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icon_STOPPark News - (9/11/18) BlooLoop has posted a new article that goes into detail about the €35 million expansion to Toverland that opened this season, and looks back at the history of the park and how it started as a small indoor only attraction and has grown into something much larger over years.


2018 - Fenix, Merlin’s Quest, Avalon, Port Laguna and More - (7/17/18) A new report and review of Toverland's newest attractions: Fenix and Merlin's Quest, can be found this week over at CaliforniaCoasterKings.
    (7/7/18) While we watched the new Fenix coaster footage the other day, Toverland's new expansion includes more than just the new B&M Wing Coaster. The expansion includes an entirely new themed area called Avalon along with a new water attraction called Merlin's Quest. Mack Rides is behind the new Merlin's Quest water ride, taking guests on a 12 minute journey to search for "Tir na nÓg", the "source of eternal life", traveling through four scenes with 18 moving characters along a 430 meter course.
    The park has also built a new themed entrance area called Port Laguna, themed as a Mediterranean port, but apparently Toverland has taken a page out of Universal's Wizarding World playbook here. The new entrance land is built with interactivity in mind and guests can buy magic wands here that will allow them to perform their own magic tricks in select areas. Port Laguna, in addition to the shops and restaurants you would expect to find also features an interactive magic show called Magiezijn.
    (7/6/18) Toverland is about ready to open Fenix, their new B&M Wing coaster and held a VIP event last night. Check out the front row POV video of Fenix in action below and watch for the great little tunnel dives. Below that is a second video showing off footage from the VIP opening event mixed with off-ride footage of Fenix in action and interviews with the creative people involved.

    (5/10/18) According to an update posted to NewsPlusNotes, Fenix, the new B&M Wing Coaster going into Toverland, has completed installing all the track pieces this week.
    (12/29/17) A fun animated teaser for Fenix, the park's new B&M Wing Coaster coming in 2018, was posted online yesterday, showing off the trains themed to the mythical Phoenix. Check it out below.

    (9/27/17) Fenix is the name of Toverland's new B&M Wing coaster arriving in 2018 and a nice collection of new artwork showing off the layout, train themeing and more was found posted to Twitter this week. The coaster will feature 3 inversions, stand 40 meters tall, 813 meters long with two 24-passenger trains. We've also posted the animated teaser trailer as well.

(9/9/17) Toverland has begun work on the park's biggest ever expansion for 2018 and has launched a website dedicated to covering the expansion that you can see here that will include a whole new themed land, a new park entrance as well as a B&M Wing Coaster. You can sign up now to follow along with the massive new project as the news is released, though all we know for sure about the new coaster is that it will stand 131 feet tall.
    (5/9/17) A great article posted to BlooLoop mentions that Toverland will undertake a huge expansion in 2018 that will greatly increase the size of the park and add two major new rides. The new rides will include a new B&M Wing Coaster and a new "boat" ride from Mack Rides that will be suitable for the entire family. The new area to house these new attractions will be behind the existing Magische Vallei.
    The article also states that starting in 2018, guests arriving at the park will no longer enter through the Magic Forest building, but instead through a new outdoor entrance area that will also feature catering facilities, new shops and a performance stage.



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