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icon_STOPPark News - (9/27/16) Six Flags St. Louis will launch the new Rage of the Gargoyles VR experience on the Ninja coaster during Fright Fest, which takes place on weekends between Sept. 30 and Oct. 30. Take flight to defend the city in an Apache-style helicopter while an army of Gargoyle like creatures attack the city and you.
   Speaking of Fright Fest, this year’s lineup will feature a new haunt called Night Terrors in addition to returning attractions: Freaks Unleashed, Camp Killamore, Wrecker’s Salavage: Deadly Detour, Blind Fury, Blackout, The Slaughter House and Freakout Circus.

    (9/6/16) Great news from guests visiting Six Flags St. Louis this weekend... the park has reopened the Superman drop tower ride. From what I'm told, depending on when they visited the park seemed to be running either 4 or 5 of the six cars as well. On the low side of things however, I did hear a couple of reports about how the park's food service department seems extremely short staffed, leading to many closed locations and long slow lines at the few that were open. I've also heard that staff are confirming to guests asking about the status of the park's Boomerang coaster that it will remain closed for the rest of the season.
    (8/15/16) A report from a reader confirms that Superman is still closed with the bottom of the tower blocked from view with a fence covered with a black tarp. In addition to the previously mentioned rides closed still for various reasons, they report that several water guns on Tsunami Soaker are broken and the park seems very short staffed on attractions and food stands, as many staff are apparently quitting to return to school, or prepare for their return. Even on the day when the park was open until 9pm, they noticed that the park's train closed down at 6pm.
    (8/8/16) Several readers have noticed that the Superman drop tower ride at Six Flags St. Louis has been closed for quite some time. It was apparently closed for much of the early summer season, reopened for a bit and is now not only closed again, but the tower has been surrounded by work walls covered in black fabric making it hard to see what is going on inside.
    While I don't know all the details, if some of the rumors are true, then I'd say that there is a good chance the Intamin tower ride may not reopen at all this season. Stay tuned...
    In other maintenance related news, I'm also told that the park's Tidal Wave big splash ride is also closed and entirely drained of water. We've also heard many a disappointing tale about downtime issues and broken special effects on the park's Justice League: Battle for Metropolis ride. Mix this with the still closed from the accident Boomerang coaster and to be honest, the park's maintenance division just isn't looking too good right now. To be fair, this may not be a reflection on the staff themselves, as it could very well be a case of the park simply not having a sufficient budget to cover the maintenance costs, especially in the case of failing effects on Justice League. I’ve seen many a park have a fantastic ride dropped in their lap as a capital expansion from the HQ... but have those same HQ people fail to increase the park’s maintenance budget to accommodate the additional cost for the care and repair of that big expensive new toy.
    (5/25/16) For anyone wondering, the train has been removed entirely from the Boomerang at Six Flags St. Louis. I'm sure they going over it with a fine tooth comb (and ultrasonic testing equipment) to check for any damage to the train's metal frame, wheel assemblies and so on before they can even begin to think about beginning the process of testing and reopening the ride after it derailed a few weeks ago.
    (5/7/16) Ride riders suffered minor injuries after the Boomerang at Six Flags St. Louis appears to have had one of the cars derail, bringing the ride to a sudden stop in mid-course around 11:30am on Friday. The park was not open to the general public at the time, but was open for a special event for local school children. In a video posted by the local Fox News channel you can see that it appears that the problem took place between the third and fourth car.
   Hopefully none of the injuries were serious, but it seems odd for the train to suffer a derail so early in the season after the trains were likely just rehabbed over the winter and freshly inspected for the new season. Be sure to read our report about the future of The Boss below as well.

    (2/19/16) During the conference call Jim Reid-Anderson confirmed that Holiday In The Park will be coming to two more new parks in late 2016: Six Flags St. Louis and Six Flags America.
    (12/2/15) Six Flags has released a new version of their "New for 2016 at Six Flags" video that goes over what each park in the chain is adding next year. A reader noticed if you jump ahead to the La Ronde segment that starts at the 3:20 mark, they've changed the footage for Gravitor to show footage of a Chance Falling Star ride, in particular this is footage of the Rush Street Flyer from Six Flags St. Louis. I'm told that the Rush Street Flyer is being removed from SFSL to make room for the park's new Fireball ride in 2016.


