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icon_STOP2018 - Tik Tak & 175th Anniversary / Jubilee Parade -
    (1/25/18) Tivoli is adding a new ride for this year after all to mark the park’s 175th anniversary “Jubilee” year. The new ride will be a custom themed “Shake R5” flat ride creation from Mondial called Tik Tak that will replace the park’s “Spinning Top” (Huss Breakdance) ride. Look for Tik Tak to open on March 24, 2018.
    (11/10/17) In 2018 the famous Tivoli Gardens park in Copenhagen will celebrate its 175th anniversary with a "Jubilee Parade" and has part of the celebration Walt Disney World will actually help the park celebrate by contributing designs for a custom parade float called "Friendship Garden" themed to Disney's own "it's a small world" attraction. The reason is that Walt Disney was quite fond of Tivoli Gardens and visited it quite often to find inspiration to design his very own theme park. To that end, Disney is more than happy to help Tivoli celebrate such a major milestone achievement.

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