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icon_STOPPark News - (9/28/15) A reader reported about a week ago that the Scramber at Six Flags over Texas reopened and seems to be running great.
    (9/7/15) A guest to Six Flags over Texas tell us that the crowds this holiday weekend have been high, as in addition to the holiday crowds, the park is having some "Bring a Friend" specials as well. Signs have been put out around the park to promote Fright Fest, saying that every night at 7pm "stuff from your worst nightmare" will come out and begin to roam the pathways, with no safe zones.
    The Scrambler is back up and running, and they noted that those with the Season Dining Pass can now get milkshakes from Johnny Rockets. Oh, and I’ve got one more note about the 2016 additions below.
    (8/4/15) Sidewinder isn't going anywhere at Six Flags over Texas. According to what I've been told, heavy rain and some flooding early in the season caused some damage to the ride's gear/motor system and it has to be taken apart to be repaired. Look for the ride to be repaired and returned to service.
    (7/31/15) According to a park guest, Six Flags over Texas has opted to take their Sidewinders ride (Scramber) apart.
    Is this just for maintenance or a major repair, or are they planning on moving, or even removing the ride, and using the current site for something new in 2016?  Anyone know more?
    (12/23/14 - UPDATE) Local sources tell us a few attractions have been removed from the Six Flags over Texas parks. For starters, the Skycoaster has been removed from the nearby Hurricane Harbor waterpark and the pieces stacked up in a parking lot awaiting transport to a new home. Rumor says the Skycoaster’s future may be somewhere South of the border. Meanwhile the existing Skycoaster at Six Flags over Texas that once looked like it might have to be removed to make way for the Justice League building expansion, appears to be staying in place, as I’m told the new building expansion is low enough to fit under the flight path.
   Meanwhile inside SFOT, the park has apparently decided to remove the ACME ROCKET (Intamin Looping Starship) and not the Conquistador (Swing Ship) as I had previously reported. ACME ROCKET was located just to the left of where the new Justice League dark ride is going. Based on the photos of the pieces now piled up backstage, they cut this thing apart into tiny pieces, so looks like Conquistador is going to the scrap pile.


2015 - Justice League: Battle for Metropolis - (5/22/15) Justice League: Battle for Metropolis opened for a media preview earlier this week and has been getting rave reviews all around, as Six Flags really blew everyone away with this spectacular dark ride project. Check out a video of all the action, including the pre-show and ride POV footage, below. You'll see that it uses a great mix of both 3D projection scenes as well as practical scenes with animatronic figures and special effects. Some great footage of the ride in action from the various scenes can also be seen in the second video below.

    (5/4/15) Coaster Chit Chat has posted some great new images showing off the excellent themeing outside of Six Flags over Texas’ new Justice League: Battle for Metropolis dark ride. According to their post, "I sent a request to Sharon Parker, Six Flags Over Texas's PR manager for some photos of outside work on Justice League: Battle for Metropolis. No INSIDE photos due to testing. The commercial shoot is on Monday."
    (4/16/15) Six Flags over Texas has announced that the public opening for the new Justice League: Battle for Metropolis dark ride will be on May 23rd.
    (4/2/15) Some great photos showing off the progress of the Justice League: Battle for Metropolis ride at Six Flags over Texas have been posted to Facebook by Coaster Chit Chat showing off many scenes from the themed interior of the ride. The ride's tracks are also in place and I'm told that the ride system has begun testing as well. A few more pictures can also be seen here, a video of the Cyborg figure in action here.)



