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United Kingdom
Merlin Entertainments Group



Park News - (9/2/14) Thorpe Park will bring out the scares for Fright Nights on Oct. 10-12, 17-19, 24-31 and Nov. 1-2 as The Director unveils his new maze: Studio 13 where guests are asked to step inside his latest horror film. You can find the details on this and four other returning haunts over at ThemeParks-UK.


icon_STOP2015 - I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here! - (3/31/15) ThemePark-UK checked out the launch of the new I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! Maze late last week at Thorpe Park and posted their own review, photos as well as a teaser video of the new attraction which you can see below.

    (2/17/15) I've never seen the show before, but apparently Thorpe Park will be opening a new walk-through interactive attraction based on the TV show, "I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!" Apparently it is being designed almost in the same way as one of the park's Fright Nights mazes, but they intend to keep this one open year-round and will have some kind of creepy jungle theme. You can find some concept art for the concept posted to Themeparks.UK.


2016 - New Attraction / Dark Ride - In Planning - (1/12/15) TotalThorpePark has posted new images showing off the rough plans for the park's new 2016 dark ride. It will be built next to the X: No Way Out pyramid, with the 2438 square-meter building being 10 meters tall.
    (11/4/14) Thorpe Park submitted plans for their 2016 attraction to the local government office. Accordin gto the report at ThemeParks-UK the plans show a 2438 square meter building for a full enclosed attraction experience to be located on the site of the Arena and Chief Ranger’s Carousel between Nemesis Inferno and X.
    Again, the ongoing rumor suggests that it would be themed to a well know IP, with Dr. Who being the most popular rumor for months.
    (10/20/14) According to TowersTimes Thorpe Park is preparing to break ground on the park’s largest investment to date, a new unknown mega attraction of some kind. Lots of tree clearing has already begun near Miss Hippo’s Fungle Safari ride, the seating is being removed from The Arena and they expect to see all of Ranger Country redeveloped for the project as well. They believe that this will be the park’s 2016 attraction however. They also believe at the new attraction may be themed after a major IP of some kind and may involve more “themeing” and less reliance on pure hardcore coaster thrills. This all does make it wonder if they may be mixing the rumored “Dr Who” themed attraction concept with their big 2016 heavy-duty attraction budget.
    (5/28/14) Consider this a really “WILD” rumor, but the latest whisper to come my way indicates that Merlin’s next big ride may be themed to Dr. Who. I’m not sure if that would work in theme park form myself... but just consider it something to think about.
    (5/16/14)  According to an early rumor sent my way, Thorpe Park may be looking into building a new highly themed ride concept for 2015. Anyone else know more? With Merlin trying their hand at building some unique new indoor themed ride concepts at other Merlin parks, Thorpe Park is due for something special as well.


2018 - Hotel - In Development - (6/2/14) The latest news from Thorpe Park this week show off all new details for the park’s new hotel project that is projected to open by Spring 2018. Revised concept artwork and the latest details on the project can be found over at TotalThorpePark.
    (9/19/06) You can see concept artwork for the new proposed Hotel at Thorpe Park here. Just click on each of the links. From the look of things however, they seem to have dropped the idea of an indoor waterpark.
    (7/7/06) Coaster Force reports that Thorpe Park will show off possible plans for a new waterpark hotel to the public on July 14th and 15th.



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