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icon_STOPPark News - (4/3/19) ThemeParkOverload has posted an update from Thorpe Park, taking a look around the park on the opening day of the 2019 season, along with a look at the new Jungle Escape attraction that is still under construction and expected to open sometime in May. They also take a final look at Logger Leap which has been sitting closed since 2015, and will eventually be removed entirely.
    (2/21/19) Thorpe Park has confirmed the permanent closure of the park’s Logger’s Leap flume ride. The ride actually closed at the end of the 2015 season and sat idle for the 2016-2018 seasons with the hope that the park would fix the problems and reopen it, but unfortunately it looks like it was just simply time to retire what was once the UK’s tallest log flume ride.
    (10/18/18) Want to hear something fun?  A video clip has been posted of some audio being used at Thrope Park Fright Nights 2018 that features the voices of a few well known personalities we know… Mike Collins and EB from CoasterRadio and Doug and Robert from The Season Pass Podcast… along with “Tim & Jenn Tracker” who I don’t really know, but I’ll give a shout-out to them just the same. Give it a listen and a laugh and good work to all!

    (10/11/18) A quick review of photos from Thorpe Park Fright Nights has been posted to Themeparks-UK this week, with a look at the two “The Walking Dead” attractions, Blair Witch, the returning SAW Alive and more!
    (2/7/18) Ok... I missed a little bit of news from last season, but I'm told that Slammer at Thorpe Park closed down for good last season. It makes sense, as the parts for the ride were difficult to obtain since the product was discontinued, but it was also the very last S&S Sky Slammer to run.  So R.I.P. Sky Swatter. (Fun Fact: Screamscape was invited out to S&S to ride the prototype back in the fall of 2002. You can still see my report on that experience here.)


2018 - The Year Of The Walking Dead - (4/3/18) Curious to see the new The Walking Dead themed coaster at Thorpe Park? You can find a reverse-POV video below that may give you a little idea of what the new ride experience is like, or watch the video below that which shows off the queue experience and a front-facing POV video of the ride... though it is a bit dark. And in case you were wondering, the experience does not end when the ride does... you'll have a bit more fun before you are free from The Walking Dead.

    (2/21/18) Confirming the rumor Screamscape posted earlier this month, Thorpe Park has confirmed that "The Walking Dead: The Ride" is coming this Spring as a replacement for the former X: No Way Out coaster. According to statements from the park, they will combine real physical effects with new digital effects to mix with the special effects lighting and even scent effects to create a new terrifying experience. Even more curious... they state that the overall experience still isn't over when you've gotten off the ride, so hopefully there will be some sort of walk-through scare-house component at the end.
    (2/7/18) So what does Thorpe Park have planned for 2018? According to a press release from the park, 2018 will be "The Year of The Walking Dead, a series of unmissable events throughout the 2018 season from when the theme park re-opens on 23rd March".
    This will include "The Walking Dead Living Nightmare Extreme", a walk-through live-action maze) from May 25 through June 3, special Summer late night operations, Zombie Hunt (an extreme battle in the woodland on the outskirts of the resort from July 21 to Sept 3, and Fright Nights will return with a The Walking Dead theme from Oct. 5 through Oct. 31.
    They say more special announcements will be coming in the future, but I've heard a new rumor that seems to tie into all this as well. Apparently the park filed some construction permits to change the entrance to their X: No Way Out coaster, and according to our source the codename "X:/NWO WD" was seen mentioned in the paperwork. Could this mean we will see a special "X: No Way Out - The Walking Dead" come to life in 2018?


2018 - Hotel - In Development - (6/2/14) The latest news from Thorpe Park this week show off all new details for the park’s new hotel project that is projected to open by Spring 2018. Revised concept artwork and the latest details on the project can be found over at TotalThorpePark.
    (9/19/06) You can see concept artwork for the new proposed Hotel at Thorpe Park here. Just click on each of the links. From the look of things however, they seem to have dropped the idea of an indoor waterpark.
    (7/7/06) Coaster Force reports that Thorpe Park will show off possible plans for a new waterpark hotel to the public on July 14th and 15th.


icon_STOP2019 - Jungle Escape & BounceZilla - (3/13/19) Thorpe Park announced they are adding Jungle Escape for 2019, a permanent maze/escape style attraction that appears to be going into the structure that once held “I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!” The park is also adding BounceZilla, a temporary inflatable challenge course attraction that will only be open from May 25 through Sept. 8th.





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