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icon_STOPPark News - (3/24/19) According to an email sent my way, Six Flags St. Louis wont have Xcalibur ready when the park opens, but they are still planning on reopening it. Just don’t look for it to happen until late Spring or early Summer. Of course we’ve heard that before too, only for it to sit closed all last season, so we’ll have to wait and see I guess.
    (12/12/18) According to a new source the plan is to reopen the Xcalibur ride at Six Flags St. Louis in time for opening day “with new cars” and a complete repaint job. The park’s log flume is also expected to be ready for opening day after a refurbishment to the ride’s structure. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how things go over the winter.
    (12/10/18) A quick set of photos showing off the construction progress being made at Six Flags St. Louis converting the former Panda Express into ChopSix can be found here, as well as a quick photo guide of the Holiday In The Park decorations, both from MidWestInfoGuide.
    (11/6/18) A quick update from Six Flags St. Louis this week, as a reader pointed out that the park’s Panda Express location will be replaced by a "Chop Six Fresh Asian Cuisine" restaurant in 2019.



2019 - Supergirl Sky Flyer - (3/5/19) Continuing the weird trend affecting several Six Flags parks as they approach the 2019 season, Screamscape sources tell us that Six Flags St. Louis has opted to slightly change the name of their new Supergirl ride. So instead of just calling it “Supergirl” they are now calling it “Supergirl Sky Flyer”.
    (8/30/18) New for 2019, Six Flags St. Louis will add Supergirl, a new flat ride that will spin and tilt riders, while spinning them around the whirling wheel of justice. Legs dangling, riders will be raised up by a giant arm and sent for a spin. From the look of things, this is a Zamperla Endeavour ride, like the Catwoman’s Whip added to Six Flags over Texas the other year. Look for Supergirl to appear in the Brittania section of the park near Dragons Wing.




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