Special thanks to one of our readers who visited Six Flags over Texas over the weekend and sent in a couple of great pictures of the new Justice League ride building. If you look carefully at the shape of the front entrance to the attraction under the tarp and scaffolding you may recognize a familiar shape. Compare the towering sides the what looks like the arched top shape of the building to the classic “Hall of Justice” building used over the years for the Justice League as well as from the old Superfriends saturday morning cartoon from the days when I was just a kid.
    (1/28/15) A nice collection of construction photos from Six Flags over Texas showing off the progress made to the inside and outside of the Justice League: Battle from Metropolis attraction can be found on Facebook.2014_1119_JokerFigure
    (12/2/14) A few construction pictures taken on site at Six Flags over Texas for the new Justice League ride can be found over at Coaster101, below the pictures of the Joker and Cyborg animatronic figures.
    (11/20/14) A quick update… but Sally Corp has confirmed for Screamscape that the voice of The Joker is provided by the amazing Troy Baker, who had replaced Mark Hamill after he retired from the voicing the clown prince of chaos following the Batman: Arkham City game, with Troy stepping in to voice The Joker in the projects that have since followed.
    (11/19/14) A huge reveal from Sally Corp and Six Flags was made at IAAPA a few hours ago, showing off two of the great looking Sally animatronic figures to be used for the Justice League Battle for Metrolpolis dark ride (Cyborg and the incredible looking Joker figure) as well as showing off the new six-passenger ride cars from Oceaneering. You can see the reveal of both posted by our friends at In The Loop below. Be sure not to miss the Joker in action… this is simply an incredible looking figure with some great movement as he rides atop a crazy vehicle with a large tank style weapon. It even sounds like they are using the incredible Mark Hamill to provide the voice for The Joker, though I thought I had heard that he officially retired from voicing the character after the Arkham City video game, but looks like he may be back again, which is only fitting as the ride wouldn’t be right to have the Joker without Mark doing the voice once again.

    (9/3/14) An interview with Sally Corp’s John Wood about the new Justice League: Battle for Metropolis attractions coming to Six Flags over Texas and St. Louis has been posted to ThemeParkOverload.
    (9/1/14) Six Flags over Texas has posted a new construction video showing off the current look inside the building structure where the new Justice League: Battle for Metropolis dark ride will be placed.

First Look at JUSTICE LEAGUE: BATTLE FOR METROPOLIS from Six Flags Over Texas on Vimeo.

SF_SFOT_JusticeLeague    (8/30/14) I’ve got some great new details regarding the Justice League: Battle for Metropolis dark rides coming to Six Flags over Texas and Six Flags St. Louis in 2015. First a correction, as I mistakenly mentioned Triotech yesterday as being inolved with Alterface and Sally for the Justice League dark ride in Australia, but they were not.
   As previously mentioned, Sally Corp. is behind this major new dark ride experience and it sounds like it is going to be a huge hit. I reached out to Sally to get a little more information on the players involved and for any more details they can give and I couldn’t be more pleased with what they have told me.
   First off Oceaneering is supplying a fleet of custom designed 6-passenger cars for the ride that will will be Multi-DOF Motion-based vehicles. Yup… these aren’t just plain old scoot you through the building cars, but will have the ability to move you in several directions at once, as needed by the action involved in each scene in the 4-minute long experience.
   Lexington Scenic is busy fabricating the massive dimensional sets and scenery pieces that will bring the dangerous city streets of Metropolis to life. (Note: Lexington created the incredible 28 foot tall Optimus Prime figure that stands atop the Transformers ride at Universal Studios Florida).
   Pure Imagination is creating incredibly realistic 3D CGI media footage.
   Alterface has been brought on board as the providor for the interaction elements and will provide their state-of-the-art interactive shooting system, as well as Alterface Project’s Eagle Eye: a powerful dark ride monitoring and auto-diagnostic tool.
   Also involved is Wyatt Design Group, RealD 3D and Bose Audio.
    (8/29/14) While this isn’t the same ride that Six Flag over Texas and St. Louis are getting, InPark Magazine has just published a great dark ride feature that talks about Sally Corp’s first Justice League interactive dark ride (with the help of Tiotech and Alterface) at WB MovieWorld Australia.
    (8/28/14) Finally... we get the Justice League dark ride that the public has been begging for for years! JUSTICE LEAGUE: BATTLE FOR METROPOLIS! It’s the ultimate superheroes adventure mission during this 3D interactive dark ride experience. Get ready to match wits against Lex Luthor, The Joker and his henchmen as you join the JUSTICE LEAGUE Reserve team. After touring the fully immersive 3D Hall of Justice, you’ll receive your very own stun gun to battle the bad guys then it’s a swift ride through a dazzlingly designed Metropolis cityscape, deep into the shadows of Lex Corp. Lifelike animatronics, cutting edge special effects, 3D video, eye-popping graphics, real-time gaming and a mind-tingling sound-scape make this journey to justice an utterly interactive experience. Will you help SUPERMAN and BATMAN rescue the other members of the JUSTICE LEAGUE from Lex Luthor’s and The Joker’s evil plans? Join the JUSTICE LEAGUE Reserve Team today to save your favorite superheroes! I'm looking forward to this one!

