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icon_STOPPark News - (11/12/19) A reader sent in new pictures from Six Flags St. Louis showing off that the gondolas have been remounted back onto the Xcalibur ride structure at last. Unfortunately guests have been waiting all season for this to take place, so you can pretty much guarantee that it won't reopen before the end of the year, but this does make it look like it should reopen for the 2020 season at least.

    (7/7/19) A couple of quick updates regarding the state of things at Six Flags St. Louis. I’m told that workers are still painting Xcalibur and they hope to put the cars back on when the painting is finished. Unfortunately this also seems to be the longest ever paint job, as it would seem like this could have all been done long ago or over the off season, so I’m not confident about the status of Xcalibur just yet.
    I’m told that Thunder River had some issues that needed to be addressed earlier this year, but now that they have been taken care of, they have returned the water back to the ride and are beginning the process of testing and getting it inspected and signed-off for operations.
    Tidal Wave is closed for the season, and there is said to be a sign in front of the ride stating that it is closed for the year to undergo an extensive rehab. Unfortunately the rumor going around now also says that it may not be worth the cost to refurbish the aging ride and the park may opt to remove it instead. I’m guessing they’re waiting to find out what their budget and capital project are for 2020 before making a final call on the fate of Tidal Wave or Xcalibur.
    As for the various closed shops and food stands, I’ve also been told that the park is finding it extremely difficult to hire staff, despite raising the starting pay rates for seasonal positions. So if things are closed, it may simply be that they are unable to staff these stations at all.
    (7/6/19) If anyone visits Six Flags St. Louis this week, I’m curious about the state of the park. As of mid to late June as we hit full peak summer season the reports of frustration had already begin to come in, reminiscent of last year: far too many things closed and not operating. The list includes food stands, gift shops and of course, attractions. The oddest thing is that apparently both Thunder River and Tidal Wave had yet to open for the season and even appeared as if they haven’t even tried to put water in them yet as of late June. Xcalibur was also said to still be sitting closed with no cars mounted yet.
    So if anyone has visited to far this July, I’d love to hear more about the current state of things, hoping that at the very least they got their water rides up and running.
(3/24/19) According to an email sent my way, Six Flags St. Louis wont have Xcalibur ready when the park opens, but they are still planning on reopening it. Just don’t look for it to happen until late Spring or early Summer. Of course we’ve heard that before too, only for it to sit closed all last season, so we’ll have to wait and see I guess.
    (12/12/18) According to a new source the plan is to reopen the Xcalibur ride at Six Flags St. Louis in time for opening day “with new cars” and a complete repaint job. The park’s log flume is also expected to be ready for opening day after a refurbishment to the ride’s structure. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how things go over the winter.


2019 - Supergirl Sky Flyer - (6/1/19) A qiuck video from Six Flags St. Louis can be found below showing off their new Supergirl: Sky Flyer ride in action.

    (5/25/19) The local news reports that the new Supergirl: Sky Flyer ride at Six Flags St. Louis should open to guests today. So if you’re in the area, check it out!
    (3/5/19) Continuing the weird trend affecting several Six Flags parks as they approach the 2019 season, Screamscape sources tell us that Six Flags St. Louis has opted to slightly change the name of their new Supergirl ride. So instead of just calling it “Supergirl” they are now calling it “Supergirl Sky Flyer”.
    (8/30/18) New for 2019, Six Flags St. Louis will add Supergirl, a new flat ride that will spin and tilt riders, while spinning them around the whirling wheel of justice. Legs dangling, riders will be raised up by a giant arm and sent for a spin. From the look of things, this is a Zamperla Endeavour ride, like the Catwoman’s Whip added to Six Flags over Texas the other year. Look for Supergirl to appear in the Brittania section of the park near Dragons Wing.


icon_STOP2020 - Catwoman Whip - (8/29/19) Six Flags St. Louis will add Catwoman Whip for 2020, but unlike other parks that have used this name, this particular ride will be all new to Six Flags. This appears to be a higher capacity version of a “skyscraper” style massive propeller ride that will hold a total of 16 riders and swing them wildly through the sky 164-feet in the air at 52mph in seats that can freely spin 360 to flip you over and over.
    Ity is worth mentioning that in most cases, when you find a ride similar to this, it is almost always an upcharge experience like a Skycoaster or Slingshot ride, so it is nice to see Six Flags offering this kind of ride as a regular attraction. Look for it to be located between Supergirl and The Boss.



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