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icon_STOPPark News - (7/5/18) So what's the latest from Six Flags St. Louis?  Last month we reported that while the summer season was well under way, several rides at the park were reported as being closed for weeks. Now that July 4th is behind us, unfortunately it seems little progress has been made at the park as a reader who visited reports that Xcalibur, Fireball, Shazam and Colossus are all still closed. I've also heard that The Boss may be having issues as well.
    I've also been sent reports of many rides not being ready to open in the morning, but opening later in the day, with staff blaming it on staffing issues. This kind of thing doesn't bode well for the later park of the Summer and Fall seasons if the park is already suffering from staffing issues now. Hopefully they'll get things turned around soon.
    (6/28/18) While Six Flags St. Louis has yet to reopen their new Typhoon Twister slide, I was looking over the local media coverage of the incident and realized that there two TWO nearly identical incidents on the same slide on opening day and not just one. With two back-to-back incidents on opening day, it now makes more sense by the slide was closed down. The local media also seems a bit confused as well, as they are only claiming one incident, but for proof see below:
    Most of the reports I've read look similar to this one, claiming that a woman named Sondra Thornhill fell out of her raft in mid-ride and was taken in for medical screening to a local hospital, fearing whiplash.
    Now read this other news article and you'll see an entirely different report claiming that a man named Thomas Moore fell out of his raft on Typhoon Twister and was also taken in to the local hospital to be examined.
    (6/4/18) Early season reports from Six Flags St. Louis still aren't that great when it comes to issues with various attractions in the park. As expected, the park's new Typhoon Twister waterslide did not open for Memorial Day Weekend as promoted and still looks like it could be another few weeks until it is ready.
    Xcalibur and Shazam are still closed and missing rider cars from the main structure. Fireball is also closed again, Superman was seen closed with a car half way up the tower and I'm told The Boss was running two trains, but only one for guests as the second train was running with weights all day.
    Sorry, a few too many issues this early into the season in my opinion does not reflect well on the park's off season maintenance plans.
    (5/10/18) A couple of updates on the closed rides reported at Six Flags St. Louis have come in. According to sources the Colossus wheel may be closed in order to add a new continuous loading system platform to the station in order to increase capacity... which is always a good thing. Xcalibur is said to be closed for a bigger rehab and needed repairs... and even worse... this one could take awhile to complete. Shazam is just coming back from regular rehab and is expected to reopen as soon as possible. I had heard the cars were put back on Fireball by Sunday, but according to one report it only tested empty and never reopened, while two other emails claims it did reopen by the end of Sunday.
    In other news, A report from the park on April 28th shows signs up claiming Typhoon Twisted would be ready to open for Memorial Day Weekend... but the problem is the slide pieces were still lying in the parking at the time. Anyone know if any progress has been made on the new slide yet?
    Just a reminder... Batman: The Ride Backwards is still being offered at the park, but only through May 13th, so this week is your last chance to ride.
    (5/5/18) According to a guest who just visited Six Flags St. Louis, the park has several rides down and in various states of disrepair, which doesn't bode well this close to the start of Summer. I'm told that both Shazam (scrambler) and Fireball were closed with cars missing, the Colossus wheel was closed for unknown reasons and Xcalibur has been completely torn apart. Anyone know more about what's going on?
    (3/30/18) A reader sent in a few quick photos from the opening weekend of Six Flags St. Louis. This includes a shot of waterslide pieces waiting to be assembled at Hurricane Harbor, the former location of the now removed Highland Fling ride, and a look through the trees at the new track that replaced the helix on The Boss.





icon_STOP2018 - Typhoon Twister - (6/26/18) The good news is Six Flags St. Louis opened their new Typhoon Twister slide. The bad news is that it is closed already after a guest "fell out" of a raft in mid-slide on Saturday and now an investigation is being conducted. Apparently this is standard procedure, though I've seen many of guest "fall out" of a raft in mid-slide over the years just visiting parks as a guest... and quite often these little incidents are done on-purpose, or just an act of being careless and not following the rules (ie: hold on to the handles at all times). Now I'm not saying this is what happened... as true accidents do happen from time to time, as a visit to a waterpark does come with a little physical risk, much like going skiing.
    Most importantly though, remember that it makes sense that they are being extra cautious as the region is still very much in shock over the horrible accident that took place at Schlitterbahn Kansas City in 2016, so safety is always top priority. Hopefully they'll be able to review security camera footage and reopen the slide soon if it is free from being at fault.
    (5/18/18) MidWestInfoGuide has a new photo update on the progress of Typhoon Twister at Six Flags St. Louis. Still a lot of hardware not installed and a lot of slide pieces laid out in the parking lot... so there is going to be a big rush to get this thing up and running in time for Memorial Day Weekend which is just a little over a week away.
    Seriously though... my money says there is no way this is going to be ready in time.
    (9/5/17) A short video preview of the new Typhoon Twister waterslide can be seen below, as posted to Twitter.

(8/31/17) Six Flags St. Louis will be adding Typhoon Twister to Hurricane Harbor for 2018, a thrilling new waterslide creation that looks to merge a giant bowl element and a drop into a giant wall hang-time element before sending you into the pool at the bottom. You can see more here.




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