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icon_STOPPark News - (11/29/20) Six Flags over Texas is open now through Jan. 4, 2021 on select dates for the Holiday in the Park event. In addition to holiday festivities, food and decor, select rides are also open for your enjoyment.
    (10/10/20) According to a tweet from a reader, Six Flags over Texas will be testing some kind of new FREE “Ride Reservation System”. They urges guests to make sure their phones are fully charged upon arrival at the park, which means that this will be a mobile based system using a virtual queue system to keep large groups of guests from standing in lines together.
    If you visit the park and get to experience this new system, I’d love to hear your feedback on it for a future update. Six Flags has always leaned mostly towards upcharge based line saver systems that allow guests who are willing to pay the ability to cut to the front of the line rather than a true virtual queue system, so a free virtual queue system could be a very welcome change.

    (8/30/20) Bad news for Six Flags over Texas fans. I’m told that Batman: The Riide is now closed after the lift motor blew a gearbox. The even worse news is that it is likely that Batman will stay closed for the rest of the 2020 season, because the park doesn’t have a spare on hand and has to order one made and shipped out.
    But… I’ve got another question. With so darn many Batman clones in the Six Flags system (I count 8 if you include all 6 Batman, plus Vampire at La Ronde and Goliath at Fiesta Texas) why is it that none of the other seven parks have any suitable spare parts to share? Just a thought… but also an unfortunate reminder that when rides break down at Six Flags over Texas, they seem to sit broken for quite awhile.
    (8/19/20) It appears that most of the Six Flags parks who opened for the 2020 season will be having a HALLOWFEST event this October. The list of park’s confirmed so far to have it include Six Flags Great Adventure who announced it on Monday, along with Six Flags over Texas, SF over Georgia, SF St. Louis, SF Fiesta Texas, SF America, and Frontier City.
    In short this will be a social-distancing friendly Halloween event with no indoor haunts or shows, with a focus on outdoor scares, entertainment and atmosphere, but with strict social distancing rules. Face masks will be required for everyone, staff and guests. You can visit the official site for more details about what will be involved at each location and the dates at .

    (6/4/20) Six Flags over Texas has confirmed that the park will reopen to guests on June 19th, and Hurricane Harbor will reopen on June 18th. Members and Passholders are allowed between June 19-21, and the park will open to everyone else starting June 22. Reservations are required to visit in order to ensure capacity is limited to allow for distancing.

    (6/2/20) While we normally focus on new parks, attractions and other forms of entertainment, sometimes it is fascinating to learn more about new technology being used behind the scenes. Such is the case this week as Amusement Today has posted an article about a new form of waste management that has been installed at Six Flags over Texas and will be put to use for the first time this season, using bacteria to reduce the amount of solid waste by up to 90%. Follow the link, it is a fascinating read.
    (10/17/19) If you’ve been to Six Flags over Texas you probably noticed one of the park’s famous neighbors… Globe Life Park, home to the Texas Rangers baseball team from 1994 through the 2019 season. In 2020 the Texas Rangers will move into the new Globe Life Field stadium, which will leave Globe Life Park open to new opportunities. For example the field will be changed to allow for football to be played and become home to the XFL’s Dallas Renegades, but the stadium will soon have a large vacant office space and the city thinks they have struck a deal for a new tenant.
    According to the local news the city council has approved as deal to offer the stadium’s office space as a new corporate headquarters location for Six Flags if they move from their current home in Grand Prairie. To sweeten the deal the city has offered to reimburse Six Flags up to $6 million in costs needed to renovate the office space as well as a $3 million investment to the company in exchange for Six Flags signing at 15-year lease. Not to worry however, as $5.3 million of that cost would actually come from payments the Texas Rangers still owe the city and the $3 million in investments would be made $200,000 per year over the 15-year time period.


icon_STOP2021 - Aquaman: Power Wave & Banzai Pipeline - (7/31/20) A reader sent in some new pictures of Aquaman at Six Flags over Texas. As you can see the ride’s structure and main hardware is complete, but they still have to install the station and complete the splashdown pool area.