    (8/26/14) Coaster-Net did some incredible digging into the official Six Flags website and using their knowledge of Drupal, the content management system Six Flags uses for it, apparently they were able to pull the names for many of the new 2015 attractions to be announced on Thursday.
    According to their report the Justice League themed dark ride coming to Six Flags over Texas and St. Louis will be called Battle for Metropolis.
    (8/21/14) While our attention has been focused on the possible Justice League themed dark ride construction area, we haven’t been keeping an eye on the closed rapids ride. A park guest tells me that during their visit this week the park was advertising a new “Extreme Roaring Rapids” in 2015. Are they upgrading this old ride to have some new tricks?  Something to keep an eye on.
    Elsewhere in the park, the site of the old Flashback coaster has been paved and two walls put up, with a tent covering the area in between. Looks like the park will have a new haunt experience this fall as well.
    (8/15/14) Posts to the Texas Thrill Seekers Facebook page earlier today mentioned that Six Flags over Texas somehow announced to some guests that the 2015 project would be a Justice League themed dark ride. Unfortunately those posts, some of which I saw myself earlier, are now all gone. Deleted… poof… as if someone made them disappear. UPDATE - Seems the missing posts may have been due to a  Facebook hiccup, they have returned and are located here. .
    (8/8/14) A new picture of the large platform under construction over the water behind the Adventure Theater can found here.
    (8/7/14) Six Flags over Texas has posted their first teaser for their 2015 attraction, assumed to be a dark ride or simulator ride at this point. We’ve got what looks like a foggy glass door image, with a graphic of a black cat in the corner and a sign that says Please Wait For Attendant. Any clues?
    (7/4/14) A resourceful local reader did some digging to find out just what Six Flags over Texas is up to. A couple of permits have been filed by the park so far… one for the demolition of the interior of the old 9,654 sqft Adventure Theater building (now in progress) and a second permit applying to build an addition to the building for another 5,600 sqft of space, which explains what the support piers under the Skycoaster are for then. The combined building will be quite large… you might even say large enough to build a new dark ride inside, as the combined structure would be near in size to that used for Runaway Mountain. Oh... and this means that the Skycoaster will either be removed, or moved to another site elsewhere in the park.
    (6/30/14) While we don’t know exactly what Six Flags over Texas has planned for 2015 just yet, we think we know more about the location. According to park guests photos on twitter, construction work has begun to repurpose the park’s old Adventure Theater building, once home to The Right Stuff: Mach 1 Adventure attraction. Meanwhile a second image shot from an aerial view shows off the area just behind the Adventure Theater building, home to a Skycoaster, where more construction equipment has started to arrive as well as the installation of a number of concrete footers of some kind in the water reservoir area that were not there before as you can see when comparing the new image to an old one here. Perhaps even more interesting is that whatever they seem to be planning to build here, it appears as if they will have to remove the Skycoaster as well to do it.
    (6/24/14) According to a picture tweeted out over the weekend, a new “Spectacular” attraction is on the way to Six Flags over Texas in 2015, and they have closed the park’s Roaring Rapids ride “temporarily” as a result. Now I’m very curious about what this could be… anyone know more?  Construction walls are already up around the area.
   The rapids ride takes up a good bit of property, using a very long but narrow footprint, which I would think would make it difficult to add something new into the area while leaving the rapids intact. I guess we’ll have to wait for someone to go up into the Oil Derrick and shoot some pictures of what’s going on behind the walls.


icon_STOP2016 - The Villains Arrive - (9/7/15) One item on the three "new" rides announced for Six Flags over Texas in 2016. Locals tell me that the announced Harley Quinn Spinsanity ride will actually just be a rethemeing of the park's existing Crazy Legs flat ride.
    (9/3/15) Three new Villain themed attractions arrive at the park in 2016.
Riddler’s Revenge, Catwoman Whip and Harley Quinn Spinsanity. Check out the video below.



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