2016 - Fireball - (4/30/16) One of our Screamscape readers who is a firefighter was chosen to be one of the first riders on Fireball at Six Flags St. Louis on Friday. Congrats to him and he reported in to say how much he enjoyed the ride and even sent us a quick video he shot.

    (4/28/16) A reader has sent in pictures of the Fireball ride at Six Flags St. Louis that looks like it could open anytime.
    (4/5/16) A Screamscape reader sent in some special pictures of Six Flags St. Louis this week, including a look at the new Fireball.

    (3/8/16) According to the Six Flags St. Louis website they are seeking 24 brave firefighters to be the first to take on the new Fireball ride on Thursday, April 28th. Since the park isn't open to the public that day, I'm guessing the first day it will open to the public will be Saturday, April 30th.

    (9/3/15) The park will add another Larson built Giant Loop for 2016 to be called Fireball.


icon_STOP2017 - Spinsanity - (9/1/16) The official promo video for thenew Spinsanity Disk'O attraction has been released.


    (8/30/16) Six Flags St. Louis has apparently slipped up and posted a graphic in the park showing off exactly what they are getting in 2017... Spinsanity. This isn't the same Tilt-A-Whirl style Spinsanity that was added to Fiesta Texas a few months ago, instead this appears to be a copy of that park's Hurricane Force 5 attraction which I believe was a Zamperla Mega Disk'o.


???? - New Coaster - Rumor - (8/30/16) No coaster for 2017... maybe next year.
    (8/15/16) If the latest rumor is true, the corporate office may have decided to try to fix the current problematic season at Six Flags St. Louis with a nice big new ride. What would to say to a new coaster? What about an S&S 4D FreeFly coaster like Batman at Six Flags Fiesta Texas or Joker at Six Flags Great Adventure?  Rumor has it Six Flags is buying these in bulk for 2017 and St. Louis may get one of them.
    (4/22/16) We know it's been quite some time since Six Flags St. Louis added a new coaster, but the good news is that the park is apparently in the running for one in 2017. According to our sources the coaster is expected to be another S&S 4D Freespin style coaster like The Joker being added to Six Flags Great Adventure this year. While few things are 100% locked in until early July at Six Flags, they are apparently looking into several possible loations within the park for the new coaster, including the possible removal of older ride(s) to make room.
    If the park gets passed over in favor of another park for this ride, then they may rise towards the top of the priority list for an even bigger coaster in 2018.


???? - The Boss Renovation - Rumor - (5/7/16) Without fail, ever since Six Flags started working with RMC to transform many of their older coasters into new wild and crazy hybrid coasters, the fans of Six Flags St. Louis have looked to The Boss as a possible candidate for transformation.  While the age old saying of, "Never say Never" can always apply, the answer everyone has been getting instead was a more simple, "No!".
    So why not? Looking at how Colossus was handled at Six Flags Magic Mountain, the track length was shorted considerably in that transformation, and according to all sources, the idea was floated to RMC for some initial ideas along with a budget range to stay within, and the result was similar... to stay within budget, the length of The Boss would have to be shortened considerably. Shortened to the point that the feeling is that it wouldn't be worth the effort, as the final result wouldn't even be anything like The Boss any longer.
    So what's a park to do? Well, I've been hearing that there is a plan in place to FIX The Boss and still leave it as a true wooden coaster. Apparently The Boss is known to have troubles running when the local temperature gets below 53, as the trains run slower and the risk of getting stuck in a valley increases. Meanwhile the park is said to be fond of their American Thunder coaster (GCI) and the Millennium Flyer trains that it uses. From the sound of things Six Flags may have asked the GCI crew to send in their own renovation plan options that could see the height of the first drop on The Boss increased (either by increasing the height of the hill and drop, or lowering the bottom of the drop, or a combination of both) to give it a little more speed, along with some other track re-profiling here and there along with a pair of new Millennium Flyer trains.
    Keep in mind that nothing has been approved, budget wise, by the corporate office, but they do want to do something to improve The Boss in the future, and a GCI renovation is appearing more cost effective than an RMC transformation at this time. Hopefully in the next few years they will get the budget to do something, but until then, it looks like any RMC concepts are off the table entirely.



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