they bought one of the red “Robin” side trains, with the overall goal being to repaint and refurbish this train eventually and use it as spare train for Mr. Freeze, which will allow Freeze to continue to run with two-train operations all season long.
    (9/29/18) I had not heard this myself, but it seems there was some flooding in the DFW area last week, where the river that passes by Six Flags over Texas rose up four feet and causes some flooding and damage in the park. I'm told that the Superman tower was among the rides damaged, so the planned roll-out of a VR experience on the Tower of Power over the Fright Fest season may have to wait a bit. A reader sent in a couple of pictures (removed) showing off a bit of the mess they were dealing with last week, but I'm told much of this has been cleaned up by now.


2018 - Harley Quinn Spinsanity - (7/12/18) New video footage from the media preview of Harley Quinn Spinsanity at SFOT was released on Wednesday. Check it out below.

    (8/31/17) A new thrilling and unique ride is coming to the park's villains area... Harley Quinn Spinsanity! This unique creation is like nothing you've ever seen in a theme park before, offering a spinning, twisting, looping gyroscope of motions. As you would expect, Harley Quinn will be located right next to her favorite villain, The Joker.
    I'm not sure who is making this ride, but it looks a lot like that Tourbillion creation from ABC Rides, a one of a kind portable ride creation seen in a few fairs over in Asia in videos that went viral for awhile. Bravo to Six Flags for bringing this or a very similar ride style to the US market for what looks like an incredible new ride to the park's lineup.


2019 - El Diablo /  Lone Star Revolution - (1/25/19) Surprise! Remember how we all thought El Diablo, the Larson Giant Loop that was just removed from Six Flags Great Adventure, was heading north to Canada at La Ronde? Six Flags surprised us all this week with the announcement that El Diablo is actually going to Six Flags over Texas where it will open in Spring 2019 near the front of the park in the Spain section of the park.
    The really odd thing however is that the park did announce that they would be getting a Larson Giant Loop for 2019 back in August… only they were calling it the Lone Star Revolution. I’m guessing they had a change of heart for the location of the ride and opted to change the location and theme at the same time, which is fine with me.
    Now, to be honest here, technically the actual ride removed from the New Jersey park was reported as being shipped to La Ronde where it will reopen as Chaos… so the ride coming to SFOT should be a brand new unit, but reviving the old name and if they are lucky, maybe the’ll get the cool demon statue they had at SFGAdv in front of the ride that goes along with the logo.

    (8/30/18) Six Flags over Texas will open the latest in a series of Larson Super Loop rides, this one being called Lone Star Revolution, which will stand 100 feet tall. It will send riders " back and forth propelling them head over heels through a series of  360 revolutions. The coaster changes direction halfway through the ride cycle; leaving riders suspended upside down at the top of the loop for even more intense thrills."


icon_STOP2020 - Mack PowerSplash - Rumor - (3/31/19) An interesting rumor was thrown by way about that rumored Mack PowerSplash ride that may replace Aquaman at Six Flags over Texas. Not that it matters where it comes from, but the way the story goes is that the ride may have actually already been under contract with Mack and intended for the Six Flags Dubai park that is now on indefinite hold. No one wants to see a good ride just sitting around waiting to be built, so Mack may have made a special deal with Six Flags to bring the project to America instead, which could also explain why they included the concept in a number of guest surveys to guests about possible new attractions.
    (3/28/19) I heard an interesting rumor about what could possibly replace Aquaman at Six Flags over Texas in 2020… and if true, the good news is that this would be considered both a new coaster and a water ride. I also wouldn’t be surprised if this new attraction also attempted to carry the Aquaman name once again, but taking the form of a Mack PowerSplash attraction. Adding to the rumor is the fact that Six Flags was asking guests about this very attraction concept in a guest survey not long ago.
    The Mack PowerSplash is really a launched shuttle coaster with a spike on each end, built to ride just above a body of water, and dip into a “splashdown” section which is flooded with extra water just before the boat arrived to create the classic “big splash” moment. The attraction system also features a turntable at the station to allow for one boat to load while the other runs through the course.
    Check out the video from Mack featuring the first PowerSplash ride called Pulsar that opened at Walbii Belgium in 2016 below.




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