    (7/23/20) Six Flags over Texas has revamped their Aquaman Power Wave page and animation to now confirm that the ride will now open in 2021.
    (6/21/20) Six Flags over Texas is now open again and thanks to the tweet below we get our first good look at the status of Aquaman. While it appears that all the ride track and major hardware is installed, construction was reported to have looked like it had all stopped, and no further work was taking place to finish the area around the ride, no concrete pours, and no station or other theming to be found.
    As previously reported, Six Flags had essentially removed all information about the previously announced ‘New for 2020’ attractions from all of their park websites during the mandatory shutdown and announced that some of these attractions would be delayed until 2021. While construction work is active on some new rides, such as DareDevil Dive at Six Flags Fiesta Texas, but no work is taking place here, there is a good chance that the opening of Aquaman could possibly be delayed until 2021. Add in the fact that this is a water attraction that will mostly appeal to guests during the hot summer months. With at least a month or so of solid work left to go to finish it, including the likely need to get reps from Mack Rides in Germany into the country to certify and sign off on the ride, the likelyhood of Aquaman opening in 2020 may be very slim at this point as the summer window closes.

    (2/19/20) A new construction update on Aquaman at Six Flags over Texas can be found at SFOT Source. Jump over to take a look, because they are not wasting any time at all putting Aquaman up… as it now looks like about half the ride is now in place, including one of the large vertical spikes. From the look of things
    (2/13/20) Six Flags over Texas has placed the first piece of track for their new Aquaman Power Coaster. The local news has posted a picture of it being lowered into place along with a reminder that this will be the first ride of its kind in North America when it opens this summer.
    (1/6/20) Some fun construction pictures of the Aquaman progress at Six Flags over Texas were posted to Twitter a few hours ago. Check them out below.

    (8/29/19) Just as rumored, Aquaman is coming back to Six Flags over Texas, but in a new and improved form, using the Mack Power Splash ride system to bring the hero to life again, bigger, better and faster! I believe this will be the first such version of this new ride concept to open in North America, combining the best elements of a magnetic launch shuttle coaster experience with the experience of a big boat splash ride. According to the press release the water coaster will hit speeds up to 63mph and after the backwards launch, will suspend riders at a 90º angle on the backwards spike before dropping them down into the big splash at the bottom. Aquaman: Power Wave will also count as a coaster, making this the park’s 15th.
    One item of note… unlike the prototype ride experience that first opened in Europe that featured a unique turntable loading station, this version will not feature that particular element, and use just a single boat.
    Six Flags over Texas will also expand their operations schedule in 2020, bringing year-round operations to the park at last with weekend and special holiday dates of operation in January and February 2020.
    Nearby, Six Flags Hurricane Harbor will add Banzai Pipeline, a new slide tower experience that will feature three different tube slides.

HHTX New for 2020 | Six Flags

    (7/28/19) Another bit of evidence now points to a Mack PowerSplash ride coming to Six Flags over Texas to replace the former Aquaman attraction, with 60 shipments listed as coming to the park.

    (3/31/19) An interesting rumor was thrown by way about that rumored Mack PowerSplash ride that may replace Aquaman at Six Flags over Texas. Not that it matters where it comes from, but the way the story goes is that the ride may have actually already been under contract with Mack and intended for the Six Flags Dubai park that is now on indefinite hold. No one wants to see a good ride just sitting around waiting to be built, so Mack may have made a special deal with Six Flags to bring the project to America instead, which could also explain why they included the concept in a number of guest surveys to guests about possible new attractions.
    (3/28/19) I heard an interesting rumor about what could possibly replace Aquaman at Six Flags over Texas in 2020… and if true, the good news is that this would be considered both a new coaster and a water ride. I also wouldn’t be surprised if this new attraction also attempted to carry the Aquaman name once again, but taking the form of a Mack PowerSplash attraction. Adding to the rumor is the fact that Six Flags was asking guests about this very attraction concept in a guest survey not long ago.
    The Mack PowerSplash is really a launched shuttle coaster with a spike on each end, built to ride just above a body of water, and dip into a “splashdown” section which is flooded with extra water just before the boat arrived to create the classic “big splash” moment. The attraction system also features a turntable at the station to allow for one boat to load while the other runs through the course.
    Check out the video from Mack featuring the first PowerSplash ride called Pulsar that opened at Walbii Belgium in 2016 below.




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